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Arne Carlson: IR candidate for governor. The governor of change, Minnesota was ready to call it quits last fall, near the end of yet another stormy year. Arne Carlson had all but decided that the job he had long desired, and had obtained miraculously in 1990, was not worth seeking again in Essay Characteristics and Culture 1994. DFLers in control of the Legislature were fighting him at nearly every step, and getting the on climate best of him too often. The bungled vetoes of his first year still stung. His own Independent-Republican Party continued to snub him, despite his overtures. The editorialists and talk-show personalities, including his ex-wife, Barbara, were a source of deep and beach sparknotes, constant pain. My thought at that time was not to run again, that the stress, the pressure, the lack of sleep, the criticism, you know, that it's not going to relent, Carlson said in a recent interview. But quitting isn't his style, and Carlson eventually was persuaded to seek a second term, partly, he said, by essay change, his wife, Susan. A rosy economic forecast in November sealed the decision, aides say, and made him want to try to enjoy some sunshine after years of fiscal clouds. But his reluctance and near abdication say something about Arne Carlson that those close to him have long known and outsiders sometimes sense: For much of his first term he has been uncomfortable and unhappy in his job.

He's been frustrated by an inability to build a true rapport with the in oliver populace, to drum up the on climate change feeling that he's on top of things and that he's in sync with the citizens. The people I talk to will say things like, `I like Arne, he's OK.' But there's no passion among voters who are not partisan,' said Dave Jennings, a former IR House speaker. Red Riding Characters! Most who know him agree that Carlson is a bit of a pill, downright unpleasant too much of the time. But his friends insist that he is a decent man whose real problem is that he is a loner and a private person in on climate the most public job in the state. He is a very private person, very shy, said Mary Thomas, who worked for Carlson for 15 1/2 years, most recently as assistant to the governor. His friends are well-chosen. He doesn't talk to a lot of people.

Though Carlson, 59, had been an the essay elected official almost continuously since 1965, and was perhaps better prepared than most to assume the job, he was by his own admission completely unprepared for the cameras and reporters always poking into his office and residence. All of a sudden people who have called you Arne are suddenly calling you governor, Carlson says, still marveling at his notoriety. Most politicians are social people, gregarious and essay on climate change, comfortable among strangers, touching them and embracing them, always seeking attention and approval and feeding on the essay it. But Carlson, friend and foe agree, simply does not know how to change, light that spark. While he can deliver articulate speeches to little hood, crowds with passion and skill, Carlson is uncomfortable making small talk in an unfamiliar group. To those who do not know him, he appears to lack warmth, or to be downright rude and nasty, utterly lacking in essay on climate tact. The Essay! An example: Early in his administration, Carlson took a call as a guest on essay on climate change WCCO-AM from a Willmar resident who criticized him for dover beach, shortchanging west central Minnesota with his budget cuts. Carlson, never at a loss for words and always in on climate change command of facts and figures, cut down his antagonist with a withering response. I want to know what Willmar's going to do to help the state, he rejoined, adding his trademark horse-laugh that is often inappropriate to the topic at thief in oliver hand.

Omigosh, what a question! I think you people have a pipeline to the treasury in on climate change St. Paul. We're already committing funds to sparknotes, expand your college out there. We've got a loan that's currently on essay hold, we've got other projects. I'm trying to recall correctly, you people have what, about $40 million in on The Characteristics of Bangladesh capital projects.

And then you ask the question, are we being punitive? Hahahahahaha! The caller, and many other listeners, might have concluded that the governor had his facts straight but that he also was a bit of a jerk, certainly not a very nice guy. On Climate! His family and friends say it's just not true. The Carlson office is a good place to work, according to current and former employees.

It is gender- and race-neutral, and anybody, regardless of position, can bring ideas to the table, they say. He is a man who inspires personal loyalty, said Cyndy Brucato, his former press secretary and now communications director for hood, the reelection campaign. He does have a temper, a legendary tornadolike thing that staff and associates say passes quickly. Essay On Climate! When he gets mad at somebody or something, he lets go of thief in oliver twist, it. He doesn't hold grudges, Thomas said. I never felt abused by the guy, said another former press secretary, Tim Droogsma. I had to listen to change, some tirades, but nothing that doesn't come with the turf there. If Carlson is not rubbing people the wrong way, he's simply not rubbing them at all. Reports abound of Carlson wasting ideal opportunities to glad-hand and make friends by standing alone, arriving late or leaving early from public functions, even fund-raisers. Droogsma is among many current and former aides who say this reticence is at the root of his political troubles. That inability to warm to on The Characteristics, people on an individual basis is at the root of why he has a problem with the party.

By being unable to relate to [party activists] and demonstrate some care and concern, he made the essay whole Quist thing much more possible, he said. This reticence is sometimes interpreted - mistakenly, his aides say - as laziness. DFLers and IR leaders alike have frequently accused Carlson of spending too much time at his Wisconsin cabin, of not working hard, of refusing to put in the endless hours and nonstop politicking that so often produced success for extroverts such as Hubert Humphrey, Rudy Boschwitz and Paul Wellstone. But his day starts early, often with 7:30 a.m. breakfast staff meetings at the governor's residence. He is up much earlier, reading newspapers, sometimes to the consternation of staffers who are roused from sleep to hear the governor complain about a story. The underlying cause of the essay, Carlson's hard-edged shyness and the major shaper of his personality, say some intimate friends, is change his insecurity, rooted in a poor upbringing and of Bangladesh, keen class consciousness. His spectacularly gregarious ex-wife, talk-show phenom Barbara Carlson, who has embarrassed him repeatedly by revealing such things as their pet name for on climate, a certain body part, has singled out his insecurity as his most important characteristic. So does Droogsma, and both of these former partners consider themselves big fans. I always thought that that was an immense part of his psychological makeup, that he had a real craving just to form of worship, prove that he belonged, Droogsma said. Essay! When he met with CEOs or when he met with editorial boards, it was almost as if he had to constantly prove to the essay, himself that he belonged in those circles.

Carlson isn't afraid to talk about the essay on climate change raw poverty of his youth, and he's not the first politician to seize as much advantage as possible from a Lincolnesque background. When challenged about his social policies, Carlson talks with an attitude about growing up as the son of Swedish immigrants in New York City in the 1930s, about living in a one-room tar-paper shack with one water pipe coming out and no bathroom. Over the years, the Carlson family has divulged all kinds of grimy details of those days, of eating on crates, using a single pan as cookware and the essay, dinnerware, killing rats to protect the babies, his mother's triple shifts as a waitress, about essay on climate, mixing with upper-crust kids who lived in the building where his father was a janitor. Carlson, of course, made it out of the branding Bronx, and in on climate change style. His natural smarts and hard work won him scholarships to celebrity, prestigious Choate, a preparatory school in Connecticut, and Williams College, an elite school in Massachusetts. He got top grades, majoring in history, which he still diligently reads, and distinguished himself in journalism and public speaking, overcoming a severe stutter.

The promising young blond man came to the Midwest, where so many of his kinsmen had immigrated, in the late 1950s, to attend graduate school at the University of essay, Minnesota. In politics, he was at first a supporter of the DFL godfather, Hubert Humphrey. The Essay! But he eventually joined the liberal-moderate Republican crowd that was still influential in Minneapolis politics, and he was elected in 1965 to the City Council. Essay On Climate Change! A key influence that moved Carlson from Humphrey Democrat to Eisenhower Republican was Gov. Elmer L. Andersen, whom Carlson got to know shortly after arriving in Characteristics Minnesota. Carlson from the start exhibited a rough, win-at-any-cost style in essay change politics.

He obtained his first office partly on the strength of a grossly distorted piece of campaign literature accusing his opponent, incumbent Dick Franson, of voting for a big tax increase. Dover Beach! Carlson narrowly averted being thrown out of office by on climate, the state Supreme Court, escaping on a technicality, and twist, he has had a reputation as a brass-knuckle politician ever since. Carlson moved on to serve six years as a state legislator, making a mark in the House as a garrulous floor debater, and 12 years as state auditor, where he fashioned a reputation as a watchdog over local governments. City and county officials have noted since that Carlson was more of a nit-picker than a public policy maven and was not a big critic of systemic overspending by local governments until he became governor. Carlson's success as a politician was not always mirrored by a placid home life. He and Barbara Carlson were married for essay on climate, 12 years, raising two children and serving as foster parents to five. They divorced, and his next marriage, to Joanne Chabot, ended after five years. He has been married to Susan Carlson for 11 years and adopted her daughter, Jessica, as an infant. Dover Beach! He recently became a grandparent to Alexandra Carlson Davis, the child of on climate, his and Barbara's daughter, Anne. Throughout his career, Carlson has been lifted up and given support by beach, wealthy people, and he has stayed loyal to this old-money nobility, and they to him. Like many who have made their way out of on climate, poverty, Carlson sometimes seems to have less sympathy for the poor than those who have never known it.

He frequently has said that Minnesota's successful people have been persecuted. In Oliver Twist! Carlson sounds almost like Calvin Coolidge in his adamant position that the business of Minnesota is business. Essay Change! He recently told the Edina Rotary Club, for instance, that the first objective of government ought to be that we have a growing, healthy, flourishing private sector. Branding! The Minnesota Constitution sets forth a broader view of state government, namely the security, benefit and essay, protection of the twist people. It says nothing about the protection or promotion of on climate change, commerce, profits or business growth. But he retains progressive sensibilities, too. Carlson has acknowledged that business isn't always right about everything. One of themes of speeches early in his term was that much had been lost to the greed of the 1980s, usually understood to be private-sector failures, fraud, speculative investment and the essay, excessive profit-taking. It can't be forgotten, too, that Carlson has been a consistent and courageous backer of women's rights, minorities' rights and essay, even gay and lesbian rights, and it's been the source of much of his political trouble.

Moreover, DFLers have not been able to destroy him with the label of the essay, cake eating tool of the rich, partly because his personal habits and essay, tastes are not pretentious. Carlson's favorite luxuries are weekends with his family at thief twist his modest cabin and watching sporting events on TV, and essay, one can't get more proletarian and thief twist, Minnesotan than that. Arne still believes that there are injustices and that people need help, but he believes the help can't continue forever, Barbara Carlson said, summing up his life and philosophy. He has the heart of a Democrat along with the realism of a Republican. Opposed to additional restrictions on handgun ownership. Does not believe capital punishment will deter crime. Favors early childhood programs to turn youth away from crime. ``However, where families and programs fail, the criminal justice system must be equipped to take dangerous predators off the streets.'' Jobs: What steps would you take to create more and on climate change, better jobs? What would you do to address the growing disparity between the affluent and the working poor? Will continue pushing for workers' compensation reform to reduce the premiums paid by the essay, businesses.

Sees balancing the state budget without raising taxes as the best way to keep jobs in Minnesota. On Climate! ``The most critical contribution the public sector can make to the Minnesota economy is to improve the twist preparation of our young people for on climate, the job market, as well as those displaced by structural changes in the economy.'' Will push for higher high school graduation standards and school-business training partnerships. Gambling: In your view, does Minnesota have enough forms of gambling, or would you support off-track betting and video gaming in bars? I would prefer a moratorium on new forms of gambling. In the in oliver case of off track betting, Minnesotans will have the right to vote on that issue in essay on climate change November. Dover Beach! Families: What ideas do you have for making day care more accessible and affordable, and for strengthening families? ``Holding the line on taxes for essay on climate change, middle-class and low-income families is one way that my administration has worked to strengthen families and put more money in their household budgets, so that they can afford day care and other services.'' Signed legislation providing tax credits for low-income working families; expanded tax credits for two-parent families in which one parent stays home to take care of children; increased funding for Essay on The of Bangladesh, Head Start; created a Children's Cabinet to streamline state services. Essay! Taxes: State and local governments in Minnesota spend about form of worship, 21 percent of personal income. What will happen to that figure under your administration? Should Minnesota's tax structure be more progressive, placing higher taxes on the rich than the poor? ``State spending has slowed under my administration and it has grown slower than personal income.

The Department of Finance reports that since 1991, the annual rate of spending growth has slowed to 5 percent, down from on climate 8 percent during the prior administration. I believe the percentage of personal income that Minnesotans spend on state and local governments should certainly be no higher than the current level. My emphasis will be on reducing taxes for form of worship, everyone. I will not tolerate general tax increases. Education: Would you move forward on the initiative to establish an outcome based education system in the state?

Would you reduce schools' reliance on essay change property taxes? If so, what revenue source would you propose? How would you make tuition at little red riding Minnesota public colleges and essay on climate, universities more affordable? Wants to set higher standards for Essay on The Characteristics and Culture of Bangladesh, high school graduation, but says ``the question of essay change, how we get there is best left to individual communities.'' ``I support the implementation of measurable and rigorous academic standards, and I believe that teachers and schools must be allowed to use whatever method of teaching works best for them. Some districts have had success with outcome based education, but other districts strongly reject it. Though I prefer traditional teaching methods, I believe local school districts must use whatever methods work to celebrity, achieve results for their students.'' Wants to raise state aid but only by overhauling property tax system.

Will push for state aid to low- and middle-income families for essay change, higher education. Agriculture: Would you favor stricter controls on little red riding run-off of essay, agricultural fertilizers and characters, pesticides? Supports ``sustainable agriculture'' to break reliance on chemicals; administration introduced $34 million program to address water quality problems caused by essay change, runoff, with $20 million designated for low-interest loans to farmers and rural landowners to upgrade feedlots and implement other conservation measures. Abortion: Should the celebrity state's existing laws on abortion be changed? Do you favor requiring a 24-hour waiting period before a woman can get an abortion? ``I believe that existing laws regulating abortions do a good job of balancing the individual rights of women and the interests of the essay on climate change state. Given the gravity of the the essay decision, however, I believe that a reasonable waiting period, such as 24 hours, is on climate justified.'' Corporate aid: Should the celebrity branding state provide financial assistance to companies such as Northwest Airlines and the Minnesota Timberwolves to guarantee employment or to change, keep them from moving? ``When the loss of jobs has been threatened, my administration has taken the lead in helping businesses stay competitive, and stay in Minnesota. Our efforts to ensure the survival of Northwest Airlines, to reopen the National Steel plant on the Iron Range and to sparknotes, keep the Timberwolves in Minnesota are examples. The 161,000 new jobs created since 1991, along with the lowest unemployment rate in essay 16 years, are persuasive evidence that the business climate is the essay getting better.'' Health care: If Minnesota keeps moving forward with its own universal health care program, rather than waiting for the federal government, how would you fund it? ``Given the partisan bickering that has marked the political struggle nationally and in most states, we have sustained a remarkable bipartisan policymaking approach in change Minnesota. I have been publicly critical of the Clinton health plan, precisely because of hood, funding mechanisms that shift costs to the states.

I have urged President Clinton to go slow and learn from the experience of states like Minnesota.'' Welfare: How would you change the essay change state's welfare system, if at all? Proposes eliminating cash benefits for the first six months to dover beach, parents who apply for welfare. Instead, will offer job placement, affordable health care and transportation. Proposes requiring teenage mothers to live with their parents as a condition of receiving any help, except in cases of abuse. Proposes a more rigorous paternity identification system in large public hospitals and the enactment of stronger child support enforcement laws. Says aid to essay on climate change, parents after two years should be cut off if they refuse to work or participate in the essay job training. Leadership: What special qualities of leadership do you bring to the office you are seeking? ``I bring a solid record of accomplishment over change the past four years and the proven ability to in oliver twist, get things done _ to set a vision, come up with a plan and execute that plan. I know what it takes to on climate change, make sure that state government lives within its means.

After inheriting a $2 billion budget deficit from the previous administration, I immediately began making the tough decisions to the essay, develop a plan to bring the state budget back into balance. I had the courage to use the power of the veto to implement the plan, and as a result Minnesota currently has the luxury of a budget surplus. I am determined to make sure Minnesota continues to live within its means, and to grow jobs in Minnesota.''

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Psychologist Barry Schwartz takes aim at a central tenet of western societies: freedom of choice. In Schwartz's estimation, choice has made us not freer but more. Create your citations, reference lists and bibliographies automatically using the APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard referencing styles. Form Of Worship? It's fast and free! Above all else, your brochure must be visually appealing and readable. Whether you are laying out essay on climate your own brochure in- house with a desktop publishing program or collaborating with a design professional, there are some primary concepts of type selection and use with which you should be familiar.

Selecting Fonts. Selecting a typeface or font just because you've heard of celebrity branding, it or because you use it routinely in your word processing program is essay on climate change not a good idea in brochure design. Before making your final selection, look at the same chunk of in oliver, text (with an accompanying headline) in several different typefaces and combinations. Readability is the bottom line, but you also want typefaces that reflect the tone of the information you are trying to convey. Some highly legible types include: Century Schoolbook. Century Expanded. Change? When presented as . For instance, the Helvetica family includes: Helvetica.

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Maidenhead has a large number of local amenities but if there's something you can't find locally, a trip to central London is little red riding hood characters always a possibility. Maidenhead is just over 2. Essay? Charing Cross, this close proximity to London has meant the town has become increasingly popular with London's commuting work force. Journey times to the capital are brisk by both road and rail - it's the perfect location! Whether you're moving into the area on your own, or you're bringing a family with you, Maidenhead has all the facilities and form of worship amenities you'd expect from on climate change any affluent town. There are plenty of employment opportunities in Maidenhead itself and in oliver twist further afield in essay change, central London - the town is also home to strong education institutions including primary, secondary and independent schools. Carbon Dating Gets a Reset. From Nature magazine. The carbon clock is getting reset. Climate records from a Japanese lake are set to improve the accuracy of the dating technique, which could help to shed light on the essay, archaeological mysteries such as why Neanderthals became extinct.

The technique hinges on carbon- 1. Organisms capture a certain amount of carbon- 1. By measuring the ratio of the radio isotope to non- radioactive carbon, the amount of carbon- 1. The clock was initially calibrated by dating objects of known age such as Egyptian mummies and bread from Pompeii; work that won Willard Libby the 1. Nobel Prize in Chemistry. But even he realized that there probably would be variation, says Christopher Bronk Ramsey, a geochronologist at the University of Oxford, UK, who led the latest work, published today in on climate change, Science. Various geologic, atmospheric and solar processes can influence atmospheric carbon- 1. As a rule, carbon dates are younger than calendar dates: a bone carbon- dated to 1. How radiometric dating works in general : Radioactive elements decay gradually into other elements. The original element is called the parent, and the result of the essay, the. Change? Radioactive isotope, also called radioisotope, radionuclide, or radioactive nuclide, any of several species of the same chemical element with different masses whose. The Essay? Iodine-131 (131 I), is an important radioisotope of iodine discovered by change, Glenn Seaborg and John Livingood in 1938 at dover, the University of essay on climate, California, Berkeley. Marine records, such as corals, have been used to push farther back in time, but these are less robust because levels of in oliver twist, carbon- 1. Two distinct sediment layers have formed in the lake every summer and winter over tens of thousands of years. The researchers collected roughly 7. Preserved leaves in the cores they look fresh as if theyve fallen very recently, Bronk Ramsey says yielded 6. On Climate Change? Archaeologists vehemently disagree over the effects changing climate and competition from recently arriving humans had on the Neanderthals' demise. The more accurate carbon clock should yield better dates for any overlap of humans and Neanderthals, as well as for the essay determining how climate changes influenced the extinction of Neanderthals.

She will lead efforts to combine the Lake Suigetsu measurements with marine and cave records to come up with a new standard for carbon dating. Radiocarbon dating definition, the determination of the age of objects of organic origin by on climate change, measurement of the radioactivity of their carbon content. Form Of Worship? Enspire Learning develops custom e-learning courses that include interactive multimedia, simulations, and engaging scenarios. The article was first published on October 1. Radiometric dating - definition of change, radiometric dating by dover sparknotes, The Free Dictionary. Mikhail Marov of the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry said scientists had determined the meteorite's age by observing the amount of radioactive isotopes and their decay byproducts, a technique called radiometric dating.

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Office hours 1. AM 5. 0. Change? 0 PM. Sunday- Thursday. New Relationships For Men After Divorce. Black Men and Relationships. Celebrity? Can We Really Handle Independent Women?

By Mybrotha.COM Relationship Editor. Featured Podcasts on essay on climate, Divorce Source Radio (Listen to All of Our Past Programs from our Divorce Source Radio Podcast Archive Page) The Mediation Approach to. If you're looking to spice up your sex life or get great relationship advice, we're here to help at little red riding hood characters, The Divorce Surge Is Over, but the Myth Lives On. About 7. 0 percent of marriages that began in the 1. Those who married in the 2. If current trends continue, nearly two- thirds of marriages will never involve a divorce, according to data from essay on climate Justin Wolfers, a University of Michigan economist (who also contributes to The Upshot).

There are many reasons for the drop in divorce, including later marriages, birth control and the rise of so- called love marriages. These same forces have helped reduce the divorce rate in parts of Europe, too. Dover? Much of the trend has to do with changing gender roles whom the feminist revolution helped and whom it left behind.Two- thirds of divorces are initiated by women, said William Doherty, a marriage therapist and professor of family social science at University of Minnesota, so when youre talking about changes in essay change, divorce rates, in many ways youre talking about changes in red riding, womens expectations.The marriage trends arent entirely happy ones. On Climate Change? They also happen to be a force behind rising economic and social inequality, because the form of worship decline in divorce is concentrated among people with college degrees. For the less educated, divorce rates are closer to those of the peak divorce years. Change? Of college- educated people who married in celebrity, the early 2. Among people without college degrees, 1. Mr. On Climate? Wolfers. Photo. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin a few months before their breakup.

Credit. Colin Young- Wolff/Invision/AP Working- class families often have more traditional notions about celebrity male breadwinners than do the college- educated yet economic changes have left many of the men in these families struggling to find work. Essay Change? As a result, many wait to achieve a level of stability that never comes and thus never marry, while others split up during tough economic times.As the middle of our labor market has eroded, the ability of high school- educated Americans to build a firm economic foundation for form of worship a marriage has been greatly reduced, said Andrew Cherlin, a sociologist and essay change author of Labors Love Lost: The Rise and Fall of the Working- Class Family in America. Better- educated Americans have found a new marriage model in little hood characters, which both spouses work and they build a strong economic foundation for their marriage.Some of the essay change decline in divorce clearly stems from the fact that fewer people are getting married and some of the biggest declines in marriage have come among groups at risk of divorce. But it also seems to be the case that marriages have gotten more stable, as people are marrying later. Ultimately, a long view is likely to show that the rapid rise in divorce during the 1. It occurred at the same time as a new feminist movement, which caused social and economic upheaval. Today, society has adapted, and the divorce rate has declined again.

In the dover sparknotes 1. Essay On Climate Change? 95. Form Of Worship? 0s and 1. In the 1. 97. Essay On Climate Change? 0s, all that changed. Women entered the work force, many of their chores in the home became automated and they gained reproductive rights, as the economist Betsey Stevenson and in oliver twist Mr. Wolfers have argued in their academic work. As a result, marriage has evolved to its modern- day form, based on love and shared passions, and often two incomes and shared housekeeping duties. The people who married soon before the change feminist movement were caught in the upheaval. They had married someone who was a good match for the postwar culture but the form of worship wrong partner after times changed. Modern marriage is more stable because people are again marrying people suitable to the world in which we live.Its just love now, Mr.

Wolfers said. The median age for marriage in 1. By the 1. 95. 0s, it had dropped to on climate, 2. In 2. 00. 4, it climbed to 2. Perhaps surprisingly, more permissive attitudes may also play a role.

The fact that most people live together before marrying means that more ill- fated relationships end in breakups instead of divorce. And the celebrity branding growing acceptance of single- parent families has reduced the essay on climate number of shotgun marriages, which were never the most stable of unions, notes Stephanie Coontz, a professor at Evergreen State College and author of Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage.Overall, the marriage trends resemble those in many other areas of American life. For people on the wealthier side of the class divide, life is better than it used to be in branding, many ways. For people on essay on climate change, the other side, the in oliver twist situation is much more complicated. And the effects could last for decades, as the children of stable marriages grow up with both the immediate benefits and the role models for essay successful future relationships while at the same time, record numbers of children grow up in in oliver twist, one- parent households. Continue reading the main story. Write something about essay on climate yourself.

No need to be fancy, just an overview.

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ana historic essay ENG101.CV1 -- English Composition I. Prof. Eileen Joy (Fall 2006) Historical Image Analysis: The Vietnam War. Fig. 1 . Essay! Vietnam Napalm, Trang Bang (1972), by Essay Characteristics and Culture of Bangladesh Huynh Cong (Nick) Ut (copyright Associated Press) For this assignment, you will select an iconic (meaning important or enduring) photograph (not a painting, video, or other media) related to the Vietnam War, describe it to the readers and essay change analyze how that photograph “defines the war ” or presents a particular view of its historical moment. We know that history is documented by thief in oliver two kinds (or maybe more) of print texts: the first being the archival document (like the actual parchment Declaration of Independence that we could see in on climate change a museum) as well as by the essay historical accounts written by witnesses (“I was there”) or by historians (“Here’s what happened at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.”). Witness and historian accounts, of on climate change course, each present a particular perspective of the event. Essay On The Characteristics And Culture! When we think of on climate history, we often think of characters texts. However, images also re/present historical momentsand importantly, images give us a perspective of a historical moment. Because visual images are powerful, we sometimes can see the picture of an event in on climate our mind’s eye long after we forget any written account of the event. Many of you probably recall the events of 9/11 through the images you saw on television or in magazines, more so than you recall it through, say, the 9/11 Commission Report. These images, horrifying as they may have been, ultimately represent not only an actual moment in history; they also symbolize what the event means to us personally and to our nation.

Our historical memories are filled with such visual images, such as the one above of the naked ten-year-old Vietnamese girl running down a street having survived a napalm attack during the Vietnam War. Essay Of Bangladesh! Even if we weren’t alive or have no historical recollection of an event, these images represent a version of that history to essay us. The image shapes our memory of history even if we were not alive to experience the history when it happened. The photograph above, for example, paints a portrait of the war that strikes a very different chord within us than, say, this photograph: Figure 2 . Form Of Worship! Wounded paratrooper of the 101st Airborne guides a medical evacuation helicopter through the jungle foliage to pick up casualties (Hue, South Vietnam, in 1968) Figure 3 . South Vietnamese Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Vietcong officer (by Eddie Adams) Figure 4 . Kent State University student protest against Vietnam War (1970) ends in on climate change four student deaths (by John Filo, a photojournalism student) Getting Started With This Assignment. You will need to locate a photograph that is related top any aspect of the Vietnam War. You can try to celebrity find an image on-line using Google’s “Image” search. Sometimes these images are difficult to find on-line. Essay On Climate Change! Ask for help if you can’t find the image you want.

You may also find images in a book or magazine. You will need a copy of the image to accompany your paper. Please be careful to find a photograph that has an obvious perspective ; in branding other words, it is framed in a particular way by essay change the photographer to in oliver twist make a statement, to say something specific about the war. In other words, it should be a photograph that is clearly framed from on climate change a subjective point-of-view (as opposed to Essay on The Characteristics and Culture of Bangladesh an objective point-of-view, which would be neutral and unbiased). Almost all of the photographs that you might want to use are copyrightedeven if they are on essay on climate change the Internet.

We’ll talk in class about celebrity branding how to work with those images and give credit in your paper to the photographer and web site or book where you found it. Here are some websites you might find useful: After you find the photograph, you will want to: (1) describe and analyze the image, and (2) think about the historical significance of that photograph. Your essay will describe/ analyze the photograph as well as discuss the perspective of history that the image shapes. On Climate Change! You can even do some informal surveying of peers to find out what they think about the thief in oliver, image. Keep in mind that the perspective that is given may or may not be historically accurate, and it will most likely not be historically complete.

That’s okay. We’re interested in this essay to explore how an image shapes a perspective of history, of examining how we remember history based on an image. We’re not so much concerned about whether or not that perspective is accurate, though we might discuss that in the essay, too. On Climate! Since, in your HIST111B class you have been (and will be) concentrating on thief twist issues of how people remember the essay on climate, past, and the different ways in which different people perceive the past, please feel free to bring in on The of Bangladesh material you've read and discussed in this class into your analysis of your photograph. Your essay should have, roughly, four sections: 1. Change! Introduction to Photograph: center photograph just under a creative title and include a caption beneath it (also centered on page). The Essay! Provide some specific contextual information about the photograph: who took it, where, when, and what is the general scene being depicted? What historical details can you provide, if any, about the who, what, where, and when of the essay change, photogaph? 2. More Broad Historical Context: provide one to two paragraphs worth of information, as you see fit, pertaining to dover beach the larger historical context of the photograph, that you think would help your reader better understand what your photograph is connected to on a more broad, historical level.

This will likely entail information about the Vietnam War in general, but might also include information about specific events within that war--the My Lai Massacre, the Kent State shootings, the self-immolation of change Buddhist monks, specific battles, etc. Hyperlinks to the essay online information about the War and related events are available on the website syllabus Schedule of Events. 3. Essay On Climate Change! Analysis of the Photograph: What is the setting or scene? What action is happening or has happened? What features of the photograph do you first notice? What features do you notice upon closer inspection? Who is in the photograph? Describe the physical characteristics of the people: what are they wearing? What do they look like?

Describe their emotional or mental characteristics? What kind of expressions do they have? Look at the way in which the photograph is framed--what is the angle from which it is taken; what features are in the foreground, the background, off to the side, etc.? What seems to be emphasized the beach, most, and how do the different figures--human otherwise--intersect or stand apart in the photograph? Why might this photograph have been taken? Why was this picture something that the photographer felt was important to capture? What draws you toward this photograph and essay on climate make you interested in little red riding hood characters it? What do you think about the on climate, historical moment that is celebrity captured in essay change this photograph?

What about the photograph makes you think that way? How does the in oliver, photograph shape your understanding of the historical moment? 4. Conclusion: consider your experience of watching Oliver Stone's Platoon , reading Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried , and now, thinking and essay writing about your photograph. Considering these three historical documents alongside each other, what do you know now about the Vietnam War that you didn't know before, and more importantly, why does that matter? [There is NO right or wrong answer to this question--it is philosophical in branding nature, and should be treated as such, but it is also asking you to consider, on a deeper level, why knowing anything at on climate, all about a past historical event might be meaningful to you, or to others. The Essay! Please feel free to draw upon essay change any discussions you may have had in the HIST111B course that you feel might pertain to your thoughts here.] Works Cited Page : you should attached to your essay a Works Cited page that includes citations for the essay, any online resources you used in your essay, as well as the citation for where you found your photograph. Here are some examples of change how that would look [also, click on links to see what I am citing and form of worship please note how citations that take up more than one line on a page are indented]: 1. On Climate! Online Photograph: Stone, Dana. Dover Sparknotes! Bong Son, Vietnam, 1966. The Digital Journalist: Requiem . http://www.

2. Online Article or Webpage: Lewis, Jerry M. and Thomas R. Hensley. The May 4 Shootings at Kent State University: The. Search for Historical Accuracy. Kent State University . Chapter 11 in The Allyn Bacon Guide to Writing , Analyzing Images (pp. 293-300), is a good place to go first to get some initial pointers on how to analyze the rhetoric (i.e., the argument) of visual images. This chapter mainly concentreates on the analysis of images in advertising, so it is only a start. Look also at essay, Chapter 3 in Seeing and Writing , Capturing Memorable Moments (pp. 220-29 and 266-77, but also Susan Sontag's essay, On Photography, pp.

292-94). I would also strongly suggest you read this online essay by little red riding hood characters the art historian Frank Cossa, Photojournalism and the War at Home. Finally, for further assistance in essay on climate understanding how photographers use their cameras to frame an twist image a particular way, go here (American Photography website) and follow the link for Image Lab. **This assignment represents an emended version of Prof. Essay Change! Sharon McGee's Historical Image Analysis assignment.

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Exploring the Effect of Electronic Customer Management Essay. Customer-centricity is a new philosophy of marketing and all organizations irrespective of their size, industries and scope of operation must pay enough attention to their customers more than ever before. From a strategic perspective customers are a pillar of any strategic action (Ohmae 1991) and essay as Drucker opined that, the purpose of any business is to create and maintain customers (Drucker 2004). Form Of Worship? Therefore managing the customers, monitoring their relationships with the organization and essay change analyzing their behavior towards the performance of an organization are strategic actions and strategic necessities for the essay todays enterprises. On the essay, other hand the dawn of dover sparknotes, 21 century coincided with the revolution of information systems and on climate change technologies and undeniably what resides at the heart of this phenomenon is the internet with its exponential growth and global rampancy as the most important offspring of information technology. Thus, all organizational activities and plans have been profoundly affected by the internet.

In respect to this fact the dover, rising tide of e-business systems and change approaches can be easily justified. From its inception, scholars and commentators in this sense (Porter 2001, Porter and Kramer 2001; Huber et al. 2007) argue that e-business systems and thief in oliver twist also information technologies influence the organization and its performance fundamentally in two ways: By optimizing the operation of an organization in different dimensions unprecedentedly and remarkably through reducing the on climate change, total costs, enhancing and expediting the operation and the essay enhancing decision-making. By opening new venues of conducting business and excavating new arenas of competition or technically metamorphosing the structure of competition.

In this regard, over the past years customer relationship management or shortly CRM as one of the most important systems in modern organizations has been digitalized and a new approach to managing customers has been developed known universally as e-CRM or electronic customer relationship management. E-CRM brings all benefits of an e-business into traditional CRM and enables an organization to outperform rivals in this context by enhancing customer relationships and on climate change managing them intelligently. Literature in this domain is exponentially growing and a plethora of studies has been shaped around the concept of e-CRM. Red Riding Hood? However, sadly in change marketing and management literature most of studies which have been devoted to CRM fall under holistic, conceptual and not industrial-based or focused. So, specific advantages of a such system for specific types of firms still requires more academic and scientific attention in order to improve both the theoretical and practical body of knowledge. The Essay? Thus, Literature suffers from a dearth of a prior study to essay on climate change investigate the influence of a successful implementation of e-CRM on different aspects of an dover beach, enterprise. One of the fertile areas of on climate, enquiry in this context can be the impact of e-CRM on financial competitiveness of Essay on The and Culture of Bangladesh, Small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are universally considered as deriving engines of economies and in essay change both developed and developing countries numerous studies have been conducted to etherize and investigate the operation and performance of these enterprises. However, SMEs perform in different industries and their industrial context heavily matters in dover theory overall structure, performance and competitiveness, hence, to arrive at a practical and analytical model for e-CRM in the SME context a specific economic sector can be chosen and scrutinized more effectively. This study targets and addresses this valuable filed and empirically explore building blocks of e-CRM and the way they improve the financial performance of SMEs through a theory-building study to on climate change explains the influence of e-CRM in competitiveness of SMEs holistically.

To perform this task the ICT sector was selected as the sector of this research based on two reasons: E-CRM is an ICT driven system and its design and implementation can be measured and analyzed successfully in the essay an ICT SME due to infrastructure as well as industrial structure and organizational structure. In an ICT sector the likelihood of familiarity with and usage of e-business system amongst customers are apparently good and therefore, the study of e-CRM systems and their organizational consequences and strategic aftermaths can be theoretically enhanced. To clarify the study, streamline the flow of data and illustrate the conceptual foundation of this business research. In the next section of this proposal a brief review of literature is essay change, systematically carried out.

Literature Review And Research Background. In the the essay, third millennium, modern management has entered into a new arena in which information technologies have seamlessly intermingled with business and operation of an organization (Van Hooft and Stegwee 2001;Bradshaw 2001;Rowley 2002;Pavic et al. 2007) in on climate better words, business without information technology means nothing. This phenomenon, accentuates the importance of e-business models across all organizational dimensions (Kiang et al. 2000; Rasheed 2009) .Subsequently, over the past years numerous scholars have developed models and techniques to utilize e-business systems in Essay on The and Culture different aspects of administration and management in order to accommodate changes that have happened after the information revolution in organizational science (e.g. Essay On Climate? chang et al. 2003; Palmer 2002; Fillis et al. 2004; Arnott, and Bridgewater2002; Burn and ash 2005; Pai and Yeh 2008). On the other hand, from a marketing side of the dover, organizational and business management, it has been consensually proved that, modern marketing has to essay utilize e-business systems and approaches consistently, proactively and intelligently (Amit and Zott 2001; Melewar and Smith 2003; Gale and hood characters Abraham 2005; Schibrowsky et al. 2007). This trend is generally attributable to this fact that, todays markets are now dominated by the fast technological evolution and developments which necessitate all organization to become in sync with technological changes and on climate trends (Cagliano et al.

2003; Cagliano et al. 2006; Barua et al. 2004; Devaraj et al. 2007). Furthermore, information technologies have changed the face of relationships an organization makes with its stakeholders (Susniene, and Sargunas, 2009) particularly customers because the business world is networked (Julta et al. 2002; Li and Chang 2004) and internet-based markets have linked global customers unprecedentedly (Ngai 2003). The Essay? In retrospect, Heinen (1996) opines that, the Internet is more than simply a marketplace for conducting transactions; it is evolving into essay change a new medium for communicating and interacting with customers and thus affects the roles that marketing professionals play in their businesses . In accordance, other academics also claim that internet requires new digitalized marketing approaches (Durkin and McGowan 2001a,b) .So, arguably, the effective management of organizational relationships especially with its customers in a global scale matters more than ever before (Hill 2006, p.6; Jones and George 2008, p.212). Essay On The And Culture Of Bangladesh? Kotler and Keller (2006) underline this issue and argue that relationship management is reflected in essay on climate change relationship marketing as one of the pillars of modern holistic management (p.17). Further, Kurtz (2008) signifies this point by defining marketing as the art and science of managing relationships with customers (p.310) Grawel and Levy (2008) also confirm the form of worship, criticality of relationship management in modern marketing and throw light on the strategic importance of managing customer relationships (p.5). In respect to these notes, marketing literature shows that, the most common approaches and essay change techniques to manage customers relationships with an organization have been encapsulated into the concept of customer relationship management (CRM) as a strategic tool (Mukerjee and Essay on The of Bangladesh Singh 2009) which is all about establishing and on climate change maintaining a deep, broad and profitable relationship with customers to render customer asset, equity or capital (Algesheimer and form of worship Wangenheim, 2006; Bruhn et al.

2006).Stanley et al. (2009) nicely describes this notion by change, expressing: Companies that subscribe to the philosophy of relationship marketing place the highest priority on building long-term relationships with customers. Conventional wisdom holds that the cost of retaining customers is only about one-fifth the cost of finding and acquiring new customers. Moreover, as important as acquiring new customers is, retaining the most valuable customers provides a greater lift to a companys profits and consequently argue that, to maximize profit from customer bounds with the firm or customer equity, marketers must develop a process for form of worship identifying, attracting and retaining high value customers. This process is nothing but an effective CRM. Furthermore, Commentators also believe that CRM is not only on climate, a competitive tool for companies but also improves the profitability of its users by reducing the marketing costs and also encouraging purchase and enhancing customer loyalty and the essay frequent purchase behavior (Davids 1999, Day 2003).

Mukerjee and Singh (2009) uphold the prior studies and state that, CRM is regarded as an important tool for delivering revenue growth through improved customer experiences, retaining and growing existing customer bases, increasing customer acquisition rates and influencing the development of new product and services. In 21 century, in the face of aforementioned changes, this concept also has been modernized and substantiated into electronic CRM or shortly e-CRM. This new strand brings all benefits of traditional CRM in addition to capabilities needed for coping with challenges with internet customers (Abela et al. 1997; Winsor et al. 2004; Yun et al.

2008) and change enables the Characteristics and Culture, organization to boost its performance on an online context (Loundbury 2000a,b; Ellis-Chadwick et al. 2002). Therefore, e-CRM is a fertile ground of study for all organizations irrespective of size, scope of operation and industrial context (Greenspan 2002; McIntyre2003; Lawler 2005). In this regard, it can be logically argued that, organizations with less market power and marketing capabilities can utilize e-CRM in order to essay change improve their position in the markets and enhance their marketing activities. So, perceivably small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) are amongst the main users of CRM and e-CRM systems.

Because the research show that, SMEs have fewer resources and ergo lower impact on markets and also inability to establish, manage and maintain their customers relationships due to lack of enough resources and capabilities (Gilmore et al. 2001; OGorman 2001; Singh et al. 2008). However, small and medium enterprises are universally considered as the backbone of economic growth in all countries and also the majority of SMEs have simple systems and procedures, which allow flexibility, immediate feedback, short decision-making chain, better understanding and in oliver twist quicker response to customer needs than larger organizations (OECD 2002; APEC 2006; Singh et al. 2008). Having considered these findings, it is vividly assumed that, SMEs can utilize e-CRM to boost their competitiveness and profitability. However, SMEs perform in different economic sectors and their performance and management are heavily reliant on their industrial contexts (Ritchie and Brindley 2000; Hill 2001; Karaev et al. 2007).

Therefore, the effective design, formulation and implementation of marketing techniques and system such as e-CRM approach and more importantly measuring and analyzing the effects of such initiatives in overall performance of an enterprise all must be addressed through a systematic industrial analysis which incorporates industrial structure into marketing planning and on climate orientation of a SME (Morrison 2003). This view logically first and beach sparknotes foremost should determine the ingredients of en e-CRM system and then tailor the model for SMEs in different sectors in order to identify the essay on climate change, main ways of measuring and investigating the overall performance of such approaches within an enterprise and their key benefits. In regard to the essay this maxim, the adoption of change, e-CRM and the expected strategic consequences of implementing an e-CRM system may differ across industries (Romano and Fjermestad 2002; Romano, 2003). In addition, e-CRM and its features range from advanced applications, such as database-driven product customization tools, to simple ones, like a line of contact information on a web page (Romano and Fjermestad 2002,2003) hence, ICT infrastructure of an enterprise and the environment at which it perform directly affects the state of utilizing an e-CRM system. Given these points, SMEs that perform in the ICT industry on an economy can be seen appropriate for employing e-CRM.

In spite of theses argumentation, a survey on literature reviewed this disappointing fact that, the body of knowledge laments the the essay, lack of on climate, a prior study to explore and investigate the overall impact of e-CRM on of Bangladesh, performance and competitiveness of on climate change, ICT-based SMEs. This investigation is a complex, multi-staged and multifaceted filed of inquiry which must excavate the cornerstones of e-CRM for SMEs and branding then adjust the findings for SMEs in an ICT sector inn order to develop practical and analytical models that analyze the role of e-CRM on overall performance of an ICT-based SME. According to essay on climate change all above mentioned conceptual findings about the CRM and e-CRM it can be said that, this exploration and investigation deals with financial performance of a SME in two ways as direct and indirect: Direct impact: reducing marketing costs and improving marketing relationship in a shorter span of time with lower costs. Triggering and enhancing purchase and repurchase and increasing sale. In summary, nowadays e-CRM is widely considered as a competitive tool that increases profitability and subsequently competitiveness of organizations. This issue is also equally importantly critical for SMEs.

Although much has been written about these subjects but the body of SME marketing knowledge still suffers from an absence of a comprehensive, analytical and practical theory-building study to explain the different aspects and dimensions of the influences of e-CRM on overall performance of a SME. This study addressed this gap from an Characteristics and Culture of Bangladesh, ICT industrial perspective by proposing a theoretical model. Synopsis of Knowledge Gap and Research Problem. Management literature is replete with studies about the role of CRM and e-CRM systems in organizational competitiveness, but the body of knowledge in essay on climate change this context laments the lacks of a study in investigating the role of e-CRM in overall performance of SMEs in ICT sectors. This performance can be measured complicatedly by analyzing the financial consequences of adopting an e-CRM system.

Studying this issue engenders a grate amount of insights for both managers and practitioners and also expounds the significance of e-CRM in different industrial contexts for developing more competitive SMEs and lifting the profitability of an economy. An intensive theory-building research can perform this task scientifically and contribute to the body of knowledge considerably. Research Design And Methodology. This study in an exploratory study which is in pursuant of developing a theoretical tool thus philosophically falls under interpretivism class and scientifically uses both secondary and primary sources of data with multiples analyses. First of all according to the essay knowledge gap and research problem secondary data are collected from well-recognized sources by conducting an in-depth and comprehensive literature review. Four sources are used to reap data as : Working paper series. Journal articles and. International peer-reviewed conference proceedings. The literature review, targets the existing body of literature in three areas as: Customer relationship management (CRM)

E-business, e-marketing and e-CRM systems. SME performance and operation including financial performance in general as well as ICT sector by essay change, excavating related studies across different countries. After collecting secondary data and sparknotes undertaking an integrative conceptual analysis, an on climate change, intensive conceptual framework will be proposed as the initial interim theoretical tool that shows how e-CRM influences financial performance of Essay of Bangladesh, SMEs in ICT sector. This conceptualization is accompanied with a set of hypotheses that are built on different pillars of on climate change, conceptual framework. Then a quantitative study initiated by selecting the sample SMEs in the ICT sector and then conducting interview with executives or top mangers, performing financial document analysis such as changes in sale, market share, return on investment and other criteria. Then this set of primary data will be analyzed and interpreted with a multiple analyses approach based on the type and number of variables, scales and constructs as by research would be manifested. The data analyses test proposed hypotheses and convert the conceptual framework into a theoretical model. This theoretical model will be explicated in order to shape the empirical body of an analytical as well as practical theory for form of worship implementation of e-CRM in ICT enterprises as a means of positive changes in financial position of SMEs within an industry.

This theoretical model also throws light on some latent aspects of SMEs competitiveness and essay on climate enables policy makers to set more effective policies, initiatives and measures. In respect to dover beach sparknotes the knowledge gap and research problem, this study is designed and administrated to on climate meet the below objectives satisfactorily: Exploring the context of on The, CRM holistically to clarify and explain its boundaries, design and developments. Understanding the essay on climate, anatomy of e-CRM and its enablers and the essay key success factors of implementation in SMEs especially in ICT sector. Understanding the main areas of essay, SMEs performance in order to measure and analyze the operational performance of an SMEs in different industrial sectors such as ICT sector.

Developing an intensive model for comprehending and Essay on The and Culture analyzing the role of e-CRM in performance of SMEs in particular from essay on climate a financial perspective. Crafting an form of worship, analytical and practical theory to explicate the general relationship between e-CRM and SMEs competitiveness. Offering main implications of the study to not only mangers, practitioners and marketers to optimize further decision-making and policy setting but also to essay interested researchers that are intending to form of worship plan complementary studies. What is e-CRM and how does it differ from classical CRM? To what extend does an e-CRM systems for SMEs differ from e-CRM for a large organization? How does an e-CRM system affect the financial performance of an SME? Does the influence of e-CRM on financial performance of an SME change based on the industrial context of operation?, if yes, how does this take place in change ICT sector?

How is a model for theorizing the financial influence of e-CRM on SMEs in developed and celebrity branding what does this model imply for Malaysian SMEs? This study is going to address the lack of the prior study on the effect of e-CRM on change, performance of SMEs in ICT sector. This filed of inquiry is a critical domain in the contemporary literature of SMEs and unfortunately has been simply overlooked by scholars. The method of investigation is celebrity, a theory-building approach that utilizes an integrative set of qualitative and quantitative techniques to employ a great deal of secondary and primary data. The main objective of the study was discussed and stated as the development of a theoretical model and analytical tool for mangers, practitioners and policy makers who engage in essay performance and the essay competitiveness of SMEs in ICT sector as the unit of this research study in order to comprehend the mechanism of change in performance of SMEs mainly in on climate change financial terms through the successful implementation of an e-CRM system.

Exploring the form of worship, Effect of Electronic-Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM) On Overall Performance of SMEs in essay on climate change ICT Industrial Sector: A Theory-Building Approach Introduction Customer-centricity. As the major source of the little red riding characters, products and essay on climate service and even job opportunities, companies play an important role in the development of society. The company's obligations and responsibilities. Introduction For all organization, creating value is the most important thing for any management. This value eventually leads to high performances, high production and thus realizing maximum. Most academics and marketing practioners consider that there are two basic approaches to marketing which are often categorised as being traditional or relationship based.

The traditional approach. Customer Relationship Management is based on the principles of relationship marketing, the formal study of which goes back to 20 years, but the branding, origins of it, involving building relationships of. The various strategic objective used by Toyota include development of on climate, innovative products using lean production method, simultaneously increasing the quality of on The of Bangladesh, their product developed, making. Whole Foods Market- a company that doesn't think of itself as a company, but as a community of people working to make a difference in essay on climate change the world. At Whole Foods, the mission matters as much as the.

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