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Building an flobots OpenGL ES Environment. In order to draw graphics with OpenGL ES in nexium uk, your Android application, you must create a view container for them. One of the more straight-forward ways to do this is to implement both a GLSurfaceView and a GLSurfaceView.Renderer . A GLSurfaceView is a view container for graphics drawn with OpenGL and GLSurfaceView.Renderer controls what is songs, drawn within that view. For more information about these classes, see the Essay about in Homer's OpenGL ES developer guide. Songs! GLSurfaceView is Jurassic Politics and Dinosaurs, just one way to incorporate OpenGL ES graphics into your application.

For a full-screen or near-full screen graphics view, it is a reasonable choice. Flobots Songs! Developers who want to Jurassic Park: Gender Politics Essay, incorporate OpenGL ES graphics in a small portion of flobots, their layouts should take a look at propaganda used today TextureView . For real, do-it-yourself developers, it is also possible to build up an OpenGL ES view using SurfaceView , but this requires writing quite a bit of additional code. This lesson explains how to complete a minimal implementation of flobots, GLSurfaceView and GLSurfaceView.Renderer in a simple application activity. Declare OpenGL ES Use in the Manifest. In order for your application to use the OpenGL ES 2.0 API, you must add the following declaration to your manifest: If your application uses texture compression, you must also declare which compression formats your app supports, so that it is only installed on Jurassic Park: Essay examples compatible devices. For more information about flobots songs, texture compression formats, see the OpenGL developer guide.

Create an Activity for OpenGL ES Graphics. Android applications that use OpenGL ES have activities just like any other application that has a user interface. The main difference from other applications is what you put in the layout for your activity. While in many applications you might use TextView , Button and ListView , in an app that uses OpenGL ES, you can also add a GLSurfaceView . The following code example shows a minimal implementation of an activity that uses a GLSurfaceView as its primary view: Note: OpenGL ES 2.0 requires Android 2.2 (API Level 8) or higher, so make sure your Android project targets that API or higher. A GLSurfaceView is a specialized view where you can draw OpenGL ES graphics. Jurassic Gender Politics And Dinosaurs! It does not do much by itself. The actual drawing of flobots songs, objects is controlled in the GLSurfaceView.Renderer that you set on this view. In fact, the code for this object is so thin, you may be tempted to skip extending it and just create an unmodified GLSurfaceView instance, but dont do that. Propaganda Used Today! You need to extend this class in order to capture touch events, which is songs, covered in the Responding to graduation speech, Touch Events lesson. Songs! The essential code for a GLSurfaceView is minimal, so for a quick implementation, it is common to just create an inner class in the activity that uses it: One other optional addition to your GLSurfaceView implementation is to how is propaganda, set the render mode to only draw the flobots view when there is a change to your drawing data using the GLSurfaceView.RENDERMODE_WHEN_DIRTY setting: This setting prevents the GLSurfaceView frame from being redrawn until you call requestRender() , which is more efficient for this sample app.

The implementation of the GLSurfaceView.Renderer class, or renderer, within an application that uses OpenGL ES is where things start to get interesting. This class controls what gets drawn on the GLSurfaceView with which it is associated. There are three methods in a renderer that are called by the Android system in order to figure out what and Gender and Dinosaurs examples how to draw on a GLSurfaceView : onSurfaceCreated() - Called once to songs, set up the view's OpenGL ES environment. How Is Used Today! onDrawFrame() - Called for each redraw of the flobots songs view. onSurfaceChanged() - Called if the geometry of the view changes, for example when the device's screen orientation changes. Here is a very basic implementation of an OpenGL ES renderer, that does nothing more than draw a black background in the GLSurfaceView : Thats all there is to it! The code examples above create a simple Android application that displays a black screen using OpenGL. Nexium Uk! While this code does not do anything very interesting, by creating these classes, you have laid the foundation you need to start drawing graphic elements with OpenGL. Note: You may wonder why these methods have a GL10 parameter, when you are using the OpengGL ES 2.0 APIs.

These method signatures are simply reused for the 2.0 APIs to keep the flobots songs Android framework code simpler. If you are familiar with the OpenGL ES APIs, you should now be able to set up a OpenGL ES environment in your app and start drawing graphics. How Is Today! However, if you need a bit more help getting started with OpenGL, head on to the next lessons for a few more hints. Except as noted, this content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. For details and restrictions, see the Content License. Get the latest Android developer news and tips that will help you find success on songs Google Play. You have successfully signed up for the latest Android developer news and tips. You requested a page in , but your language preference for this site is . Graduation Examples! Would you like to change your language preference and browse this site in flobots songs, ? If you want to change your language preference later, use the how is used today language menu at the bottom of each page. This class requires API level or higher. This doc is flobots songs, hidden because your selected API level for the documentation is . You can change the statement best the impact chavez had on agricultural workers? documentation API level with the selector above the left navigation.

For more information about specifying the API level your app requires, read Supporting Different Platform Versions.


Flobots songs

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romero movie essay WHAT IS WRONG WITH ROMERO Archbishop Oscar Romero of San Salvador was a great hero of the struggles for liberation in Latin America during that region#146;s long dark night, a period lasting from the 1960s through the 1980s. Flobots? He was an archbishop very briefly, a mere three years, 1977-1980, and he was an unlikely hero. The upper hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America was firmly allied with the economic and political elite. But Archbishop Romero emerged as the voice of the oppressed in El Salvador after he reached the pinnacle of that hierarchy. About Family In Homer's? His remarkable transformation into a defender of the poor and oppressed when he had reached such a privileged professional and institutional status marks him as one of the most extraordinary figures in history. His assassination elevated him to the level of martyr for almost all of the peasants and workers who fought in desperation to flobots songs, free themselves from the oppressive conditions they faced in El Salvador. His martyrdom is honored throughout many other countries in Latin America. Among religiously motivated North American opponents of neocolonialism, no name is more revered than Romero.

Romero#146;s brief reign as archbishop and his transformation from a mild-mannered theologian into a hero of the struggle for human rights is chronicled, in Essay about Family, a way, in songs, a low-budget film, Romero . Although the film received mixed reviews from establishment film critics, mostly for mediocre acting and a sometimes-confusing script, Romero is still a staple among North American audiences with an interest in and appreciation for the liberation struggles of the people of used, Latin America. Flobots Songs? Among the nexium uk many heroes of liberation struggles in Latin America, few deserve the appreciation Archbishop Romero has received, so one might be pleased that the movie continues to receive attention despite its technical flaws. I have a different opinion. The movie version of his life and contribution to songs, those liberation struggles has flaws that go far beyond the inadequacies of the technical aspects of the movie itself. The movie is just plain wrong about Romero and wrong about the social world he inhabited. Before I begin my critique, I want to say what is good about the film. The good aspects all lie in statement best describes the impact that agricultural, the filmmakers#146; intentions. They clearly wanted to flobots, honor Romero, who richly deserves honor. They wanted to vietnam, emphasize his gentleness, fairness, humility, bravery, eloquence, and compassion.

They also wanted to show how he responded nobly to the great responsibility of songs, being archbishop. Speech Examples? And they wanted to do all of this in a way that would bring Romero#146;s story home to a North American audience. Unfortunately, in their efforts to do that, the songs filmmakers end up portraying Romero as less brave, radical, compassionate and astute than he really was. The film also does an injustice to the struggle of the common people of El Salvador. In the process, the political and social conditions in El Salvador at the time are distorted. The broader context of El Salvador#146;s place in the geopolitical schemes of the United States is completely neglected. How the Film Underestimates Romero.

The film attempts to show how Romero changed in how is propaganda, response to his responsibilities as archbishop. As a bishop, he saw himself fulfilling his obligations by being a theologian and occasional adviser to the archbishop. It seems clear that he did not offer unsolicited advice. To have done so would have been out of keeping with his humility. He was, according to all reports, devout, bookish, and unassertive. Flobots Songs? Given the elite circles in war protest, which he circulated as a theologian without a parish, and never having done much analysis of political economy, he probably was rather conservative.

But his conservatism was a matter of inaction rather than ignorance or insensitivity. It is extremely unlikely that he was as ignorant of conditions in El Salvador as the film portrays him. Nor is flobots songs, it likely that he knew next to nothing about liberation theology. Romero and Rutilio Grande, a Jesuit of some notoriety in nexium uk, El Salvador, were good friends (Armstrong and Shenk, 1982:91). It is inconceivable that Grande did not talk with Romero about flobots songs, conditions in his parish and offer his analysis of the causes of poverty throughout El Salvador.

Grande#146;s analysis would certainly have been consistent with liberation theology, which places the blame for poverty squarely on economic exploitation and which best describes cesar had on agricultural, the political powerlessness of the songs poor. In short, Romero certainly knew that most El Salvadorans lived in poverty and were regularly terrorized by examples, the National Guard and other agencies of repression. It is also unlikely that Romero was as timid and organizationally inept as he is portrayed in songs, the film. It is possible, of course, to mistake a humble and reserved nature for timidity. It is also likely that, given Romero#146;s acceptance of Church hierarchy, he knew his place and was not assertive before he became the about Family Dynamics Iliad leader of the Church in El Salvador. That should not be taken for timidity, however. Timid persons do not get named archbishop anywhere! Romero was not a liberation theologian when he was named archbishop. Flobots? But he would certainly have been familiar with that theology. He had studied in Rome for several years at a time when the Vatican was opening up to progressive theological perspectives. In 1968 at the Latin American Bishops Conference in Medelln, Colombia, the preferential option for statement had on the poor was elevated to one of the basic principles of Church doctrine.

At that conference, liberation theology was given a significant hearing and gained the support of many bishops. By the early 1970s, liberation theology was widespread throughout Latin America, most prominently in Central America. As an songs outstanding theologian, Romero would have been well versed in such an important theological movement in his own region. As a friend of Grande#146;s, it is likely that he even accepted a good bit of Essay Family in Homer's Iliad, it, even if he did not speak or write openly about it. That Romero knew a great deal about liberation theology and had given some thought to flobots songs, the earthly role of the Gender and Dinosaurs examples Church is songs, revealed by the forceful nature of statements he began making as soon as he became archbishop. He certainly did not know what to do about the repression, violence, and poverty in El Salvador. Few did.

But he did know how to describe it and where to place the blame for it. Speech Examples? His statements condemning repression and economic injustice began to appear only a month after he became archbishop. These were not warm-fuzzy statements about loving one another and being more willing to songs, share, either. He was a bit slower to become confrontational with political authority, but that, too, began to emerge in his second month as archbishop, when he refused to attend a new (unelected) president#146;s inauguration (Armstrong and Shenk, 95). The film does provide excerpts from some of his homilies, speeches and interviews. But these pronouncements are presented as background in the form of propaganda used, radio speeches while the screen is songs, filled with other people or with Romero doing something else. If we are not distracted by the images on the screen, we hear Romero saying, I believe economic injustice is the source of the violence, and The mission of the church is to vietnam war protest, join with the poor. But we never see him saying those things. As many media critics have stated, the image is more powerful than the word. We simply do not see Romero making the point that the church is one with the poor or that the source of flobots songs, violence is economic injustice.

These statements#151;and hundreds of others that could have been excerpted from his collected works#151;indicate that Romero saw economic injustice as the cause of both poverty and violence. He was well aware that the military was merely the most immediate agency of repression. Propaganda Used Today? The military murdered and tortured and terrified people in the service of the civilian ruling class#151;the fourteen extended families who owned most of the land and nearly all the commercial assets of El Salvador. Romero knew that. But in the film, we only songs see his confrontations with military and paramilitary officials, only rarely getting a glimpse of the real rulers of El Salvador. Once a patriarch tells him that the church is a whore. On another occasion, Romero calls the president-elect a liar. We never see Romero confronting these people about the obscenity of their wealth or their exploitation of landless peasants and nexium uk, underpaid workers. If the film is to be believed, the military was Romero#146;s major enemy. His own statements belie that conclusion. The film would also have us believe that Romero was a pacifist, that he was opposed to violence by all sides in El Salvador#146;s conflict.

When a young priest announces, near the end of the film, that he is going to take up a gun to join the guerrillas, Romero becomes angry and shouts at him. Romero did try to flobots, maintain clear boundaries between the church and war protest, any political group, and he did discourage priests from carrying guns. But that was not because he believed that all violence in flobots, all circumstances was wrong. The film also suggests that Romero opposed the that cesar workers? actions of the flobots songs guerrilla groups organized against war protest songs, the illegitimate and repressive government. Although many pacifists among those who supported Romero and the peasant and songs, working-class struggles of vietnam, Salvadorans wanted to believe that Romero was another King or Gandhi, the historical record does not bear out such a belief. Weeks before he was murdered, Romero said, Christians do not fear combat; they know how to fight#133;. Flobots Songs? The church speaks of the legitimate right of insurrectional violence (Cockcroft, 1996:163). In short, Romero embraced the political objectives of the guerrillas and at least condoned their armed insurrection, although he certainly sought a nonviolent path to war protest, the resolution of El Salvador's conflicts. The film, by substituting the flobots filmmakers#146; ethical stance for Romero#146;s, distorts Romero#146;s real legacy. The film portrays him as neutral in the civil war, whereas the preponderance of evidence suggests that he was firmly on the side of the revolutionaries.

While he did maintain a clear distinction between the Church and the revolutionary movement, that did not mean to him that the Church was to be neutral on issues of graduation speech, justice. In matters of justice, he steered the Salvadoran Church to the left, to the side of the revolutionaries. He attempted to play mediator in the conflict, but that mediation was not simply a matter of bringing the violence to an end. Rather, of even greater importance, it meant establishing a more just and equitable society. As Romero saw it, mediation involved convincing the ruling class and military to accept most of the political and economic program of the guerrillas. That crucial aspect of Romero#146;s contribution is flobots, almost completely eliminated from the film. In other words, Romero was a revolutionary. Although, like every sensible person including most of the which best that cesar had on guerrillas, he wanted the songs violence to end, he understood and accepted the justification for the guerrillas#146; use of violence to defend their communities and press their demands. The political Romero is assiduously avoided in graduation examples, Romero . The film makes him out to be a gentle, compassionate, honest, nice guy (which he was) who wanted everyone to behave better.

But by not portraying the depth and complexity of his analysis, the film presents his problem as evil, arrogant, bigoted, selfish people who just can#146;t stop fooling around with machine guns, assault rifles, and the tools of torture. How the Film Distorts El Salvador. Portraying El Salvador#146;s violence as a struggle between good and evil people deflates the significance of the people#146;s actual struggle, which was for social justice, i.e., a radical, revolutionary transformation of Salvadoran society. Romero#146;s speeches indicate that he believed that the violence began with the inequality of wealth and the exploitation of flobots songs, peasants and workers. Yet the film never shows peasants and workers at work . It never takes us inside the homes of the poor, so we do not see the desperate poverty of the majority of Salvadorans. When the poor get to speak, they describe only the disappearances of Politics and Dinosaurs, family members or call on Romero to speak for flobots songs them. Jurassic Park: Gender Politics And Dinosaurs Essay? In other words, the actual social conditions prevailing in flobots songs, El Salvador are never illustrated, never given an image. The work of the religious and nexium uk, lay people who were singled out for assassination is never depicted.

As far as we can tell from the film, Grande#146;s main offenses were that he interfered with a National Guard attempt to songs, prevent citizens from voting and picked up hitchhikers. We never see Grande as an organizer of political dissent. We see Luca#146;s murder, but we don#146;t see her and thousands of women like her speaking out courageously against the disappearances of graduation speech, loved ones and the terrible living and working conditions of the poor. Villez and Osuna never get to say why they are so fervent in their solidarity with their parishioners, and we never see them in songs, their everyday work in Jurassic Politics and Dinosaurs, their parishes. The guerrillas, when they are noted at songs all, are portrayed as almost as bad as the military. Gender And Dinosaurs? This is necessary in order to make it seem reasonable that Romero could stay neutral. Songs? We see any guerrillas only once, when Romero is shown the graduation speech examples conditions of the flobots songs poor by an angry masked man who treats him with contempt. (It is noteworthy that we don#146;t see what Romero is shown on this excursion.) And a government minister is kidnapped, held for ransom, and then murdered by the guerrillas when part of the ransom is not delivered. It is never made clear that the guerrillas were mostly peasants, with a few workers, students and intellectuals sprinkled through their ranks.

That at least a fourth of the describes the impact cesar chavez had on workers? guerrilla fighters were women is not noted. There is no mention that the guerrillas were able to function at all only because of the massive support they got from villagers throughout the country. The film's depiction of the kidnapping and murder of Rafael Zelada, the government minister, reveals the film#146;s distortion of the guerrillas. Songs? During the how is propaganda today period 1977-1980, when Romero was archbishop, only two government ministers were murdered. One was Carlos Herrera Rebollo, a minister of education who was shot by guerrillas in an ambush.

The other was Attorney General Mario Zamora, on February 23, 1980. Songs? But the guerrillas did not murder him. He was assassinated by a death squad working for and Dinosaurs examples elements in the government Zamora served! (Cockcroft, 163; Armstrong and Shenk, 141.) Later that year, in November, a death squad assassinated a former government minister, Enrique Alvarez Crdova, who had been minister of agriculture and was a member of the Fourteen Families. At the time of his murder, Alvarez was president of the Democratic Revolutionary Front (FDR), the flobots songs political arm of the Farabundo Mart National Liberation Front (FMLN), the leading guerrilla organization at the time. (Former US ambassador Murat Williams eloquently laments Alvarez#146;s assassination in the excellent documentary, El Salvador: Another Vietnam [1981].) There is a gruesome irony in nexium uk, the decision to distort the murder of Zamora (represented by Zelada in the film). It does an flobots songs incredible dishonor to Mario Zamora and also to his brother Rubn, who joined Alvarez as a leader of the FDR. Nexium Uk? Later, Rubn Zamora became the leader of the flobots songs Democratic Convergence, which led the former guerrilla movement in an attempt to participate in electoral politics. Zamora escaped many death squad assassination attempts, several of which occurred after the peace accords were signed in 1992. The film makes it seem that the very groups with which the Zamora brothers later became identified were responsible for Mario Zamora#146;s murder.

And in the attempt to boost Romero#146;s image by denigrating the guerrillas, the film reduces Romero#146;s legacy by not showing his complete solidarity with the Zamora brothers and the groups in which the dead man#146;s brother became a leader. There is another distortion, perhaps not as serious, in the sequence of scenes concerning Zelada#146;s murder. The film has Arista Zelada pointing out the irony of Zelada being kidnapped because he was a supporter of land reform. This distortion also dishonors Mario Zamora. The land reform program under discussion by the government at that time had been rejected by Jurassic Park: Politics Essay examples, peasant organizations as inadequate. That, apparently, was also Romero#146;s and Zamora#146;s view. What little of it had been set in motion by 1980 was being used by the National Guard as a means of songs, identifying peasant leaders to vietnam songs, be assassinated.

Finally, a government-sponsored death squad assassinated Mario Zamora partly because he advocated a more progressive land reform program. Because the film focuses so narrowly on flobots songs, Romero and his personal transformation, the broader context that defined his greatness is wiped away. The film refers to only one massacre, the particulars of which it misrepresents. There were actually many massacres and thousands of which statement describes that cesar chavez had on agricultural, individual murders. A few days after the songs February 1977 election day depicted in the film, the which statement best describes the impact cesar had on agricultural workers? military actually mowed down 100 people in San Salvador#146;s Plaza Libertad. The film#146;s reference is to a massacre of 70 people at an open-air church service on the occasion of Romero#146;s inauguration as archbishop. If that is a reference to the Plaza Libertad massacre, it should be noted that the demonstration was a political one, protesting the stolen election, not an flobots outdoor mass. The movie does not show or report anyone being killed on election day itself, but several opposition candidates were murdered, as were a number of Essay Dynamics in Homer's Iliad, would-be voters.

The film also depicts the songs occupation of the cathedral in San Salvador and implies that Romero resolved the crisis on the day the occupation occurred. The reason for the occupation of the cathedral is not explained. It occurred after the military gunned down more than twenty unarmed demonstrators on the cathedral steps. The occupation lasted several weeks. In solidarity, demonstrators occupied churches throughout El Salvador. Romero visited the cathedral occupiers two or three times, but was not present when the occupation ended. What role he played in ending the crisis is unknown. (The occupation of the cathedral is described in Manlio Argueta#146;s novel, One Day of Life [1983], and, of course, in many histories.) During 1979, the year before Romero was assassinated, National Guard massacres and used today, death squad assassinations escalated (Cockcroft, 162-163). We see nothing of that in flobots, Romero . Graduation Examples? The killing continued after Romero#146;s death. Anthropologist Leigh Binford (1996) lists 20 known massacres of flobots songs, between 12 and 1000 victims each from vietnam songs, January 1, 1980 (just before Romero#146;s death) to flobots, January 1, 1982, in just one small part of Essay in Homer's, Morazn Province (102). The film could also have noted that 80,000 people, who risked their lives to do so, attended Romero#146;s funeral.

Indeed, 39 people were killed and 200 wounded by the military on that occasion (Cockcroft, 163). The guerrillas have never been accused of songs, any massacres. All were committed by the military and government-sponsored death squads. Nexium Uk? The guerrillas did, of course, kill people; they were an armed force. But they committed few acts that would constitute terrorism. They did execute some government officials on the recommendation of villagers.

They executed some POWs, including a couple of US helicopter pilots who were flying a combat mission in contradiction to flobots songs, official US policy. They also kidnapped a few wealthy individuals and held them for ransom and the exchange of political prisoners. One of the impact that agricultural workers?, those kidnapped was the daughter of songs, President Jos Napolen Duarte in Jurassic Park: Gender Essay examples, 1985. She was released unharmed in exchange for millions of dollars and 150 political prisoners. While the guerrillas did commit human rights violations, their violations were extremely mild compared to the atrocities of government forces and songs, death squads. War Protest? They did not torture their victims.

They did not commit random acts of violence in order to terrorize an entire population. The film should not have made the guerrillas and the government#146;s military moral equivalents. Certainly, Romero did not think they were. Jon Sobrino, S.J., a theologian and flobots songs, friend of Romero#146;s, described Romero#146;s position: He did not judge sin from a hypothetical center, but from the point of view of the oppressed#133;.

He avoided denouncing everything and everyone equally#133;. He denounced the kidnappings and Dynamics in Homer's, assassinations of innocent people. But he made clear that a massacre or the bombing of a civilian population is flobots songs, not the same as burning [empty] buses; profaning a church is songs, not the flobots songs same as occupying a church (Armstrong and Shenk, 103). The film also fails to represent the political conditions at the time. Nexium Uk? As noted above, although the military ran the political show, there was another power behind the throne: the Fourteen Families. The president was almost always a general, but he could not stay in power without the support of the economic oligarchy. There were actually three governments during Romero#146;s three years as archbishop. Romero is seen in the film as dealing with just one political figure, the president-elect. Flobots? But General Carlos Humberto Romero (no relation) voided the election described in the film and made himself president.

In other words, there never was a president-elect to deal with. General Romero#146;s government was overthrown by a dissident group of military officers on October 15, 1979. The new government included some civilians in the ruling junta, including Mario and Rubn Zamora. But nearly all of the civilian members of the junta resigned in early January 1980. So for nearly three months before Romero was assassinated, a strictly military junta ruled the about Dynamics country. It was a particularly brutal dictatorship, in flobots songs, response to which Romero#146;s homilies and in Homer's, public pronouncements became stronger and tinged with frustration. The film makes it seem as though Romero had been the only voice condemning violence and injustice in El Salvador. In fact, there were many others. Until his murder, Romero#146;s prominence both inside and outside El Salvador was overshadowed by people like Guillermo Ungo and Enrique Alvarez Crdova, among others. Songs? It was Romero#146;s position as archbishop, the top-ranking church official in Essay about Family Iliad, El Salvador, that propelled him to fame in martyrdom.

I am not trying to songs, belittle Romero#146;s contribution to the struggle for justice. On the contrary, I am arguing that he was a leader among others, many of whom shared his fate. He was part of a much greater movement, on which he had a profound impact. Jurassic Gender Politics And Dinosaurs? His bravery and eloquence motivated many thousands of people to mobilize resistance to their oppression, to create a liberation movement. It was that movement that enabled him to be great. The movie makes Romero seem smaller than he was by removing the context of the flobots songs movement in which he participated.

The United States, El Salvador and Romero. The film is intended primarily for a U.S. Nexium Uk? audience. It is in English. Although it features a number of Latino actors, they all made (or were trying to make) their careers in the United States. One wonders, then, why the role of the flobots United States in the unspeakably vicious repression in El Salvador is mentioned only once in Romero , and then without providing any indication of the enormity of the U.S. intervention. The single reference to the U.S. contribution to the violence occurs when Romero mentions that he has sent a letter to the U.S. president (Carter) asking that military aid to El Salvador be cut off.

The audience is not told that the U.S. contributed about which statement describes the impact that chavez had on, $500 million a year in flobots songs, military aid for speech examples a period of twelve years to songs, various dictatorships that ruled El Salvador from 1977 to 1989. The U.S. brought Salvadoran military officers to train at Dynamics in Homer's Iliad the School of the Americas (SOA). One of the graduates of the SOA was Roberto D#146;Aubuissn, who was the leader of the death squad that assassinated Romero. Other SOA graduates participated in the many massacres that occurred after Romero#146;s death and the murders of many priests. The U.S. Songs? also sent military advisers to El Salvador. These advisers directed field operations, gathered intelligence, and identified labor leaders to about Dynamics Iliad, be eliminated. They also provided weapons training and conducted indoctrination seminars. The military aid included helicopter gunships, which few Salvadorans could pilot. The advisers flew them into combat areas on many occasions.

They also provided air transport for crucial maneuvers. The U.S. helped establish several death squads, including the one led by D#146;Aubuissn. Through the CIA, the U.S. funded, supplied, and trained death squad members. Flobots? Many death squad members were CIA informants (i.e., the CIA knew ahead of time when, where, and against whom death squads would attack) and also carried out operations planned with the full cooperation of the graduation examples CIA. The U.S. Flobots? staged several demonstration elections in El Salvador. Speech? Edward S. Herman and Frank Brodhead (1984) devote a 60-page chapter to El Salvador in their detailed analysis of flobots songs, elections staged as propaganda for the benefit of voters in the U.S. The U.S. decided when and how elections would be staged. It provided campaign financing and advice for vietnam war protest songs selected candidates. If a government the U.S. Songs? had put in power through these carefully planned elections could not deliver results the U.S. liked, it cooperated with selected military officers, many of them on the CIA payroll, to replace it with another without benefit of an election. The U.S. blocked meaningful reforms by nearly always backing the most conservative factions in Essay about Family Iliad, juntas, congresses, and elections.

The only land reform program to be considered was one recommended by the U.S. Flobots Songs? It provided some of the about Family Dynamics Iliad funding when D#146;Aubuissn decided to establish his own political party, ARENA, although it did not support D'Aubuissn in the 1984 elections. When Jose Napleon's government faltered, however, the U.S. threw its support to ARENA. The U.S. so thoroughly controlled ARENA that when a demonstration election took place in 1989, D#146;Aubuissn was not permitted to be its presidential candidate. The U.S. did not object to D#146;Aubuissn#146;s policies. It was just that his image#151;a crucial factor in demonstration elections#151;was very bad in the U.S., where it mattered most. A former U.S. Flobots? ambassador to El Salvador, Robert E. White, had called D#146;Aubuissn a psychopathic killer in a memo to the State Department, and the memo had been leaked to Jurassic Park: and Dinosaurs, the press. Furthermore, D#146;Aubuissn was already widely suspected of having masterminded Romero#146;s murder, a suspicion later substantiated in flobots songs, the report of the UN Truth Commission on nexium uk, El Salvador in 1993. But he was just the right man to organize the party to carry the banner of US policy in El Salvador! It is interesting to flobots, note that Romero did send a letter to President Carter asking that U.S. military aid be stopped.

The letter was sent just weeks before he was assassinated. In many statements, Romero showed that he understood the statement best chavez agricultural workers? U.S. role in the destruction of flobots, his country and the murder of its people (Armstrong and Shenk, 139). It should also be noted that two days after Romero#146;s funeral, the how is used today U.S. Congress awarded the Salvadoran military a special gift of flobots, $5.7 million on top of its regularly budgeted support (Cockcroft, 163). In summary, the U.S. Gender Essay? government had a hand in every aspect of the campaign of terror against the Salvadoran people. It chose the governments, organized and financed political parties, financed the flobots songs government#146;s side of the war, provided war materiel, established and trained death squads, trained military officers, provided on-the-spot advisers for military operations, and nexium uk, even supplied some of the equipment used to torture political prisoners. It also conducted an flobots unrelenting propaganda campaign to mislead U.S. citizens about conditions in El Salvador and obfuscate its role in creating those conditions, thereby undermining a potential source of nexium uk, international solidarity upon which the oppressed of El Salvador depended in their struggle. It is not clear to songs, me why the filmmakers so assiduously avoided this aspect of the context of Oscar Romero#146;s life. Perhaps they were afraid that raising this aspect of Romero#146;s struggle would alienate viewers in which best the impact that cesar chavez had on agricultural workers?, the United States.

But those likely to attend a showing of the songs film would probably be well aware of U.S. policy in El Salvador. Perhaps the filmmakers thought that their message in honor of Romero would be diluted if they entered politically controversial territory. But Romero was politically controversial. Indeed, it was his short period of political engagement rather than his long career as a theologian that marked him out for greatness. Whatever their motivation, the filmmakers missed a great opportunity to educate U.S. viewers about their country#146;s Central America policy and its support for regimes that regularly violate human rights. War Protest Songs? They also gave a false and diminished impression of the man they wished to honor by failing to portray his willingness to take on the world#146;s most powerful military machine. Romero is flobots songs, a weak portrayal of a strong man. The film is unfaithful to the real character of Archbishop Romero. It underestimates the aspects of character that made it possible for graduation him to rise to the challenge of his awesome responsibilities. It falsifies by flobots songs, neglect his political analysis and engagement, the very aspects of his life that raised him to prominence and won him a place in almost every Salvadoran#146;s heart. Romero also fails to appreciate the strength of the Salvadoran people.

They serve as the nexium uk chorus in the opera, singing Romero#146;s praises and flobots songs, decorating the stage. The depths of their oppression and their dedication to the struggle for liberation never receive attention. Nexium Uk? They are portrayed as helpless victims whom Romero tried vainly to flobots songs, rescue. Vietnam Songs? The eloquent voices of leaders other than Romero and of a courageous people are silenced. The role of the songs U.S. government in the atrocities of El Salvador is nexium uk, similarly neglected. A film directed at a U.S. audience that does not suggest an avenue in which that audience might become engaged in Romero#146;s struggle serves Romero#146;s legacy very poorly. Argueta, Manlio (1983). Flobots? One Day of Life . New York: Vintage Books. Armstrong, Robert, and Janet Shenk (1982).

El Salvador: the Face of Revolution . Boston: South End Press. Binford, Leigh (1996). The El Mozote Massacre. Tucson: University of Arizona Press. Cockcroft, James D. (1996). Latin America: History, Politics, and U.S. Policy . Second edition. Chicago: Nelson-Hall.

Herman, Edward S., and Frank Brodhead (1984). War Protest? Demonstration Elections . Boston: South End Press. James D. Flobots? Cockcroft#146;s book, Latin America , contains a brief but very useful bibliography on. El Salvador, page 176. Several collections of Archbishop Romero#146;s homilies, letters, statements and speeches are available in.

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Free Downloadable Resume Templates. Free resume templates designed selected by flobots, RG professionals. Simply choose your favorite and get started. Just scroll down and find a Microsoft Word template that suits your work experience and sense of design. And Dinosaurs Essay! Dont worry using a template is songs perfectly acceptable. If you dont feel like designing your own resume, you can instead jump to our free and easy to use online resume builder. Save time and effort it does all of the writing and statement best describes the impact formatting for you. Flobots Songs! Click the button below and get started! Resume Template Library 1: Resume Genius' Original Designs - Expert's Choice. The above basic resume library was designed by our resident resume experts and have been battle tested by job seekers. As this set performed the war protest songs best, we included them in our resume builder software and flobots songs now we are offering them to you for free to download in Microsoft Word format.

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Job Hopper Original. Mid-Level Dark Blue. Career Changer Brick Red. Whether its entry-level, manager, or executive, every job seeker experiences different phases throughout their career. How Is! Some phases, like being in the middle of a complete career change or hopping around short-term jobs, are quite difficult to flobots transfer on a resume. Fortunately, we have created a new library of templates specifically tailored to Jurassic Essay the various stages of a career. Remember: You can download any of flobots these resume templates for free and add the bullet points yourself, or you can make a resume in minutes with Resume Genius renowned resume builder software. It can save you a lot of hassle designing and filling up your resume, and land you more interviews faster. However, if youd still like to make the Park: Gender Politics examples resume on your own, use our industry-specific resume samples to give you guidance and inspiration when writing your own resume. Lastly, dont forget to check out our professional cover letter examples. Not Sure Which Template to Choose?

The answer is yes if you want to. Every persons experience is unique, so youll need to choose a template that best reflects and flobots songs promotes your skills and nexium uk experiences.Our templates are built to be customizable to any industry and flobots are great for any of the 3 resume formats. The fact is, the nexium uk web is songs filled with so many fantastic and creative template designs that there is nexium uk undoubtedly something for you out there. We are proud of the songs designs weve created, and have seen that they are effective at landing interviews. But were not finished yet well be adding template designs to this page extensively in war protest, the near future. If you feel like creating your own, thats fine too. Songs! Readability is king when creating a good template it is the most important factor, followed by how the resume itself is Family Dynamics in Homer's structured to showcase your best experiences and conceal your negative ones. You may have read on flobots songs the Internet that its inappropriate to use a resume template.

Youll hear these arguments: 1. It shows youre lazy and how is propaganda used today uncreative, and unable to design your own. Wrong, it shows youre efficient. (Creating your own is fine, too.) 2. Since your experience is unique, a resume template wont cut it. Wrong again. Your experience is personally unique, but you still generally fall into songs, pattern that many other people have traveled before. 3. The hiring manager will be tired of nexium uk looking at songs, that resume template design because a lot of other people use it. That hiring manager should be fired. Its the content of your resume that matters, not the aesthetic (unless its not readable.) We hope that clears up any misconceptions you may have had. We invite you to scroll back to Park: examples the top and songs choose from propaganda used today one of our many resume libraries, and start writing.

cover letter for nursing. Should i include collegiate sports in my resume? And if so where? It depends how much professional experience you have. Flobots Songs! If you are a recent college grad, then it is acceptable to include on your resume. Good luck on the job hunt! Good luck on which statement cesar chavez had on the job hunt! If the jobs are relevant to flobots the ones you are applying for, then you can go as far back as you like.

With regards to your military experience, check out our military to civilian resume guide: Any of the templates in library 2 would be suitable for manufacturing careers. Best of nexium uk luck! Ive worked in the same industry for the past 13 years. Flobots Songs! Multiple employers with jobs lasting two to three years each. The jobs have been similar, so the speech examples experience looks a bit repetitive. I need to flobots find a template that highlights my experience without getting bogged down in the chronology, Any suggestions? It provides ample space for your professional experience, while also highlighting your top qualifications. Good luck on the job hunt!

hi resume genius.. i need template resume that suitable for trainer and coach.. can u suggest to me with template is suitable.. Park: Essay! #128578; I had a job for 7 years and during that time I wore many hats, Executive Admin, Purchasing, Vendor Management, Project Coordination, etc. How would I write that on songs my resume? Perhaps the Company name and then all the related roles under that and the times I did those jobs? I was always the Dynamics Executive Admin, but I did other jobs during that period. Yes, your suggestion is flobots songs correct. Start with the company name and included the related jobs with their own bullet points underneath. Which That Cesar Had On Agricultural! Good luck!

Consider trying the Job Hopper or the Executive. They should able to fit all your jobs nicely. Ive never had a job so what should I use? Most of the songs templates above would suit your situation, but we suggest trying the Career Changer template because it emphasizes skills over today the dates of your professional experience. ( Best of luck! We suggest using the Gatsby Template. Good luck with grad school! As far as style, we suggest our Professional template. In terms of format, if you want to include your restaurant experience, then you might want to songs consider using a functional format: Hope this helps! We suggest using our Entry-Level template. Good luck with the internship! Good Day Resume Genius.Im a midwife by profession an describes that cesar chavez had on agricultural workers? has worked in a military hospital for flobots, 16 years in KSA.

Im trying to apply as a home based ESL educator and propaganda used an email respondent . Songs! Since Im from the medical profession, Im having difficulty in vietnam songs, choosing the perfect resume.The skill I know is more on flobots songs the medical.,clerical which involes data entry for appointments and summary, interpreter and my part time informal english lessons to native speaking arabs. What template should I use? Try the Murray template. Good luck! Hello. Which is good for cabin crew applicant? I have no many work experience in service.

So i want to highlight the speech other things. Thanks #128578; Take a look at our Flight Attendant resume sample: You can download it and input your own information. Which template would you recommend for a career in education? Check out flobots, our teacher resume samples: You can download them and input your own experience. Try using the Freeman template. Best of statement describes had on luck on the promotion!

Hi! What resume template would you recommend for a college freshman trying to apply for flobots, a competitive summer program with the USDA and South Dakota State University? Sound like the Entry-Level template would be a good fit for what youre trying to do. Good luck with the summer program. Hi! Which resume template would you recommend for nexium uk, someone trying to tap into the finance and accounting market. Looking for an entry-level position. You should go with the Entry-Level template.

Good luck with the job hunt. I have worked 32+ years as a nurse, the flobots last 4 years taking care of my elderly father and online work. Vietnam! Now seeking to get back into the job market for extra income, not necessarily in the health field, just to earn some income and songs socialize. What resume do you suggest? Try the Job Hopper template. Good luck with your job search! Hi! What resume template would you recommend for Essay Family Iliad, a 9th grader trying to apply for flobots, a doctor (any)?? Apparently, resume making and interviewing is our project for the fourth quarter this year. I couldnt find any clear examples on the web, and I was hoping you could help me out with what template I should use.. Try using the speech examples Elegant 2.0 template.

Good luck on your project. Yes, if you click the View all Resume Designs button and click the flobots songs download link for the template pack of about Iliad your choice. If youve never written a resume before, Id recommend checking out our How to Write a Resume guide to flobots songs get a clearer idea (its much more comprehensive than any answer I can give here). Essay About Family In Homer's! Hit us up with any follow-up questions after giving that a read well see if we can help further! Good luck! Hey there Margaret, In order to best understand which template works, its a good idea to check out songs, which resume format fits your particular needs; then you can take it from there. All of the templates were created by professional resume writers, so its hard to go wrong with any of Jurassic Park: Gender Essay them it just depends on your preference.

Good luck! It really depends on what job youre applying for. Since you have substantial work experience, try quantifying that in your resume (think: any numbers that a hiring manager can look at flobots, and better understand what you accomplished during your time working there). Check out this page and choose the one you find most fitting, that should be a good start: Good luck on the job hunt! Hey there hbil036, This way, you can focus on your skills qualifications critical to the job application. As an aside, you may want to look into whether youre qualified to get back into accounting after that many years outside of the field.

I understand that some regulations and rules change over the years it may just be a matter of taking a test or updating your certifications, but Im not certain. If that doesnt seem to be a problem then go with the which best had on workers? functional resume for sure. Flobots Songs! Good luck on the job hunt! If you are lacking in major experience, Id recommend using a reverse chronological format for your resume. Our Classic template on this page should do the trick: Good luck at the job fair! I recommend you first check out our internship resume sample page: Afterwards, feel free to vietnam choose any format just use a comprehensive education section instead of a professional experience section, and songs you should be good. How Is Today! Good luck landing that internship! Share Free Downloadable Resume Templates

Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in todays competitive job market. We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easy export to MS Word and PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to the Resume Genius Terms of songs Use and Privacy Policy. Play the One-Minute Game Thatll Show You How to Improve Your Resume.

Think you can judge the quality of a resume within 6 seconds? The answer may surprise you. Put your skills to the test, and learn how to vietnam make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Bradys resume is flobots songs a couple yards short of how is propaganda used today a touchdown. There are tons of errors throughout.

See why. How to Modify and Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template? Feel free to flobots download one, but be sure to speech examples make small modifications to unlock your. Would You Rather Work for flobots songs, a Man or a Woman? Do people still care whether they work for a man or woman, or do most people simply look for nexium uk, a nice job. 5 Ridiculous Excuses To Calling Out Of Work That Were Surprisingly Successful.

Every office is bound to have that one person that abuses the call-out policy. These people go above and. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and flobots songs career tips are regularly featured on some of the world's leading online and offline publications including: Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today's competitive job market. Statement Best Cesar Chavez! HR-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easily export to MS Word and PDF.

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42 Resume Dos and Don#39;ts Every Job Seeker Should Know. If things are supposed to get easier over time, why hasnt the flobots, task of resume-writing gotten simpler? Actually, it feels like were heading in the opposite directionevery month, we learn about Jurassic Park:, a fresh resume commandment, like Thou shalt not use a resume objective statement or Thou shalt not send a traditional resume to a creative company. Its enough to make any professional a little frustrated. Fortunately, weve rounded up the songs, ultimate list of resume dos and donts, from the traditional rules to the brand-spanking-new ones. Take a look, then pull up your resume and make sure its recruiter-ready. How Is Today? 1. Flobots Songs? Do Highlight Your Most Relevant Experiences. Rule #1 of vietnam songs resume writing is that you should be turning in a different version for each role you apply to, tailored and targeted to the position. After all, your resume should demonstrate you have the flobots songs, specific set of Jurassic Essay skills, experience, and accomplishments necessary to do the jobnot just a set. Make it easy for songs the hiring manager to see why youre the right fit. 2. Dont Freak Out if You Have No Relevant Experience.

Whether youre fresh out of college or switching to a brand-new industry, you can help bolster your lack of relevant work experience by listing your transferable skills, related side projects, and relevant coursework. Read more about how to graduation, do this here. Songs? 3. Do Optimize for war protest songs Applicant Tracking Systems. Many large organizations (and even some smaller ones) use applicant tracking systems to weed out unqualified applicants. The systems scan your resume for contextual keywords and phrases, mathematically scoring them for relevance and sending only the most qualified ones through for flobots songs human review. As you can guess, this strategy isnt perfect. Statement Best The Impact That Had On Workers?? To ensure your resume makes it past the ATS and into flobots, the hands of a human, keep your formatting simple, include the right keywords (but dont go overboard), and Jurassic Gender Politics and Dinosaurs Essay, quadruple check for spelling mistakes. (More on how to do it right, here.) 4. Flobots Songs? Dont Steal the Job Descriptions Exact Wording. That said, you shouldnt take exact phrases straight from the job description.

If a company says its looking for Essay in Homer's Iliad candidates who learn rapidly and have a diverse knowledge of programming languages, your skills section shouldnt read learns rapidly and has a diverse knowledge of programming languages. Instead, find a different way of songs saying the same thingmaybe devote a resume bullet to which statement describes the impact cesar workers?, a software you learned in two weeks, or list the seven different programming languages youre familiar with. Youve probably heard that recruiters love reading resume bullets with numbers, like Increased sales in Northern region by 300%. And they do! So use them whenever possible. Songs? Oh, and dont worry if your job doesnt really involve numberswith our guide, you can quantify any accomplishment. 6. Dont Include Anything Confidential. Seems like a no-brainerbut Googles Head of HR says he sees confidential info on songs resumes all the time. When deciding whether to leave something on your resume, use the New York Times test. In other words, if you wouldnt want it published next to your name on the front page of flobots a major national newspaper, take it out.

The quantifiable accomplishments technique also works for soft skills. Make sure each bullet point describes a skill the hiring manager is looking for, then use facts and figures to shownot telljust what a skilled manager or effective communicator you are. Check it out: Developed and independently initiated new mentorship program to alleviate high turnover of new staff members, resulting in the matching of 23 mentor-mentee pairs and a significant reduction in staff turnover. Sounds like a skilled manager to Family Iliad, us! Because everyone assumes you know how to use Microsoft Word. Flobots? And the internet. Use your valuable resume space to highlight skills that actually make you stand out. 9. Jurassic Gender Politics Essay Examples? Do Consider Volunteer or Other Non-Work Experience.

Although its nontraditional, if volunteer work has taken up a significant chunk of flobots your time or taught you skills applicable to the job youre applying for, think about Jurassic Politics and Dinosaurs, putting it on flobots songs your resume. Side projects, pro bono work, or temp gigs can also be a unique way to examples, bolster your resume and show off other skills. Flobots? 10. Dont Include Work With Controversial Organizations. Maybe that volunteer work was fundraising for a politician, or answering the phone at how is, a LGBT-resource organization. Some experiences are pretty divisive, so read our tips on whether or not you should put them on your resume.

11. Do Include Personal Accomplishments. If youve done something cool in your personal life that either shows off your soft skills or engages your technical skills in a new way, you should definitely include it. Maybe youve run a couple marathons, demonstrating your adventurous spirit, strong work ethic, and desire to flobots songs, challenge yourself. Or youve won some poker tournaments, which shows youre a quick thinker and vietnam war protest, good with numbers. Songs? Learn more here on how to include these in the right way. 12. Dont Include Random, Unrelated, or Off-Putting Hobbies.

That said, remember that hiring managers probably dont care if you love basketball, are active in your book club, or are a member of war protest songs a Dungeons and flobots, Dragons group. Park: And Dinosaurs Examples? Eliminate anything thats not totally transferable to work-related skills (or a really, really epic conversation starter). 13. Do Think of New Ways to Frame Your Accomplishments. Flobots? Dont have the exact experience for the job youre applying to? You can actually tweak how you frame your accomplishments to show off vastly different things. Career expert Lily Zhang explains with examples here. Meaning: Dont oversell your high school babysitting experience. In fact, anything from high school should probably go. 15.

Do Show How You Moved Up (or Around) at Past Companies. It can be tempting (and more simple) to combine multiple roles at one company, but you should actually be highlighting your different job titles. After all, it says a lot about vietnam war protest, you if you were promoted within an organization or were able to transition your role. Learn how to show this off without making your resume look disorganized here. 16. Dont Use an Objective Statement.

Theres only one situation in which you need an flobots songs, objective statement: when youre making a huge career change. Making the leap from, say, business development to marketing means your resume could definitely use a clear explanation that youre transitioning roles and have the necessary transferable skills. But if youre a PR rep applying to a PR firm, an objective statement will just waste valuable space. 17. Do Consider a Summary Statement. A summary statement, which consists of Essay about in Homer's Iliad a couple lines at the beginning of your resume that give potential employers a broad outline of your skills and experience, is the most ideal if you have years of flobots experience you need to how is propaganda today, tie together with a common theme. Flobots? Theyre also good if you have a bunch of disparate skills and want to make it clear how they fit together. Heres more on when you need one and how to put it together.

While its okay to glaze over gaps a little (for example, by just using years to show dates of Jurassic Essay examples employments instead of months and years), you should never outright lie about them. Instead, be honest and confident when explaining unemployment periods. Whatever you did while you werent workingtraveling, running a household, helping your communityits almost certain you picked up some skills that would help you in the job for flobots songs which youre applying. So mention them! For obvious reasons, anything thats not 100% true doesnt belong on your resume. About Family Dynamics In Homer's Iliad? Because hiring managers are really, really tired of flobots songs seeing descriptions like hard worker, team player, or detail-oriented on resumes.

You should also be careful about any industry or role-specific jargon you use. In many companies, if you want to your resume to land on the hiring managers desk, youve got to get it past HR firstwhich means putting everything in terms a layperson can understand. Using unnecessarily big words doesnt make you sound more intelligent or capable. Jurassic Gender Politics And Dinosaurs? Not only are hiring managers totally aware of what youre trying (and failing) to flobots songs, do, but resume speak can obscure your real experience. So, instead of utilized innovative social media technique to boost readership and engagement among core demographic say, posted on nexium uk Twitter three times a day and flobots songs, brought follower count from 1,000 to 3,000. You should also be careful of using words with negative connotationseven if youre using them in a positive light. Saying met aggressive sales goals or fixed widespread communication problem will subconsciously make recruiters think less of Dynamics in Homer's Iliad you. Instead, write delivered on flobots ambitious number of sales or proposed and how is propaganda used today, implemented solution to make company communication easier and more efficient. Skip the tired and all-too-frequently used led, handled, and flobots songs, managed, and go for verbs like charted, administered, consolidated, or maximized, which make you look both confident and competent. Weve compiled 181 options of unique verbs to which statement describes the impact that cesar chavez had on workers?, use, so no matter what you do, you can find the flobots, right word.

24. Dont Include References Upon Request It takes up room you could otherwise use for experience and skills. And, um, it looks presumptuous. Pretty basic, but youd be surprised how many job seekers put together an amazing resumeand then dont include enough heres where to find me info. This section should have your name, email address, phone number, address (or just city), LinkedIn URL, and personal website, if you have one. Also, make sure youre using your personal contact info, rather than your work. Because thats a recipe for disaster. 26. Dont Include Anything That Could Be Discriminated Against.

While its illegal to discriminate against a job candidate because of propaganda used his or her age, marital status, gender, religion, race, color, or national origin, it doesnt mean it doesnt happen subconsciously. Dont give recruiters the chance, and just leave these details off. Songs? Recruiters read a lot of resumes, so they dont want to have to spend a ton of time looking over yours. Cut it down to the most relevant information and keep it short and succinct. Laszlo Bock, Googles senior vice president of people operations, recommends one page of how is propaganda today resume for songs every 10 years of war protest songs work experience as a good rule of thumb. That being said, dont try to squeeze as much information as possible into that one page. Flobots Songs? If you manage to pack in more informationbut in a size 8 font and with no white space on the pageyou might as well have not added that information at all. Cut it down to an amount of information you can comfortably fit on the page, in a readable font and with enough white space to make it easy on Essay about Dynamics in Homer's the eyes. 29.

Do Consider a Creative or Digital Resume. Resumes that look like infographics, data visualizations, or even videos or multimedia presentations can be a great way to stand out from the flobots songs, crowd. If you think this might be the Politics and Dinosaurs, right route for flobots songs you, check out some great options here. How Is Propaganda Used Today? (Note: This is generally a better option when youre applying to smaller, more creative shopstraditional companies will still likely want traditional resumes.) 30. Dont Spend All Your Time on the Design. While making your resume look nice is important, recruiters say job seekers spend far too much time worrying about songs, it (that is, unless youre working in a design field). Focus on the content, make sure the right information is propaganda used highlighted, and just make sure it looks nice enough to songs, make the information easy to digest. Want your resume to look well designedwithout the vietnam, extra time? Weve found 41 of the best resume templates ever. Theyll make formatting a breeze.

And really, its best to flobots, stick to one basic font. Family Dynamics In Homer's? Unless youre a designer and know a lot about flobots, typography, its easy to best describes the impact workers?, choose fonts that clash or are distracting. Flobots? 33. Nexium Uk? Do Make Sure Your Job Titles or Companies Stand Out. Of course, you want to make sure the most important information stands out and is easy to skim.

Instead of using a different font to do this, use bold or italic text, a slightly larger font, or your layout to help make sure this information is findable. 34. Dont Go Overboard With Text Effects. If every other word is bolded , italicized , or in ALL CAPS, at best, your resume will be distractingat worst, annoying. Use emphasis sparingly, for flobots your most important info. Essay About Family? 35. Do Align Your Dates and flobots songs, Locations to the Right. Which Describes The Impact Cesar Chavez Had On Workers?? This small change will make your resume way easier on the eyes. You should be able to songs, make a column of dates and vietnam war protest songs, locations for each job by creating a right tab. 36.

Dont Use More Than Two Lines Per Bullet. This strategy will make your resume easier to skim (which is good, because most hiring managers will spend less than 20 seconds reading it). Again, cut it down to the most important information. Songs? Because 4 and 22% take less time to read than four and twenty-two percent. Plus, using digits saves you space. 38. Dont Send it as a Word Document. Which Statement Best That Cesar Chavez Agricultural? Sending your resume off as a .doc file will most likely result in all of this careful formatting getting messed up when the recruiter opens the file. Save your final version as a PDF to make sure everything stays just as is. 39. Do Swap Resumes With Colleagues.

Look at how they describe their duties and the company. Chances are, youll get some inspiration for your own descriptions. Plus, having some fresh eyes look at your resume is always beneficial. Ask a few friends what about your resume makes an flobots songs, impact and what is boring, confusing, or too vague. If the same things keep popping up, its probably time to edit. And proofread. Nexium Uk? Multiple times. For help, check out this editors guide to perfecting your resume. Songs? Remember rule number one on which statement best describes the impact that cesar chavez had on tailoring your resume? Well, creating a master resume that includes every position youve ever held will make that task much quicker.

Youll never send your master resume to anyone, so it doesnt matter how long it is. Just write out flobots, each and every job experience youve ever had. With all of the possible corresponding bullet points. Then, when it comes time to apply to a job, you can copy and paste the used, relevant sections of flobots songs your master resume into which statement best the impact that had on workers?, a new document. Want to make sure youre spending enough time on flobots songs the right things in your resume? Run your resume through a word cloud generator like TagCrowd.

This will create an Gender Politics, image representing the most frequent words, with the most common ones showing up larger and flobots songs, darker. With a quick glance, youll be able to see what terms employers will most associate with youand whether you need to do some adjusting to have the right message shine through. Photo of typewriter courtesy of Shutterstock. Aja Frost is a freelance writer specializing in business, tech, career advice, and and Dinosaurs Essay examples, productivity. Check out her website or say hi on Twitter. Hmmm, seems you#39;ve already signed up for flobots songs this class.

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final solution essay The Final Solution--An Essay by Martin Gilbert. [NOTE: Internal references are to other articles included in the Oxford Companion to World War II ] Final Solution ( Endlsung ) was the term used for the murder of flobots six million Jews during the Second World War. These Jews were citizens of every pre-war state in Europe. Their Jewishness had been defined by the German Nuremberg Laws of which statement describes the impact that cesar had on agricultural workers? 1935 as any person with one Jewish grandparent. Many were Jews only by the Nazi definition; in their own eyes they were Germans, Frenchmen, Belgians, Dutchmen, and so on. A number had been practising Christians for several generations. When Hitter came to power in 1933 the flobots Jews under German control numbered just over half a million. Hitler and his Nazi Party were pledged to nexium uk, create a Germany in which the German Jews would be set apart from their fellow-Germans, and denied their place as an flobots songs integral part of German life and culture. The concept of racial purity was paralleled with the stimulation of racial hatred, to create the image of the German Jew as different, alien, and dangerous. The first measure based upon graduation speech examples, this Nazi ideology was the expulsion of German Jews from flobots many hundreds of villages and Jurassic Park: Gender small towns in which they lived and worked, and in which their ancestors had lived for many centuries; the first record of flobots Jews in the Rhineland precedes the songs Hitler era by more than a thousand years.

This first solution of what the Nazis called the #145;Jewish Question#146; (Judenfrage) was to flobots songs, make hundreds of municipalities #145;Jew-free#146; (Judenrein). The Jewish families thus driven out how is propaganda, went to larger towns and cities inside Germany, or emigrated. Emigration was the songs second 'solution' approved by the Nazis for the Jewish Question. From 1933 until the outbreak of war in 1939, the official policy of the German government permitted, and even encouraged, emigration. The property of the Jews who left, their shops, their livelihoods, their homes and in Homer's Iliad their furniture, became part of the spoils of racism. Of Germany's half-million Jewish citizens in 1933, more than half had emigrated by 1938. Of these, more than 100,000 found refuge in the USA, 63,000 in Argentina, 52,000 in the UK and 33,000 in Palestine. The mass murder of the quarter of flobots a million Jews who remained in Essay about Dynamics in Homer's Iliad, Germany was nowhere envisaged, discussed, or planned. Such killing as there was took place within the concentration camp system set up to punish opponents of the flobots songs regime. In the years 1933 to 1938 fewer than a hundred Jews were among several thousand German citizens murdered in concentration camps (principally at Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, and Dachau).

With the annexation of Austria in March 1938 and of Bohemia and Moravia in March 1939 (see CZECHOSLOVAKIA) the number of Jews under German rule increased by another quarter of a million. Still there was no policy of Park: Essay examples mass murder. Such violence as there was remained on a relatively small scale. In November 1938, 91 Jews were murdered throughout Greater Germany during the night of flobots looting and burning known as the 'Night of Broken Glass' (Kristallnacht). As many as a thousand Jews were murdered in Essay Family in Homer's, concentration camps in the following six months. In the eyes of the German government, the flobots 'solution' to the increased number of Jews within the Reich remained emigration. More than 100,000 of Austria's 160,000 Jews now emigrated; most of them to Essay about Dynamics, the UK, the USA, and songs Palestine, to speech, which they took their talent in many professions, including scientists, doctors, writers, and musicians. Emigration depended not only on the German willingness to let Jews leave. but also on the willingness of other states to take them in. Beginning in the summer of 1938, as pressure for a place of refuge grew, many states adopted laws restricting Jewish immigration. Another problem for the Jews who left Germany was that they could not know which countries would remain safe; the tens of thousands of Jews who found refuge in flobots, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, for example (as did the German-Jewish girl Anne Frank and her family), could not know that the countries which took their in would, in Essay Family Dynamics in Homer's Iliad, due course, be overrun by Germany.

With the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 (see POLISH CAMPAIGN), a further million and a half Jews came under German rule. During the murder in the streets of more than 10,000 Polish civilians in September and October 1939, an orgy of slaughter unprecedented in Europe in the 20th century, 3,000 Polish Jews were among those killed; some of them were forced into synagogues and then burnt alive. But no long-term plans existed for flobots songs the Jews of Poland, who constituted by which best describes the impact that cesar chavez, far the largest Jewish population within the growing borders of the Reich. With the coming of war and war conditions, including a British naval blockade of Germany (see ECONOMIC WARFARE) and the restriction of songs almost all but military traffic within Greater Germany, emigration became virtually impossible except for citizens of certain neutral states or their spouses. Gradually, during the winter of 1939 and the early months of 1940, a third 'solution' emerged, to be applied to nexium uk, the Jews of Poland. They would be expelled from several thousand localities in flobots, which they had lived hitherto, and made to live in restricted areas. A medieval concept, that of the ghetto, was revived. But whereas in medieval times the ghetto, such as the one in Venice, was a centre of Jewish creativity, under the Nazi scheme it was a place of confinement and poverty. From the spring of 1940 Jews throughout German-occupied and annexed Poland were driven out of the towns and villages in which they had lived for centuries, and sent to specially-designated areas in certain towns. They were also driven out of many parts of the which statement describes the impact chavez workers? principal cities, such as Warsaw and flobots Ldz, in which describes the impact that cesar chavez agricultural, which they had lived hitherto, and were forced into an area which was too small for their numbers, often lacking adequate sanitary facilities, and deliberately so.

The food ration imposed upon them was even smaller than that imposed upon the non-Jewish inhabitants of Poland. Anyone trying to leave the ghetto, or trying to smuggle food into the ghetto, faced execution. By April 1941 ghettos had been enforced throughout German-occupied Poland. By June the death toll from starvation had reached 2,000 a month in the Warsaw Ghetto (where half a million Jews were confined), and 800 a month in the Ldz Ghetto (where a quarter of a million were confined). This was in itself a horrifying 'solution', the flobots songs murder of examples whole communities of people by slow starvation, though at the rate of death in the ghettos, the total destruction of Polish Jewry would take 20 years or more. No other solution was then in prospect. The mass of Polish Jews survived in their ghettos, and provided the German administration with a vast reservoir of forced labour. The German victories in western Europe between April and June 1940 brought more and more Jews under German rule; in Norway (1,400), Denmark (5,600), France (283,000), the Netherlands (126,000), Luxemburg (1,700), and Belgium (64,000). In April 1941 Greek Jews (77,000) also came under joint German and Italian control. Flobots. These western European and Balkan Jews were subjected to civic disabilities, and obliged to a yellow badge on nexium uk, their clothing to identify them (another medieval practice revived).

The professions were closed to them, and their property gradually taken away. But their lives were safe; indeed, a few could still emigrate, and did so; others were able to flee for safety to neutral Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey. In June 1941 the German Army invaded the Soviet Union (see BARBAROSSA). Immediately following the troops were special killing squads or Einsatzgruppen , whose orders were to murder Jews in flobots, every locality. This was the fourth 'solution' after expulsion, emigration, and ghettoization. It led, within six months, to the murder of as many as a million Jews. And Dinosaurs Examples. The aim of the killing squads was to eliminate Jewish life altogether. In hundreds of small villages in what, up to 1939, had been eastern Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, and in flobots, western Russia, this destructive aim was fulfilled within a few hours. The killing was made easier by the active participation of Essay Dynamics in Homer's local police and paramilitary groups, especially in Lithuania and the Ukraine. Songs. In Bessarabia, Moldavia, and parts of southern Russia, the killing was carried out by Romanians.

In cities with large Jewish populations, thousands were murdered within a few days; at Kiev, a total of 33,000 Jewish men, women, and children were killed in three days, having been taken to Babi Yar, a ravine on the outskirts of the city, and machine-gunned. Propaganda Today. Tens of thousands of Jews were shot down in ditches, gravel pits, and fields near every town and village in the vast area through which the Germans advanced in the summer and autumn of 1941. These killing places, some of them pre-war beauty spots, quickly became synonymous with mass murder: Ponar near Wilno, Kaiserwald near Riga, the Ninth Fort at Kovno, the Ratomskaya ravine at Minsk, and the Drobitsky ravine at Kharkov were five of the most terrible. Other cities with large Jewish populations, such as Kishinev and Odessa, were likewise the scene of massive slaughter. By October 1941 each of the four 'solutions#146; so far put into practice was still in effect. In Germany, towns still expelled Jews to the cities, in order to boast that they were Jew-free. In German-occupied western Europe it was still possible for individual Jews to emigrate, if they had, for example, American citizenship (the USA was not yet at war with Germany), or were married to subjects of other neutral states.

In German-occupied Poland, more than two million Jews were still confined to flobots, ghettos, many of them forced to work in factories manufacturing clothing for the German Army. In former Czechoslovakia, a so-called 'model' ghetto was established, on 10 October 1941, in the l8th-century fortress at Theresienstadt. Graduation Speech Examples. Jews were deported there from Prague, Brno, and several hundred other towns and villages in Bohemia and Moravia. In German-occupied USSR, the killings in fields and ditches also continued, with each day's murder total being recorded by the killing squads and reported to Berlin. On 24 October 1941, for example, 4,000 Jews were taken from Wilno to Ponar and murdered there during the following three days; according to the precise statistics submitted by the killing squad as a matter of routine to Berlin, the murdered Jews included 885 children. The daily slaughter in the east was often watched by curious bystanders, off-duty soldiers, and flobots German businessmen working in the region. The brutal nature of the killings led to examples, a number of protests being sent to Berlin. One protest, dated 27 October, was forwarded to Berlin by songs, Wilhelm Kube, the commissioner-general of Belorussia (whose headquarters were in Minsk) with the comment 'To have buried alive seriously wounded people, who then worked their way out of speech examples their graves again, is such extreme beastliness that this incident must be reported to the Fhrer.' Even as these protests reached Berlin, a fifth solution was under discussion there. Flobots. This was intended to be the 'final' solution, the aim of which was the murder of all Jews living in Europe.

It would be 'final' in that once it had been carried out, there would be no more Jews alive in Europe, and therefore no need for any further solution. Since the German annexation of Austria in March 1938, the bureaucratic aspects of the emigration of Jews had been entrusted to a small government department in war protest, Berlin, the 'Central Office for Jewish Emigration', headed by an SS officer, Adolf Eichmann. In the autumn of flobots 1941, Eichmann was put in charge of a new department, the 'Race and Resettlement Office', a section of the RSHAs Amt IV, and vietnam songs was entrusted with the flobots task of preparing the mechanics of the final solution. In an official letter to Essay Family Dynamics, the German foreign office about an emigration application from a Jewish woman who wished to move from Germany to the unoccupied zone of France, he explained (on 28 October 1941) that the application had to be turned down 'in view of the approaching final solution of the European Jewry problem'. Henceforth, this phrase 'final solution' was to appear in many official documents.

The 'solution' itself was as follows: Jews living throughout Europe, whether confined in the Polish ghettos or still living in their own homes in western Europe, were to be rounded up (wherever possible this was to be done by flobots, French, Dutch, Belgian, or other local police), detained locally in special holding camps, and how is then deported by train to distant camps in which they would be murdered by gas. Songs. No killing would take place in or near the cities in which the victims lived; instead, it would take place hundreds, and for some thousands, of kilometres away. During the autumn of 1941 experiments were made on Soviet prisoners-of-war, and also on Jews, to find out the most expeditious method of murder by gas; the one in which the victims would have the least warning, if any, and in which the least number of operatives would be needed. Unlike the Einsatzgruppen murders in the east, there were to be no bystanders. Central to which that cesar chavez, this plan were the elements of songs secrecy and speech examples deception. 'Deportation' was to be called 'resettlement'. The area in which this 'resettlement' was to take place was to be called 'somewhere in flobots songs, the East'. The trains taking the deportees were to be called 'Special Resettlement Trains'. The nature of the camps was to be kept secret, even from those who had to drive the trains to which describes the impact cesar, within a few kilometres of flobots them.

Two methods of mass murder were devised. The first was by means of gas vans in which best chavez agricultural, which the deportees would be taken as if on flobots songs, a journey to a labour camp, but would in fact be killed by exhaust fumes during the short drive from the station to the camp itself. The second was by means of specially-designed gas chambers, into propaganda used which they would be taken as if for a shower, and inside which, once the doors were locked, they would be killed by gas (see ZYKLON-B). The process of gassing was to be totally disguised; many of the gas chambers were to flobots, have signs on them such as 'shower room' or 'washing room'. The camp sites chosen for the reception and murder of the about Family Iliad deported Jews were in remote areas, four in German-occupied Poland and one in occupied USSR. The first to be operational was in a wood near Chelmno, a small village in songs, western Poland. The first deportees were sent there and killed in gas vans, on 8 December 1941. On that day 2,300 Jews were murdered at Chelmno. In the coming months, at Park: and Dinosaurs, least a thousand were killed each day, most of them brought by train from the songs Ldz Ghetto and the towns around Ldz, until as many as 400,000 had been killed. On 20 January 1942, six weeks after the start of the daily deportations and gassings at propaganda, Chelmno, a group of flobots senior German civil servants gathered at a villa near Berlin, in the suburb of Wannsee, to co-ordinate the activities of the various government departments, including the Gender Politics Essay examples state railways, the foreign office and the 'Race and Resettlement Office', all of flobots whose active cooperation was needed to carry out the deportation of propaganda Jews from throughout Europe. Statistics were prepared for flobots the Wannsee conference by Eichmann, giving the nexium uk number of flobots songs Jews whom it was hoped would be rounded up and deported.

These figures included Jews in the neutral countries of Europe, including Eire (where the figure given was 4,000), Switzerland (18,000), and Spain (6,000). Also included on the Wannsee list were the Jews of Britain, estimated by Eichmann at 330,000. All were to be brought into Jurassic Gender Politics and Dinosaurs Essay examples the net of deportation and destruction. Three more death camps, part of operation REINHARD were also set up in German-occupied Poland, to which Jews were deported and murdered. One camp was at Sobibor, where 300,000 Jews from central Poland were murdered, and several thousand Jews from Germany and the Netherlands. Another camp was at *Belzec, where, beginning in March 1942, 600,000 Jews from western and eastern Galicia, including Cracow and flobots songs Lww, were murdered, as well as 1,500 Poles, killed for trying to help Jews. Nexium Uk. The third camp was at Treblinka, where at least 700,000 Polish Jews were murdered, including half a million from the flobots Warsaw Ghetto, from which the nexium uk first deportations took place on 22 July 1942. Also murdered at Treblinka were almost all the Jews of several other large Polish cities, including Piotrkow (22,000). During the course of fifteen months, two million Jews were murdered at these four death camps.

A further million had been murdered by the Einsatzgruppen in flobots songs, the east. As a result of this systematic killing, the Jewish populations of Poland, the statement the impact that cesar chavez had on agricultural Baltic States, and songs the USSR as far east as the Jurassic Park: Gender Politics and Dinosaurs Essay examples Caucasus, had been almost entirely destroyed by the beginning of 1943. The few Jews still alive in those regions worked in forced-labour camps, at songs, specific tasks needed by the German Army. The Final Solution, so effective in songs, the east, was also intended to include all the Jews of western Europe. Round-ups took place every week, deportations either weekly (from France and the Netherlands), or monthly (from Belgium). Songs. All those who were rounded up were deported by train to the east.

Some were deported to the existing death camps, others were sent to Kovno and Riga, where they were murdered at the sites of the earlier mass murder of the local Jews. At Riga, gas vans were used. Among the which statement best describes that chavez had on workers? Jews deported to Treblinka and murdered were 8,000 from Theresienstadt and 12,000 from 23 Balkan Jewish communities in distant Macedonia and Thrace; they traced their origins to the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492. All 12,000 were deported across Europe in twenty trains, and flobots songs murdered on statement best describes the impact cesar chavez workers?, reaching Treblinka. Other Jews, possibly as many as 250,000, and songs including 22,000 from Theresienstadt, were deported from western Europe to Essay in Homer's Iliad, Maly Trostenets, a small village outside the Belorussian city of Minsk, where they were killed in gas vans similar to those used at Chelmno and Riga. Many of the Jews of Yugoslavia were murdered in camps (including Stara Gradiska, Loborgrad, and Jasenovac), set up in the independent state of Croatia, an ally of Germany; 15,000 Serbian Jews were killed by gas vans at Zemun, a German-run camp near Belgrade. At Maly Trostenets, and in the four death camps set up by flobots, the Germans in eastern Poland, almost every deportee was murdered on Park: Politics examples, reaching the flobots songs camp: the young, the old, and Essay about the able-bodied. A tiny number of deportees, only a few hundred out of the hundreds of thousands deported, were formed into Sonderkommandos, or special detachments. They were kept in a special section of each camp, under heavy guard, and forced to take the bodies of those killed to pits where they were buried or burned; or to flobots songs, sort out the clothes of those who had been murdered for shipment back to Germany. These slave-labourers were then murdered in nexium uk, their turn. In March 1942 yet another death camp was set up, located near the village of Birkenau, close to Auschwitz, in flobots, the industrial region of east Upper Silesia.

For Jews who were sent to this camp, there was a change in the method of the final solution. Family Dynamics. The region, rich in flobots songs, coal, was part of German-annexed Poland. Vietnam War Protest. Several hundred German factories had been relocated here; they, and the existing coal mines, required slave labour on a substantial scale. Flobots Songs. Many non-Jews formed a part of vietnam this labour force, including several thousand British prisoners-of-war. But the need for even more manpower had become urgent, as Germany approached its third year at war, and flobots had still failed either to conquer the USSR or to invade the UK. To provide a further reservoir of slave labour, Jews were brought to Birkenau from all over Europe. Essay About Dynamics In Homer's. Unlike the flobots songs murder system already in operation at the existing death camps, not every deportee to Birkenau was murdered.

While all children, all old people, and nexium uk the sick, were taken from the deportation trains and sent straight to the gas chambers, several hundred able-bodied men and women from flobots each deportation train (sometimes as many as 500 in a train with a thousand deportees) were separated from those about to be killed, and had a serial number tattooed on their forearm; at nexium uk, least in the short term their lives were spared; they were sent to barracks from which they would go each day to their slave labour tasks. The camp at flobots songs, Birkenau consisted of war protest a large area of wooden huts and brick barracks, and two (later four) gas chambers, attached to flobots, which were crematoria in which the nexium uk bodies of those murdered were burned almost at songs, once. Birkenau lay within the administrative area of a nearby existing concentration camp, Auschwitz, at which, since the summer of nexium uk 1940, Polish political prisoners had faced the worst rigours of punishment, including torture and execution. Some Polish Jews had already been among the victims at Auschwitz. But Birkenau was established for Jews alone, and with a view to continuing the Final Solution, already so effective elsewhere, by the murder of at flobots, least half of those who arrived in each deportation train.

The gassings of Jews at Birkenau began in May 1942 and continued until November 1944. The trains to Auschwitz-Birkenau came from every region under German rule or influence. Usually there were a thousand deportees in each train. The trains travelled great distances across Europe; those locked inside them had no idea of their destination, or of their fate. The first trains came from Slovakia (26 March 1942) and from France (27 March 1942). Essay About Dynamics Iliad. In both instances, local police, Slovak and songs French, carried out the Essay about Dynamics Iliad task of songs rounding up Jews, assembling them, and putting them on the trains. The French Jews in that particular deportation were all born outside France, most of them Polish Jews who had emigrated to France between the wars. During two and a half years, without respite or interruption, trains brought Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau from as far north as Norway, as far west as the Atlantic coast of France, as far south as Rome, Corfu, and Athens, as far east as Transylvania and Ruthenia. Among the large Jewish communities murdered almost in their entirety at Birkenau were those of the Greek city of Salonika (more than 40,000 murdered), the Polish city of Bialystok (more than 10,000), the Greek island of Corfu (1,800), and Jurassic Gender Politics and Dinosaurs Essay the Aegean island of Rhodes (1,700). More than 44,000 Jews from Theresienstadt were also deported to Birkenau and killed; as were several thousand Jews who had earlier been incarcerated in the German prewar concentration camps of Sachsenhausen and Buchenwald. More than two and a half million Jews were deported to Birkenau, and at least two and a quarter million murdered there.

In addition to those taken straight from the trains to the gas chambers, at least three-quarters of the slave labourers were among the victims, toiled to death, killed by sadistic guards, or sent to the gas chambers when they fell sick. The aim of the Final Solution was to murder all the Jews of Europe. In this it failed, despite the terrifyingly high death toll. In June 1944 the Anglo-American forces landed in songs, Normandy (see OVERLORD), and the Red Army was on the border of eastern Galicia. Particularly from western Europe, the deportations had not been completed. From France, 83,000 Jews had been deported and murdered, but 200,000 were still alive, many of them sheltered from deportation by their fellow French citizens.

From Italy, 8,000 Jews had been deported to their deaths, but 35,000 were still in Italy at vietnam, the end of the war, and thus survived. From Belgium, over 24,000 Jews were taken to flobots, their deaths, but 40,000 remained and survived. Elsewhere, the ratio of survivors to those murdered was much worse. Only 20,000 Dutch Jews remained undeported; 106,000 were deported and killed. Graduation. Of Yugoslavia's Jews, 60,000 were killed, and only 12,000 survived. From Greece, 65,000 were taken to their deaths, and only 12,000 survived. Details of the killings of Jews reached the flobots songs West only in fragments (see KARSKI and NOWAK).

Most of the information that did percolate through arrived many months, and in several cases more than a year after the events had taken place. Publicity was given to how is propaganda, the details as they emerged, but publicity could not halt the killings, which were taking place deep in flobots, the heartland of German-occupied Europe, far beyond the range of Allied bombers, and almost three years before the Allied armies were able to advance into central Europe. The details that were known were often fragmentary, and sometimes out of nexium uk date. A telegram from Geneva in August 1942 warned that the flobots Germans were in the process of drawing up plans to exterminate the Jews by gas (see SCHULTE). In fact, those plans had already been in operation for eight months. In the autumn of 1942 news of the deportations from how is propaganda used today France was widely publicized in the British newspapers, and universally denounced. But the destination of the deportees was unknown, referred to as 'somewhere in the East'. Songs. It was in fact Auschwitz, but this was kept secret by the Germans, who used every type of deception to hide the true destinations and fate of the deportees. Speech Examples. Details of the killing of Jews at songs, Auschwitz II (Birkenau) did not reach Geneva, London, and propaganda New York until the summer of songs 1944, a full two years after the killings had begun. International protest against the deportation and graduation speech examples killing of Hungarian Jews was then effective, but only because the flobots tide of war had turned, and Allied aircraft could at last reach Budapest. Politics And Dinosaurs Essay. The Hungarian government, fearing immediate Allied reprisals, forced the German authorities to halt the deportations in July 1944, after massive protests (see below).

Even today, details about camps and killing centres are emerging, which were unknown, not only at the time, but for many years afterwards. There were several examples of decisive action on the part of governments that refused to deport Jews. All 50,000 Bulgarian Jews survived the war because King Boris and the Bulgarian parliament refused the German request to send them to the camps in Poland. Flobots Songs. In Denmark, with the encouragement of today King Frederik IX (1899-1972) almost all 5,500 Jews were taken during a single night by small boats across the flobots songs narrow water to neutral Sweden, and safety. After the how is used first fifteen deportees from Finland had been murdered, the Finnish government rejected all German pressure to deport the remaining 2,000 Jews, many of whom were refugees from songs Germany and Central Europe. Mussolini's Italy likewise refused repeated German pressure to deport Jews, as did the Regent of which describes the impact that had on workers? Hungary, Admiral Horthy. It was only flobots, after German forces occupied northern Italy (September 1943) and Hungary (March 1944) that the deportation of Jews began. After 400,000 Jews had been deported to their deaths from Hungary to Auschwitz-Birkenau, within the space of three months, Horthy, under pressure from which statement best describes cesar had on workers? Pope Pius XII, from King Gustav V of Sweden (1858-1950), and from the western Allies, demanded a halt to any further deportations. More than 300,000 Hungarian Jews were thereby saved; though several thousand were subsequently murdered by Hungarian Fascist gangs such as the Arrow Cross (see HUNGARY, 3), others were saved from the gangs by flobots songs, the intervention of several foreign diplomats in Budapest, including the senior Swedish representative in the city, Raoul Wallenberg. Like each of the captive peoples of Europe, the Jews were subjected to all the rigours of occupation, as well as the which statement the impact that chavez workers? total isolation imposed on the ghettos. Nevertheless, their resistance to deportation was widespread.

Best known is the Warsaw rising of April 1943. Despite the desperate hunger in the ghetto, the willpower and determination of the Jewish insurgents was such that the flobots Germans had to use considerable military force to crush the uprising. More than a hundred other Jewish uprisings are known in towns and villages throughout eastern Europe. There were also acts of defiance in every death camp. At Auschwitz-Birkenau two of the crematoria were blown up by Jewish slave labourers in October 1944; all those who took part in the revolt were hunted down and killed. About Family In Homer's. Slave labourers also defied their captors at Treblinka and Sobibor, where there were breakouts, and some of the escapers survived. Other Jews managed to escape from the flobots ghettos into the forests, and to join, and even to form, partisan units, harassing German lines of communication, and trying to protect small groups of women and children who had also escaped. But German military might was deployed against these partisans, and few survived more than a single summer in nexium uk, hiding.

Beginning in September 1944, with the approach of the Soviet Army, large numbers of Jewish slave labourers were evacuated from Auschwitz-Birkenau and songs the surrounding industrial zone. Many were driven westward on foot, or in railway trucks without adequate food or shelter. Nexium Uk. As many as 100,000 Jews died or were shot down by their guards during these evacuations, which continued through the winter. The marchers were sent to central Germany, to build and to work in vast underground factories, and at other slave labour projects intended to help halt the advance of the western Allies, who by January 1945 had reached the Rhine. Many of those on the death marches were toiled and beaten to death in these factories and the camps attached to flobots songs, them (one of the most notorious was Mittelbau-Dora). Others were sent to pre-war concentration camps, hitherto used in the main for political prisoners and criminals. Nexium Uk. In these camps they were the object of sadistic cruelty and neglect. When the Anglo-American forces reached these camps in April 1945, they were shocked at the number of dead and dying, the starvation and the sickness, which they found.

It was the liberation of these camps (among them Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, Buchenwald, and Mauthausen), that for songs the first time brought photographic evidence to the west. These were not images of the death camps, none of which were then in existence, but they were nevertheless horrific. An estimated 300,000 European Jews survived the camps and death marches. Six million Jews, one-third of the world's Jewish population in about Family Dynamics in Homer's, 1939, were murdered. Most of the survivors left Europe for the USA, South America, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Palestine. There they sought to rebuild their lives, learn new languages, start new families, and live with the continuing torment of the memory of mass murder, and the destruction of their own loved ones and communities.

In many countries, museums and memorials have been set up to remember the victims of the Final Solution, which is flobots songs, known in Yiddish as the Destruction ( Churban ), in Jurassic Park: and Dinosaurs examples, Hebrew as the Catastrophe ( Shoah ), and, more generally, as the Holocaust. Special ceremonies are now held by Jews throughout the world on Holocaust Memorial Day. The anniversaries of flobots Kristallnacht, and of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, are also widely commemorated. In the immediate aftermath of the war, several dozen camp commandants and functionaries were executed, some on the spot, others after trials. Further trials continued, mostly in the Federal German Republic, into speech the 1990s. In 1988, legislation was passed in Canada and Australia to bring to trial perpetrators of mass murder; in 1991 the British parliament approved similar legislation. Songs. The issue of reparations was largely resolved within a decade of the end of the war. On 10 September 1952, in Luxemburg City Hall, Israel and West Germany (both of Essay about Family Dynamics in Homer's Iliad them states which had been created after the war) signed the Luxemburg Treaty, under which the West German government agreed to pay substantial sums of money both to songs, Israel and to Jewish organizations, as reparation for 'material damage' suffered by the Jews at the hands of the Dynamics in Homer's Iliad Nazis. Communist East Germany refused to participate in this agreement, but in flobots songs, 1990 the how is propaganda newly-established non-communist government of flobots East Germany (subsequently merged with that of West Germany) agreed in principle to the payment of reparations to surviving Jewish victims of Nazi persecution.

Several thousand Jews were saved from Politics and Dinosaurs examples deportation and death by non-Jews who, at the risk of their own lives, hid and helped them. On 19 August 1953 the Israeli parliament passed a law making it the duty of the State of Israel to recognize the work done by non-Jews in saving Jewish lives during the war. An expression of honour, 'Righteous among the Nations', was awarded, in the name of the Jewish people, to every non-Jewish person or family who had risked their lives to save Jews. Evidence of such action has to come initially from one of those who were actually saved. At Yad Vashem, the national Holocaust memorial and archive in Jerusalem, an 'Avenue of the Righteous' was begun in 1962, where each non-Jew who is honoured plants a tree, or has a tree planted in his or her name. By 1990, more than 2,000, among them Oskar Schindler, had been thus honoured. A substantial literature about the flobots Final Solution exists, much of it published in the 1980s and in large part the testimony of survivors.

Several ghetto diaries and chronicles have been found and published, including the mass of material assembled in the Warsaw Ghetto by describes the impact workers?, the historian Emanuel Ringelblum and his circle, all of whom perished during the war. Further volumes of the recollections of flobots survivors are published every few days; each one adds something to our existing knowledge of the fate of an estimated ten thousand Jewish communities throughout Europe, whose lives, and also whose life and culture, was destroyed between 1939 and 1945.