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apollo 13 essays “HOUSTON, WE’VE HAD A PROBLEM HERE.” 1218 April 1970. The Mission Insignia for Apollo 13 showed the god Apollo, representing the Sun, riding his chariot across the writing a synthesis surface of the Moon to symbolise the Apollo Project bringing back new knowledge from the Moon. The two names chosen for the Apollo 13 spacecraft turned out to be very prophetic. The Command Module was called Odyssey from Homer and Arthur C. Clarkes fictitious works. Lovell liked the sound and felt it was going to follow the dictionarys description of a long and eventful voyage. The Lunar Module was called after the sign of the Zodiac and The Adventures of Huckleberry by Mark, star constellation Aquarius , the water carrier, at a synthesis, times identified with Zeus pouring the waters of life down from the heavens. Before the mission, the crew had hoped that Aquarius would bring life back from the Moon. After the eliot rosewater mission they were glad it did! Settling into the Command Module, the a synthesis astronauts of Apollo 13 were an us bureaucracy, assorted trio.

Lovell was a navy test pilot with 572 hours in space, including the first trip to the Moon in Apollo 8. He had more time in space than any other human at the time. The other two were civilians looking forward to their first trip into space. Haise, a serious family man, had been a journalist turned naval aviator. He was recognised as a specialist on the Lunar Module, having spent fourteen months at Grumman, the a synthesis factory building the spacecraft. He knew every switch, wire and connector in and the spirit poem the spacecraft. A Synthesis. Swigert was a swinging bachelor with the reputation of an air hostess in every airport. The crew of Apollo 13: from left James A. Lovell, Jr, John L. Swigert, Jr., and eliot rosewater, Fred W. Haise, Jr.

Photo courtesy of the Apollo Image Gallery maintained by writing Kipp Teague. Two days before the mission, Swigert had replaced Ken Mattingly, who had worked with backup crew member Charles Duke. Infected by Paul House, a three year old friend, Duke developed German Measles the weekend before the launch. As Mattingly was found to have no immunity to the disease, the doctors were afraid he might break out in a severe rash at the moment Lovell and Haise were on the Moons surface, when swollen fingers and sore muscles could have slowed him up, particularly in an emergency. Because of the teamwork required by us bureaucracy the crew, normally the whole crew would be changed, but as Duke was already out, they left Lovell and Haise. The training had to be intensified to develop the teamwork required with Swigert in writing only two days.

The new crew spent many extra hours in the simulator drilling through the procedures. In one of the many strange twists of year, fate in this mission, Swigert had been trained as a specialist in malfunctions of the Command and a synthesis, Lunar Modules. As NASA Administrator Dr Tom Paine pointed out: Swigert practically wrote the what year was the treaty of versailles book on writing a synthesis spacecraft malfunctions. Ironically, Mattingly never did break out with Rubella. The original crew of eliot rosewater, Apollo 13: from left James A. A Synthesis. Lovell, Jr, Thomas K. Of Huckleberry Twain. Mattingly II, and Fred W. Haise, Jr. Writing A Synthesis. Photo courtesy of Ed Hengeveld via the Apollo Image Gallery.

Apollo 13 was going to be the the flesh and the poem first moon landing with a greater degree of difficulty than either Apollos 11 or 12. The target was the Frau Mauro region, a range of writing, rugged hills 177 kilometres to the east of the Apollo 12 landing site. Frau Mauro was going to be more interesting to the geologists Apollo was now going to be more scientific, rather than a flight testing exercise. Sunday 12 April 1970 LAUNCH. Racial Integration In College 1950s Essay. Launch day found light and variable winds, with a maximum strength of writing a synthesis, 12 knots from the east south east. Altocumulus clouds with a base height of what treaty of versailles signed, 19,000 feet covered about 40% of the sky, with cirrostratus spread over the whole sky above. The temperature was 24C and a synthesis, relative humidity 57%. A perfect launch day. as received in Australia by shortwave from The Voice of America. Eliot Rosewater. Recorded by Colin Mackellar.

2.2MB mp3 runs for 4:44. Photo courtesy of the Apollo Image Gallery maintained by writing Kipp Teague. Originally scheduled for 12 March 1970, Apollo 13 left Pad 39A at 1413 USEST 11 April 1970 (0513 AEST on Sunday 12 April). There was trouble right away. Lovell: At five and a half minutes after liftoff, Swigert, Haise, and Overview: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, I felt a little vibration. Then the centre engine of the S-II stage shut down two minutes early. A Synthesis. This caused the remaining four engines to burn 34 seconds longer than planned, and the S-IVB third stage had to Overview: The Adventures by Mark burn 9 seconds longer to put us into orbit.

No problem; the S-IVB had plenty of fuel. Apollo 13 entered Earth orbit at 0525:39 AEST and went into a 185.7 by 183.9 kilometre orbit with period of 88.2 minutes and a speed of 28,053.2 kilometres per hour. Translunar injection was at 0754:47 AEST with a 5 minute 50.8 second burn and Apollo 13 was heading for writing a synthesis the Moon at Football in the 1950s, 26,600.4 kilometres per hour. The CSM separated from the writing a synthesis SIVB at 0819:38 AEST and docked with the LM at 0832:08 with television watching the action. The two docked spacecraft were ejected from the SIVB at 0914:00 AEST before being separated from each other. In the previous missions the SIVB was sent off into The Adventures Finn by Mark Twain Essays, solar orbit but for Apollo 13 the SIVB was targeted to impact the Moon so the writing vibrations could be detected by the Apollo 12 seismometer. Despite this problematic start, the and the spirit poem three astronauts settled down to the relatively relaxed trans-lunar coast life. The peace of Sunday was broken by a synthesis an agitated Swigert calling Houston. In the rush to was the of versailles replace Mattingly, he remembered he had not filed his Income Tax Return: How do I apply for writing a synthesis an extension? he asked, Things kinda happened real fast down there and I need an by Mark Essays, extension. Im really serious. Writing. Youre breaking up the room down here, replied a laughing Joe Kerwin, but later Flight Director Glynn Lunney passed up the advice, American citizens out of the should to music country get a 60 day extension on writing filing, I assume this applies to you. Monday 13 April 1970.

On Monday morning Capcom Joe Kerwin called, The spacecraft is in real good shape as far as we are concerned. We are bored to tears down here. This boredom was reflected in the world outside a third lunar landing hardly drew any media attention, in fact all the American television networks ignored the special television show put on by the astronauts. At the Goldstone Tracking Complex in California it was a clear spring afternoon as the evening shift for Monday April 13 came in for a quiet spell of uneventful tracking. Bill Wood , C Shift leader at the DSS-12 Pioneer Wing Station: Pioneer, the half Coyote, half German Shepherd station mascot greeted us at the gate as usual, before we took over was the treaty of versailles signed tracking the signal from the Saturn IVB. Ed Smith, the intersite microwave engineer, had the air to ground voice loops up so we could keep up with what was going on at the Prime site and writing, hear the spacecraft and Houston talking. Poem. Things were very quiet, even boring. It wasnt long before this mood was to change, to change dramatically. Tuesday 14 April 1970. At 1133 AEST on 14 April Lovell and writing a synthesis, Haise had entered Aquarius earlier than the flight plan had scheduled, anxious to check the pressure in the helium tank, which checked out Overview: The Adventures Twain Essays okay. White Team Flight Director Gene Kranz on shift shortly before the television broadcast. From 16mm NASA footage, screenshot by writing a synthesis Colin Mackellar.

At 1227 AEST, the astronauts put on Overview: Finn by Mark Twain a television show, exhibiting some of their gear such as their space helmets, sleeping hammocks and special bags for drinking water inside their spacesuits. Lovell in the CM played music from a synthesis 2001:A space Odyssey and Aquarius from a small tape recorder. Sadly, the astronauts did not know that their program was ending at the NASA centres, as the commercial networks had lost interest in broadcasting boring trips to the Moon. Marilyn Lovell and Mary Haise had to go to eliot rosewater the Mission Control Center to see their husbands on television. Fred Haise takes the few viewers of the broadcast on a tour of the Lunar Module, Aquarius . White Team Flight Director Gene Kranz (closest to writing the camera) watches in Mission Control, just 17 minutes and 42 seconds before the and the poem explosion. GET: on screen at top left, 55:37:11; GET of explosion: 55:54:53. NASA image. Astronauts Vance Brand and Jack Lousma (Capcom) enjoy the TV show. Writing A Synthesis. From 16mm NASA footage, screenshot by Racial Integration in College in the Colin Mackellar. At 1259 the astronauts finished their on-board production with: This is the crew of Apollo 13 wishing everybody a nice evening, and were just about writing ready to close our inspection of Aquarius and get back for a pleasant evening in Odyssey . Goodnight. Lovell: On the tapes I sound mellow and benign, or some might say fat, dumb, and happy.

A pleasant evening indeed! Nine minutes later the roof fell in. As the astronauts were copying down a message from Houston, on a control panel just above them a yellow caution light glowed to indicate a low pressure in hydrogen tank #1 in the Service Module. Us Bureaucracy. Back at Houston the same warning glared at EECOM Sy Liebergot from the sloping panel of writing a synthesis, his console. As he had been working on the contents of the tanks he wasnt too concerned to eliot rosewater see the a synthesis light, as it could be a normal short-term situation. In the weightlessness of space the cryogenically stored gases could stratify into layers of different densities and give a false quantity reading, but to make sure, Liebergot told Capcom Jack Lousma to ask the astronauts to stir both the us bureaucracy hydrogen tanks, using paddles operated by electric motors. Normally this stirring was performed each day after the writing sleep period, but Liebergot wanted an extra stir before they went to sleep as he had been having trouble reading the quantity in the oxygen tank #2, so he suggested they stir the oxygen tanks too. Lousma: Thirteen, weve got one more item for you when you get the chance. Wed like you to stir up your cryo tanks. I Listen To Music While. Swigert answered Okay, stand by and at 1306:18 AEST flicked the writing switches labelled H 2 and O 2 FANS on to stir the contents of the hydrogen and i listen to music, oxygen tanks. Nobody knew that inside Oxygen Tank #2 wires to the fan had lost their insulation from an writing a synthesis, incident during a test two weeks before. A committee led by Edgar Cortright, Director of the Langley Research Center in Virginia, was formed to investigate the incident. It found the following events led to Overview: The Adventures Essays this moment of the Apollo 13 disaster.

None of writing a synthesis, this can ever be verified, of course, because the Service Module burned up in what treaty signed the atmosphere on reentry. The flawed #2 oxygen tank had originally been made for Apollo 10, but had been returned to the manufacturers to improve the electromagnetic interference properties of the vac-ion pumps. When removing it from the Apollo 10 Service Module the frame holding the tanks was dropped about writing a synthesis 5 centimetres. Although there is a possibility the jar could have loosened the couplings of the fill tubes, as far as the spacecraft systems engineers are concerned, this incident did not begin the series of events leading to the explosion in space. In the oxygen tank there were a set of tube assemblies in the neck of the tank to was the fill and empty the tank on the ground, and a different set for use in space to pipe the oxygen to either a fuel cell, or to the cabin atmosphere. According to the engineers the real culprit was a set of couplings in these tube assemblies in the top of the oxygen tank which leaked during a Count Down Demonstration Test (CDDT) conducted on a synthesis March 16, a test run to check out the launch procedures before every mission. The filling system was working normally, but technicians found they were unable to pump the super-critical cold oxygen fluid out of eliot rosewater, tank #2 after the test. Due to the leaking couplings, gas pumped in to remove the liquid oxygen was bypassing the tank contents and coming back out again, leaving up to 92% of the liquid contents behind. A Synthesis. Looking for a solution, the of Huckleberry Finn Twain engineering team thought the quickest way to empty the liquid oxygen would be to boil it off using the writing a synthesis heaters in the tank. After discussions between the engineers at Kennedy Space Center, the Manned Spacecraft Center, North American Rockwell (the contractor) and Beech (the manufacturer) it was decided to spirit poem go ahead.

They also advised Mattingly and Lovell, assuring them it would be okay as these tubes were not used to supply the oxygen during the flight. Lovell queried the implications of putting a new tank in. The flight would probably be delayed by up to a month was the answer, so Lovell told them to writing a synthesis go ahead with the old tank: “If you’re all comfortable with this, then I am too.” The original Apollo spacecraft worked on 28 volts of electricity, but after 1965 the Apollo spacecraft’s electrical systems had been modified to handle 65 volts from the external ground test equipment. Unfortunately Beech, the manufacturer of the tank, did not advise the manufacturer of the thermostat of the change, so the bi-metal thermostat switches installed in these tanks were still the us bureaucracy 28 volt models, so when the writing a synthesis heaters were switched on to boil the oxygen off after the CDDT test, the higher voltage caused arcing in eliot rosewater the bi-metal thermostat and welded the contacts together. With the thermostat contacts permanently on, the heating elements remained on writing for 8 hours, instead of being turned off when the Racial Integration temperature reached 27C.

This allowed the writing a synthesis temperature inside the Racial Football tank to climb to an estimated 538C. As the writing a synthesis temperature gauge on the ground test panel only went to 29.5C, no one was aware of this excessive heat, which burned the Teflon insulation off the wires in the motors driving the Racial in the Essay two fans inside the tank. The fate of Apollo 13 and its crew was now riding on a synthesis the two bare wires sealed in Oxygen Tank #2. Perhaps the first clue of a problem in the Service module was at 0318 AEST 14 April when oxygen tank #2 quantity indicated off scale high, eight hours before Lovell and Haise entered the LM to Racial Integration in College in the 1950s Essay conduct some system checks, but nobody took notice of it. A Synthesis. But now, on board Odyssey , 322,000 kilometres from Earth, the i listen relaxed complacency of the crew and ground teams around the world was to be suddenly interrupted when Swigert switched the fans on in the oxygen tanks. When Swigert switched the fans on in O 2 Tank #2 at 55:53:18 GET, (1306:18 AEST on 14 April), some of the liquid oxygen in tank had been used, exposing the bare wiring. As a result a spark arced between the wires a spark in pure oxygen sealed under a pressure of 6,205 kPa in the super tough spherical nickel alloy steel tank. It took less than 20 seconds for the resulting pressure to blow the tank apart . shock the feed valves to two of the three fuel cells causing their failure within seconds. wreck the a synthesis adjacent equipment in Bay 4 of the Service Module . and year was the, blow the external side panel out. which clipped the main antenna as it hurtled out into space. Writing A Synthesis. Langley Research Center estimated the explosion was equivalent to and the spirit poem 3.2 kilograms of TNT, which would demolish an average sized suburban house. There was nothing to indicate what had happened; no sound in the vacuum of space; no sensors to detect explosions.

As the writing a synthesis Service Module was not directly visible from the Finn by Mark Twain Essays Command Module windows, the astronauts could not see what had happened behind their backs. Just a shudder from the spacecraft. At Goldstone and writing a synthesis, Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Stations the prime receiver’s usually steady white “Signal in Lock” light suddenly blinked out and the alarms began their two-tone singing. The servo operator immediately switched to the flesh and the spirit Program Track (antenna under computer control) and the receiver operators began trying to reacquire the writing signal but were only able to the flesh and the poem find a weak signal coming from the writing a synthesis spacecraft. Alan Foster on the Honeysuckle Creek receivers remembers: “The signal level dropped right down to about minus 140 db, I can remember struggling with it it was pretty grim but we managed to keep in lock. They also went on to emergency voice and became hard to should to music while studying hear.” Fred was still in the Lunar Module. Jack was back in the Command Module in the left hand seat.

And I was half way in between in the lower equipment bay wrestling with TV wires and writing, a camera, watching Fred coming down. Haise was crawling through the tunnel from the Lunar Module when he saw the wall of the tunnel flex, and felt the jar from the explosion. He jumped when the master alarm suddenly howled in year of versailles his headset, mixed with Swigerts voice from the Command Module yelling about a panel alarm. Now, before that, Fred being in the Lunar Module, had actuated a valve which normally gives us the same sound. since he didnt tell us about it, we all rather jumped. A Synthesis. But it was his joke and we all thought it was sort of fun until something happened. It wasnt me! Haise threw back at The Adventures, Lovells inquiring expression as he instinctively dived for his couch in the Command Module. Swigert tried to slam the hatch shut behind him, thinking the jolt might have come from the Lunar Module being hit by something. The astronauts knew a high speed object not much bigger than a grain of sand could rip open the flimsy skin of the Lunar Module and a synthesis, let their life supporting atmosphere vent out in moments.

Though Swigert wrestled with the hatch, it wouldnt lock shut as it was misaligned. As they still had their atmosphere and were still alive, they pushed the hatch aside. All three astronauts pulse rates shot up to over 130. It is should i listen to music while studying interesting to note that days later, just before we jettisoned the Lunar Module, when the hatch had to be closed and locked, Jack did it easy as pie. Thats the kind of flight it was. It shook the spacecraft and scared the hell out of writing, me. I proceeded to look at Jim and the flesh and the spirit, about the same time I guess about two seconds had elapsed when I had a master alarm and a synthesis, a main bus B undervolt light. I told Houston we had a problem and proceeded to Football go over to the right hand side of the spacecraft to look at the voltage He saw the B bus voltage supplying half the power to drive the writing spacecraft, drop right out. Haise checked fuel cell #3 supplying its electricity, and found it dead, so connected the alternative A power Bus to line, but it seemed to be on its way out too. A quick check of fuel cell #1 showed it was as dead as #3.

With only fuel cell #2 left to drive the A Bus, the astronauts realised from the mission rules that landing on the moon was now impossible. At 1308 AEST Swigert called Houston with the now famous remark, Okay, Houston, weve had a problem here. Capcom Jack Lousma, This is Houston say again, please. Houston weve had a problem. Weve had a Main B Bus undervolt, Lovell explained. Roger. Main B undervolt. Okay, stand by, Thirteen, were looking at it. Capcom Lousma answered for the Mission Control team. In the Apollo 13 spacecraft, launched at 1313 hours (spacecraft time), it was 9:08 pm on April 13 . At Honeysuckle Creek it was 1308 hours (1:08 pm) on Racial Integration Football Essay April 14. At Houston it was just after 2100 local on a pleasant clear evening. With three friends, Andy Saulietis had rigged up a telescope connected to a black and white television set on writing a synthesis a roof of the Manned Spacecraft Center. They were studying a slowly fading pinpoint of light approaching the Moon the Saturn IVB rocket following Odyssey , blinking as it tumbled along.

While they watched, a bright spot appeared in the middle of the screen and over the next ten minutes grew into quite a bright ball. No one connected the flare with Apollo 13 they vaguely thought it was a defect in their television monitor. They left the rooftop quite oblivious to what they had witnessed the oxygen tank on Apollo 13 exploding, and in ten minutes spreading into a gaseous sphere over 48 kilometres wide, glowing in the sunlight. Inside the Mission Control Center none of the Flight Controllers sitting at their consoles were aware of what had happened either, until some of them began seeing abnormal indications coming down their telemetry channels strange readings from temperatures, pressures, voltages, and the status of Overview: Finn Essays, various pieces of equipment. They were overwhelmed by reports of writing, loss of the High Gain Antenna, spacecraft computer restarts, random thruster firings, and multiple system failures. Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark. It took them over a synthesis fifteen minutes to figure out what year that there had been some sort of explosion, but they were still hopeful the mission was going to proceed to writing a normal lunar landing.

EECOM Sy Liebergot, the Flight Controller in charge of the Command and Service Modules electrical and environmental systems, was now squarely in the hot seat: Our data suddenly went ratty, some of it went static. Overview: The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain Essays. I heard the writing a synthesis announcements from the spacecraft and was already scanning my readouts. Nothing made sense. I called Kranz, We may have an instrumentation problem, Flight. Let me go ahead and check, which was my way of putting Kranz off, and he knew that. Rog. Kranz replied. Hear Sy Liebergot’s EECOM loop starting just six seconds before the explosion. Racial Integration In College Football In The. He asks about the cryo stir, and then we hear a burst of static as lock is lost on writing the High Gain Antenna.

We hear the Integration Football 1950s Essay team beginning to troubleshoot the problem. This recording is part of writing, longer audio on a disc included with Sy’s book, “Apollo EECOM: Journey of a Lifetime” available from Integration in College Essay CG Publishing/Apogee Books. This audio clip is also available on Sy’s website. Used with kind permission of, and with thanks to, Sy Liebergot. 1.1MB mp3 / 2 minutes 12 seconds.

Clip starts at 055:54:49GET. Charlie Dumas (left) speaks with Gerry Griffin at the EECOM console. Sy Liebergot, smoking a pipe, is at right. From 16mm NASA footage several minutes before the explosion. Screenshot by Colin Mackellar. Liebergot never saw the pressure spike in the oxygen tank that caused the explosion: You look away, you blink, and its gone. Writing A Synthesis. Thats exactly what happened.

We were doing the cryo stir and I was just looking to the right of the oxygen tanks at us bureaucracy, the hydrogen tanks where the writing changes usually showed up first. Everybody was looking at the hydrogen, which was about of Huckleberry by Mark Essays two inches over. Writing A Synthesis. When I looked back the spike had already gone. My backroom guys, Dick Brown, electrical system expert, and George Bliss and Larry Sheaks, my environmental control systems experts, were trying to figure out what was going on as well. To begin with we figured we just had a fuel cell problem and concentrated on that. Pretty soon we knew the tank was gone, so I asked for an estimate of how long we had on the remaining tank. Liebergot had little to work on, only displays of nearly fifty parameters all showing out of studying, limit readings on a synthesis his console. This was so sudden, without any warning, that he felt overwhelmed. No amount of training or mission experience could prepare him for this crisis. Overview: Finn By Mark Essays. Initially he knew that the writing two dead fuel cells drew their oxygen from the same source, and us bureaucracy, as the third cell was still working, at first he didnt suspect the a synthesis oxygen tanks.

He was working on a Fuel Cell #3 leak, and eliot rosewater, trying to writing isolate it. Also, he was still trying to figure out why two fuel cells would fail. Then he saw that oxygen tank #2 was showing empty. The Flesh And The Spirit. Its contents had all gone! Half the writing oxygen for the cabin atmosphere and the spacecraft power for the mission had gone in two minutes just vanished. They hadnt even reached the moon. What Was The Of Versailles Signed. All their training and simulations had always relied on backup systems to keep the mission going, nobody had been game enough to introduce a complete failure of all the power systems into the simulations.

As one of the Flight Controllers said later, This was so far down the line, if anyone had asked us to simulate it ahead of time we would all have said he was being unrealistic. I had all the feelings that went with not having the answers to the problem and not seeing any way out of it. It happened too quickly it was a cascading failure which means the original failure got masked by the subsequent failures it created. We were never trained for writing a synthesis a cascading series of problems leading to a catastrophe. Thats not training. It was like saying the structure of the spacecraft was going to fail. A minute or so after the explosion Alan Glines, the communications engineer (INCO), reported to Finn Twain Essays Kranz that the signal from the spacecraft had switched to the smaller omni antennas, which was probably due to the side panel hitting the big antenna on its way past. Writing. The weaker signal combined with the erratic behaviour of the spacecraft caused the receiver operators at Goldstone and Honeysuckle Creek and the other stations difficulty in holding onto the weak, fluctuating signal for the rest of the to music mission.

Then Lovell announced the voltage on the A Bus was beginning to drop. An uneasy silence fell on the voice loops Okay, Houston, are you still reading Apollo 13? Lovell couldnt contain his anxiety any longer. Thats affirmative, replied Lousma, We are reading you. Were trying to come up with some good ideas here for writing you. He looked appealingly at Kranz: What can I tell them? Kranz did not have an answer. Nobody had an answer. Capcom Jack Lousma apeaks with the crew onboard Apollo 13 after the explosion. Astronaut John Young is us bureaucracy seated next to him. From 16mm NASA footage, screenshot by Colin Mackellar. Lovell couldnt understand why his ship was reeling drunkenly about the heavens.

The thrusters were firing away trying to bring the spacecraft under control, but unknown to either the astronauts or the flight controllers at the time the writing explosion had knocked some of the thrusters out. Lovell took over us bureaucracy manual control, but found no matter how he tried, he could do no better than the automatic pilot the spacecraft seemed to have a mind of its own, always trying to veer away from the course. He decided to look out of the window in case he could see something outside. As he swung himself onto the left seat and peered out, the sight that met his inquiring eyes formed a knot in his stomach the sun was shining on a powerful stream of gas spurting out writing a synthesis of the side of the Service Module. Sixteen minutes after the explosion, at 1322 AEST, Lovell remembers, I happened to look out the flesh poem of the left hand window, and saw the final evidence pointing toward potential catastrophe. We are venting something out into the . into space, I reported to Houston. Roger, we copy you are venting, acknowledged Lousma. In Mission Control a report of gas venting into space spread among the consoles like wildfire, and put a whole new dimension on writing a synthesis the situation. Liebergot: I ignored that, I couldnt deal with that.

I needed to go and find what I could do about it. Fuel cell #2 was still producing electricity but when Lovell looked back at the oxygen pressures again Tank #2 was still reading zilch, but now Tank #1 was only eliot rosewater half full, and dropping! They were going to lose all their oxygen they werent going to have enough to writing a synthesis bring the ship back home to Earth! This was it! Lovell knew they were in trouble. But how serious was it?

Was it only oxygen gas squirting out into Overview: The Adventures by Mark Essays, space? How long did they have? He immediately sensed that their next moves would be crucial to writing a synthesis their survival, and their lives would depend on the flesh and the maintaining communication with Houston, and for writing a synthesis that they needed power. There were only 15 minutes of us bureaucracy, battery power left in the Command Module, and that was needed for reentry into the Earths atmosphere. The Earth was over 90 hours away . Lovell: The knot in my stomach tightened, and all regrets about writing not landing on the moon vanished. Now it was strictly a case for survival. Integration In College Essay. I had seen the a synthesis film Marooned and I must admit that the parallel crossed my mind. He looked across to Haise, the LM expert and pilot, Were going to have to use Aquarius to get home. Back in mission control, Liebergot also saw oxygen tank #1 contents disappearing before his eyes the pressure dropping from 6,068 kPa down to 2,760 kPa in less than three minutes. Two thirds of the electrical power generation system was dead, and there was only three hours of life left. Looking into the immediate future, he felt momentarily sick in the stomach. He grabbed the security handles on his console to steady himself down.

Was he going to be the first flight controller to lose a spacecraft and its crew out in space? In all my life I have never felt so alone, as I did then. Racial Football In The Essay. I didnt have the a synthesis answers. It seemed we were on the point of losing everybody and everything. What had to be done before the Overview: The Adventures Twain Essays Command Module completely died? Would this crippled combination of a dead Command Service Module and a Lunar Module only designed to go down to the lunar surface and back with two people cope with demands and manoeuvres they were never designed for? There was little time left to make any plans. A Synthesis. Everybody was facing problems that seemed to should to music while be leading to more problems. except the a synthesis Lunar Module systems people they were standing by with a fully operational spacecraft, powered down waiting to and the arrive at the moon. It wasnt long before they realised the Lunar Module was going to be involved.

During the a synthesis Trans Lunar Coast phase of the mission, the Lunar Module was powered down to conserve power, except for some critical systems kept warm by thermostatically controlled heaters powered by us bureaucracy the Service Module batteries fed through the Command Module. Writing. Now they had lost the power to the relays that controlled the transfer of the power source to the Lunar Module batteries so they could not turn the power on in the Lunar Module from Racial Integration Football in the 1950s Essay its batteries in writing a synthesis the descent stage. That was the Overview: The Adventures of Huckleberry Essays first big problem to be overcome. Strangely enough a year earlier, on 25 April 1969, during an Apollo 10 simulation the simulation team had failed the a synthesis fuel cells in almost the same spot, and the simulation ended with a dead crew. It was decided that this failure was a bit unrealistic and the incident was forgotten as the Apollo program forged ahead. Fortunately some of the more conscientious Lunar Module flight controllers had worried about their simulation failure, and Racial Integration Football in the Essay, decided to look into the problem.

Jim Hannigan, branch chief of the Lunar Module flight controllers, assigned Donald Puddy to pick a team to a synthesis work on the problem. Bill Legler, one of the key members of the team (who had been present during the us bureaucracy Apollo 10 simulation) worked out some procedures that could reverse the power flow to writing a synthesis go from the Lunar Module back into the Command Module and what year of versailles, energise the power transfer relays. A Synthesis. These emergency procedures had never been completed and incorporated into the official procedures, but with the Apollo 13 situation these preliminary procedures were recovered and dusted off. They gave the of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Essays Lunar Module controllers a head start. A Synthesis. The engineer in charge of the electrical and what year treaty signed, environmental systems of the Lunar Module was Bill Peters, I had just unplugged from the console and only taken two steps away when Bob Heselmeyer called out Youd better come back here, I think somethings going on. I figured out pretty quickly it looked like a major disaster, and one of the plans in cases like this was to close all the telephone lines in and out of the Control Center so just in writing case I called my wife real quick and told her not to expect me home that night turn on the TV to find out why and hung up. At the Goldstone tracking station a team was quickly formed to analyse the telemetry information they had just recorded, particularly the last few moments before the explosion. Bill Wood , lead USB Engineer: We were able to read all bits up to i listen studying signal loss by recording the data at writing, a high speed of by Mark Essays, 60 inches per second and playing it back at 3 inches per a synthesis, second. Then we rolled the what year was the of versailles signed chart paper onto the control room floor and counted the writing frames of us bureaucracy, data by eye to writing find out what each parameter was reading up to the signal loss, and what things looked like right after the signal was reacquired. Year Was The Of Versailles. My recollection was that the engineers found a pressure spike in the oxygen tank that exploded. The telemetry showed the writing a synthesis pressure shot up to 6,950 kPa for two seconds before dropping to zero in the next two seconds. Then Larry Sheaks called Liebergot to tell him that the oxygen surge tank in the Command Module was losing pressure. The surge tank was usually used for reentry only, but was used as a buffer to of Huckleberry Finn Essays keep the writing a synthesis oxygen levels steady.

The EECOM from Milt Windlers Maroon shift, John Aaron, was quietly shaving at home when the Racial Integration in College in the 1950s phone shrilled. It was Arnold Aldrich, his office manager, at Mission Control. Arnie said Hey, John, these guys are working some kind of a synthesis, problem and I know your specialty is Finn by Mark instrumentation patterns and a synthesis, they think this is a telemetry problem, but I dont know. So I said to Arnie, Go and us bureaucracy, read me some parameters off displays such and such, then go to a synthesis displays such and such and read those out to me. He did all that and I said Arnie, that is not a telemetry failure there is no pattern there that fits. Tell those guys theyve got a real problem and Ill be right there. By the time I came in, I got in on the tail end of analysing what had happened there, and eliot rosewater, started convincing the guys that they ought to power down the Command Module and save the batteries, because we were using battery power to troubleshoot the problem, and I knew these were the same batteries that were going to bring us home. A Synthesis. That was pretty traumatic because the Command and Service Module was never designed to be powered down in space and we didnt have any procedures to power it up from scratch. Normally it was powered up over a period of us bureaucracy, days on the pad before you launched, using a lot of power. Forty six minutes after the explosion George Bliss informed Liebergot that there was only a synthesis 1 hour 54 minutes left in O 2 Tank #1, when the eliot rosewater last fuel cell would die. Then there would only be the Command Modules reentry batteries left and they were needed for reentry. The unthinkable had happened and there was no back up or redundant system to pull them out of a synthesis, this one.

They were facing a major disaster in space. Liebergot announced on the intercom loop: Flight, the pressure in treaty O 2 tank 1 has dropped all the way down to 297 (psi) (2048 kPa) and wed better think about getting into the LM. Flight dynamics chief Jerry Bostick was sitting in the Trench listening to the drama deepening on the console behind him, and began to think of getting the spacecraft back as soon as possible. He and his team soon discarded the immediate turn-around (direct abort which would bring them home in a synthesis 34 hours) using the main SPS engine because the LM lifeboat would have to be cast off, and eliot rosewater, doubt about the integrity of the Service Module that is, how much damage had been done to the internal systems of the Service Module? Was the writing a synthesis engine damaged? Even if it wasnt, there was no electricity to operate the engine controls such opening or closing valves. The alternative was to carry on and sling around the Moon. This was going to take up to four days could they keep the astronauts alive for such a long period? That was up to spirit poem the LM systems controllers. The Trench waited for the Flight Directors to make up their minds. Ken Mattingly slid alongside Lousma and plugged his headset in.

He wanted to help his mates if he could. Kranz said this was his toughest call on Apollo 13. My team was pretty much split down the middle. Many of a synthesis, my systems controllers wanted to get home in the fastest fashion possible. By now there were two teams gathered around the consoles discussing the emergency and should, the chatter was getting out of hand so Kranz stood up and yelled around the room, Okay all flight controllers cut the chatter. I want every member of the White team to settle down and get back on the voice loops the rest of you shut up. Still damp from being called from a shower at writing a synthesis, home, Chris Kraft had arrived by now and joined the us bureaucracy intercom conversation at his Directors console, just before thirty three year old Glynn Lunney was due to take over a synthesis the next shift. Leader of the what year was the treaty Maroon team, Milt Windler, also joined the group. A Synthesis. Lunney had been discussing the return options with Bostick and an intense discussion developed between the Flight Directors on eliot rosewater the best course of writing, action, ending with Kranz addressing Kraft, Our only real option is to go around the Moon. Chris Kraft, Astronaut Jim McDivitt, and Robert Gilruth in Integration in College Football in the 1950s Essay the back row of the MOCR. Behind them is the glass window of the VIP viwewing room. From 16mm NASA footage, screenshot by a synthesis Colin Mackellar. Kraft agreed, When do you want to do the burn? The decision was made, and the Flight Dynamics controllers in the Trench breathed a sigh of was the treaty of versailles, relief and a synthesis, began to work out a burn procedure for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Essays a trajectory to sling around the Moon and return home.

So 53 minutes after the explosion, an emergency plan began to evolve. Astronauts Gene Cernan (left), Deke Slayton (coat) and Ed Mitchell look on as Jack Lousma sits as his Capcom console. From 16mm NASA footage, screenshot by Colin Mackellar. Writing. I was already in eliot rosewater a back room of the Control Center when we got the report that there was a problem. We were due on shift at about 10:00 pm (USCST) that night. The spacecraft crew were supposed to go to sleep and we were supposed to sit there and watch a sleep shift. I went in and plugged in writing a synthesis with Gene; I knew the spacecraft crew had reported a bang and some venting, so there was a suspicion there was some kind of problem, but people still werent sure how serious the problem was. There were a set of confusing indicators we had lost the should i listen to music while studying oxygen in a synthesis one tank so we lost the fuel cell that was plugged to it, and us bureaucracy, that fuel cell was plugged to the B electrical Buss. The RCS thrusters were split between main Bus A and Main Bus B, so we had lost half the thrusters which gave us these attitude control problems. We became involved in closing off the a synthesis fuel cells, one at while studying, a time, to try to isolate a leak within the fuel cells, but once you shut them down, you cant get them back, and I remember doing that as a last resort.

We had a number of writing a synthesis, situations to Finn by Mark Essays deal with. We were on writing a synthesis a non free-return trajectory. Overview: The Adventures Finn Essays. Up until Apollo 13 we had used trajectories that would loop around the Moon to return approximately into the entry corridor. Here we were not going to a synthesis come back to eliot rosewater any safe kind of Earth entry at all. We were also at a point where it would have been very expensive in writing a synthesis terms of propulsion to turn around and come back without looping around the Moon. That was considered for a while, but the only way we knew how to do that was to dump the descent stage of the Lunar Module and use all of the Service Propulsion fuel, but the two problems with that were we couldnt power the Service Module up any more, we were only us bureaucracy down to batteries, so we couldnt sustain a power load to run the Service Propulsion engine, and writing a synthesis, we didnt want to dump the descent stage of the Lunar Module because it was our lifeboat where most of the batteries, water and so on eliot rosewater were stored. Parallel with all this going on with the guidance people was what are we going to do to power the writing Lunar Module up. We knew we had to eliot rosewater get it powered up enough to take care of the manoeuvre later, but we also began to realise that the way the telescope worked for aligning the platform in the Lunar Module that it probably wouldnt work by a synthesis itself while it was attached to the Command Module out in in College 1950s free space. We realised we had to get an alignment from the Command Module guidance reference system, the inertial platform, and transfer it over to the Lunar Module which was a lot of writing, number plugging by the crew members, followed and checked by the people on the ground. Eliot Rosewater. This of course happened some time after we got the Lunar Module powered up.

We got the Lunar Module powered up but as we went through it we were trying to figure out what we didnt have to writing a synthesis bring up because we knew we were going to be power limited and water coolant limited to get home. The Lunar Module was designed for two men for two days and we knew we were at least four or five days from home with three people. Eliot Rosewater. We knew we couldnt stay powered up at these levels so we had to writing a synthesis figure out The Adventures Finn by Mark Twain Essays a way to cut the power down. We also knew we had limited amounts of consumables on board. We got the a synthesis Lunar Module configured so it could do a passive thermal control. Finn By Mark Essays. Instead of a rolling manoeuvre, which we normally used, we rotated the vehicle ninety degrees every hour so we could get equal sun (heating) and cooling on the vehicle.

As we could watch this on the ground the crew didnt have to worry about it. Once we got in writing that position we said were on this non-free return, why dont we trim that out and get the vehicle on The Adventures of Huckleberry Twain Essays a free return so if anything happens later we are least heading for the reentry corridor. So we did this 40 foot per second manoeuvre that put us on writing a free return trajectory. After that we began to i listen studying try to take power off everything that we didnt need and we began to a synthesis lay out in detail the options for how big or small a manoeuvre we would do at seventy nine and a half hours into the mission, after we got around the Moon. We settled on a manoeuvre that wasnt quite maximum but would get us back by about 142 hours.

We had also figured out how to eliot rosewater husband the consumables. By the end of my shift about ten hours later we had put the vehicle back on writing a synthesis an Earth return trajectory, the inertial guidance platform had been transferred to the Lunar Module, and we kept the Lunar Module reasonably powered up for the burn planned for two hours after we had turned the us bureaucracy corner at writing a synthesis, the Moon. We had a plan for what that manoeuvre would be, and eliot rosewater, we had a consumable profile that really left us with reasonable margins at writing, the end. Glynn Lunney (left) and us bureaucracy, Milt Windler, take stock of the situation. Behind them, in the background, is Robert Gilruth. Deke Slayton is in the foreground.

From 16mm NASA footage, screenshot by Colin Mackellar. Here’s a view of the MOCR during Glynn Lunney’s shift, after the accident. Panorama assembled from 16mm NASA footage by CM. Gene Kranz and a synthesis, his White Team continued their shift for year treaty an extra hour before handing over to Glynn Lunney and the Black Team, and went to the back of the building to study data from the spacecraft. Kranz decided to writing step out of the Houston shift sequence and head a Tiger Team to concentrate on the engineering and year was the signed, procedures to get the crippled spacecraft and its crew back home. The key thing here was I didnt form the Tiger Team the Tiger Team to a great extent always existed. Writing. During the Apollo Program we flew with four mission control teams, and one team was always designated as the the flesh and the spirit Lead Team and in writing a synthesis case of any mission difficulties it was that teams responsibility to establish the game plan, the recovery plan, do the trouble shooting and that just happened to fall into my team. Racial Integration In College Football In The Essay. We had many problems here we had a variety of writing a synthesis, survival problems, we had electrical management, water management, and we had to eliot rosewater figure out how to navigate because the stars were occluded by the debris cloud surrounding the spacecraft.

Basically we had to turn a two day spacecraft into a four and a half day spacecraft with an extra crewmember to get the crew back home. We were literally working outside the design and test boundaries of the spacecraft so we had to invent everything as we went along. A Synthesis. There were many lead people, but the three people I would name were Arnie Aldrich who handled the checklist, John Aaron with the power management, and Bill Peters who looked at the Lunar Module and Overview: The Adventures Twain Essays, tried to figure out how it could be most effective as a lifeboat. There were no official procedures to refer to even the emergency procedures didnt cover losing all three Command Module fuel cell power sources and using the Lunar Module in lieu of the writing Command Module. At 1456 AEST on 14 April Lovell and Haise had already decided to climb into the flesh and the poem, the Lunar Module, Without much discussion from the a synthesis ground, both Jim and I decided to head for i listen to music while the LM. At this point we only writing a synthesis had one choice and took it, Haise explained. Swigert was left to wind down the Command Module. The last oxygen tank was nearly empty.

Capcom Jack Lousma told the astronauts, Thirteen, Houston. Wed like you to start making your way over to the LM now Swigert replied: Fred and Jim are in the LM. Lovell had joined Haise in the LM, who was already throwing switches to us bureaucracy bring the power up when Swigert yelled down the tunnel, Houston wants the LM powered up. Haise advised Houston, . and Jack, I got LM power on. GUIDO Will Fenner (green shirt) at the Guidance console as the navigation platform is transferred from Odyssey to writing Aquarius . From 16mm NASA footage, screenshot by us bureaucracy Colin Mackellar. Swigert said he had never seen the LM activated so fast, but it still wasnt fast enough. He had to turn the reentry battery in the Command Module on to keep the navigation guidance system going until the crucial settings were transferred to the Lunar Module system. Just as Lovell set up a good alignment at 1513 AEST, the last Fuel Cell #2, died. Lovell: Getting that transfer was the first big turning point. The concern is evident on the face of astronaut John Young as he stands beside Capcom Jack Lousma. Writing A Synthesis. Behind him is should to music while astronaut Tom Stafford.

From 16mm NASA footage, screenshot by writing Colin Mackellar. Houston told Swigert to close the Command Module down. The power had to be turned off in a carefully planned sequence so it could be brought back up ready for reentry. At 1553 he turned off the last switch, looked around the lifeless cabin no cosy lights, no friendly voices from the radio, no gurgling from pipes or whirring of fans their cheerful home of and the poem, a moment ago was just dark and dead 333,125 empty kilometres from Earth, and racing away from it at a synthesis, 3,380 kilometres per hour! He floated into us bureaucracy, the Lunar Module, and said to Lovell and Haise, Its up to you now. He suddenly felt lost. He was trained for the Command and Service Module, a position normally busy right through the mission. Now he could only watch the other two expertly bringing the Lunar Module to life. The last few hours had been fast and furious, crammed with momentous life threatening events; now it was just waiting. for writing what? Haise said that he lost all track of time during those hectic five hours, full of what was the, rapid-fire events.

It was more like a dream than reality because of the jolt from the security of comfort and order to the onslaught of unexpected events and fleeting images and feeling very vulnerable to the hostile environment of empty space. Dead tired, he was the first to a synthesis drag himself into the Command Module to sleep soundly for i listen to music the next five hours. RIGHT ACROSS THE CONTINENT, FROM PERTH TO SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA PITCHES IN TO HELP APOLLO 13. At the time of the explosion I was operating the ranging system, which measured the distance and speed of the writing a synthesis spacecraft, when I heard Swigert send his problem call, and us bureaucracy, then listened as the flight controllers sent a barrage of instructions up to the spacecraft, punctuated by terse responses from the astronauts. Once we had acquired on the smaller omni antenna, my equipment was managing to keep locked on the spacecraft signal, but my finger was hovering beside the ‘acquire’ button in case of a synthesis, drop-outs.

At that stage we did not know it was a life-threatening situation, we thought it was a communications problem with the spacecraft. The first indication of the i listen while seriousness of the crisis to writing a synthesis us at Honeysuckle Creek was when Mission Control in Houston called the Operations Supervisor at i listen to music studying, Honeysuckle Creek and asked, How long would it take to get Parkes up? Parkes was the CSIROs radio telescope used during the Apollo 11 mission. Writing. It was not called up for the Apollo 13 mission because the eliot rosewater astronauts now used a big portable umbrella antenna for communications from the lunar surface. I knew the situation was really serious as you dont just casually ask to use the 64 metre radio astronomy antenna at Parkes without making high level arrangements with plenty of warning. In Mission Control the low signal levels from the spacecraft were causing concern. Chris Kraft, Director of Flight Operations, We wanted to make sure that we got a good telemetry signal, and Parkes was one of the places where we knew we could get it. Parkes isnt committed to this mission, Mike Dinn informed them. A Synthesis. Oh, then Mr Kraft will be calling your Director on the phone shortly, Houston replied. Honeysuckle Creek Station Director Don Gray : Don Gray, Station Director, in Finn by Mark Twain Essays his office at Honeysuckle Creek. Photo: Hamish Lindsay. I was sitting in my office listening to this conversation on the net, and in moments the phone rang. Chris Kraft said to me We have a serious problem on the spacecraft; it looks like we are going to have to power down and will need all the antennas we can get.

Do what you can to a synthesis get Parkes up as soon as possible. First of all I called Tom Reid, the year treaty of versailles signed Director at Tidbinbilla, to writing organise a crew to go to Parkes, then I rang John Bolton at Parkes to find he was already aware of the problem and was prepared to change the antenna over to support the NASA signals. At the Deep Space Station at Tidbinbilla the poem request took Station Director Tom Reid by surprise: What are you talking about? It takes weeks of negotiations between the CSIRO and NASA Headquarters, agreements and money and budgets. Then I got a black phone call , Hey look, weve got a problem on board the spacecraft this is a serious thing, think again about how soon you can do it never mind about budgets and money. The contractors people responded magnificently, got themselves down to Parkes luckily the equipment was still there, it just wasnt configured. NASA hastily flew out Bob Taylor, one of the Goddard engineers, to be there, as he knew the system. Dr John Bolton, Director of Parkes. Photo from a 1967 ABC publication, via John Sarkissian. I was listening to the conversation between Houston and James Lovell, and as had been my habit, had thoroughly digested the flight plan. I realised that the a synthesis only solution was to occupy the LM and use its facilities. The very low power (signal from the spacecraft) and the fact that the journey would be in the flesh and the spirit Parkes coverage time meant we would certainly be called in.

I rang Tom Reid, the Director of Tidbinbilla, with whom I had an excellent relationship, to ask for the NASA crew to be sent in; I rang Taffy (Dr. E.G. Bowen) to let him know what assistance I would need from Sydney; and then Charlie Chenhall (RP Workshop Supervisor) to organise supplies and aircraft. Fortunately Radhakrishnan (Venkataraman Radhakrishnan, Director of the Raman Research Institute, Bangladore, India) was conducting a special experiment on the telescope and a number of writing a synthesis, engineers were on hand. Overview: The Adventures Of Huckleberry By Mark Twain Essays. They dismantled and carried Rads equipment down the ladder of one of the feed legs, while Parkes staff used the lift to get the NASA gear to the focus. Writing A Synthesis. We accomplished in 10 hours what normally took close to a week. Bruce Window , Tidbinbilla USB Supervisor: It was about 6 pm. I was working on what was the treaty shift at Tidbinbilla when we were cranked up straight away to get to a synthesis Parkes in a hurry in a light aircraft, a Cessna 337.

It was a hairy trip. At the same time the CSIRO had been given the message and they had taken their feedcone off and had started to assemble our feedcone. We arrived in the dark, drove out to the site, by which time the CSIRO had flashed up all their part of the equipment. On that first day we had got the voice but we hadnt got all the Overview: The Adventures Finn Twain links through to Honeysuckle. A Synthesis. I can remember holding the cable and shouting in frustration, I had the stuff in my hand but I couldnt do anything with it! Predictions were the problem (the information where to point the antenna), they were a big problem early on. The Flesh Spirit. We just had to rely on predictions from writing NASA. Year Treaty Of Versailles. John Bolton and his boys had to work around them as much as they could.

We didnt get any really good data from writing Parkes that first night. They were relying heavily on us because of the improved quality of signal they were able to up the bit rate by one step with our signal from us bureaucracy what they were getting from the 26 metre dishes (such as Honeysuckle) that was why they needed us at Parkes. We worked 16 hour days. I was relaxing at writing, home when I had a phone call from the shift supervisor at the time to say there was a problem, so I immediately went in to find that Apollo 13 really was in trouble. Next there was a call from the Network Manager in the United States to say they wanted two things immediately they wanted to activate the what lines to writing Parkes, and us bureaucracy, the second one, which was a bit more difficult, was to get some kind of broadband communication between the Carnarvon OTC Earth station and the Carnarvon Tracking Station. They wanted everything they could get. I worked out I still had a few friends left in the PMG (Post Master Generals Department) in Western Australia who could help us out. So, by 4 oclock in the morning I dragged one of my friends out of bed, and he said, Oh, I think I have got an OB (Outside Broadcast) link we could use, Ill see what I can do give me a call back in an hour. When I called him back he said, Yes, Ive organised it, two OB vans will be leaving the depot in Perth for a synthesis Carnarvon at 8 oclock this morning, as soon as the guys get to work. There was no mention of money, or anything like that, it was a matter of lets do it and sort things out afterwards. At the Integration in College same time I got cracking with the PMG. Because we already had circuits into Parkes, there was a probability most of it was still working. A Synthesis. I called people out of bed and they found most of the link was there, and and the, pretty soon after the Tidbinbilla guys arrived we had the links up. Trevor Gray , PMG technician: We worked non-stop through the night to get the links going. After Apollo 11 we had trouble with the connections exploding when we switched the writing a synthesis equipment on because of the high voltage and moisture getting in, so we had left the equipment switched on, but then all the electronic valves had deteriorated, and Racial Integration in College Football 1950s, we were frantically trying to find the sick valves and writing a synthesis, change them before we could get the links going.

Wilfred Laing , Senior Technical Officer at the Redfern Microwave Terminal in Sydney was interrupted by the phone ringing: It was the City South Control to say they needed Parkes up in a hurry. I rang through to Parkes to find they were already setting their end up. Somebody must have had a premonition because only a few days before we had put up a temporary link from Parkes to Sydney via Orange just in case it may be required. We dropped everything we were doing with the state networks and concentrated on the Apollo circuits. Meanwhile out in space the astronauts found that as soon as they brought the Lunar Module communications system on us bureaucracy line it clashed with the Saturn IVB rocket following them, as they were both transmitting on the same frequency.

Because the Apollo 12 mission had left a seismometer on the moon, the Saturn IVB was organised to crash on the moon for seismic readings, and writing a synthesis, extra batteries had been added for communications to last until impact. Us Bureaucracy. Normally, this should occur well before the Lunar Module was fired up. So with both the writing a synthesis Saturn IVB and Lunar Module transmitters on us bureaucracy the same frequency it was the writing a synthesis same as having two radio stations on the same spot on the dial of Overview: The Adventures Twain Essays, your radio. Which one does it try to writing a synthesis lock onto? Bill Wood at year of versailles signed, the Goldstone Tracking Station, The Flight Controllers at Houston wanted us to move the a synthesis signal from the Lunar Module across to what was the treaty signed the other side of the Saturn IVB signal to allow for expected doppler changes. Writing A Synthesis. Tom Jonas, our receiver-exciter engineer, yelled at me, thats not going to work! We will end up locking both spacecraft to one up-link and wipe out the telemetry and voice contact with the crew. I jumped on i listen to music while studying the station intercom and a synthesis, strongly requested Bill Sheridan, the Station Operations Supervisor, to tell Houston what would happen, but they just told us to follow instructions. So at Integration in College in the 1950s, that time Houston lost telemetry with the Saturn IVB and voice contact with the spacecraft crew.

Luckily our big 64 metre Mars antenna was already switching over to the Apollo emergency and their narrower beam width managed to discriminate between the two signals and the telemetry and writing a synthesis, voice links were restored. Was The Of Versailles Signed. So the situation stabilised from a synthesis our point of view until it was time for us to hand this mess over to Honeysuckle Creek in Australia. Honeysuckle Creek was tracking with its smaller 26 metre antenna. Deputy Director Mike Dinn : This was where the receiver operators earned their money. When they fired up the LM, we had both signals in the same bandwidth and in College Football 1950s, we had ten receivers that could lock to writing a synthesis one or the other and did! Before the mission I had foreseen the possibility of our having to year treaty of versailles cope with the Saturn IVB and the LM together. There was nothing written down in the procedures and I remember calling Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, our technical advisors, to discuss what we might do, and we agreed there would be no difficulty in pulling the frequencies apart by tuning the station transmitters appropriately.

I was used to writing a synthesis this procedure in Racial Integration in the 1950s Essay the Deep Space Network in the early years of lunar and planetary exploration. Anyway, I remember that we acquired the two spacecraft and successfully pulled the two links apart. Then Houston asked us to tune the frequency of one transmitter and a synthesis, I immediately recognised this would bring all the frequencies back together again. Us Bureaucracy. I tried to talk Houston out of writing, this, even asking Goddard to tell them, but was unsuccessful, and we had to carry out the request. The problems we knew would happen, occurred. John Mitchell , Honeysuckle USB Shift Supervisor: Back when Apollo 1 had the eliot rosewater fire, during the long suspension period that followed we used to hire a Cessna 210 and practice handovers and that sort of thing. When Mike Dinn was looking for emergency procedures I put up the theory that what happens if the Saturn IVB signal does keep going for some reason? So I proposed the writing theory of getting the Overview: The Adventures of Huckleberry LM to writing a synthesis switch off and we practiced that time and treaty of versailles, time again with the aircraft. I told Mike Dinn that this was the way to a synthesis go. From his previous discussions with Goddard, Dinn agreed:

I advised Houston that the only way out of this mess was to Racial Integration in the ask the astronauts in the LM to turn off its signal so we could lock on to the Saturn IVB, then turn the LM back on and pull it away from the Saturn signal. They came back in an hour and told us to a synthesis go ahead, and Houston transmitted the instructions up to i listen to music while studying the astronauts ‘in the blind’ hoping the astronauts could hear, as we couldnt hear them at that moment. The downlink from the writing spacecraft suddenly disappeared, so we knew they got the message. When we could see the Saturn IV downlink go way out to the prescribed frequency, we put the second uplink on, acquired the LM, put the should to music while sidebands on, locked up and tuned away from the Saturn IVB. Then everything worked fine. In the left foreground at the servo console is Brian Bell, behind him is Bernard Smith bending over the System Monitor chart recorder. Along the receiver console behind are the receiver operators, Graham Fraser, Ross Barnes, and writing a synthesis, Jerry Bissicks. Photo: Hamish Lindsay, exact date unknown. In Houston, the Director of Flight Operations, Chris Kraft, came out and grimly told the media, This is and the as serious a situation as we have ever had in a manned spaceflight. People around the world, already blas about moon missions, suddenly became engrossed in this gripping drama from space as the worlds media wound themselves up for this journalists manna from the Apollo program.

Everybody was wondering would they come back alive? Director of Flight Operations, Chris Kraft, speaks to a synthesis the media at a midnight press conference in the MSC Auditorium. Courtesy Spacecraft Films. With no power, the Command Module lapsed into a dark tomb, steadily getting colder and colder. Beads of should i listen while studying, moisture formed over all the surfaces, crusting the windows. Occasional flashes of sunlight through the windows pierced the darkness lit only by a synthesis their torches. Outside, a cloud of vented gases and debris gathered around the spacecraft. Sparkling in the brilliant sunlight, they stopped any chance of the astronauts taking sights on stars for their navigation. The spacecraft was doing things I had never seen before.

The LM was never designed to have a 27,000 kilogram dead Command and Service Module attached to it, so I literally had to learn to fly the vehicle all over again. Apollo 13 was the second mission that had deviated from the free-return trajectory, where the spacecraft would automatically sling around the Moon and return to Earth if anything had gone wrong. When the missions began to aim at the western landing sites the spacecraft took a different path and us bureaucracy, would not automatically return to a synthesis Earth. Now they had to get back on to a free return trajectory, or they would miss the Earth by something like 70,000 kilometres. Of Huckleberry Essays. The only reliable engine available was the writing a synthesis LMs descent motor, but that was never designed to push the combined CSM and LM, and there were no procedures to use it in this way or simulations. Although pilots are reluctant to admit it, the computer can control burns much more accurately and reliably than manual control, so the astronauts waited anxiously while Houston figured out the rockets burn times. Fred Haise calls Capcom Jack Lousa, to ask about plans for the return flight. Starting at poem, 059:17:53GET. This recording illustrates another problem caused by locking the a synthesis IU and LM transponders to the same frequency. What Was The Of Versailles. Bill Wood: “The GDS Wing was uplinking to the IU and writing, GDS prime was uplinking to the LM. That would have caused problems receiving both voice and command from the ground. While there was only one 30 kHz voice subcarrier from the GDS Prime, the presence of two uplink carriers would have caused the interference that the crew was hearing.”

Clip starts at 059:59:05GET. The headline on Integration in College 1950s Sydney’s The Sun newspaper, printed just hours after the explosion, tells the story. Meanwhile Lovell and Haise were wrestling with an uncontrollable spacecraft, trying to writing stabilise it and get away from the glittering debris enveloping them. They needed to see the stars to Finn Twain check they were pointing in the right direction for the burn. Every ruse failed. They could only hope the writing a synthesis data transferred from the Command Module was still accurate enough. Roger, Aquarius, You are go for the burn, Capcom Lousma finally announced. Haise commented, This was yet untried. I knew, of course, that if we failed to blast into the free return trajectory we were doomed to swing around the Moon, miss the Earth, and go into eternal orbit around it. First of all Lovell had to remember to unfold the Lunar Modules legs so they wouldnt get blasted by us bureaucracy the descent rockets exhaust. Then he carefully followed the burn procedures radioed up from Houston, hunched over the computer display with his hand on the throttle control. At 1842:43 AEST Tuesday 14 April the engine burned for 34.23 seconds, just over the scheduled 30 seconds. Auto shutdown. Lovell advised Houston and everyone hung anxiously onto the trajectory displays. Was the writing a synthesis Lunar Modules motor able to do the job?

Was Apollo 13 coming home? Soon the tracking data showed that the burn was perfect. Apollo 13 was going to round the moon at about 209 kilometres instead of 97 kilometres above the surface and Racial Essay, would return to Earth . into the Indian Ocean. Any old ocean would do as long as it was on the Earth, announced a relieved Lovell. A long way away from the main recovery forces waiting for writing them in the Pacific, but at least it was back on Earth. The nearest American ship was the destroyer Bordelon , cruising off the coast of Racial in College, Mauritius, but the writing American Department of Defense sent assurances they could get aircraft to the area. Due to the growing confidence in the Apollo program, this was the first time mission secondary recovery forces had not been sent to the South Atlantic, let alone the Indian Ocean. Lovell checked around the instrument panels, and announced the next major item on his mind: Okay, Houston, burns complete. Now we have to talk about powering down. The next big problem were the consumables it wasnt much good the in College Football 1950s spacecraft arriving back on Earth with the writing astronauts dead from asphyxiation. The Lunar Module was only designed for two people for 45 hours, now it was going to have to support three bodies jammed in it for 90 hours.

There just wasnt enough water or power to last the Overview: The Adventures Essays voyage back to Earth. Lovell figured that the earliest they could get back would be around midnight on Friday; and he couldnt see how it could possibly keep them going that long. In the Lunar Module Haise was looking at the situation. Writing. There was plenty of oxygen but the electrical power and Integration in College, cooling water worried him. Writing A Synthesis. The LM had no fuel cells, only batteries for two days of normal operation, and the water used for us bureaucracy cooling the electronic systems would run out about 5 hours before reentry by his calculations.

Earlier tests had shown that the Lunar Module could survive for about 7 hours without cooling before the guidance system would be the writing a synthesis first to succumb to the heat. Haise waited for Mission Controls assessment. The Tiger Team at Mission Control knuckled down to working out how to us bureaucracy cut all consumables down to a basic existence level. We gathered up in the back room with Kranz because there was nothing for the Command and Service Module guys to writing do in real time on the consoles because the spacecraft was dead. Kranz started talking about the strategy, what we were going to do going around the was the treaty Moon and a synthesis, when we get back close to Earth we will power the spacecraft up and do the reentry. and I said, Kranz you cant do that because you dont have the power and he said, Okay John Aaron, youre in charge of power if anybody wants any power you go and see John Aaron. So I said, Tell you what guys, Ive got some ideas, but let me put them down a piece of should i listen while, paper and writing a synthesis, come back in an hour and Racial Integration in College Football in the Essay, Ill show you a way we might be able to do this. So they came back in about an hour, and I had sketched out a rough profile and I told them, Okay guys, this is writing all the power weve got so well have to do the guidance system and all this stuff this way. and everybody started saying Oh my God, you cant do that - weve got to have this, weve got to have that and that started a whole sequence of the brokerage process between me allocating subsystems and switch turn-ons and circuit breakers and keeping track of the power profile. That went on until we got very close to Integration Football in the 1950s reentry, and it started taking on more and more refinement, until it finally got to a synthesis the point that a crew started trying it in the simulators just to make sure these guys could actually do that. It was an endless iteration of brokerages across those days, and us bureaucracy, you have to remember all the power analysis was done on arithmetic and slide rules we never had any calculators. Bill Peters, Lunar Module TELMU, or electrical and environmental systems engineer, We had developed some off-line computer programs that gave a time line power profile output. We were running a load of anything up to 30 amps with the computers up, and there was no way we could get back with that sort of load. I figured if we could get down to about 12 amps we would be okay.

We only knew this from writing our ground computations. Actually we had an error in our ground computation that under calculated so those batteries were consuming more than we had calculated. Was The Treaty Of Versailles. The first time I felt we could make it home was when we went around the Moon and did the real LM power down and the numbers came up on the screen. Before that there was a possibility they would not make it. Once we hit the 12 amps I was convinced we had it made. We had very little powered up, only writing a synthesis some communication equipment and the cabin fan to circulate the air. John Aaron came to me and wanted me to charge up the reentry batteries in the Command Module. We had concocted a scheme where we ran two CSM to LM umbilical cables backwards they were designed for the CSM to send power to us bureaucracy the LM to heaters to keep some components warm while travelling to the Moon. This powered the Command Modules inverters to charge its batteries. I gave them all the fat that I could come up with, as much power as I felt we could afford. On Earth emergency teams swung into action around the country, from California to New York, where there were 10 phone lines kept open between Mission Control and writing, a room staffed with 70 Lunar Module experts at the manufacturers plant in Bethpage, Long Island.

On 14 April the US Senate adopted a resolution urging all communications media and businesses to pause at Racial Integration in College 1950s, 2100, their local time, to permit persons to join in prayer for the safety of the astronauts. On the same day President Nixon cancelled his appointments and writing, drove out to the Goddard Space Flight Centre in Football in the 1950s Essay Maryland, accompanied by Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, at the time Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, to find out the details of how the mission was progressing. Despite the Cold War, the Russians ordered four ships to the splashdown area, and Premier Aleksei Kosygin sent a message, I want to writing a synthesis inform you the Soviet Government has given orders to all citizens and members of the spirit armed forces to use all necessary means to render assistance in writing the rescue of the American astronauts. 6 min 47s / 1.4MB mp3. This is 12 hours after the explosion and eliot rosewater, the comms is now much better. Starting at 066:35GET. Wednesday 15 April 1970. By 1520 on 15 April the a synthesis crew in the crippled spacecraft had followed the ground instructions. Lovell, We shut off all those exotic electronic devices that we would not normally be caught without out spirit poem there the guidance systems, the computer, the auto pilot.

We only writing had the radio for communications and a little fan to circulate the to music atmosphere. For most of the first two days after the explosion we split shifts . I was awake in the LM alone while Jim and Jack slept in the CSM and vice versa. So there was no crowding during that period. It finally became so cold that we all just stayed in the LM. In zero G, though crowded, it was just a soft nudge if you happened to bump into someone. Most of the time Jack floated in the back area of the LM crew cabin out of the way, so the area was really not that confining. And it was good to have the three of us together in the same vehicle. The added ‘heat of the third body’ helped to a synthesis raise the eliot rosewater temperature in the LM. The moonlight was flooding into the spacecrafts interior and the astronauts were able to put their torches away. They had cut their consumption of water down to 170 grams per day. As Houston told them to save the Lunar Modules water for cooling, Lovell told Swigert to transfer all the drinking water from the Command Module to the Lunar Module, which he did using plastic juice bags, but he sloshed some of the water into his boots, and a synthesis, suffered the misery of cold wet feet for poem the rest of the trip. They ate cold hot dogs and wet pack foods, when they ate at all, the Command Module having the writing only water heating system.

All the food and drinks were cold refrigerator cold! They didnt get very thirsty and became quite dehydrated. This crew set a record by losing 50% more weight than any other crew, Lovell losing 6 kilograms. As Apollo 13 approached the backside of the Moon the Sun set behind the rim. What Year Signed. An eerie darkness enveloped the a synthesis spacecraft. The glinting, blinding debris surrounding them vanished and the surrounding velvet blackness was studded with an illimitable sea of bright stars stars in every direction. The thick band of stars making up the Milky Way stretched across the void. Should I Listen To Music While Studying. The crew then became aware some of the stars were blotted out by writing a synthesis two sinister black clouds accompanying the spacecraft. Lovell, I cant for the life of and the spirit, me figure out what that dark stuff is. Haise, Yes did you look at writing a synthesis, it, Jack? Swigert, Yes, okay. Year. see it there like two black clouds. They decided it was the debris from the explosion.

They became subdued as they remembered the crisis-laden moments of the explosion until a voice from Earth broke the spell, Go ahead Houston. Okay, Jim, we have a little over two minutes until loss of signal and everythings looking good here. Vance Brands matter-of-fact voice from the writing a synthesis security of the Mission Control Center showed he was unaware of the mood in the spacecrafts cabin. Roger, I take it you dont want us to year treaty signed activate any other systems or make any other preparations until we reacquire signal? Lovell checked. Okay, well just sit tight, then. Writing. See you on should i listen while studying the other side. Apollo 13 rounds the Moon. View from Aquarius, with the Command Module at a synthesis, right. NASA JSC scan via the year was the of versailles signed ALSJ. AS13-62-8909. Writing A Synthesis. APOLLO 13 SETS A RECORD, TAKING HUMANS TO THE GREATEST DISTANCE FROM EARTH. At 1021:35 AEST on Wednesday 15 April (GET 77:08:35) Apollo 13 coasted behind the Moon and and the spirit poem, lost contact with the tracking stations on Earth for about 24 minutes 35 seconds. As they looped around the a synthesis back of the Moon, at a maximum height of 253.7 kilometres above the lunar surface, the Moon was 400,171 kilometres away from the Earth, further than any other Apollo mission. According to the Guinness Book of Records at this point Lovell, Swigert, and Haise set a record as the humans to travel the farthest away from Earth. The crew lost the crescent sunlit edge of the Moon behind them and flew over a totally black lunar surface until about five minutes before Earthrise a glow appeared on the lunar horizon.

Haise saw it first, then Lovell moved back to let Swigert see the view through the window. While Lovell hovered at the back of the cabin the two first timers were glued to the Command Modules windows, gazing in awe at and the spirit, the grim and desolate landscape of a synthesis, chaotic craters and torturous rilles, taking photographs and exclaiming, Wow, look at that! Hey, you guys come on weve got a burn to do. If we dont get this right you wont get your pictures developed! Lovell had seen it all before on Apollo 8. Its all right for i listen while studying you youve been here before we havent. They still couldnt take their eyes from the writing passing spectacle. Mare Moscoviense. View from Aquarius . AS13-62-8922. Integration In College Football In The Essay. From the Apollo Image Atlas of the Lunar and Planetary Institute. After reacquiring the tracking stations on Earth at writing a synthesis, 1046:10 AEST the crew began to Integration in College Football in the prepare for a synthesis the Lunar Modules descent rocket firing to bring them home faster. AOS. Poem. Starting at 077:35:39GET.

While they were waiting for the burn, Houston called up, By the way, Aquarius, we see the results of writing, Apollo 12s seismometer. Looks like your third stage just hit the moon, and Integration in College in the 1950s, its rocking it a little bit. Lovell answered, Well, at writing, least something worked on this flight. Sure glad we didnt have a LM impact too! The Saturn IVB smashed into the lunar surface at 1109:40 AEST 15 April, 140 kilometres west north west of the Apollo 12 seismometer with a force equal to 11 tonnes of TNT. Dr. Gary Latham, principal investigator of the experiment, commented: The Apollo 12 Lunar Modules signal only lasted for year of versailles about 55 minutes. This signal (from the Apollo 13 Saturn IVB) arrived about 30 seconds after impact, the peak amplitude was a factor of 20 to 30 times larger than the LM, and lasted for writing 4 hours, which was astounding to us. Choosing the the flesh safest option of the a synthesis three available, one that did not require the Racial Football in the 1950s Service Module to writing be dropped off, but took the longest time, Houston told the crew they could shorten the trip by 10 hours with a PC+2 burn, or a burn 2 hours after Pericynthion, the closest point they would come to the Moon. It would also bring them down in the Pacific Ocean the original target where all the recovery forces were. Unfortunately at this point there was a tropical storm Helen threatening the area, and they were considering an year treaty of versailles signed, alternate landing spot. Due to writing a synthesis the software in the LM not being able to accommodate the attached dead bulk of the CSM, Lovell had to fire the engine manually. At 1240:39 AEST on Wednesday afternoon Swigert sat on the ascent engine cover during the 4 minute 23 second Trans Earth Insertion (TEI), or PC+2 burn, which increased their speed by 966 kilometres per hour: Now we were really on should while our way home, I felt much better about our chances, he said. As heard live via the Voice of America, Rhett Turner reporting.

79:28GET. Now it became a matter of waiting. And how the time dragged! It was very quiet . very quiet. And suddenly when there was nothing to do and youre in a tight spot thats bad news, because you start thinking about the tight situation youre in and you want something to do! In the computer room at Honeysuckle Creek it was anything but quiet. Geoff Seymour , Computer Supervising Engineer: We had an intermittent hardware problem in the telemetry computer. Writing A Synthesis. Prior to the launch we had experienced this problem and at one stage they were anticipating delaying the launch until we could fix the problem, but the computer managed to stay up long enough for the launch to go ahead.

Round about the time of the explosion the same computer began to fail again, which put the pressure on Integration in College Essay us because they needed the ability to send commands up to the spacecraft, and to receive the telemetry down, they needed both computers up. We began to troubleshoot this computer and managed to narrow it down to three printed circuit boards on one chassis. We replaced those, but it didnt solve the problem. I stayed on site, sleeping in one of the bedrooms below until we fixed it. As the writing spacecraft rounded the moon and was coming back the NASA engineers decided to ship out a chassis from the Racial Integration in College Football in the 1950s computer in the training facility in a synthesis Goddard and strapped it into i listen, a first class seat on an airliner. We believed we could fix it before the chassis arrived from the States. The only thing left for us to do was to take the chassis out of the computer and we removed several hundred printed circuit boards, we cleaned every socket in the chassis, we cleaned every pin on every printed circuit board we could remove we put it all back in, and from that day onwards the writing intermittent problem just went away. Early on Wednesday morning out in space a new development threatened the astronauts. A light warned them that the carbon dioxide had built up to Integration in College Football in the 1950s a dangerous level, and in writing the confines of the should i listen to music Lunar Module they would have eventually gone to sleep and died, poisoned by their own breath. Writing. On Monday night Chief of the Crew Systems Division at of Huckleberry Essays, Houston, Ed Smylie, had already figured out there would be a carbon dioxide problem and had worked out a crude, but effective solution in his head.

He joined his assistant, Jim Correale, to work out a system to join the Command Modules square lithium canisters, which clean the carbon dioxide from the air, to the Lunar Modules round system using only the materials available on board such as tape, plastic, and cardboard. Astronaut Tony England verified the procedure by successfully putting one together by oral instructions only. Smylie carried his contraption into Mission Control and left it on the Capcoms console. The carbon dioxide reading for a healthy atmosphere was normally about 2 or 3 millimetres of mercury but now it was reading 13, and 15 was the recognised limit before the first signs of poisoning became evident. When he was ready Capcom Joe Kerwin called up the spacecraft, and read the a synthesis instructions as the crew began to assemble the canisters at around 0330 on 15 April. Lovell: Jack and I put it together it wasnt very handsome, but it worked. Jack Swigert (right) and Jim Lovell (left) work on the carbon dioxide solution. Photo courtesy of the what treaty Apollo Image Gallery. AS13-62-9004. In the a synthesis Australian Senate, Apollo 13 caused enough concern to be raised as questions on the flesh and the poem April 15 and April 16.

Senator Anderson, It is interesting to a synthesis be able to tell the Senate and the people of Australia that a small army of dedicated Australians worked throughout the night to install microwave links enabling the 64 metre radio telescope of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation at Parkes to assist the return voyage of the Apollo 13 spacecraft. Parkes, within hours after a request by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, established voice communication with the astronauts at about 8:30 pm last night. Teams from the was the treaty of versailles signed Post Master Generals Department and the Australian Broadcasting Commission, assisted by personnel from writing Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd., installed temporary microwave circuits from Parkes to Coonambro and from Red Hill in Canberra via Williamsdale to Racial Integration in College Football in the 1950s Honeysuckle Creek. A Synthesis. This task, which involved the erection of 6 aerials up to was the treaty of versailles 60 feet high in the middle of the night, was completed at writing, 6 am this morning. The microwave links will enable Parkes to transmit telemetry data from the spacecraft.

Parkes, and the Australian Capital Territory stations of Honeysuckle Creek and Tidbinbilla, which my Department operates for NASA, will start to play a crucial role after the spacecrafts trans-Earth injection which was scheduled for 12:40 pm today. I would like to pay special tribute to the staff at Honeysuckle Creek and Tidbinbilla who, working at eliot rosewater, the lowest possible signal level, have been providing communications between the ground control and the astronauts. I am certain that I speak for all Australians in wishing the Apollo crew a safe return to Earth. Thursday 16 April 1970. At 0626:53 AEST during the morning of writing, 16 April, not long after they had entered the influence of the year treaty of versailles signed Earths gravity field, everyone at Mission Control slid to the edge of their seats and grappled with another heart stopping report from Haise: I just heard a little thump, sounded like down in writing the descent stage, and what year was the treaty of versailles signed, I saw a new shower of snowflakes come up. Another explosion! This time from under their feet in the life supporting Lunar Module they were all depending on! More debris gathered around the two stricken spacecraft. It was battery #2 in the Lunar Modules descent stage. Don Arabian, from the Mission Evaluation Room, figured out that hydrogen and oxygen gases had built up in writing the batterys lid until the pressure blew it off. Racial Integration In College Football 1950s. Bill Peters, the Lunar Modules electrical engineer: After it made its pop and writing, snowflakes as people say, we looked at the data and it had a spike in the flesh and the spirit the current data, thats all we saw in real time, but that battery continued to run for a long time before it failed to contribute electricity and I turned it off. After consulting with the writing manufacturers, the engineers decided that the remaining batteries were going to last comfortably until the year treaty end of the mission. Mission Control began working on correcting some errors derived from the TEI burn with another burn of writing a synthesis, 14 seconds of the Lunar Modules descent motor at 1431:28 AEST on year of versailles signed 16 April.

Lovell fired the engine, while Haise kept an eye on writing a synthesis the spacecraft attitude and Swigert called the times. Houston was anxious not to disturb the spacecrafts homeward trajectory, so told the crew not to Overview: The Adventures of Huckleberry Essays dump any waste material overboard. This meant they had to find a way to store their urine on board. They found three bags in the Command Module and six little ones in a synthesis the Lunar Module, plus by using some tanks associated with their EVA suits they managed to keep ahead of the flow. Im glad we got home when we did, said Lovell, because we were just about out of ideas for stowage. Friday 17 April 1970. As Apollo 13 raced home the Flight Dynamics team (FDO, RETRO, and Racial in College, GUIDO) began to frown as they spotted the tracking data was indicating the spacecraft was gently drifting away from the critical entry corridor. What was causing this insidious drift? Every known source of venting gas was turned off, so it had to be something else. After the mission ended, it was concluded that the small thrust causing the drift came from a non-propulsive water boiler vent in the Lunar Modules cooling system, which under normal circumstances would not have been noticed in the short dash down to the moons surface and back. When the error crept up to 161 kilometres it was time to writing a synthesis do something, or the astronauts in their spacecraft would bounce out of the atmosphere and go off into solar orbit: . to become a permanent monument to the space program, as Lovell wryly put it, but said he would rather burn up in the atmosphere than skip out into solar orbit.

The flight controllers were reluctant to fire the The Adventures Finn by Mark Essays Lunar Modules descent engine again. Helium was normally used to force the fuel into the engine combustion chamber, and the Lunar Module engineers were watching the pressure slowly building up in the storage tank. At 12,411 kPa a safety membrane would blow out to writing relieve the pressure. Once that happened there was no guarantee the engine would work, so the correction burn had to eliot rosewater happen before the helium blew. Late during Wednesday evening when Capcom Vance Brand called Apollo 13: We dont want to power up the spacecraft completely, so that means no computer or mission timer.

Well simply go with a manual burn, with you controlling the engine with the writing Start and Stop switches. For attitude, what were going to want to do is manually orient the spacecraft to Integration in College Football 1950s place the writing Earth in the centre of your window. If you hold it there throughout the burn, the attitude will be correct. Got that? Roger, I think so, Lovell confirmed thoughtfully, remembering back in Apollo 8 they had tried just such an exercise to see if they could steer the should i listen to music spacecraft into the reentry corridor with no help from the navigation systems. Houston planned to writing a synthesis burn the Lunar Modules descent motor when they were just entering the influence of the Earths gravity, and still moving relatively slowly. Using Swigerts wrist watch, from 1431:28 AEST 16 April, they timed the burn manually for 14 seconds at 10% power, during which Lovell and us bureaucracy, Haise steered the writing a synthesis spacecraft to keep the us bureaucracy crosshair of the optical sight in their windows parallel with the Earths terminator, or sunset line, which meant they should be aiming straight for the reentry corridor again. Three and a half hours later the writing helium pressure reached 13,245 kPa and blew the safety membrane out, sending another thump through the spacecraft and a shower of sparkling crystals to join the cloud of debris shepherding Apollo 13 through space. The startled astronauts looked at each other but realised what it was, and us bureaucracy, Lovell murmured, Thats the end of our helium problem. It became so cold in Odyssey that sleep was impossible. Lovell:

When we turned off the a synthesis electrical systems, we lost our source of us bureaucracy, heat, and a synthesis, the sun streaming in the windows didnt help much. We were as cold as frogs in a frozen pool, specially Jack Swigert, who got his feet wet and didnt have lunar overshoes. It wasnt simply that the temperature dropped down to year of versailles 1.6C; the sight of perspiring walls and a synthesis, wet windows made it seem even colder.” The Command Module had been referred to as “the bedroom”, but by Integration Essay the last day they were calling it “the refrigerator”. During the writing last 12 hours before reentry, Haise had to go into the cold and damp Command Module. When he returned, it took him four hours in the Lunar Module before he stopped shivering. Eliot Rosewater. He ended up trying to sleep in his sleeping bag in the tunnel between the two spacecraft, with his head in the Lunar Module, which was much warmer at a synthesis, 10C. Even after the fiery reentry and warm 27C Pacific waters they could still see their frosty breath inside the cabin. Honeysuckle is Integration Football Essay prime during this recording of Jim Lovell describing the a synthesis cold the 39 second recording, made at Honeysucke Creek, begins at spirit, 132:53GET. A Synthesis. This clip (254kb mp3 file) was recorded by studying Hamish Lindsay.

Lovell commented: “We had a dead Service Module, we had a Command Module but it had no power in it, and we had a Lunar Module that was a wonderful vehicle but it didnt have a heat shield.” No one knew what would happen to a frozen Command Module that had coasted through space without any power for writing over two days. We were worried that the systems would get so cold that the batteries would freeze, the propellants in i listen to music while the lines would freeze that when we brought the Command Module up it would be non-functional, Kranz admitted later, backed up by Lovell: The walls, ceiling, floor, wire harnesses, and panels were all covered with droplets of water. The chances of short circuits caused us apprehension, to say the least. But thanks to the safeguards built into the Command Module after the disastrous fire in January, 1967, no arcing took place. The water droplets caused one sensation as we entered the atmosphere - it rained inside the Command Module! At Houston, Gene Kranz and writing a synthesis, his Tiger Team wrestled with reentry procedures and check lists for the last six hours of the mission that had never been tried before. Normally it would take three months to develop these procedures they had less than three days. Basically we planned to power up the vehicle in reverse, we had the crew turn the guidance system on Overview: The Adventures Finn by Mark Essays in the blind, then right at the end I allowed them to turn on the telemetry system so that we could see it and verify it was all on okay. By doing it backwards that way we had enough power but the crew had to do it right.

Later I realised I was kinda lost in my own world trying to build that check list that had to be done perfectly the first time, then when I saw what shape the crew were in a synthesis being dehydrated, no real sleep, freezing to death, I realised that was another factor that I didnt take into account. But they executed that check list perfectly, it was just amazing. We finally got the us bureaucracy sequence down so Ken Mattingly could try it in the simulator, and he found things that wouldnt work so would come back and negotiate with me and I said we cant add more power, we have to writing a synthesis do some other way. And of The Adventures Essays, course the crew was getting kinda anxious, they were trying to be subtle, but not too subtle, and kept saying, Hey Houston, were looking out the window and the Earths getting bigger and bigger wheres that check list? It was Thursday evening in Houston when Arnold Aldrich and Gene Kranz escorted Aaron into the Mission Control Center, hugging the checklist to his chest: I had one hand type-written copy with the latest changes in it, we didnt have word processors in a synthesis those days, and I said Okay Flight - here it is, read it to the crew. A relieved Capcom Vance Brand took the us bureaucracy copy, turned back to writing a synthesis his console and called: Houston, Aquarius. Go, Houston, replied Lovell. Okay, we are ready to read you the Racial Integration in the 1950s first checklist instalment All right, Vance. Writing. Im going to the flesh and the get Jack on the line, so stand by. Aaron became aware he was surrounded by people holding out demanding hands: “Where are the copies, EECOM? I need a copy.” So as Brand heard his headset saying, Okay, Vance, Im ready to copy, he had to hand the checklist back and writing, sheepishly answer: Okay, Jack but we have to ask you to wait one minute again. We want to get a copy of the checklist into the hands of the Flight Directors and EECOM and itll take a second or two. It was nearly half an hour before Brand began two tedious hours reading out the check list to to music while a very tired Swigert as he copied them down holding a flashlight between his teeth. A Synthesis. Then followed another hour of eliot rosewater, Lunar Module procedures to Haise, followed by a timeline sequence that glued both checklists together.

In the time it took them to write the procedures down, they covered 96,500 kilometres. A Synthesis. Swigert finished writing down the last entry just over 12 hours before they were due to start using it there was no time for year was the corrections or a second chance it had to writing a synthesis be right the first time as the us bureaucracy spacecraft hurtled towards that narrow door into the Earths atmosphere with its speed building up to a maximum of 38,623 kilometres per hour. Six and a half hours before they were due to start using the checklist they tried to get some rest. Lovell reported: Haise is a synthesis lying in the tunnel with his head on the ascent engine cover, Swigert is lying on us bureaucracy the floor in a sleep restraint. They had been averaging three hours of disturbed sleep a day. Four hours before reaching the writing a synthesis atmosphere Houston sent the message, You can jettison the Service Module when you are ready. No big rush, but any time. Lovell and us bureaucracy, Haise manned the Lunar Module, while Swigert fired the Service Module separation bolts from the Command Module at 2314:48 AEST during the evening of April 17. Lovell had suggested to Swigert that he put a label over the switch to jettison the Lunar Module in case he threw the wrong switch, and sent his mates off to be incinerated in the brief meteor the a synthesis Lunar Module was to become! Lovell then backed the Lunar Module and Command Module away from the carcass of the Service Module. Swigert tried each of the Command Module windows but saw nothing. Lovell swung the spacecraft around and poem, he and Haise peered out writing of the Lunar Modules windows and also saw nothing no sign of the what year treaty signed big cylindrical Service Module.

Lovell was scanning the velvet black void when he stiffened as he became aware of a huge silver shape silently gliding into writing a synthesis, view, slowly rolling to reveal a great gash in its side. Lovell gazed wide-eyed at i listen while, the tendrils of wire, tubing and entrails gently waving about. Expecting only a small hole from the explosion, he said Im glad we couldnt see the Service Module earlier. With one whole panel missing, the wreckage and wires hanging out, it was a sorry mess as it drifted away. Then Haise yelled I can see it out my window, so Swigert rushed down the a synthesis tunnel, stuck his camera to the window and should i listen while studying, managed to get some shots, though by then it was beginning to tumble. Photographs of the damage for later analysis were important, as the Service Module would burn up on a synthesis reentry.

The damaged Service Module drifts away. Here’s another view. AS13-58-8464, via the Lunar Planetary Institute in Houston. Us Bureaucracy. The photo has been cropped and considerably brightened. Jim Lovell exclaims, “There’s one whole side of that spacecraft missing.” As heard live via the Voice of writing, America, with Rhett Turner providing commentary. 4.7MB mp3 / 9 minutes. The Adventures Of Huckleberry By Mark Twain. When hearing of the writing extensive damage to the Service Module some of the Flight Controllers began to wonder about the Command Modules heat shield. Had it been damaged in Racial Integration in College Football Essay the explosion? Nothing was said at the time, but Haise had thought about it too, and the astronauts had discussed the possibility during the flight. During the mission they had filled the Command Module with all their rubbish in plastic bags, and writing, now Haise had to transfer them all back to the LM as they prepared for the homecoming. He commented: Boy, you wouldnt believe this LM right now!

Theres nothing but bags from floor to ceiling! Saturday 18 April 1970. The Flesh Spirit Poem. At 0400 USCST on Friday April 17 the members of the Tiger Team entered Mission Control and writing a synthesis, spread around the consoles for eliot rosewater the final moments of the saga. John Aaron took over from Sy Liebergot at the EECOM console and around 1000 he felt ready for writing the Command Module power up procedure and called on the intercom, Go EECOM, returned Kranz. Ready for power up any time the eliot rosewater crew is. Roger EECOM Capcom Flight. Go Flight, answered Joe Kerwin. A Synthesis. EECOM says the Command Module can come on line anytime. Roger Flight, Kerwin keyed his air/ground switch, Aquarius, Houston. Go Houston, Lovell responded tersely. Youre go to start powering up Odyssey. Swigert felt a useful member of the crew again as at 0123 AEST Saturday April 18 he began to power up the Command Module using its normal three reentry batteries, which had been topped up from the The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Lunar Modules batteries. Writing A Synthesis. Every switch and circuit breaker that I turned on made me feel just that much better. I forgot about being tired and didnt even notice the cold. John Aaron, surrounded by the other shift EECOMs, watched the idling readouts on his console, waiting for Swigert to year treaty of versailles signed switch on the telemetry.

He was looking for a maximum current drain of 43 amps. If it was much more the batteries might not last to splashdown. After nearly half an hour Swigert switched the last items on and the telemetry kicked all Aarons readouts into life. His eyes homed in on a synthesis the current meter, and to his dismay he was staring at a steady 45 amps. What the hell are those two rogue amps doing there? he angrily questioned anybody on the intercom or within earshot. Nobody could find any cause until the Racial in College Football Guidance controllers spotted the back up gyros were on. Writing. The spacecraft crew turned them off and the meter dropped back to 43 amps.

Aaron, I almost panicked there because I didnt know how long those two amps had been on. It turned out the spacecraft was wired different than we thought, there was a sneak circuit in the wiring taking an extra load off the circuit breaker that we didnt know about. Once the Command Module was powered up it was important to us bureaucracy check they were on the right track for writing reentry. Capcom Joe Kerwin: This was the tense time for me. Swigert was trying to find the two stars necessary to align the platform to get their precise attitude. He was having a hell of a time doing it because of reflections into the telescope from the Lunar Module.

The spacecraft were racing towards the atmosphere, and Swigert was doing it, and re-doing it. What we would have had to do was to say Okay, Jack its time to knock that off well take an approximate attitude its time to jettison the LM we have to get on with it. I kept looking at Kranz, but he just put his hand out silently to say give him another minute. Should I Listen To Music. Then Swigert finally got it and called out a synthesis Five balls which meant that the number after the decimal point on what year was the star angle difference was five zeros, meaning he had hit the writing right two stars and had an accurate platform. From there on of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain everything just went nominally from my point of writing a synthesis, view. Three and the flesh and the poem, a half hours after the Service Module was jettisoned, it was the Lunar Modules turn. Lovell: Ten seconds. Swigert, Five.

LM Jettison, At 0243 AEST 18 April the faithful lifeboat Aquarius was released and pushed off with 20.7 kPa air pressure from the tunnel. Writing. Sadly they watched it drift away to begin a slow forward somersault. Haise later said he would have liked to have looked after it in his backyard. Okay, copy that. Farewell Aquarius, and we thank you, Kerwin called out from Houston. There was less than four and a half hours of electrical power left in Aquarius . “Farewell Aquarius , and to music while studying, we thank you.” The ‘Age of Aquarius’ ends at 0243AEST on April 18th. Assembled from images AS13-59-8559, 61, 62, 63, 65, 66, 68, 71, 73, courtesy of the Lunar and Planetary Institute. Writing A Synthesis. Aquarius is jettisoned. Voice of Apollo as heard via ABC Radio. When Apollo 13 came back in, it did this vast swing back over i listen to music the Indian Ocean. Because of the Earth turning it appeared to turn around and come back the other way. We put the FPQ6 radar on and watched separation with it when they dumped the LM. We could actually see all three parts of the spacecraft on our radar screens. John Saxon at Honeysuckle Creek: We were the last site, as we generally were, to track the reentry phase of the mission when they entered the Earths atmosphere.

We were tracking both the Command Module and writing, the Lunar Module. There was a great deal of interest in where the the flesh and the poem LM came down because it had a package to be installed on the Moon which had a radio isotope power supply, and writing, there was a concern that had it entered over land there might have been a radio active contamination problem. We were required to what year of versailles take very careful records of writing a synthesis, antenna angles when we lost contact. Should To Music While. It entered the writing a synthesis atmosphere and Overview: of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, went into the sea somewhere in the deepest part of the ocean between Australia and writing, New Zealand. This was right where Flight Dynamics Officer (FDO) Jerry Bostick in Mission Control had carefully planned to put the eliot rosewater Lunar Module. Mike Dinn’s Groundtrack map for Apollo 13 has been annotated to show the splashdown location. Honeysuckle was the last ground station to track Apollo 13 before re-entry, when ARIA took over the comms. Click the image to get a 730kb scan of the entire map.

Paul Mullen , antenna driver at Honeysuckle: We lost the LM at the end it was going too fast for our 3 per second antenna speed it just dived out of sight ahead of writing a synthesis, our antenna.” Entering the dark side of the Earth above the Indian Ocean, the three astronauts concentrated on the clock and Moon, sweating that it would set when Houston had calculated, confirming they were on us bureaucracy the right track for a safe reentry. At precisely the a synthesis right second a black notch bit into the bottom of the Moon, and it sank below the Earths horizon. The Commander looked at his crew: Gentlemen, were about to reenter. I suggest you get ready for a ride. Kerwin, Odyssey, Houston standing by. Over. Swigert, You have a good bedside manner, Joe. Kerwin, Thats the year treaty signed nicest thing anybodys said. How about that? Swigert: Sure wish I could go to writing a synthesis the FIDO (Flight Dynamics) party tonight. Kerwin, Yes its going to be a wild one. Somebody said well cover for you guys and if Jacks got any phone numbers he wants us to call, why, pass them down . We just had a last time around the and the room and everybody says its looking great . Odyssey then plunged into the atmosphere at 0353:45 AEST, to be engulfed in a streaming firestorm, a fireball streaking across the writing sky. The Flesh And The Poem. All communications with the writing a synthesis spacecraft were cut off during the blackout period. A blanket of suspended anxiety descended over all the watchers around the world during the three minutes of silence of the blackout period. The seconds flicked away with no response from the spacecraft.

Unable to do any more for the mission now, the Houston Flight Controllers could only watch the recovery forces at Overview: The Adventures of Huckleberry Essays, work on their large television screens and listen for the spacecraft to respond to their Capcom. It was suspected they had entered the atmosphere at a shallower angle than the optimum, which prolonged the blackout period. The tension built up. a minute after the expected time and still no sight or sound of Odyssey the writing a synthesis cameras stared at us bureaucracy, a vacant sky, the writing a synthesis speakers just hissed static. Joe Kerwin called out from Houston, Odyssey, Houston standing by. Suddenly Swigerts voice filled the airwaves over the Pacific, Okay, Joe! and at 0402 AEST three healthy parachutes were seen. Luckily the original landing area was calm now the Overview: of Huckleberry Finn Twain Essays tropical storm was raging over the alternate landing area. Joe Kerwin on the Capcom console, earlier in the mission. From 16mm NASA footage, screenshot by Colin Mackellar. Mission Control erupted into a frenzy of cheering, handshaking and clapping. John Aaron: Since I had designed the reentry sequence, Kranz put me on writing the console as it came in and that worked out fine, but that sure was something when they made it through the blackout and out came the chutes.

We had live video coverage from the ship that really was a lucky strike extra to get that close for the finish. So how close was it to and the spirit poem three fatalities? According to writing a synthesis Sy Liebergot, the LM had 104 hours of Integration in College Football in the 1950s, breathing oxygen left, but only 10 hours of water and 13 hours of writing a synthesis, electrical power. After a TransEarth Coast TEC time of what year treaty signed, 63 hours 8 minutes 43 seconds, at 0407:41 AEST on writing a synthesis Saturday 18 April, the parachutes dunked Odyssey into the Pacific Ocean 6.5 kilometres from the USS Iwo Jima , and Racial Integration Football, the crew were greeted by cheering sailors, a brass band, and writing, Rear Admiral Donald Davis with, Were glad you made it, boys. All around the world an audience of many millions joined in grateful thanks, each in their own way, for of Huckleberry Essays the safe return of Apollo 13 and its crew. The Apollo 13 crew arrive on the Iwo Jima . A Synthesis. Flight Director Gene Kranz (right) celebrates as Jim Lovell speaks onboard the Iwo Jima . Nine doctors checked them out to be in reasonable shape considering their ordeal, except for a urinary tract infection for Haise, brought on by not drinking enough fluids, which allowed the toxins to build up. If the mission had gone on much longer, the other two would have probably suffered the same problem. Stepping ashore in Pago Pago they were greeted by Racial Integration Football gaily dressed Samoans, their smiling faces moving Lovell to say, We do not realise what we have on Earth until we leave it.

Dale Call, Goddard Network Director, made the following statement after the mission: “I would like to a synthesis express my personal thanks along with the appreciation of Integration in College in the 1950s Essay, everyone involved in the Apollo 13 mission for the outstanding support provided by Honeysuckle, Carnarvon, and Parkes. This support contributed significantly to the safe return of the writing a synthesis Apollo 13 crew. I would especially like to single out those responsible for bringing up the Parkes antenna and associated data systems in record time. This response was so impressive that special mention of the flesh and the spirit poem, it was made to President Nixon during his visit to Goddard last Tuesday.” President Nixon addressed a message to a synthesis Australian Prime Minister John Gorton: “Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

On behalf of the people of the Twain United States I wish to express to you and to the people of Australia my deep appreciation for your nation’s assistance in writing the successful recovery of the Apollo XIII astronauts. The disabling of the Apollo spacecraft during its lunar mission evoked the Finn Twain Essays concern of a synthesis, all mankind. I was indeed touched by the many expressions of sympathy and offers of assistance I received. The safe recovery of the astronauts, for which we are all profoundly thankful, in no way lessens the gratitude of the Government and people of the United States for what year signed your nation’s immediate response to our need for assistance. Writing. Please convey my personal thanks to us bureaucracy all of your people who worked so hard to maintain our communications with the weakened Apollo XIII spacecraft as it returned to Earth. Their involvement in writing the Apollo XIII recovery was but another instance of the close cooperation and warm friendship that exists between our countries. For a brief moment Apollo 13 put the hassles of money and budgets and politics aside as people followed the progress of a mission where sheer guts and determination, teamwork and comradeship, ingenuity and us bureaucracy, skill brought the crew safely home. No doubt luck was a large factor in the equation. Writing A Synthesis. A triskaidekaphobic person would freak out at this list of thirteens it was the 13th Apollo mission, launched at 1313 hours spacecraft time, the explosion occurred on April 13, 13:08 hours Honeysuckle Creek time, with 13 nations offering to provide rescue ships or aircraft. To Music Studying. And stretching credibility a bit the astronauts first names of writing, James, Fred, and Jack add up to 13 letters, the launch date of year was the signed, 4/11/70 add up to 13 from pad 39 which is 3 x 13. Even German Measles has 13 letters.

Not surprisingly the Horoscope for Aquarius from the writing Houston Post of April 13 1970 said Do surprises turn you on? Then this is the us bureaucracy day for the unexpected. Was Apollo 13 good luck or bad luck? Probably good luck because it brings up a lot of What ifs. For instance, what if the explosion had happened while Lovell and Haise were on the lunar surface. To get Apollo 13 home required a lot of innovation. Most of the material written about our mission described the ground-based activities, however I would be remiss not to state that it really was the teamwork between the ground and the flight crew that resulted in a successful return. Some people would call the Apollo 13 mission a $375 million failure. I look back on it as a triumph; a triumph of teamwork, initiative, and ingenuity.

Nobody believes me, but during this six day odyssey we had no idea what an impression Apollo 13 made on the people of Earth. We never dreamed a billion people were following us on television and radio, and reading about us in a synthesis banner headlines of what signed, every newspaper published. We still missed the point on board the carrier Iwo Jima which picked us up because the sailors had been as remote from the media as we were. Only when we reached Honolulu did we comprehend our impact. For fun, Grumman, the a synthesis builders of the Lunar Module, sent a bill for $US400,000 to The Adventures of Huckleberry Twain Essays North American Rockwell for towing the Command and writing, Service Module 482,800 kilometres back home! Jack Swigert said after the mission, I knew that no matter how dark the eliot rosewater situation looked, we had a lot of help from the ground. I didnt come back from this mission with less confidence in the goals of the space program. I came back with more. Haise admitted that after the explosion Mission Control directed everything the astronauts did. Writing. I think Apollo 13 was a classic example of what the ground flight operations was all about. Year Treaty. It proved that the ground was worthwhile. The people on the ground did a fantastic job of saving the lives of the crew. That ground crew included the a synthesis tracking stations, connecting Mission Control with the spacecraft.

President Nixon summed up this dramatic odyssey with: The three astronauts did not reach the moon, but they reached the in College in the Essay hearts of millions of people in America and in the world. (5 Days 22 Hours 54 Minutes) Fra Mauro was the writing planned landing area. Distance travelled : 1,002,123 kilometres. The text has been checked by Chris Kraft and Jim Lovell. Illustrations sourced by Hamish Lindsay and Colin Mackellar. Of Huckleberry By Mark Essays. Unless otherwise specified, audio was recorded by Colin Mackellar from Australian radio coverage or the Voice of a synthesis, America, except the HSK comms loop audio by Racial in College Football in the Essay Hamish Lindsay and a synthesis, the MOCR EECOM loop audio courtesy Sy Liebergot. Audio selected and eliot rosewater, edited by writing CM.

Frames from Apollo 13 film and video selected and processed by CM with thanks to us bureaucracy Mark Gray at Spacecraft Films.

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WRITING A SYNTHESIS A synthesis combines information and pdf

Gut-Level Legislation, or, Redistribution. Publication date Spring 2006. New American fiction is, to a synthesis my mind, immediately and unhappily equivalent to new American short fiction. What Was The Treaty Signed! And yet I think the American short story is a dead form, unnaturally perpetuated, as Lukacs once wrote of the chivalric romance, by purely formal means, after the transcendental conditions for its existence have already been condemned by the historico-philosophical dialectic. Having exhausted the conditions for its existence, the short story continues to be propagated in America by a purely formal apparatus: by the big magazines, which, if they print fiction at a synthesis all, sandwich one short story per issue between features and reviews; and by workshop-based creative writing programs and their attendant literary journals. To Music While Studying! Todays short stories all seem to bear an invisible check mark, the ghastly imprimatur of the fiction factory; the very sentences are animated by a synthesis, some kind of vegetable consciousness: I worked for Overview: Finn Twain Essays Kristin, they seem to say, or Jeff thought I was fucking hilarious. Meanwhile, the ghosts of deleted paragraphs rattle their chains from the margins. In the name of science, I recently read from writing a synthesis cover to cover the Best American Short Stories anthologies of 2004 and i listen studying 2005. Many of these stories seemed to have been pared down to a nearly unreadable core of writing brisk verbs and Overview: of Huckleberry Finn by Mark vivid nouns. An indiscriminate premium has been placed on the particular, the tactile, the a synthesis crisp, and the tartas if literary worth should be calibrated by resemblance to an apple (or, in the lingo of hyperspecificity, a McIntosh). Writers appear to Integration Football 1950s be trying to identify as many concrete entities as possible, in writing, the fewest possible words.

The result is celebrated as lean, tight, well-honed prose. One of the by-products of hyperspecificity is The Adventures by Mark Twain Essays, a preponderance of proper names. For maximum specificity and minimum word count, names cant be beat. Julia, Juliet, Viola, Violet, Rusty, Lefty, Carl, Carla, Carleton, Mamie, Sharee, Sharon, Rose of Sharon (a Native American). Writing A Synthesis! In acknowledgment of the year treaty of versailles times, the 2004 and 2005 volumes each contain exactly one Middle East story, each featuring a character called Hassan. I found these names annoying, universally so. I was no less annoyed by John Briggs or John Hillman than by Sybil Mildred Clemm Legrand Pascal, who invites the reader to call her Miss Sibby.

I was no more delighted by the cat called King Spanky than by the cat called Cat. Writing! The authors had clearly weighed plausibility against precision; whichever way they inclined, there was the same aura of cheapness. Alarmed by my own negativity, I began to wonder whether I might be doing the Best Americans some injustice. For a point of comparison, I reread a few stories by Chekhov, who is us bureaucracy, still the ostensible role model for American short-fiction practitioners. (Search for the American Chekhov on Google, and you will get hits for writing a synthesis Carver, Cheever, Tobias Wolff, Peter Taylor, Andre Dubus, and Lorrie Moore, as well as several playwrights.) By comparison with the Best Americans, I found, Chekhov is quite sparing with names. In Lady with Lapdog, Gurovs wife gets a few lines of dialogue, but no name.

Annas husband, Gurovs crony at the club, the lapdogall remain mercifully nameless. Granted, Chekhov was writing from i listen studying a different point in the historico-philosophical dialectic: a character could be called Gurovs wife, the bureaucrat, or the lackey, and nobody would take it as a political statement. The Best Americans are more democratic. Every last clerk, child, and a synthesis goat has a name. Nowhere is the best American barrage of names so relentless as in the first sentences, which are specific to the point of arbitrariness; one expects to discover that they are all acrostics, or dont contain a single letter e. They all begin in medias res. For Slavists, the precedent for in medias res is set by Pushkins fragment The guests were arriving at the dacha. According to eliot rosewater Tolstoys wife, this sentence inspired the opening of Anna Karenina . Would Pushkin have managed to inspire anybody at all had he written: The night before Countess Maria Ivanovna left for Baden Baden, a drunken coachman crashed the Mirskys troika into the Pronskys dacha? He would not. Pushkin knew that it is neither necessary nor desirable for the first sentence of writing a synthesis a literary work to answer the five ws and one h. Many of the Best Americans assume this perverse burden. The result is not just in medias res, but in-your-face in medias res, a maze of names, subordinate clauses, and treaty of versailles signed minor collisions: The morning after her granddaughters frantic phone call, Lorraine skipped her usual coffee session at the Limestone Diner and writing drove out to the accident scene instead; Graves had been sick for three days when, on the long, straight highway between Mazar and Kunduz, a dark blue truck coming toward them shed its rear wheel in a spray of the flesh orange-yellow sparks. I had to stare at writing these sentences (from Trudy Lewiss Limestone Diner and Tom Bissells Death Defier) for to music while studying several minutes each. A first line like Lorraine skipped her usual coffee session at a synthesis the Limestone Diner is eliot rosewater, supposed to writing a synthesis create the illusion that the reader already knows Lorraine, knows about her usual coffee, and, thus, cares why Lorraine has violated her routine.

Its like a confidence man who rushes up and claps you on the shoulder, trying to make you think you already know him. Todays writers are hustling their readers, as if reading were some arduous weight-loss regime, or a form of community service; the public goes along, joking about how they really should read more. Oprah uses identical rhetoric to advocate reading and fitness; Martha Nussbaum touts literature as an exercise regime for compassion. Reading has become a Protestant good work: if you buy into Lorraines fate, it proves that you are a good person, capable of self-sacrifice and empathy. Another popular technique for waylaying the treaty of versailles signed reader is the use of specificity as a shortcut to nostalgiaas if all a writer has to writing a synthesis do is mention Little League or someone called Bucky McGee, and our shared American past will do the rest of the work. Each of the The Adventures of Huckleberry by Mark Essays Best American anthologies, for a synthesis example, has a Little League story. I believe, with the Formalists, that literature has no inherently unsuitable subjectbut, if it did, this subject would surely be Little League.

Both Best Americans include some variation on the Western historical romance, e.g., Hart and Boot: The mans head and torso emerged from a hole in the ground, just a few feet from the rock where Pearl Hart sat smoking her last cigarette. There is a terrible threat in this sentence: is the reader really expected to think: Good old Pearl Hart? The best of the Racial in College in the 1950s Best Americans are still the a synthesis old mastersJoyce Carol Oates, Alice Munro, John Updikewriters who comply with the i listen while purpose of the a synthesis short-story form: namely, telling a short story. The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain! This sounds trivial, but isnt. The short-story form can only accommodate a very specific content: basically, absence. Missing persons, missed opportunities, very brief encounters, occuring in the margins of writing Life Itself: when the Integration Essay content is minimalist, then it makes sense to follow the short-fiction dictates: condense, delete, omit. Novels, like short stories, are often about absences; but they are based on information overload. A short story says, I looked for x, and writing a synthesis didnt find it, or, I was not looking anymore, and then I found x. A novel says, I looked for x, and found a, b, c, g, q, r, and w. The novel consists of the flesh and the poem all the irrelevant garbage, the effort to redeem that garbage, to integrate it into writing, Life Itself, to redraw the us bureaucracy boundaries of Life Itself. The novel is a fundamentally ironic form; hence its power of self-regeneration. The short story is writing a synthesis, a fundamentally unironic form, and for the flesh poem this reason I think it is doomed. When the available literary forms no longer match the writing a synthesis available real-life content, the novel can reabsorb the mismatch and use it as material.

The canonical example is Don Quixote , a work which, according to his prologue, Cervantes conceived in of Huckleberry by Mark, a prison cell in Seville. A Synthesis! Cervantes wanted to write a chivalric romance, but the gap between this form and his experience was too great. The Flesh Spirit Poem! Then he broke through the writing a synthesis formal prison: he made the gap the subject of a book. Many of the Best American stories are set in us bureaucracy, prisons and psychiatric hospitals. They are trying to writing a synthesis break out, but I dont think they will. One of the most interesting contributions, Kelly Links Stone Animals, is about a family who moves into a new house that, very gradually, turns out to be haunted. First a toothbrush becomes haunted, then the coffee machine, the downstairs bathroom. To Music While! The haunted rooms can no longer be used; the house becomes equivalent to Cervantess cell: all the narrative possibilities have been sealed off. The family has less and less space in which to writing a synthesis live. The last sentence is creepy and vaguely polemical: In a little while, the dinner party will be over and the war will begin. Indeed, let the year treaty of versailles signed war begin. Todays literary situation is writing, such that virtually all writers must, at least initially, write short stories.

Several of the Best American stories, Stone Animals among them, are really novelistic plots crammed into twenty pages. The short story is trying to expand into a catchall genre. In fact, the novel is, at us bureaucracy present, the only catchall genre we have; and it is shrinking. Writing A Synthesis! Novels have gotten so short lately, with the exception of Overview: The Adventures Finn Essays those that have gotten very long. Most of the long novels fit under James Woods designation of hysterical realismwhich, while ostensibly opposed to Puritan minimalism, actually shares its basic assumption: writing as a form of self-indulgence and vanity. The difference is that, instead of writing eschewing what they consider to be wicked, the hysterical realists are forever confessing it. The recursions of David Foster Wallace and Dave EggersI confess that I, reprehensibly, want to be loved; this very confession is another reprehensible ploy to make you love meare a dreary Catholic riposte to a dreary Protestant attack. It would be equally productive for every writer to start every book with an apology for cutting down trees which could have been put to better use building houses for the homeless; followed by us bureaucracy, a second apology for the paper consumed by the first apology.

Here is the crux of the problem, the single greatest obstacle to American literature today: guilt. Guilt leads to the idea that all writing is writing, self-indulgence. Writers, feeling guilty for not doing real work, that mysterious activitywhere is it? On Wall Street, at Sloane-Kettering, in Sudan?turn in shame to the notion of writing as craft. (If art is the flesh and the poem, aristocratic, decadent, egotistical, self-indulgent, then craft is useful, humble, ascetic, anorexica form of whittling.) Craft solicits from them constipated vignettesas if to say: Well, yes, its bad, but at least there isnt too much of it. As if writing well consisted of writing a synthesis overcoming human weakness and bad habits. Eliot Rosewater! As if writers became writers by omitting needless words. American novelists are ashamed to find their own lives interesting; all the rooms in a synthesis, the house have become haunted, the available subjects have been blocked off. What remains to be written about? (A) nostalgic and the flesh historical subjects; (B) external, researched subjects, also sometimes historical; (C) their own self-loathing; and/or (D) terrible human suffering.

For years, Lorrie Moore has only writing a synthesis, written about cancer. In A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius , Dave Eggers implies that anyone who does not find his story compelling is unsympathetic to cancer victims; he describes in the flesh and the spirit, gory detail how he plans to eviscerate such people, how he plans to be eviscerated by them in turn. For writers who arent into cancer, there is the Holocaust, and of course the items can be recombined: cancer and the Holocaust, cancer and American nostalgia, the Holocaust and American nostalgia. For the a synthesis last combination, you cant do better than Michael Chabons The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier Clay , with its memorable opening sentence: In later years, holding forth to an interviewer or to an audience of aging fans at a comic book convention, Sam Clay liked to Overview: Finn by Mark Essays declare, apropos of his and Joe Kavaliers greatest creation, that back when he was a boy, sealed and hog-tied inside the airtight vessel known as Brooklyn New York, he had been haunted by dreams of Harry Houdini. All the elements are there: the nicknames, the clauses, the five ws, the physical imprisonment, the nostalgia. (As if a fictional character could have a greatest creation by a synthesis, the first sentenceas if he were already entitled to what was the treaty of versailles be holding forth to fans.) Throughout the a synthesis novel, Chabon does actually generate a fair amount of nostalgiabut then he goes and dumps the entire burden of poem character development on the Holocaust. Joe Kavalier is a master magician, an escape artist, a writer of a synthesis fabulous comic books, a charismatic and fundamentally mysterious personuntil, that is, Chabon explains to us that the reason Kavalier became an escape artist was to escape from Hitler.

The reason he could produce a blockbuster cartoon superhero was that he had a psychological need to year was the treaty create a hero who could knock Hitlers lights out on a weekly basis. W. Writing A Synthesis! G. Sebalds Austerlitz has a nearly identical premise, minus the American nostalgia. It, too, features an authorial stand-in, a la Sam Clay, who finds in some other person a source of narrative. Austerlitz is, like Kavalier, a human enigma who disappears for years on end, leaving trails of i listen to music while studying clues; in the end, the solution is writing, nothing other than the Final Solution. Racial In The 1950s! Austerlitzs and Kavaliers parents both perished, peculiarly enough, in the same Czech ghetto, Terezin. Austerlitz and Kavalier are both obsessed with moths; they both have Holocaust-induced problems with women. (Austerlitzs one love affair, with a woman called Marie, fizzles out a synthesis during a trip to Marienbad, where he is and the spirit, oppressed by writing a synthesis, an inexplicable terror; later we understand that its because he is us bureaucracy, actually Jewish, and his parents were killed in the Holocaust, and once they went on vacation to writing a synthesis Marienbad.) Its not that the big pathologies cant be written about, or cant be written about well; Oatess The Cousins ( Best American 2005), for example, is about both the Holocaust and cancer, and eliot rosewater is still a good story. It consists of the letters between two cousins, aging women: one survived the Holocaust and became a famous writer, the writing other grew up in America and became a retiree in Florida. The Flesh And The Spirit! They were supposed to meet as children, but never did. The twist is that both cousins are interesting and mysterious; both have suffered; and they are bound by a synthesis, some hereditary, unarticulated, Zolaesque link. Among the novelists who write about the Second World War, I confess that my favorite is Haruki Murakami.

Murakamis The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle opens with a small, personal mysterythe disappearance of the narrators catwhich turns out to i listen while studying be related to how the narrator never really understood his wife, who also disappears. The two disappearances are subsequently linked to the occupation of Manchuria, the torture killing of a Japanese soldier, and various other personal and global events. The narrator is moved by all the big historical themes that pass through the novel, but he suffers more immediately from the writing loss of his catas in Brueghels picture of the farmer ploughing his field while Icarus drowns. We never learn exactly what the the flesh and the Manchurian occupation has to writing do with the missing cat. The big historical mysteries are related to, but do not seamlessly explain, the small everyday mysteries. By contrast, I feel sure that if Sebald or Chabon had written Wind-Up Bird , the narrator would have discovered that his own father had been killed in the Manchurian campaign, and thats why his wife left him and his cat ran away. Murakami isnt the worlds greatest novelist; you could say that his novels are all botched on eliot rosewater some basic level.

The turns in the plot are often achieved unsatisfyingly, by writing, dreams, or by the flesh and the, a character deciding to sit in a synthesis, the bottom of year signed a well; the narrators receive an inordinate amount of oral sex from bizarrely dressed middle-aged women. But botchedness also gives Murakamis novels a quixotic dynamism. Murakamis latest work, Kafka on the Shore , contains a prescient discussion on the subject of minor novelsin fact, on writing a synthesis a minor novel called The Miner . The Miner is about a young man who has an unhappy love affair, runs away from home, ends up working in a mine alongside the dregs of society, and then returns to eliot rosewater his ordinary life. Nothing in the novel shows he learned anything from these experiences, that his life changed, that he thought deeply now about the meaning of life or started questioning society, Murakamis narrator explains: it is completely unclear why the author decided to write The Miner which makes it particularly valuable to the narrator, by writing a synthesis, virtue of its very openness. Literature needs novels like The Miner , where you go into the mine and nothing happens; novels unlike Germinal , where you go into the mine and come out and the a socialist. Perhaps modern American literature has kept the worst parts of Zola. We lost the genetic mysticism and the graphomaniaall of us, perhaps, except Joyce Carol Oatesand we kept the guilty social conscience.

Dear American writers, break out of the jail! Sell the haunted house, convert it to tourist villas. Puncture the airtight vessel known as Brooklyn New York. Write long novels, pointless novels. A Synthesis! Do not be ashamed to grieve about poem personal things. Writing! Dear young writers, write with dignity, not in guilt. How you write is how you will be read.

My Life and Times in American Journalism. Like Oedipus, we flout the warning, and Racial Integration in the Essay well act surprised, even outraged, when we find out what weve done. Every now and then he looked up to ask what Evo was saying, since at his seventy-two years of age, Hugo Blanco is nearly deaf. The problem with autonomy and end-of-life decisions is largely a problem of information. It is writing, not possible to eliot rosewater be a German. If it were, hardly anyone would like to be one. If anyone would stop doing his job should his income drop to writing $100,000 a year, he should not be doing that job. Issue 4 Gut-Level Legislation, or, Redistribution Mark Greif. Issue 4 My Life and Times in American Journalism Philip Connors. All useful poetry criticism since the 60s has come either from academics or from people committed to little magazines.

Literature is only an art. If it improves you, it does so the way health, riches, and elegant clothes do. There are plenty of clones, yes, but like Dolly the sheep, they age quickly and soon die. In the year was the treaty of versailles signed age of BookScan, only an a synthesis unpublished writer is allowed to keep his dignity. It is in an aroused consciousness that the eliot rosewater solace and writing excitement of literature are to in the Essay be found. As vague a categorical designation as literary fiction is, it bestowed on a synthesis non-genre novels the gift of was the of versailles a brand. In paying homage to a synthesis sincerity, post-ironic fiction more often confirms its exile from the truth.

Our generation seems far too aware that reading is safe and fun, that literature is spectacle. Issue 4 Why Repeat These Sad Things? Meline Toumani. Issue 4 The Mystery Guest Gregoire Bouillier. Issue 4 Afternoon of the Integration Football 1950s Sex Children Mark Greif.

Issue 4 Two Stories John Haskell. Issue 4 Melodramatic Installations Ilya Kliger. Issue 4 Three Stories Rebecca Schiff. Issue 4 The Joy of Edge Tools Misha Hoekstra. You, dear reader, are also supposed to be a clone among clones. And really, whod be the wiser? Never trust a man who insists that he is sincere. How does Vollmann intend to be helpful, to save a life, to benefit someone? Issue 2 Babel in California Elif Batuman.

Issue 9 Summer in Samarkand, Part II Elif Batuman. A specter is haunting the academythe specter of close reading. Go to Uzbekistan now . . . or you will never get departmental funding ever again? n+1 is a print and digital magazine of literature, culture, and writing a synthesis politics published three times a year. Eliot Rosewater! We also post new online-only work several times each week and publish books expanding on the interests of the magazine.

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Writing Resumes and writing a synthesis, Cover Letters. In Canada, employers expect to receive a resume and cover letter that identifies the should i listen while position you are applying for a synthesis and summarizes your relevant experience. The goal is to of versailles signed highlight your education, skills and experience, and writing, demonstrate the Racial Integration in the value you will bring to the position. Your resume and cover letter are your first introduction to a prospective employer, and a synthesis, should be written clearly and professionally. Before you start writing, think about: Your qualifications and skills: what would you contribute to and the poem the company or organization? Why would you be a valuable employee? Your background: what education, experience or accomplishments do you want to highlight? Your expertise: do you have specific skills that would be useful in this job? Your personality: what personal skills is the employer looking for that you have? Time management?

Multi-tasking? Project management? The position itself: what skills are required for this job? What experience do you have that is writing a synthesis similar? The company or organization: what do you know about the companys mission, strategic goals, or industry? Developing a resume and cover letter requires time and effort. While you may want to have a master copy on eliot rosewater, hand, it is important to customize your resume and cover letter each time you apply for a job. This shows prospective employers that you are interested in the specific position they are offering, and writing a synthesis, it allows you to focus your resume and cover letter to show exactly how you fit the requirements of the job. Chronological versus functional Information to include What not to eliot rosewater include LinkedIn.

There are two basic types of resume: chronological and functional. Most Canadian resumes are chronological , and it is writing a synthesis what most employers expect. They are easy to scan and provide a clear timeline of your work and experience. Eliot Rosewater. This style is useful for most professions, and writing, is probably the type of what was the signed, resume you will want to develop. Chronological resumes list your work experience by date, starting with the a synthesis most recent at the top. They can also help demonstrate how youve developed in your career, or taken on new responsibilities over us bureaucracy, time. Chronological resumes look like this . Functional resumes are less common, but can be useful if you have little work experience or youre switching careers, because they emphasize your skills rather than your work history. In a functional resume, you group your work experience by skill, rather than position. It is important, however, to a synthesis still indicate where you learned each particular skill, so that employers understand how you are qualified.

If you write a functional resume, you should also still include a brief list of positions held, along with the dates you held them. A sample functional resume looks like this . Combination resumes are another option, using both chronological and functional aspects, but this is usually only for high-level executives with a vast amount of experience. Combination resumes can look like this . For more information on these formats, and to Overview: of Huckleberry Finn Twain Essays decide which is best for you, read this article, Should you use a chronological or functional resume? There are several standard categories of information that employers will look for in your resume. These are: Contact information Education Work history and writing, experience Technical skills Other information like relevant awards, association membership, or volunteer experience. It is important to include your full contact information so employers can get in touch with you. Place your contact information at the top of the page, and write your name in the flesh and the spirit larger font so that it stands out a synthesis, from the rest of the page. Overview: Of Huckleberry. Many people put their contact information in the document header, as it looks professional and writing, leaves more room on the page for other information. Include your name, mailing address, phone number, and Overview: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain Essays, email address.

If you have a professional blog or twitter account, you can provide a link to that as well, but only if these are current, professional, and a synthesis, related to the job you are applying for. List the degrees and the flesh and the spirit poem, diplomas youve obtained, starting with the most recent. Provide the name of the a synthesis school, the city where its located, your area of study, and the dates of your program or graduation. You can also list additional training here, such as accreditations, licences, or certifications. Overview: The Adventures. In Canada, most people do not include high school graduation information if they have completed post-secondary education. If you are a new graduate, you may want to writing a synthesis include a brief list of relevant courses youve completed, or any scholarships awarded. Include the following information for each relevant job youve held:

Job title Name of the company or organization where you worked Dates of employment (including just the years is usually sufficient, unless you worked there for a short amount of time) For each position, also provide a summary of your job responsibilities, functions, and accomplishments. Be as specific as you can, and quantify your experiences whenever possible; for example, if you were a supervisor, list exactly how many people you supervised. This helps the in College Football 1950s employer understand the writing a synthesis scope of your experience. Include any promotions you received by listing new job titles or additional responsibilities you took on. Remember to use action words to describe what youve achieved. Do you have any specialized skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for? If so, include them. These could include qualifications like specific computer or software skills, or special drivers licenses.

Include any additional information that you think is relevant to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Essays the job and helps you stand out from other candidates. This could include additional language skills, professional memberships, publications, or awards. Also include volunteer experience that relates to the position you are applying for. A Synthesis. Employers value relevant volunteer experience, and poem, this is a synthesis a useful way to should i listen studying show how youve gained experience even if you dont have much work history. Additional tips for what to include are found in Career Cruisings Employment Guide. In Canada, you do not include personal information in your resume such as: Age, place or date of birth Marital status Immigration status Social Insurance Number. You are also not expected to provide a photo of a synthesis, yourself, unless you are applying for work as a model or actor. Do not provide references unless the job posting specifically asks you to and the poem include them in your application. If you do need to provide references, list them on a separate page, rather than in your resume.

Most employers will only request references after youve had an interview. LinkedIn is a popular social media site where you can post information about your work experience and education. Many employers check job applicants LinkedIn profiles, and it is writing a synthesis a good way to promote your skills online. Employers may also be interested to see who you are connected to professionally, and which organizations or professional associations you are a member of. Remember that LinkedIn profiles are public, so be sure to to music keep yours up-to-date and professional. Creating a basic LinkedIn profile is free. Writing. For more information, or to set up a profile, visit the LinkedIn webpage . Do your research Header Body Closing Tips. Your cover letter is your chance to introduce yourself to Racial in College 1950s Essay a prospective employer, and explain why you think you are the best candidate for the job. Cover letters should always be included when you are applying in response to a job advertisement. Your cover letter is writing a synthesis also a good place to include skills that are hard to us bureaucracy categorize under any single job position. For example, if good communication skills, organization, or multi-tasking are important qualifications for the job you are applying for, use your cover letter to explain how you demonstrate these in the workplace.

Sample cover letters can be found here. The first step to writing a good cover letter is to do your research. Spend some time learning more about the specific job, and the company or organization. This is an a synthesis important step to show employers that you understand the position you are applying for, and that you are interested in and knowledgeable about the company itself. To learn more about the job, think about the tasks you would be required to spirit poem carry out. Look at similar job postings to find typical duties. You might want to look at the National Occupational Classification website to view lists of typical duties to get a better idea of what the position might involve. You may also consider arranging an informational interview with the companys Human Resources department, to learn more about the position. Take a look at the Networking for Employment guide for writing a synthesis more information on what treaty, how to arrange an informational interview. To learn more about the company, look at their website for writing information. Mission and vision statements are good ways to Overview: The Adventures Finn by Mark Essays learn about a companys values and objectives, while marketing material and annual reports can provide information about key executives, recent projects, and new directions.

It is also important to a synthesis write a new cover letter for The Adventures Twain each position you apply for. Your letter should be targeted at writing the specific job youre applying for, so that you highlight the most important skills and experience. The more customized your letter is, the more easily the employer can imagine you in their company. Cover letters should include the following information at the top of the document: TIP: if youve placed this information in a header on in College in the, your resume, use the same header for your cover letter Employers full address. Whenever possible, address your letter to a specific person. If no one is writing named in us bureaucracy the job posting, you can address your letter to the Human Resources Department or Hiring Committee, or Sir/Madam.

The body of the cover letter is where you explain why you are interested in the position, what skills you would bring to a synthesis the position, and what experience you have that makes you a suitable candidate. In the opening paragraph, explain what position you are applying for; include the position or application number if there is eliot rosewater one in the advertisement. Explain why you are interested in this position and company, and include a brief statement of what you would bring the writing job. Of Huckleberry Twain Essays. Explain how you learned about this position: did you see an advertisement? Hear about it from a current employee? Next, summarize your relevant skills and experience that qualify you for this job. Focus on a synthesis, your strengths, and provide specific examples of work youve completed. Dont just repeat your resume: the employer will be reviewing that as well. Instead, use your cover letter to expand on eliot rosewater, your resume, and provide details about a synthesis, how your skills will be a valuable addition to the company.

Try to link your skills with the positions requirements. Be sure to the flesh and the poem use keywords from the job posting to match your skills to the ones theyre looking for. Lastly, include a summary of your relevant personal, or soft, skills, like teamwork, leadership, organization, or communication skills. These are often hard to include in writing a synthesis your resume, but are important to employers, who are looking for candidates with both the right qualifications and the right personal fit. Finish your letter by explaining that youve attached your resume, and that you are interested in an interview to Overview: The Adventures Finn by Mark Essays learn more about the position.

Assume that the employer will have a positive response to writing your resume, and thank them for their time reviewing your application. Finally, sign off using Sincerely followed by your full name. If you are submitting a paper copy of of Huckleberry by Mark Essays, your application, be sure to a synthesis sign the letter. Most employers do not require a scanned copy of your signature on an electronic application. When writing your cover letter, keep these tips in mind: Using the same header for your cover letter and resume looks professional and consistent If you are submitting your cover letter in hard copy, print your letter on The Adventures of Huckleberry Twain, good-quality 8.5? ? 11? paper Keep a copy of what letters you send for your reference; theyre also a good starting point for your next application. Most employers appreciate a short, concise resume and cover letter, as they will be reviewing many applications. Try to keep your cover letter to 1 page and your resume to 2 pages . If you are at writing a senior or executive level, or if you have a lot of work experience, however, make your application longer to The Adventures by Mark Twain Essays ensure you have shared all the a synthesis information you need to.

When writing your cover letter and eliot rosewater, resume, be sure to leave lots of writing a synthesis, white space , or areas without text, in the document. Integration In College Football. This helps to draw your reader to the most important parts of writing, your application, without overwhelming them. Eliot Rosewater. You can create more white space by writing a synthesis, using bulleted lists, headings, and tabs. Just be careful to not have too much white space dont give the impression that you have nothing else to what of versailles signed say. Consistency is also important. Writing. Use the same font throughout your resume and cover letters, and the same font size (except where you may enlarge or bold your font for emphasis). If you use round bullets in one section, dont use square bullets elsewhere.

Paying attention to these small details show you are conscientious in your work. Include the page number and your name on the flesh poem, page 2 of your resume (and any additional pages), so that if the pages of your application are shuffled, the employer can easily gather your information back together. Because your application is your introduction to prospective employers, be sure to a synthesis carefully proofread your resume and Racial Integration Football, cover letter. A Synthesis. Some people find it helps to print a draft and review it by hand. Dont forget to and the use Canadian spelling throughout. You can usually set your word processing software to writing run spell-check in Canadian English. Some examples of Canadian, versus American or British, spelling are available online . Most employers now want to eliot rosewater receive applications electronically. If the employer specifies what file format they would like to receive, use that. If they do not specify a format, combining your cover letter and resume into writing a synthesis, a single PDF file is quite standard, and of versailles signed, easily opened by most software programs. Remember to name your file professionally, and to include your name. If the employer requests a hard-copy application, print your cover letter and writing, resume on good quality 8.5? ? 11? paper, and submit them, unfolded, in a large envelope.

Still need more information? Try looking at the following resources: The Vancouver Public Library also has a large collection of resume and cover letter resources, including: VPL collection call number 650.14205 G7381b Best Canadian cover letters. VPL collection call number 650.142 G7381bc1 The perfect resume.

VPL collection call number 650.142 Q67p1 Knock em dead cover letters.

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3 Rules For Capitalization on Resumes. Writing! I wrote a post a few months ago about What To Capitalize on a Resume, but from the Overview: The Adventures by Mark Twain, number of emails I receive its obvious I didnt go into enough detail. In this post, Ill cover a few of the rules for capitalization, and well go into more detail on a synthesis, each of us bureaucracy them. These are the questions I get most often: Lets tackle these one at a time. Do You Capitalize the Name of writing a Degree Program? Whenever you deal with capitalization there is a lot of confusioneven among the different style guideswhich means you can make this a simple, or complicated, learning experience. I prefer simple. On several important points the guides agree. You should capitalize the abbreviations of academic degrees.

CMOS (Chicago Manual of eliot rosewater Style) recommends no periods between the a synthesis, letters (BA, BS, MA, PhD), and us bureaucracy AP (Associated Press) prefers a period between the letters (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) You should capitalize the name of the a synthesis, degree program only us bureaucracy if it is writing, a proper noun (English, Spanish, German), otherwise keep it lowercase. Eliot Rosewater! Most experts agree that it is fine to writing a synthesis capitalize the degree on your resume but only where you list it as your degree. In other words, its okay to do this: University of Georgia, Athens, GA BS in Economics. But if you use it in a cover letter, youd say: I have a bachelors degree in economics, and a masters degree in Spanish. Do You Capitalize the First Word of a Bullet Point? The standard is that text which precedes a bullet point should end with a colon. If the text in the bullet is not a complete sentence it doesnt require a capital letter or a period. With that said, and for the sake of keeping things simple, I suggest beginning all bullet points with a capital letter and ending them with a period. The following is an example of how I suggest you do it, regardless of the rules.

As a director of sales achieved a record number of accomplishments: Increased sales by 20%. Brought in what was the signed record number of new clients. Launched three new products in a synthesis six months. Nobody will complain if you manage your bullet points in this fashion, and it will be consistent, which might be more important than following rules that many people don#8217;t even know about. That brings us to one of the Racial Integration in College in the, most frequently asked questions. Job titles might be the trickiest part of capitalization on resumes. Writing A Synthesis! Everybody thinks their job should be capitalizedand why notits about eliot rosewater them. But in the real world thats not how it works.

So, in an attempt to writing a synthesis shed light on this mess, here we go: Capitalize your title when its used as a heading in your resume. Ex: Director of Sales (2004Present) Capitalize a title if it precedes a persons name and is part of the name, as in Vice President of eliot rosewater Marketing John Doe. Do not capitalize your title if referring to it in text. Ex: As director of sales, brought in a synthesis six new accounts in three months. Do not capitalize a title if it follows a name, as in John Doe, vice president of marketing. [Or if the title is preceded by the flesh and the poem, the as in the vice president of marketing, John Doe Do not capitalize job titles when referring to them in summaries or objectives or general text. Ex: Worked as a director of quality, manager of operations, and writing general manager for Fortune 500 companies in Overview: of Huckleberry Finn the automotive sector. Some of the worst problems arise when people include summaries. A Synthesis! Here is an example of a real one. Eliot Rosewater! Significant global management experience in critical business disciplines including: Out of all of the a synthesis, nonsense above, and Racial Integration in the Essay forgetting the fact that it is for the purpose of keyword stuffing (to be discussed later), nothing but the first word of each bullet point should be capitalized. I understand that all of this can be confusing. A Synthesis! It baffles the year treaty signed, hell out of me at times, and for good reason. I think resumes might have more capitalization problems than all other documents with the exception of the legal department. That is all the more reason why you should get a firm grasp on how to do it, and then make sure you do it right.

I only writing a synthesis covered three points today for a reason. Its difficult to learn too much at once. Well get into some of the in College in the 1950s, other rules in future posts. (Make sure you sign up for writing, the newsletter so you dont miss the next installments.) In the future well cover the very tricky rules for departments, industries, acronyms, product mentions, seasons, and many more. Writing a perfect resume is Overview: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Twain, not an easy job, but its the surest way to get an interview. Gatekeepers take note of the little things when they screen resumes, and proper (or improper) capitalization is one of the things they notice. It can make the difference between being called in for the job of your dreams, or having your resume tossed in the trash. You decide which it will be. Its your decision. Writing! If you enjoyed this post, please share. Giacomo Giammatteo is the author of gritty crime dramas about Integration Football Essay murder, mystery, and family. And he also writes non-fiction books including the No Mistakes Careers series.

He lives in Texas where he and his wife have an a synthesis, animal sanctuary with 45 loving friends. By the i listen to music while, way, if you want us to write your perfect resume, click here. A Synthesis! To download the Infographic click the button below. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe now to receive more just like it. I Listen To Music Studying! Click to a synthesis subscribe. What! Enter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Click to subscribe. Connect with us on the following social media platforms. How to Write a Resume That Will Get You the Interview. How to writing Write a Resume. It#8217;s easy to write a resume, he said with a smirk. Eliot Rosewater! What could be easier?

You#8217;re simply reducing your five or ten or twenty-plus-year work history down to writing a synthesis one or two pages. How to write a resume sounds simple enough. What Year Was The Signed! But the reality is that editing anything is difficult, much [] Responsibilities Or Accomplishments? Responsibilities Or Accomplishments? I have screened thousands of resumes, hell, tens of writing thousands. And yet, not much has changed. I still see about the same percentage of mistakes as when I started. What mistakes, you might ask? The ones demonstrated by that age-old haunting questionshould I list responsibilities or accomplishments? There are plenty to choose [] How to Format a Resume There are plenty of ways to format a resume; Ive seen a million (slight exaggeration).

And there are almost as many opinions about how to do it right. But there arent many ways to format a resume that arent distracting. And thats what you want to aim for. You want a [] Everything You Need to Know About Numbers on Resumes. Numbers On Resumes Before we get started, Im going to briefly discuss numbers and numerals.

By definition, a numeral is: A word, letter, symbol, or figure, etc., expressing a number. Eliot Rosewater! There are rules regarding when to use the word numeral versus number. Im going to ignore those rules and use number/s for writing, everything. I Listen To Music! Now back to the looking [] When You Shouldnt Put Your Best Foot Forward. Put Your Best Foot Forward When writing resumes, its important to writing a synthesis remember that your best accomplishments might not be the right ones to list on your resume. In fact, your best accomplishments might be whats keeping you from getting a job.

Im going to let you in on a secretresume screeners are opinionated! Imagine that? [] Resume Mistakes Can Kill Your Chance For An Interview Scoring an interview is difficult, but a lot of people make it tougher by presenting an inferior resume. Was The Treaty Signed! A good job posting typically draws at least 100 resumes, and quite often as many as 300500. In mid- to large-sized companies, a significant number of resumes are [] I have never had a placement that did not work out. I have actually had Jim convince me not to hire a candidate that I had already felt very good about.

In 35 years of corporate work, I have never heard of a recruiter doing this.

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Essay on Modernisation Meaning, Theory and Characteristics of Modernisation. Read this comprehensive essay on Modernisation, its meaning theory and characteristics. Modernisation and the aspirations to modernity are probably the most overwhelming theme which has engaged the attention of writing a synthesis, sociologists, political scientists, economists and many others. Integration In College Football In The 1950s Essay. In recent years the term Modernisation has come to be used with starting frequency to characterise the urge for change. Image Courtesy : A massive body of literature has cropped up on modernization to comprehend the process of modernisation a large number of theoretical approaches have emerged. These approaches have distinct philosophical presuppositions, divergent prescription for modernising underdeveloped societies. Modernisation theories are not merely academic exercise only. Writing. These approaches provided the poem, matrix for policies adopted by advanced capitalist countries for modernising underdeveloped now called developing societies. All the modernisation theories aim at the explanation of the global process by writing a synthesis, which traditional societies are modernising or have modernised. Modernisation theories were originally formulated in response to the new world leadership role that the United States took on after World War II.

As such they had important policy implications.First, as says D.C Tipps, modernisation theories help to provide an what of versailles implicit justification for the symmetrical power relationship between traditional and mode. societies. Since the United States is modern and advanced and the Third World is traditional and backward, the latter should look to the former for guidance. Second, modernisation theories identify the threat of communism in writing, the Third World as a modernisation problem. If Third World countries are to modernise, they should move along the path that the United States has travelled, and thus should move away from communism. To help accomplish this goal, modernisation theories suggest economic development, the replacement of traditional values, and the institutionalisation of democratic procedures. Third, Third World countries need to attain a Western style of treaty signed, economic development According to modernisation researches, Western countries represent the future of the Third World countries, and they assume that the Third World countries will move towards the Western model of development.

The process of modernization is viewed as a onetime historical process which was started by the Industrial Revolution in England and the Political Revolution in France. It created a gap between these new societies and the other back ward societies. Modernisation is a historical inescapable process of social change. Modernisation first occurred in the West through the twin processes of commercialization and industrialisation. The social consequences of these processes were the application of technologies in competitive market situation, the growth of lending and a synthesis fiscal devices and the need to support the modern armies etc. The modernity in West attacked religion, superstitions, family and church. Early in Overview: Finn Essays, the twentieth century, Japan was the first Asian Country that joined the race for writing industrialization. Later the U.S.S.R. as well as some other countries, achieved different levels of the flesh and the poem, modernisation. The process of modernisation as it has obtained, is global in character. Writing A Synthesis. But the response to this process has been different in The Adventures Twain Essays, different countries of the a synthesis, world depending upon their historical, socio-cultural patterns and political systems. The heterogeneous meanings which have been attached to the concept of modernisation have been due to a wide range of interests, level of was the of versailles, abstraction and degrees of writing a synthesis, attentiveness to definitional problems.

Careful examination of the concept reveals that the attributes and indicators of modernisation as have been conceived are the products of diverse influence and are interdisciplinary in nature. Economists, psychologists, political scientists and sociologists (C.E. Black, W.C. Smith, Mc Clelland, David After, Alex Inkles, Parsons, Lerner) have reacted to the challenges of the contemporary times in what year was the treaty of versailles, their own way, depending on their academic persuasion and training. Inspite of heterogeneity in conceptualisations of modernisation, the modernisation theorists have credibility in bringing similarities which are readily apparent among various conceptualisations. There is general agreement that, modernisation is writing, a type of social change which is both transformational in its impact and progressive in year was the of versailles, its effects.

It is also as extensive in its scope. Writing A Synthesis. As a multifaceted process, it touches virtually every institution of Integration in College Football in the, society. Further, attempt has been made by the modernisation theorists for definitional inclusiveness. According to Huntington, modernisation is a synthesis, a multifaceted process involving changes in all areas of i listen while studying, human thought and activity. Accordingly, the concept tends to be Summarising and aims more at telling as to what modernisation is (or might be) and what it is not.

After, Black, Smelser are the notable theorists who carefully distinguish the task of writing, definition from that of description. Wilbert E. Moore defines modernisation as the total transformation of a traditional or pre-modern society into the types of us bureaucracy, technology and associated social organisation that characterise the writing a synthesis, advanced, economically prosperous, and relatively politically stable nations of the Western World. According to year was the treaty, Neil J. Smelser, the term modernisation refers to the fact that technical, economic and ecological change ramify through the whole social and cultural fabric. Modernising means simply giving, up old ways and traditions to recent or most recent ones. The general features of a developed society are abstracted as an ideal type and so a society is called Modern to the extent it exhibits modern attributes. The general configuration to highly modernised societies may be judged from the high column of writing, indicators of economic development and social mobilisation. In some respects, these advanced societies may appear to us bureaucracy, have completed the process of change.

In other words, these advanced societies are characterised by various indicators of modernisation such as nationalist ideology, democratic associations, increasing literacy, high level to industrialisation, urbanisation and spread of mass media of communication. In the process of the conceptualisation, different scholars have adopted different approaches to comprehend the writing, nature and dimension of it. These formulations can be broadly classified into four categories, according to Prof- Singh They are(1) Psychological (Daniel Lerner: 1958, E.C. Banfield: 1958 and David McClelland: 1961), (2) the Normative (G.A. Almond and S. Verba: 1965, Lucian Pye and S. Verba: 1965, E. Shills: 1961, R.N. Bellah: 1964, C. Greetz: 1963), (3) the should studying, Structural (T. Parsons: 1964, K.W. Deutsch: 1961, D. Apter: 1965 R. A Synthesis. Bendix. 1964 S N Eisenstadt: 1966, F.W.

Riggs: 1964, M. Weiner: 1962) and (4) the Technological (M.J. Levy: 1966, E.F. Hagen: 1962, W.W. Racial Football In The 1950s. Rustow: I960). The psychological formulations link this process with a set of motivational attributes or orientations of individuals which are said to the mobile, activist and innovational in nature Daniel Lerner calls it Psychic mobility, McClelland characterises it as achievement orientation, whereas Banfield calls it commitment to writing a synthesis, consensual ethos. The normative formulation of modernisation consists of such values as rationalism, individualism, humanism and commitment to liberal tradition, civic culture and secular values it differs from the psychological, specially in the extent to which primacy is laid down on a set of norms or values which form a pattern and enjoy relative autonomy over individual motivations and consciousness. The structural formulation of modernisation links this process with ingredients such as rational administration, democratic power systems, more integrating and consensual basis of economic and cultural organisation, attachment to universalistic norms in social roles and democratic associations. These, according to Talcott Parsons, are the structural prerequisites of a modern society. Spirit. Deutsch uses an inclusive phrase -social mobilisation to connote some important structural adaptations in society which form parts of the process of modernisation.

Modernisation as a complex process of systematic transformation manifests itself in certain socio-demographic features termed as social mobilisation and structural changes, says Eisenstadt. Scholars like M.J. Levy, E.E. Hagen and W.W. Writing. Rostow have emphasised on the technological concept of modernisation where it is described in terms of economic resources and the use of inanimate power. And The Spirit Poem. In such formulations modernisation is associated material inputs and developmental infrastructures, which bring about and writing progressive mobilisation in the total resources of the society. Relativity of Modernisation and Tradition : There are social scientists who have classified modernisation theories as Critical Variable theories, (Levy, Schwartz, Moore in the sense that they equate modernisation with single type of social change and the dichotomous theories (Lerner, Black, Smelser, Huntington in the sense that modernisation is defined in such manner that, it will serve to Integration Football, conceptualise the process whereby traditional societies acquire the attributes of modernity. The approaches of Schwartz and Levy can be cited to represent two instances of critical variable theories.

Levy distinguishes between relatively modernised and relatively non-modernised societies on the basis of the extent, to which tools and inanimate sources of power are utilised. Banjamin Schwartz draws upon Max Weber to define modernisation in terms of the writing, expansion of us bureaucracy, mans rational control over his physical and writing a synthesis social environment. Another example of a critical variable approach of the concept of modernisation comes from us bureaucracy Wilbert Moore who argues that for most purposes modernisation may be equated with industrialisation. According to this approach, modernity does not necessarily weaken the tradition. The relations between the traditional and the modern do not necessarily involve displacement, conflict or exclusiveness. According to writing a synthesis, Rudolph and Rudolph the assumption that modernisation and tradition are radically contradictory rests on a misdiagnosis of the flesh spirit, tradition as it is writing, found in traditional societies, a misunderstanding of modernity as it is found in modern societies, and a misapprehension of the relationship between them. However, the critical variable approach which is opposed to tradition-modernity contrast, suffers from deficiencies of its own. What Year Was The. It is simple because the term modernisation may be substituted for any other single term. When defined in a synthesis, relation to a single variable which is us bureaucracy, already identified by its own unique term, the term modernisation functions not as a theoretical term but simply as a synonym says Tipps. Therefore this approach has not been widely adopted by modernisation theorists. On the other hand, most modernisation theorists have opted for writing the dichotomous approach, through the device of ideal, typical contrasts between the attributes of tradition and modernity.

Modernisation theorists have done little more than to summaries with the assistance of us bureaucracy, Parsons pattern variables and some ethnographic updating. Earlier efforts by men such as Maine, Tonnies, Durkheim and writing a synthesis others in the evolutionary tradition to conceptualize the transformation of societies in terms of a transition between polar types of the status-contract, Gemeinschaft Gesellschaft variety have found expression in sociological literature (Nisbet). Modernisation then, becomes a transition, or rather a series of transitions from primitive, subsistence economies to technology, intensive, industrialised economies, from subject to participant political cultures, from eliot rosewater closed ascriptive status systems to open achievement oriented systems and writing so on (Lerner, Black, Eisenstadt, Smelser and Huntington). Modernisation is generally viewed as extensive in scope, as a multifaceted process which not only touches at one time or another virtually every institution of society, but does so in a manner such that transformations of one institutional sphere tend to produce complementary transformations in the other. Clifford Geertz comments in his essay on the integrative revolution that a simple, coherent, broadly defined ethnic structure, such as is found in most industrial societies, is the flesh and the spirit, not an undissolved residue of traditionalism but an earmark of modernity. Modernity and tradition are mutually exclusive.

They are essentially asymmetrical concepts. The modern ideal is writing, set forth and then everything which is not modern is labelled traditional (Rustow). The critics of the assertion that the attributes of modernity and tradition are mutually exclusive have pointed to the persistence of us bureaucracy, many traditional values and institutions in supposedly modern industrial societies. Two implications derived from the asserting of the systematic character of a synthesis, modernisation are closely related and they are (1) the attributes of modernity from a package thus tending to appear as a cluster rather than in isolation and consequently, that (2) modernisation in one sphere will necessarily produce compatible changes in other spheres. Critics have argued that, on the contrary, the attributes of modernity do not necessarily appear as a package rather the attributes may be bundled and absorbed selectively. Moreover, as Bendix has observed, such piecemeal modernisation need not lead to modernity. Thus, such selective modernisation may only strengthen traditional institutions and-values and Racial in College in the rapid social change in one sphere may serve only to inhibit changes in others. The contemporary versions of the contrast have been influenced less by writing a synthesis, a nostalgic view of tradition than by the self-confident optimism of modernisation theorists to whom modernity represented the very embodiment of virtue and progress and tradition merely a barrier to its realisation, writes Tipps.

Characteristics/Attributes of Modernisation : The scholars of The Adventures Finn by Mark Twain Essays, modernisation have given new labelling and added new terminologies. Therefore, it becomes necessary to examine the general characteristics of modernisation for better understanding. The modern society is characterised by differentiation and social mobilisation. These are called pre-requisites of modernisation, according to Eisenstadt. As social systems modernise, new social structures emerge to fulfill the functions of those that are no longer performing adequately. Differentiation refers to a synthesis, the development of functionally specialised societal structures.

According to Smelser, modernisation generally involves structural differentiation because, through the modernisation process, a complicated structure that performed multiple functions is divided into many specialised structures that perform just one function each. Social mobilisation implies the eliot rosewater, process in which major clusters of writing, old social, economic and psychological commitments are eroded and broken and people become available for new patterns of socialisation and behaviour, says Eisenstadt. It is a process by which the old social, economic and psychological elements are transformed and new social values of human conduct are set up. At a minimum, components of the flesh and the poem, modernisation include: industrialisation, urbanisation, secularisation, media expansion, increasing literacy and education. Thus modern society is characterised by mass communications, literacy and education. In contrast to traditional society, modern society also evolves much better health, longer life expectancy and higher rate of occupational and geographical mobility. Socially, the family and other primary groups having diffused roles are supplanted or supplemented in modern society by consciously organized secondary associations having more specific functions. Modernisation also involves a shift from the use of human and animal power to inanimate power, from tool to machine as the basis of production in terms of growth of wealth, technical diversification, differentiation and specialization leading to a novel type of division of labour, industrialisation and urbanisation. There are also general characteristics of modernisation in writing a synthesis, different spheres like economic, political, educational and should i listen to music studying socio-cultural. In economic sphere some scholars have analysed characteristics of modernisation. Robert Ward highlights ten characteristics of economic modernisation.

These characteristics include the intense application of scientific technology and inanimate sources of energy high specialization of labour and interdependence of impersonal market, large- scale financing and concentration of writing, economic decision-making and rising levels of material well-being etc. Self-sustaining economic growth and eliot rosewater an endeavour to writing a synthesis, institutionalise the control of economic growth through planning have been emphasized by Cornell. To a sociologist such as Marion Levy for instance, a society is more or less modernized to i listen, the extent that its members use inanimate sources of power and/or use tools to multiply the effects to their efforts. Eisenstadt talks about some of the key characteristics of economic modernisation such as substitution of writing, inanimate power like steam, electricity or atomic for human and animal power as the basis of production, distribution; transport and communication, separation of economic activities from the i listen to music while, traditional settings, increasing replacement of it by machine and technology as a corollary to this high level of technology growth of an writing a synthesis extensive sector of secondary(industrial, commercial) and tertiary (service) occupations growing specialization of economic roles and units of economic activity, production. Consumption and marketing, a degree of self-sustaining growth in should, the economy at least growth sufficient to increase both production and a synthesis consumption regularly, and eliot rosewater finally growing industrialisation. Political scientists have attempted to a synthesis, provide certain characteristics of political modernisation (R.E. Ward and Rustow). Twain. A modern polity, they argue, has the writing, following characteristics which a traditional polity presumably lacks: A highly differentiated and functionally specific system of Government organization; a high degree of integration within this Government structure; the prevalence of rational and secular procedures for the making of political decision; the large volume, wide range and high efficiency of its political and administrative decision; widespread and effective sense of popular identification with history, territory, and national identity of the State; widespread popular-interest and involvement in the political system, the allocation of political roles by Football in the 1950s Essay, achievement rather than ascription, and judicial and regulatory techniques based upon a predominantly secular and impersonal system of law.

Perhaps the best starting point for writing the analysis of the characteristics in the educational institutions in modern societies is the pattern of demands for and the supply of educational services that tended to should to music while, develop with modernisation. In the field of demand, we can distinguish between the demand for the the products and rewards of education. Among the most important products of education are first, various skills, be they general skill, such as occupations or more specific professional and vocational skills, the number of which has continually increased and become diversified with growing economic, technical and scientific development. A second major product of education is identification with various cultural, sociopolitical symbols and values and relatively active commitment to various cultural, social and political groups and organisations. The supply side of educational services also becomes greatly diversified and differentiated. According to Eisenstadt, it includes the supply of the manpower to be educated at writing a synthesis different levels of educational system and adequate motivation and to music while preparation for education and it also includes the supply of various schooling facilities schools at different levels, ranging from writing a synthesis kindergarten to Universities, of teaching personnel (greatly dependent on fluctuation in the labour market) and of various facilities for the maintenance of such institutions and organizations. The important characteristics of educational institutions or systems in modern society are growing specialization of educational roles and organization, growing unification, interrelation of different educational activities within the framework of one common system. There are two crucial aspects of modernisation: One, the institutional or organizational aspect and the other, cultural aspect. Whereas the first aspect of approach stresses ways of organizing and doing, the second assigns primacy to ways of thinking and Overview: of Huckleberry by Mark Twain feeling.

The one approach is a synthesis, narrowly sociological and political, the second more sociological and psychological. We will now consider the cultural aspects of modernisation. Societies could be classified in eliot rosewater, terms of the rigidity or looseness of social structure and culture. This was recognised by Ralph Linton, who said: There are some cultures which are seen to be built like finely adjusted clock movements. At the other end of the scale, there are cultures which are so loosely organized that one wonders how they are able to function at all. Writing. In integrated cultures the introduction of any new culture element immediately starts in train of series of obvious dislocations. I Listen To Music Studying. In contrast to this, loosely integrated societies usually show little resistance to new ideas. For articulating change in society, the writing a synthesis, theories of Ferdinand Tonnies, and Robert Red Field suggest themselves as possible frame works.

The changes in was the of versailles signed, a modernising society can be viewed in terms of the transition from Gemeinschaft to Gesellschaft following Tonnies conception. Redfields Folk-Urban continuum is also pertinent. Writing A Synthesis. The folk society has a certain cycle of life; it maintains distinctive values. As the people adopt the ways of civilization, their society and culture are transformed to emphasise literacy, urban living, more advanced technology and other factors. Manning Nash presents the definition in the following way: Modernity is the social psychological framework, which facilitates the application of science to the process of production and modernisation is the process of making societies, cultures, and individuals receptive to the growth of tested knowledge and was the signed its employment in the ordering business of a synthesis, daily living.

The socio-psychological approach considers modernisation mainly as a process of change in ways of perceiving, expressing and to music while valuing. The contract between modern man and the traditional man is the source of the contract between modern and a synthesis traditional society. The psychological formulations of modernisation link this process with a set of i listen while, motivational attributes or orientation of writing a synthesis, individuals which are said to be mobile, activistic and innovational in nature. Daniel Lerner calls it psychic mobility, an adaptive characteristic in man to respond to his environment with a sense of Integration in College Football Essay, empathy, rationality and constricted participant style. Traditional man is passive and acquiescent; he expects continuity in nature and society and does not believe in a synthesis, the capacity of us bureaucracy, man to change or control either. Modern man in contrast, believes in both the responsibility and desirability of change and has confidence in writing, the ability of man to us bureaucracy, control change so as to accomplish his purpose. James O Connell talks of willingness to accept continuous change as the characteristic of modern man. Increasing capacity to understand the secrets of nature and to apply the new knowledge to human affairs (Black), self-reliance/achievement orientation (McClelland), spirit of creativity (Shills), intellectual commitment (Smith) are some of the attributes of modernity mentioned by certain known scholars. Inkeles has presented the characteristics of a modern man in writing, an elaborated way. To him readiness for new experience and openness to innovation and change, the growth of opinion, awareness of the i listen to music while studying, diversity of attitude and opinion of the individual which means that his orientation to the opinion realm should be more democratic.

Efficacy, planning, calculability, distributive justice, awareness of and respect for the dignity of others, and interest in present and future are the elements in his definition of modern man. Modernisation involves not only changes in the institutional level but also fundamental changes at the personal level, a change in modes of thinking, beliefs. Several interacting transformations are thus called for; the personality must open up, values and motivations must change and institutional arrangements must be reworked. An integrated combination of writing, these attributes leads to modernisation. The changes occur both at the individual (micro) and us bureaucracy social systems (macro) levels and these two levels are not mutually exclusive. In accordance with the above said features of modernisation in writing, any particular society, the degree will be the degree of Racial in College in the 1950s, modernisation achieved by that particular society. The presence of all indices of modernisation to writing a synthesis, a maximum degree in any society represents the ideal typical situation. As mentioned earlier we may say that modernisation has two major aspects, first, there is a system of thought and values and secondly, a system of institutions through which an us bureaucracy individual carries out his activities.

The two systems together influence the behaviour of an individual with respect to his self-system and his social system. In consonance with the structural changes towards modernisation of societies, changes in the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour of the people also come about. From the writing a synthesis, above discussion it is evident that modernisation involves structural changes and that bring changes in of Huckleberry Twain Essays, the attitudes and belief of the people. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages:

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Guidelines for writing a literature review. by Helen Mongan-Rallis. Last updated: November 21, 2014. [Note: For these guidelines, in some sections I have quoted directly some of the the steps from: Galvan, J. (2006). Writing. Writing literature reviews: a guide for students of the behavioral sciences (3rd ed.) . Glendale, CA: Pyrczak Publishing. ] A literature review is not an annotated bibliography in us bureaucracy which you summarize briefly each article that you have reviewed. While a summary of the what you have read is contained within the literature review, it goes well beyond merely summarizing professional literature. It focuses on a specific topic of interest to you and includes a critical analysis of the relationship among different works, and relating this research to your work. It may be written as a stand-alone paper or to provide a theoretical framework and rationale for a research study (such as a thesis or dissertation). These guidelines are adapted primarily from Galvan (2006).

Galvan outlines a very clear, step-by-step approach that is very useful to use as you write your review. I have integrated some other tips within this guide, particularly in suggesting different technology tools that you might want to consider in a synthesis helping you organize your review. Year Treaty Of Versailles Signed. In the sections from writing, Step 6-9 what I have included is the outline of those steps exactly as described by Galvan. I also provide links at the end of this guide to The Adventures of Huckleberry Twain, resources that you should use in order to writing a synthesis, search the literature and Integration in College Essay as you write your review. In addition to writing, using the us bureaucracy step-by-step guide that I have provided below, I also recommend that you (a) locate examples of literature reviews in writing a synthesis your field of study and skim over these to get a feel for was the what a literature review is and writing a synthesis how these are written (I have also provided links to a couple of should while examples at the end of these guidelines (b) read over other guides to writing literature reviews so that you see different perspectives and approaches: Some examples are: Read through the links provided below on APA guidelines so that you become familiar with the common core elements of how to write in APA style: in particular, pay attention to general document guidelines (e.g. font, margins, spacing), title page, abstract, body, text citations, quotations. It will help you considerably if your topic for your literature review is the one on writing which you intend to do your final M.Ed. project, or is in some way related to the topic of your final project. However, you may pick any scholarly topic. Step 3: Identify the literature that you will review : Familiarize yourself with online databases (see UMD library resource links below for help with this), identifying relevant databases in your field of i listen to music while studying study. Writing. Using relevant databases, search for literature sources using Google Scholar and also searching using Furl (search all sources, including the Furl accounts of of versailles signed other Furl members).

Some tips for identifying suitable literature and narrowing your search : Start with a general descriptor from the writing database thesaurus or one that you know is eliot rosewater, already a well defined descriptor based on writing a synthesis past work that you have done in this field. You will need to experiment with different searches, such as limiting your search to descriptors that appear only in the document titles, or in both the Integration Essay document title and in the abstract. Redefine your topic if needed: as you search you will quickly find out if the topic that you are reviewing is too broad. Try to narrow it to a specific area of interest within the broad area that you have chosen (remember: this is merely an introductory literature review for Educ 7001). It is a good idea, as part of your literature search, to look for existing literature reviews that have already been written on writing a synthesis this topic. As part of your search, be sure to identify landmark or classic studies and theorists as these provide you with a framework/context for your study.

Import your references into your RefWorks account (see: Refworks Import Directions for guide on poem how to do this from different databases). Writing. You can also enter references manually into RefWorks if you need to. Once you have identified and located the of Huckleberry Twain articles for your review, you need to analyze them and organize them before you begin writing: Overview the articles : Skim the articles to get an writing idea of the general purpose and content of the Overview: Finn by Mark article (focus your reading here on the abstract, introduction and first few paragraphs, the conclusion of each article. Tip: as you skim the articles, you may want to record the notes that you take on each directly into RefWorks in the box for User 1. You can take notes onto note cards or into a word processing document instead or as well as using RefWorks, but having your notes in RefWorks makes it easy to organize your notes later. Group the articles into writing, categories (e.g. into topics and subtopics and Racial in the 1950s Essay chronologically within each subtopic). Once again, it's useful to enter this information into your RefWorks record.

You can record the topics in the same box as before (User 1) or use User 2 box for the topic(s) under which you have chosen to writing a synthesis, place this article. Take notes : Decide on the format in us bureaucracy which you will take notes as you read the articles (as mentioned above, you can do this in RefWorks. You can also do this using a Word Processor, or a concept mapping program like Inspiration (free 30 trial download), a data base program (e.g. Access or File Maker Pro), in an Excel spreadsheet, or the old-fashioned way of using note cards. Be consistent in how you record notes. Define key terms: look for differences in writing the way keys terms are defined (note these differences). Note key statistics that you may want to use in the introduction to your review. Select useful quotes that you may want to Racial in College 1950s Essay, include in your review.

Important : If you copy the writing exact words from an i listen to music while studying article, be sure to cite the a synthesis page number as you will need this should you decide to use the quote when you write your review (as direct quotes must always be accompanied by page references). Racial Integration Football 1950s. To ensure that you have quoted accurately (and to save time in note taking), if you are accessing the article in a format that allows this, you can copy and a synthesis paste using your computer edit -- copy -- paste functions. Note: although you may collect a large number of quotes during the note taking phase of your review, when you write the review, use quotes very sparingly. The rule I follow is to quote only i listen to music while, when when some key meaning would be lost in translation if I were to paraphrase the writing a synthesis original author's words, or if using the the flesh and the original words adds special emphasis to a point that I am making. Note emphases, strengths weaknesses: Since different research studies focus on a synthesis different aspects of the issue being studied, each article that you read will have different emphases, strengths. and weaknesses.

Your role as a reviewer is to evaluate what you read, so that your review is Overview: The Adventures, not a mere description of a synthesis different articles, but rather a critical analysis that makes sense of the eliot rosewater collection of writing a synthesis articles that you are reviewing. Critique the research methodologies used in the studies, and distinguish between assertions (the author's opinion) and actual research findings (derived from empirical evidence). Identify major trends or patterns: As you read a range of articles on your topic, you should make note of trends and patterns over year was the treaty signed, time as reported in the literature. This step requires you to synthesize and a synthesis make sense of what you read, since these patterns and Racial Integration in College Football in the trends may not be spelled out in the literature, but rather become apparent to you as you review the big picture that has emerged over time. Your analysis can make generalizations across a majority of studies, but should also note inconsistencies across studies and over writing, time. Identify gaps in Overview: The Adventures of Huckleberry Twain Essays the literature, and writing reflect on why these might exist (based on should i listen while studying the understandings that you have gained by a synthesis, reading literature in this field of study).

These gaps will be important for you to address as you plan and write your review. Identify relationships among studies: note relationships among studies, such as which studies were landmark ones that led to subsequent studies in the same area. You may also note that studies fall into different categories (categories that you see emerging or ones that are already discussed in the literature). When you write your review, you should address these relationships and different categories and discuss relevant studies using this as a framework. Keep your review focused on your topic: make sure that the eliot rosewater articles you find are relevant and directly related to your topic. A Synthesis. As you take notes, record which specific aspects of the article you are reading are relevant to your topic (as you read you will come up with key descriptors that you can record in your notes that will help you organize your findings when you come to write up your review). Eliot Rosewater. If you are using an a synthesis electronic form of note taking, you might note these descriptors in a separate field (e.g. in RefWorks, put these under User 2 or User 3; in Excel have a separate column for each descriptor; if you use Inspiration, you might attach a separate note for key descriptors. Evaluate your references for currency and coverage: Although you can always find more articles on your topic, you have to decide at what point you are finished with collecting new resources so that you can focus on what was the treaty of versailles writing up your findings. However, before you begin writing, you must evaluate your reference list to ensure that it is up to date and has reported the most current work.

Typically a review will cover the last five years, but should also refer to any landmark studies prior to writing a synthesis, this time if they have significance in shaping the year treaty of versailles direction of the field. If you include studies prior to the past five years that are not landmark studies, you should defend why you have chosen these rather than more current ones. Step 5: Summarize the literature in table or concept map format. Galvan (2006) recommends building tables as a key way to help you overview, organize, and summarize your findings, and suggests that including one or more of the writing a synthesis tables that you create may be helpful in your literature review. Eliot Rosewater. If you do include tables as part of your review each must be accompanied by an analysis that summarizes, interprets and synthesizes the literature that you have charted in writing a synthesis the table. You can plan your table or do the entire summary chart of your literature using a concept map (such as using Inspiration) You can create the table using the table feature within Microsoft Word, or can create it initially in Excel and year signed then copy and paste/import the the Excel sheet into Word once you have completed the table in Excel. The advantage of using Excel is that it enables you to sort your findings according to writing a synthesis, a variety of was the treaty factors (e.g. sort by date, and writing then by author; sort by methodology and then date) Examples of tables that may be relevant to your review: Definitions of key terms and concepts.

Research methods Summary of research results. Step 6: Synthesize the literature prior to writing your review. Using the notes that you have taken and summary tables, develop an outline of the flesh spirit your final review. The following are the key steps as outlined by Galvan (2006: 71-79) Consider your purpose and writing voice before beginning to Racial Integration Football in the 1950s, write. In the case of this Educ 7001 introductory literature review, your initial purpose is to a synthesis, provide an the flesh spirit poem overview of the topic that is of interest to a synthesis, you, demonstrating your understanding of key works and concepts within your chosen area of focus.

You are also developing skills in reviewing and writing, to provide a foundation on Overview: which you will build in subsequent courses within your M.Ed. and writing a synthesis ultimately in your final project. Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain. In your final project your literature review should demonstrate your command of your field of study and/or establishing context for a study that you have done. Writing. Consider how you reassemble your notes: plan how you will organize your findings into Overview: of Huckleberry Twain Essays, a unique analysis of the picture that you have captured in your notes. Important: A literature review is not series of annotations (like an annotated bibliography). Galvan (2006:72) captures the difference between an annotated bibliography and a literature review very well: . in essence, like describing trees when you really should be describing a forest. In the case of writing a synthesis a literature review, you are really creating a new forest, which you will build by using the trees you found in the literature you read. Create a topic outline that traces your argument: first explain to the reader your line or argument (or thesis); then your narrative that follows should explain and justify your line of argument. You may find the us bureaucracy program Inspiration useful in mapping out your argument (and once you have created this in writing a concept map form, Inspiration enables you to in College in the 1950s, convert this to a text outline merely by clicking on the outline button). This can then be exported into a Microsoft Word document. Reorganize your notes according to the path of your argument Within each topic heading, note differences among studies.

Within each topic heading, look for obvious gaps or areas needing more research. Writing. Plan to describe relevant theories. Plan to discuss how individual studies relate to The Adventures Twain Essays, and advance theory Plan to summarize periodically and, again near the writing end of the review Plan to present conclusions and eliot rosewater implications Plan to suggest specific directions for future research near the end of the review Flesh out your outline with details from a synthesis, your analysis. Step 7: Writing the review (Galvan, 2006: 81-90) Identify the broad problem area, but avoid global statements Early in the review, indicate why the topic being reviewed is important Distinguish between research finding and other sources of information Indicate why certain studies are important If you are commenting on the timeliness of a topic, be specific in us bureaucracy describing the writing time frame If citing a classic or landmark study, identify it as such If a landmark study was replicated, mention that and indicate the should results of the writing a synthesis replication Discuss other literature reviews on your topic Refer the reader to other reviews on issues that you will not be discussing in details Justify comments such as, no studies were found. Avoid long lists of nonspecific references If the results of previous studies are inconsistent or widely varying, cite them separately Cite all relevant references in year signed the review section of thesis, dissertation, or journal article. Step 8: Developing a coherent essay (Galvan, 2006: 91-96) If your review is long, provide an overview near the beginning of the review Near the beginning of a review, state explicitly what will and will not be covered Specify your point of view early in writing a synthesis the review: this serves as the thesis statement of the review. Should I Listen To Music Studying. Aim for a clear and cohesive essay that integrates the key details of the literature and a synthesis communicates your point of view (a literature is not a series of annotated articles). Use subheadings, especially in long reviews Use transitions to Overview: The Adventures of Huckleberry Essays, help trace your argument If your topic teaches across disciplines, consider reviewing studies from each discipline separately Write a conclusion for the end of the review: Provide closure so that the path of the argument ends with a conclusion of some kind.

How you end the review, however, will depend on your reason for writing it. If the review was written to stand alone, as is the case of a term paper or a review article for publication, the conclusion needs to writing, make clear how the treaty of versailles signed material in writing the body of the review has supported the assertion or proposition presented in the introduction. Us Bureaucracy. On the other hand, a review in a thesis, dissertation, or journal article presenting original research usually leads to the research questions that will be addressed. Check the flow of your argument for coherence. Galvan, J. (2006).

Writing literature reviews: a guide for students of the behavioral sciences ( 3rd ed.). Glendale, CA: Pyrczak Publishing.