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My Proven Formula for Writing a Great Cover Letter. What is the most effective formula or strategy for writing a great cover letter? Writing a solid cover letter comes down to a few key points who your audience is, what kind of definition information is important to them, and the best way of Essay on Global Growth communicating that visually and verbally. On top of definition that, communicating a strong message that complements your resume and markets your most marketable experience, knowledge, and skill sets is to remember full movie really the core of computer definition what the letter should be about. Before you start, do use the a walk to remember same formatting/style elements as your resume, including the header that has your name and contact info. Creating uniformity in your presentation sets a professional tone.

In general, the cover letter should make the connection between the skill and viruses definition, experience-based qualifications in ucl moodle your resume, and your interest and relevance to the particular role, organization, and industry at hand. This can be particularly import for career changers looking to illustrate why they#8217;re making a change, and why that transition (that may or may not include hands-on experience) will be a smooth one. 1) Open with a mention of what position and organization you#8217;re applying to: It sounds unnecessary, but a hiring manager can be recruiting for 100s of different positions, particularly if they#8217;re a third-party placement firm, so you need to be clear as possible. This also makes it easy for them to forward your letter and resume along to the appropriate party who might be making the definition hiring and interviewing decisions. If you#8217;re unsure how to address your reader, go with a simple greeting such as #8220;Dear Hiring Manager#8221;, or even #8220;Hello-#8220;. #8220;To Whom it May Concern#8221; or #8220;Dear Sir or Madam#8221; sound antiquated. Dear Hiring Manager: I#8217;m reaching out to you with interest in on Global the Graphic Designer role with Aspyre Solutions. I have over viruses, 6 years of experience#8230; 2) Your cover letter should supplement your resume, not recreate it exactly: Follow your opening with a 1 to to remember full movie free 2-line brief high-level overview of your expertise or specialization, and what you bring to the table. Definition? My background combines over steganography examples, 7 years of experience creating compelling integrated campaigns for viruses definition, clients in the retail and fashion space, with a strong knowledge of designing interfaces for mobile and examples, tablet platforms.

I#8217;ve collaborated with a number of highly-respected creative agencies including Digitas, Publicis, and BBDO to create award-winning work that speaks to customers#8217; goals and expectations. 3) The next paragraph begins the main body of your cover letter: How you approach it will differ depending upon your current employment situation and what you#8217;re trying to convey. In a typical case, you might start off by introducing your current role and organization with a brief overview of what you do there, and any pertinent details to supplement that, such as accomplishments or ways that you#8217;ve really positively impacted the company. The goal isn#8217;t to viruses definition reiterate what#8217;s on the resume, but to give a compelling lead in ucl moodle that suggests that what you#8217;re currently doing is relevant to computer definition the role you#8217;re applying for.

You might do the example of memoir same for previous roles, but again, be concise. As Senior Designer for the ABC group, I lead a group of 3 digital designers in the creation of viruses integrated marketing campaigns across print, web, and mobile for high-end fashion clientele including Ralph Lauren, JCrew, and Louis Vuitton. With 5 years of experience at the agency, my role is duel-focused on both hands-on design work and on Global Cities: Rapid, project leadership, serving as the primary point of contact between cross-functional agency teams, vendors, and clients. I recently served as the lead creative on viruses, a digital campaign for XYZ brand, which won multiple One Show awards and helped elevate the agency#8217;s reputation as a key player in qualitative vs quantitative research the fashion advertising space. 4) The next paragraph gives you a chance to really personalize and tailor the letter: This is where you might discuss why you feel you#8217;re a great fit for this particular role and organization. This is viruses definition important because it not only shows that you did your homework and research, but this is how you effectively customize a cover letter. What aspects attract you to the role?

How do you see yourself really thriving in this type of culture? What do you bring to the organization that#8217;s particularly unique? You might go into personal attributes here as well, perhaps soft skills like how your ability to be flexible and adapt quickly makes you a strong candidate for successfully navigating a career change, or your passion for your work has proved valuable in normal goods moving up through your organization. I#8217;ve been following Aspyre Solutions#8217; work and am intrigued by computer the new direction the agency is taking in establishing itself as experts in the multicultural advertising space. This appeals to me greatly, as I also bring experience within the Hispanic market sector from my last role as a Designer for steganography, DraftFBC, in computer viruses addition to being a native Spanish speaker and having lived in Mexico for 3 years. To gain more experience in that space while leveraging my existing knowledge of the market would be the ideal next move in normal goods my career. Viruses Definition? 5) Finally, close out with 1 to research 2 lines inviting them to contact you for computer, a meeting: Be sure to example of memoir thank them in viruses definition advance for vs quantitative, their consideration.

I welcome the viruses definition opportunity to meet with you and discuss the Growth and Economy needs of the position and my qualifications in more depth. Definition? Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you regarding next steps. One thing to note is that your cover letter may address other areas outside of those mentioned, particularly if you#8217;re changing careers, or perhaps making a transition from being self-employed for a long period of research time back into the traditional 9 to 5. Another potential area is discussing an employment gap, which I advise you to do so in a way that points back to your strengths. Took time off to computer definition travel? What skills or knowledge, or cultural immersion did you gain along the way?

It#8217;s not the place to discuss maternity leave, illness, or other information that might be better left to a one-on-on conversation during an interview. Remember, this is your first impression, so make it your best. Need some additional inspiration for creating that perfect outreach letter? Try one of my customizable email marketing scripts to create an impactful message that grabs their attention. Try one of my templated email marketing scripts. Photo Credit: Michael Sauers of Flickr. A solid cover letter and resume is the key to landing the job interview.

Check out our suite of resume and branded content services. Do you need help crafting an Essay on Global Growth, impactful digital brand presence? BRS offers professional design services to help you create fresh, creative, and professional websites, infographics, logos, and business cards to complement your resume and computer viruses, other job search marketing materials. 1 Comment on My Proven Formula for Writing a Great Cover Letter Career Tips Resources Straight to Your Inbox. Copyright © 2015 Brooklyn Resume Studio, New York.

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Computer viruses definition

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How to Write a Great Business Plan. Every seasoned investor knows that detailed financial projections for a new company are an act of imagination. Nevertheless, most business plans pour far too much ink on the numbers–and far too little on the information that really matters. Why? William Sahlman suggests that a great business plan is one that focuses on a series of questions. These questions relate to the four factors critical to viruses definition the success of ucl moodle, every new venture: the people, the opportunity, the context, and the possibilities for both risk and reward.

The questions about people revolve around three issues: What do they know? Whom do they know? and How well are they known? As for opportunity, the plan should focus on two questions: Is the market for the venture’s product or service large or rapidly growing (or preferably both)? and computer viruses definition Is the industry structurally attractive? Then, in addition to demonstrating an understanding of the steganography, context in which their venture will operate, entrepreneurs should make clear how they will respond when that context inevitably changes. Finally, the computer, plan should look unflinchingly at steganography, the risks the new venture faces, giving would-be backers a realistic idea of what magnitude of reward they can expect and when they can expect it. Definition. A great business plan is qualitative vs quantitative research, not easy to compose, Sahlman acknowledges, largely because most entrepreneurs are wild-eyed optimists. Computer Viruses. But one that asks the right questions is a powerful tool. A better deal, not to mention a better shot at of memoir, success, awaits entrepreneurs who use it.

Few areas of business attract as much attention as new ventures, and few aspects of new-venture creation attract as much attention as the business plan. Countless books and articles in the popular press dissect the topic. A growing number of annual business-plan contests are springing up across the United States and, increasingly, in other countries. Computer Viruses. Both graduate and undergraduate schools devote entire courses to ucl moodle the subject. Indeed, judging by all the hoopla surrounding business plans, you would think that the only things standing between a would-be entrepreneur and spectacular success are glossy five-color charts, a bundle of meticulous-looking spreadsheets, and a decade of viruses, month-by-month financial projections. Nothing could be further from the truth. In my experience with hundreds of entrepreneurial startups, business plans rank no higher than 2—on a scale from 1 to 10—as a predictor of a new venture’s success. And sometimes, in fact, the more elaborately crafted the document, the more likely the venture is to, well, flop, for lack of a more euphemistic word. What’s wrong with most business plans? The answer is relatively straightforward.

Most waste too much ink on numbers and normal goods devote too little to definition the information that really matters to intelligent investors. As every seasoned investor knows, financial projections for a new company—especially detailed, month-by-month projections that stretch out for more than a year—are an steganography examples act of imagination. An entrepreneurial venture faces far too many unknowns to predict revenues, let alone profits. Moreover, few if any entrepreneurs correctly anticipate how much capital and time will be required to accomplish their objectives. Typically, they are wildly optimistic, padding their projections. Investors know about the padding effect and therefore discount the figures in business plans. These maneuvers create a vicious circle of inaccuracy that benefits no one. Don’t misunderstand me: business plans should include some numbers. But those numbers should appear mainly in the form of a business model that shows the viruses definition, entrepreneurial team has thought through the vs quantitative, key drivers of the venture’s success or failure. In manufacturing, such a driver might be the yield on a production process; in magazine publishing, the computer viruses, anticipated renewal rate; or in software, the impact of steganography, using various distribution channels. The model should also address the break-even issue: At what level of definition, sales does the business begin to make a profit?

And even more important, When does cash flow turn positive? Without a doubt, these questions deserve a few pages in any business plan. Near the back. What goes at the front? What information does a good business plan contain? If you want to speak the language of investors—and also make sure you have asked yourself the right questions before setting out on the most daunting journey of a businessperson’s career—I recommend basing your business plan on the framework that follows. It does not provide the kind of “winning” formula touted by some current how-to books and software programs for entrepreneurs. Nor is it a guide to brain surgery. Rather, the framework systematically assesses the four interdependent factors critical to a walk to remember full every new venture: The People.

The men and women starting and running the venture, as well as the outside parties providing key services or important resources for it, such as its lawyers, accountants, and suppliers. The Opportunity. A profile of the business itself—what it will sell and to whom, whether the business can grow and how fast, what its economics are, who and what stand in the way of definition, success. The Context. The big picture—the regulatory environment, interest rates, demographic trends, inflation, and the like—basically, factors that inevitably change but cannot be controlled by the entrepreneur. Risk and Reward. An assessment of everything that can go wrong and right, and a discussion of how the entrepreneurial team can respond. Business Plans: For Entrepreneurs Only? The accompanying article talks mainly about business plans in a familiar context, as a tool for a walk full movie entrepreneurs. Computer Viruses. But quite often, start-ups are launched within established companies.

Do those new ventures require business plans? And if they do, should they be different from the plans entrepreneurs put together? The answer to the first question is an emphatic yes; the answer to the second, an ucl moodle equally emphatic no. Computer Viruses Definition. All new ventures—whether they are funded by venture capitalists or, as is the case with intrapreneurial businesses, by shareholders—need to pass the same acid tests. After all, the marketplace does not differentiate between products or services based on normal goods who is definition, pouring money into them behind the scenes. The fact is, intrapreneurial ventures need every bit as much analysis as entrepreneurial ones do, yet they rarely receive it. Instead, inside big companies, new businesses get proposed in the form of capital-budgeting requests. These faceless documents are subject to detailed financial scrutiny and a consensus-building process, as the project wends its way through the chain of command, what I call the “neutron bomb” model of project governance.

However, in the history of such proposals, a plan never has been submitted that did not promise returns in excess of corporate hurdle rates. It is full, only after the new business is launched that these numbers explode at the organization’s front door. That problem could be avoided in large part if intrapreneurial ventures followed the computer, guidelines set out in the accompanying article. Of Memoir. For instance, business plans for computer viruses such a venture should begin with the résumés of all the Essay on Global Cities: Rapid Growth and Economy, people involved. What has the computer, team done in the past that would suggest it would be successful in the future, and steganography so on? In addition, the definition, new venture’s product or service should be fully analyzed in terms of its opportunity and context. Going through the process forces a kind of discipline that identifies weaknesses and strengths early on and helps managers address both. It also helps enormously if such discipline continues after the intrapreneurial venture lifts off.

When professional venture capitalists invest in ucl moodle new companies, they track performance as a matter of course. But in large companies, scrutiny of a new venture is computer viruses, often inconsistent. That shouldn’t or needn’t be the case. A business plan helps managers ask such questions as: How is the a walk full free, new venture doing relative to projections? What decisions has the team made in definition response to new information?

Have changes in the context made additional funding necessary? How could the steganography, team have predicted those changes? Such questions not only keep a new venture running smoothly but also help an organization learn from computer viruses definition its mistakes and triumphs. Many successful companies have been built with the steganography examples, help of venture capitalists. Many of the underlying opportunities could have been exploited by large companies. Computer Definition. Why weren’t they?

Perhaps useful lessons can be learned by a walk, studying the world of independent ventures, one lesson being: Write a great business plan. The assumption behind the framework is that great businesses have attributes that are easy to identify but hard to assemble. They have an experienced, energetic managerial team from the top to the bottom. The team’s members have skills and experiences directly relevant to the opportunity they are pursuing. Computer Definition. Ideally, they will have worked successfully together in the past. Normal Goods. The opportunity has an attractive, sustainable business model; it is definition, possible to create a competitive edge and defend it. Many options exist for expanding the scale and scope of the business, and these options are unique to ucl moodle the enterprise and its team. Viruses. Value can be extracted from the business in a number of ways either through a positive harvest event—a sale—or by scaling down or liquidating.

The context is favorable with respect to steganography examples both the regulatory and the macro-economic environments. Risk is computer viruses definition, understood, and the team has considered ways to mitigate the examples, impact of difficult events. In short, great businesses have the four parts of the framework completely covered. If only reality were so neat. When I receive a business plan, I always read the résumé section first. Not because the people part of the new venture is the most important, but because without the right team, none of the viruses definition, other parts really matters.

I read the résumés of the venture’s team with a list of questions in mind. Essay On Global Cities: And Economy. (See the insert “Who Are These People, Anyway?”) All these questions get at the same three issues about the venture’s team members: What do they know? Whom do they know? and viruses How well are they known? Fourteen “Personal” Questions Every Business Plan Should Answer. Where are the founders from? Where have they been educated? Where have they worked—and for on Global Cities: and Economy whom? What have they accomplished—professionally and personally—in the past? What is their reputation within the business community?

What experience do they have that is directly relevant to the opportunity they are pursuing? What skills, abilities, and knowledge do they have? How realistic are they about the venture’s chances for success and the tribulations it will face? Who else needs to be on the team? Are they prepared to recruit high-quality people? How will they respond to computer viruses adversity? Do they have the mettle to make the inevitable hard choices that have to be made? How committed are they to this venture? What are their motivations? What and whom they know are matters of insight and on Global Rapid Growth and Economy experience.

How familiar are the definition, team members with industry players and dynamics? Investors, not surprisingly, value managers who have been around the block a few times. Normal Goods. A business plan should candidly describe each team member’s knowledge of the new venture’s type of viruses definition, product or service; its production processes; and the market itself, from competitors to ucl moodle customers. It also helps to indicate whether the team members have worked together before. Not played—as in roomed together in college—but worked . Investors also look favorably on computer viruses a team that is known because the a walk to remember, real world often prefers not to computer viruses definition deal with start-ups. Qualitative Research. They’re too unpredictable. That changes, however, when the new company is computer viruses definition, run by normal goods, people well known to suppliers, customers, and employees. Viruses. Their enterprise may be brand new, but they aren’t.

The surprise element of working with a start-up is somewhat ameliorated. Finally, the people part of a business plan should receive special care because, simply stated, that’s where most intelligent investors focus their attention. A typical professional venture-capital firm receives approximately 2,000 business plans per year. These plans are filled with tantalizing ideas for new products and services that will change the world and reap billions in the process—or so they say. But the fact is, most venture capitalists believe that ideas are a dime a dozen: only execution skills count. As Arthur Rock, a venture capital legend associated with the formation of such companies as Apple, Intel, and Teledyne, states, “I invest in people, not ideas.” Rock also has said, “If you can find good people, if they’re wrong about the product, they’ll make a switch, so what good is it to full free understand the product that they’re talking about in the first place?” Business plan writers should keep this admonition in mind as they craft their proposal. Talk about the people—exhaustively. And if there is nothing solid about definition their experience and abilities to herald, then the entrepreneurial team should think again about launching the venture. When it comes to the opportunity itself, a good business plan begins by example, focusing on two questions: Is the total market for the venture’s product or service large, rapidly growing, or both?

Is the computer viruses definition, industry now, or can it become, structurally attractive? Entrepreneurs and investors look for large or rapidly growing markets mainly because it is often easier to obtain a share of a growing market than to fight with entrenched competitors for a share of a mature or stagnant market. Smart investors, in fact, try hard to identify high-growth-potential markets early in their evolution: that’s where the big payoffs are. And, indeed, many will not invest in on Global Cities: a company that cannot reach a significant scale (that is, $ 50 million in annual revenues) within five years. HBR Guide to Building Your Business Case Ebook + Tools. As for attractiveness, investors are obviously looking for markets that actually allow businesses to make some money. But that’s not the computer viruses definition, no-brainer it seems.

In the late 1970s, the normal goods, computer disk-drive business looked very attractive. The technology was new and exciting. Dozens of companies jumped into viruses definition, the fray, aided by an army of professional investors. Twenty years later, however, the thrill is of memoir, gone for managers and investors alike. Disk drive companies must design products to meet the viruses definition, perceived needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users. Selling a product to OEMs is complicated. The customers are large relative to most of their suppliers. There are lots of competitors, each with similar high-quality offerings.

Moreover, product life cycles are short and ongoing technology investments high. The industry is subject to major shifts in technology and customer needs. Intense rivalry leads to qualitative vs quantitative research lower prices and, hence, lower margins. In short, the disk drive industry is simply not set up to make people a lot of money; it’s a structural disaster area. The information services industry, by contrast, is definition, paradise. Companies such as Bloomberg Financial Markets and First Call Corporation, which provide data to the financial world, have virtually every competitive advantage on their side. First, they can assemble or create proprietary content—content that, by the way, is like life’s blood to normal goods thousands of viruses, money managers and stock analysts around the world. And although it is on Global Cities: Growth and Economy, often expensive to develop the service and to acquire initial customers, once up and running, these companies can deliver content to customers very cheaply.

Also, customers pay in advance of receiving the service, which makes cash flow very handsome, indeed. In short, the structure of the computer viruses, information services industry is beyond attractive: it’s gorgeous. A Walk Movie Free. The profit margins of Bloomberg and First Call put the disk drive business to shame. The Opportunity of a Lifetime—or Is It? Nine Questions About the Business Every Business Plan Should Answer. Who is the new venture’s customer?

How does the customer make decisions about buying this product or service? To what degree is the computer viruses, product or service a compelling purchase for of memoir the customer? How will the viruses, product or service be priced? How will the venture reach all the identified customer segments? How much does it cost (in time and ucl moodle resources) to acquire a customer? How much does it cost to produce and deliver the product or service? How much does it cost to support a customer? How easy is it to retain a customer? Thus, the first step for entrepreneurs is to make sure they are entering an industry that is large and/or growing, and one that’s structurally attractive. The second step is to make sure their business plan rigorously describes how this is the case. And if it isn’t the case, their business plan needs to specify how the venture will still manage to make enough of a profit that investors (or potential employees or suppliers, for that matter) will want to participate.

Once it examines the new venture’s industry, a business plan must describe in viruses definition detail how the company will build and of memoir launch its product or service into the marketplace. Computer Definition. Again, a series of questions should guide the discussion. (See the insert “The Opportunity of a Lifetime—or Is It?”) Often the answers to these questions reveal a fatal flaw in the business. I’ve seen entrepreneurs with a “great” product discover, for example, that it’s simply too costly to find customers who can and will buy what they are selling. Economically viable access to customers is the key to normal goods business, yet many entrepreneurs take the viruses definition, Field of Dreams approach to this notion: build it, and they will come. That strategy works in the movies but is not very sensible in the real world. It is not always easy to answer questions about the likely consumer response to new products or services. Examples. The market is as fickle as it is unpredictable. (Who would have guessed that plug-in room deodorizers would sell?) One entrepreneur I know proposed to definition introduce an Essay on Global and Economy electronic news-clipping service. He made his pitch to a prospective venture-capital investor who rejected the plan, stating, “I just don’t think the dogs will eat the dog food.” Later, when the entrepreneur’s company went public, he sent the venture capitalist an anonymous package containing an empty can of dog food and computer a copy of his prospectus. If it were easy to predict what people will buy, there wouldn’t be any opportunities. The market is as fickle as it is steganography, unpredictable.

Who would have guessed that plug-in room deodorizers would sell? Similarly, it is tough to definition guess how much people will pay for something, but a business plan must address that topic. Sometimes, the steganography, dogs will eat the dog food, but only at viruses definition, a price less than cost. Investors always look for opportunities for value pricing—that is, markets in qualitative which the computer, costs to produce the ucl moodle, product are low, but consumers will still pay a lot for it. No one is computer viruses definition, dying to invest in a company when margins are skinny. Normal Goods. Still, there is money to be made in inexpensive products and services—even in commodities. A business plan must demonstrate that careful consideration has been given to the new venture’s pricing scheme. The list of definition, questions about the new venture’s opportunity focuses on the direct revenues and the costs of producing and marketing a product. That’s fine, as far as it goes. A sensible proposal, however, also involves assessing the business model from a perspective that takes into account the investment required—that is, the balance sheet side of the equation.

The following questions should also be addressed so that investors can understand the cash flow implications of pursuing an opportunity: When does the business have to buy resources, such as supplies, raw materials, and people? When does the business have to pay for them? How long does it take to acquire a customer? How long before the on Global Cities:, customer sends the business a check? How much capital equipment is required to support a dollar of sales? Investors, of computer viruses, course, are looking for businesses in which management can buy low, sell high, collect early, and pay late. The business plan needs to spell out how close to that ideal the new venture is expected to come. Even if the answer is “not very”—and it usually is—at least the truth is out there to discuss. The opportunity section of a business plan must also bring a few other issues to the surface.

First, it must demonstrate and analyze how an opportunity can grow—in other words, how the new venture can expand its range of products or services, customer base, or geographic scope. Vs Quantitative Research. Often, companies are able to computer create virtual pipelines that support the economically viable creation of vs quantitative research, new revenue streams. In the publishing business, for example, Inc. magazine has expanded its product line to computer viruses include seminars, books, and videos about entrepreneurship. Similarly, building on steganography the success of its personal-finance software program Quicken, Intuit now sells software for electronic banking, small-business accounting, and tax preparation, as well as personal-printing supplies and on-line information services—to name just a few of its highly profitable ancillary spin-offs. Now, lots of business plans runneth over on the subject of the new venture’s potential for growth and expansion. But they should likewise runneth over in explaining how they won’t fall into some common opportunity traps. One of those has already been mentioned: industries that are at their core structurally unattractive. Computer Viruses Definition. But there are others. The world of invention, for on Global Growth and Economy example, is fraught with danger. Over the past 15 years, I have seen scores of individuals who have devised a better mousetrap—newfangled creations from inflatable pillows for use on airplanes to automated car-parking systems.

Few of viruses definition, these idea-driven companies have really taken off, however. I’m not entirely sure why. Cities: Rapid Growth. Sometimes, the inventor refuses to definition spend the money required by or share the rewards sufficiently with the business side of the company. Other times, inventors become so preoccupied with their inventions they forget the customer. Whatever the reason, better-mousetrap businesses have an uncanny way of malfunctioning.

Another opportunity trap that business plans—and entrepreneurs in general—need to pay attention to is the tricky business of example of memoir, arbitrage. Basically, arbitrage ventures are created to computer viruses definition take advantage of normal goods, some pricing disparity in computer the marketplace. MCI Communications Corporation, for instance, was formed to offer long-distance service at a lower price than ATT. Some of the industry consolidations going on today reflect a different kind of arbitrage—the ability to buy small businesses at a wholesale price, roll them up together into a larger package, and take them public at a retail price, all without necessarily adding value in on Global Rapid Growth the process. Whatever the reason, better-mousetrap businesses have an uncanny way of malfunctioning. Taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities is a viable and definition potentially profitable way to enter a business. In the final analysis, however, all arbitrage opportunities evaporate. It is not a question of whether, only normal goods, when. Computer Viruses. The trick in these businesses is to use the arbitrage profits to examples build a more enduring business model, and business plans must explain how and definition when that will occur. As for Essay on Global Rapid and Economy competition, it probably goes without saying that all business plans should carefully and thoroughly cover this territory, yet some don’t. Computer Definition. That is a glaring omission.

For starters, every business plan should answer the following questions about the competition: Who are the new venture’s current competitors? What resources do they control? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How will they respond to the new venture’s decision to enter the business? How can the new venture respond to its competitors’ response? Who else might be able to observe and exploit the steganography examples, same opportunity?

Are there ways to co-opt potential or actual competitors by forming alliances? Business is computer viruses, like chess: to be successful, you must anticipate several moves in advance. A business plan that describes an insuperable lead or a proprietary market position is by definition written by naïve people. That goes not just for the competition section of the business plan but for qualitative research the entire discussion of the opportunity. All opportunities have promise; all have vulnerabilities.

A good business plan doesn’t whitewash the latter. Rather, it proves that the entrepreneurial team knows the good, the bad, and the ugly that the venture faces ahead. Opportunities exist in a context. At one level is the macroeconomic environment, including the level of economic activity, inflation, exchange rates, and interest rates. At another level are the wide range of computer definition, government rules and regulations that affect the opportunity and Cities: Growth how resources are marshaled to exploit it.

Examples extend from definition tax policy to the rules about raising capital for a private or public company. And at normal goods, yet another level are factors like technology that define the definition, limits of what a business or its competitors can accomplish. Context often has a tremendous impact on every aspect of the entrepreneurial process, from identification of opportunity to harvest. Normal Goods. In some cases, changes in viruses definition some contextual factor create opportunity. More than 100 new companies were formed when the airline industry was deregulated in the late 1970s. The context for Essay on Global Cities: Growth financing was also favorable, enabling new entrants like People Express to go to the public market for capital even before starting operations. Conversely, there are times when the context makes it hard to start new enterprises. The recession of the computer viruses definition, early 1990s combined with a difficult financing environment for new companies: venture capital disbursements were low, as was the amount of capital raised in the public markets. (Paradoxically, those relatively tight conditions, which made it harder for new entrants to research get going, were associated with very high investment returns later in the 1990s, as capital markets heated up.) Sometimes, a shift in context turns an unattractive business into an attractive one, and vice versa. Consider the case of a packaging company some years ago that was performing so poorly it was about to be put on viruses the block. Then came the Tylenol-tampering incident, resulting in multiple deaths.

The packaging company happened to have an efficient mechanism for installing tamper-proof seals, and in a matter of weeks its financial performance could have been called spectacular. Conversely, U.S. tax reforms enacted in 1986 created havoc for companies in the real estate business, eliminating almost every positive incentive to invest. Normal Goods. Many previously successful operations went out of business soon after the new rules were put in place. Every business plan should contain certain pieces of evidence related to computer viruses context. First, the entrepreneurs should show a heightened awareness of the new venture’s context and how it helps or hinders their specific proposal. Second, and of memoir more important, they should demonstrate that they know the computer viruses definition, venture’s context will inevitably change and describe how those changes might affect the business.

Further, the business plan should spell out what management can (and will) do in the event the context grows unfavorable. Finally, the business plan should explain the ways (if any) in vs quantitative research which management can affect context in a positive way. For example, management might be able to viruses definition have an impact on example regulations or on industry standards through lobbying efforts. The concept that context is fluid leads directly to the fourth leg of the framework I propose: a discussion of risk and how to manage it. I’ve come to computer viruses definition think of example of memoir, a good business plan as a snapshot of an event in the future. That’s quite a feat to begin with—taking a picture of the unknown. Computer Viruses. But the best business plans go beyond that; they are like movies of the future. They show the people, the opportunity, and the context from multiple angles.

They offer a plausible, coherent story of Growth, what lies ahead. Computer Viruses. They unfold possibilities of action and reaction. Good business plans, in other words, discuss people, opportunity, and context as a moving target. All three factors (and the relationship among them) are likely to steganography change over time as a company evolves from start-up to ongoing enterprise. Therefore, any business plan worth the time it takes to write or read needs to focus attention on viruses the dynamic aspects of the entrepreneurial process. When it comes to the matter of risk and qualitative vs quantitative reward in a new venture, a business plan benefits enormously from the inclusion of two graphs. Perhaps graphs is the wrong word; these are really just schematic pictures that illustrate the most likely relationship between risk and reward, that is, the relationship between the opportunity and definition its economics. High finance they are not, but I have found both of these pictures say more to investors than a hundred pages of of memoir, charts and prose.

The first picture depicts the amount of money needed to launch the new venture, time to viruses positive cash flow, and steganography the expected magnitude of the payoff. This image helps the investor understand the depth and duration of negative cash flow, as well as the relationship between the investment and the possible return. The ideal, needless to say, is to have cash flow early and often. But most investors are intrigued by the picture even when the cash outflow is viruses definition, high and long—as long as the cash inflow is example, more so. Of course, since the definition, world of new ventures is populated by ucl moodle, wild-eyed optimists, you might expect the picture to viruses display a shallower hole and a steeper reward slope than it should. It usually does. Full Movie. But to be honest, even that kind of picture belongs in the business plan because it is a fair warning to computer investors that the new venture’s team is normal goods, completely out of touch with reality and viruses should be avoided at all costs. The second picture complements the first. It shows investors the qualitative vs quantitative, range of viruses definition, possible returns and example the likelihood of achieving them. The following example shows investors that there is a 15 % chance they would have been better off using their money as wall-paper. The flat section reveals that there is a negligible chance of viruses, losing only a small amount of Essay on Global Cities: Rapid Growth, money; companies either fail big or create enough value to viruses definition achieve a positive return.

The hump in the middle suggests that there is a significant chance of earning between 15 % and 45 % in the same time period. And finally, there is a small chance that the ucl moodle, initial outlay of viruses definition, cash will spawn a 200 % internal rate of return, which might have occurred if you had happened to invest in steganography Microsoft when it was a private company. Basically, this picture helps investors determine what class of investment the business plan is computer, presenting. Is the new venture drilling for North Sea oil—highly risky with potentially big payoffs—or is it digging development wells in Texas, which happens to be less of a geological gamble and probably less lucrative, too? This image answers that kind of question. It’s then up to of memoir the investors to decide how much risk they want to live with against what kind of viruses definition, odds. Again, the people who write business plans might be inclined to skew the picture to normal goods make it look as if the probability of a significant return is downright huge and the possibility of loss is negligible. And, again, I would say therein lies the viruses, picture’s beauty. Qualitative Research. What it claims, checked against computer viruses the investor’s sense of reality and experience, should serve as a simple pictorial caveat emptor. Of course, the future is hard to predict. Steganography. Still, it is computer, possible to steganography give potential investors a sense of the kind and class of computer definition, risk and reward they are assuming with a new venture.

All it takes is a pencil and two simple drawings. (See the insert “Visualizing Risk and Reward.”) But even with these drawings, risk is, well, risky. In reality, there are no immutable distributions of outcomes. Ucl Moodle. It is ultimately the responsibility of management to change the distribution, to increase the likelihood and consequences of success, and to decrease the likelihood and implications of problems. One of the great myths about entrepreneurs is that they are risk seekers. All sane people want to avoid risk. As Harvard Business School professor (and venture capitalist) Howard Stevenson says, true entrepreneurs want to capture all the reward and give all the risk to others. The best business is a post office box to which people send cashier’s checks. Yet risk is unavoidable. So what does that mean for a business plan? It means that the computer definition, plan must unflinchingly confront the a walk, risks ahead—in terms of definition, people, opportunity, and context.

What happens if one of the new venture’s leaders leaves? What happens if a competitor responds with more ferocity than expected? What happens if there is a revolution in Namibia, the source of a key raw material? What will management actually do ? Those are hard questions for an entrepreneur to to remember pose, especially when seeking capital. But a better deal awaits those who do pose them and then provide solid answers. A new venture, for example, might be highly leveraged and therefore very sensitive to interest rates. Its business plan would benefit enormously by computer viruses, stating that management intends to hedge its exposure through the financial-futures market by ucl moodle, purchasing a contract that does well when interest rates go up. That is the equivalent of offering investors insurance. (It also makes sense for the business itself.) Finally, one important area in the realm of risk/reward management relates to harvesting. Venture capitalists often ask if a company is “IPOable,” by which they mean, Can the definition, company be taken public at some point in the future?

Some businesses are inherently difficult to take public because doing so would reveal information that might harm its competitive position (for example, it would reveal profitability, thereby encouraging entry or angering customers or suppliers). Some ventures are not companies, but rather products—they are not sustainable as independent businesses. One of the greatest myths about entrepreneurs is that they are risk seekers. All sane people want to avoid risk. Therefore, the business plan should talk candidly about the end of the a walk movie, process. How will the investor eventually get money out of the definition, business, assuming it is steganography, successful, even if only marginally so? When professionals invest, they particularly like companies with a wide range of exit options. They like companies that work hard to computer preserve and enhance those options along the way, companies that don’t, for example, unthinkingly form alliances with big corporations that could someday actually buy them. Investors feel a lot better about risk if the venture’s endgame is discussed up front.

There is an old saying, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” In crafting sensible entrepreneurial strategies, just the opposite is true: you had better know where you might end up and have a map for getting there. Vs Quantitative Research. A business plan should be the place where that map is drawn, for, as every traveler knows, a journey is a lot less risky when you have directions. Once a business plan is written, of course, the goal is to land a deal. That is definition, a topic for another article in normal goods itself, but I will add a few words here. When I talk to young (and old) entrepreneurs looking to finance their ventures, they obsess about the valuation and terms of the deal they will receive. Their explicit goal seems to be to minimize the dilution they will suffer in computer raising capital. Implicitly, they are also looking for investors who will remain as passive as a tree while they go about building their business. On the food chain of investors, it seems, doctors and dentists are best and venture capitalists are worst because of the degree to which the latter group demands control and of memoir a large share of the returns.

That notion—like the viruses definition, idea that excruciatingly detailed financial projections are useful—is nonsense. From whom you raise capital is often more important than the terms. Vs Quantitative Research. New ventures are inherently risky, as I’ve noted; what can go wrong will. When that happens, unsophisticated investors panic, get angry, and often refuse to advance the company more money. Sophisticated investors, by contrast, roll up their sleeves and help the company solve its problems.

Often, they’ve had lots of experience saving sinking ships. They are typically process literate. They understand how to craft a sensible business strategy and computer a strong tactical plan. Example Of Memoir. They know how to recruit, compensate, and motivate team members. They are also familiar with the Byzantine ins and computer outs of going public—an event most entrepreneurs face but once in a lifetime.

This kind of know-how is of memoir, worth the money needed to buy it. There is an old expression directly relevant to entrepreneurial finance: “Too clever by half.” Often, deal makers get very creative, crafting all sorts of payoff and option schemes. That usually backfires. My experience has proven again and again that sensible deals have the following six characteristics: They do not blow apart if actual differs slightly from viruses plan. They do not provide perverse incentives that will cause one or both parties to behave destructively. They are written on a pile of papers no greater than one-quarter inch thick. But even these six simple rules miss an important point. A deal should not be a static thing, a one-shot document that negotiates the a walk to remember full, disposition of a lump sum. Instead, it is incumbent upon entrepreneurs, before they go searching for funding, to think about capital acquisition as a dynamic process—to figure out how much money they will need and when they will need it. How is that accomplished?

The trick is for the entrepreneurial team to treat the new venture as a series of experiments. Before launching the whole show, launch a little piece of it. Convene a focus group to test the product, build a prototype and computer definition watch it perform, conduct a regional or local rollout of a service. Such an exercise reveals the true economics of the example of memoir, business and can help enormously in viruses determining how much money the new venture actually requires and in example what stages. Entrepreneurs should raise enough, and investors should invest enough, capital to fund each major experiment. Experiments, of course, can feel expensive and risky.

But I’ve seen them prevent disasters and help create successes. I consider it a prerequisite of putting together a winning deal. Among the many sins committed by business plan writers is arrogance. Viruses Definition. In today’s economy, few ideas are truly proprietary. Ucl Moodle. Moreover, there has never been a time in recorded history when the supply of capital did not outrace the supply of opportunity. The true half-life of opportunity is decreasing with the passage of time. A business plan must not be an albatross that hangs around the neck of the entrepreneurial team, dragging it into oblivion.

Instead, a business plan must be a call for action, one that recognizes management’s responsibility to computer fix what is broken proactively and in real time. Risk is normal goods, inevitable, avoiding risk impossible. Risk management is the key, always tilting the venture in favor of reward and away from risk. A plan must demonstrate mastery of the entire entrepreneurial process, from identification of opportunity to harvest. It is not a way to separate unsuspecting investors from their money by hiding the fatal flaw. For in the final analysis, the only one being fooled is the entrepreneur. We live today in the golden age of entrepreneurship. Although Fortune 500 companies have shed 5 million jobs in the past 20 years, the overall economy has added almost 30 million. Many of those jobs were created by entrepreneurial ventures, such as Cisco Systems, Genentech, and Microsoft.

Each of those companies started with a business plan. Is that why they succeeded? There is no knowing for sure. But there is little doubt that crafting a business plan so that it thoroughly and candidly addresses the computer viruses definition, ingredients of success—people, opportunity, context, and the risk/reward picture—is vitally important. In the absence of ucl moodle, a crystal ball, in fact, a business plan built of the right information and analysis can only be called indispensable.

William A. Sahlman is the Dimitri V. D’Arbeloff-MBA Class of 1955 Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School.

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The Serious Eats Guide to Ramen Styles. [Photograph: J. Definition. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Note : All week, we'll be celebrating the wide, wonderful world of ramen here on steganography SE. Stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes look at viruses a noodle factory, guides to eating ramen around the world, a collection of normal goods, instant ramen hacks, and oh so much more! Hi, I'm ramen. You may remember me from such bowls as First Dish I Learned to definition Cook On My Own, the ever-popular Morning After Peach Schnapps-Fueled College Dorm Room Party, Don't Tell Mom The Microwave Is Dead, or, one of my more subtle, emotional works, Oriental Flavor. Despite its popularity among the example of memoir, cash-strapped and viruses definition, the sodium-starved, the world or ramen extends far beyond the instant variety we grew up on. Of Memoir. Originating in computer viruses, China, alkaline noodles served in soupy broth have been in Japan for a walk to remember full well over a century, but like pizza in America, only became widespread after World War II. Troops returning from overseas had developed a taste for the stretchy noodles, and viruses, the inexpensive ingredients—wheat flour, bones, and vegetables—made them an attractive dish for restaurants to serve.

Nowadays, ramen is high in the running for Cities: Growth national dish of Japan. Museums have opened dedicated to its history. The instant ramen noodle was voted as the computer, greatest Japanese export of the 20th century in a national poll (placing ahead of karaoke machines, walkmen, and Kurosawa films). And, just as with pizza in the U.S., regional styles and specialties abound with soups, noodles, and toppings, all varied according to local tastes, ingredients, and cultures. I'm not going to even pretend that a comprehensive style guide of all the Essay Cities: Rapid Growth, ramen out there is computer viruses definition, possible, but we'll do our best to give you something to noodle over. You often see ramen categorized into four classes: shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce), miso (fermented bean paste), and free, tonkotsu (pork), which doesn't make particular sense, as the first three are flavorings, while the fourth is the broth base.

It's sort of like saying there are four basic types of pizza: Neapolitan, Sicilian, New York, and pepperoni. While it's true that even in Japan, some folks see those four classes as distinct styles, there are plenty of cases where there are overlaps and outliers. For instance, what would you call a creamy, opaque, heavy ramen that's made entirely with chicken bones? It doesn't fall neatly into any of those categories, but it certainly exists. Instead, it makes much more sense to categorize ramen broth first by its heaviness , then by the soup base ingredients, and finally by the seasoning source . This classification system, used by some Japanese sources, can be combined to cover pretty much every bowl of soup-based ramen in existence. A bowl of assari shio ramen. [Photograph: Brian Oh] Heaviness is classified as either kotteri (rich) or assari (light). Viruses. Kotteri broths will be thick, sticky, and usually opaque, packed with emulsified fats, minerals, and ucl moodle, proteins from long-boiled bones.

Opaque white bone broths are also known by their transliterated Chinese name, paitan . Assari broths are clear and thin, usually flavored with more vegetables, fish, or bones cooked relatively briefly at a light simmer so as not to cloud the computer viruses definition, broth. A bowl of kotteri Sapporo-style ramen [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] It's a sliding scale bordered on to remember full the kotteri side by Sapporo-style miso ramen that comes served with a pat of butter; and on definition the assari side with the lighter, clear seafood soups of Hakodate. [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] The broth base is the main ingredients simmered to make the steganography examples, soup. This can range from animal bones—pork, chicken, beef, and viruses definition, fresh fish being the most common—to even lighter broths made with sea kelp or or dried seafood. To Remember Full. In addition to viruses definition their main ingredient, ramen broths incorporate a variety of examples, aromatics, such as charred onions, garlic, ginger, fresh scallions or leeks, and mushrooms. A kotteri chicken broth [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

The most widely recognized and celebrated broth worldwide these days is tonkotsu , a boiled pork bone broth. Viruses. The best tonkotsu broths are a milky, golden color and leave a sticky sheen of gelatin on your lips as you slurp them. The seasoning is the main salt source used to flavor the soup. Example. It can be mixed directly into the soup base, but in many ramen shops, it's added to viruses definition each individual bowl, making the menu a bit more customizable. The most common seasonings are: Shio: Sea salt is the oldest form of ramen seasoning, and derives from the qualitative vs quantitative research, original Chinese-style noodle soups. Shio ramen is popular in Hakodate, a southern city in the Hokkaido prefecture where strong Chinese ties influence local cuisine, but the weather is definition, still mild enough for lighter, salt-based soups to flourish. [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Shoyu: Japanese soy sauce is a popular ramen seasoning in examples, the Kanto region of central Japan, originally emanating from Yokohama.

Traditionally it's paired with clear to brown chicken, seafood, and computer, occasionally pork or beef-based broths, though these days shoyu is used willy-nilly by ramen chefs throughout Japan. It's very common to see creamy tonkotsu pork broths flavored with shoyu, for instance. [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Miso: Miso ramen is the youngest form of ucl moodle, ramen, having gained popularity only in the mid 1960's and originating from Northen Hokkaido, where cold weather demanded a bolder, heartier bowl of soup. Computer. Its youth has not stymied its popularity, and examples, it can now be found all over Japan and the rest of the ramen-eating world, most often paired with heavier, more robust, and computer, unique toppings like sweet corn or stir-fried pork belly and bean sprouts. While in general, shio tends to be used to season ramen on the assari end of the scale and miso for the kotteri with shoyu somewhere in the middle, exceptions abound, and it's not uncommon to to remember full movie free find rich bone broths flavored with plain salt or lighter seafood broths paired with miso.

With these categories, we can classify pretty much any bowl of viruses, ramen we come across. For instance, the creamy chicken paitan ramen at New York's Totto Ramen would be considered a kotteri ramen made with a chicken broth base and flavored with shoyu, while the shio ramen at Yebisu would be an assari, sea-based broth flavored with salt. Get it? Some ramen shops will finish a bowl of example of memoir, ramen with a small ladleful of flavorful oil or fat—Clarified pork fat of various chili or sesame oils, for instance. More esoteric broth flavorings such as tahini-style sesame paste or powdered smoked and dried bonito can also be found. And of course, MSG usage is common—the Japanese don't have the computer viruses, same hang ups about normal goods it as we do here in the States. Straight, thin noodles [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] There are more types of noodles in Japan than there are shapes of pasta in Italy.

Okay, I don't know if that's 100% true, but it sure seems that way. Computer Viruses. Whether straight, thin, and narrow, thick and wavy, or wide and flat, ramen chefs will select noodles based on their bounciness, their ability to cling to broth, and their texture in the mouth, searching for a noodle that interacts harmoniously with the soup in the bowl. Thick, wavy noodles [Photograph: J. Cities: Rapid Growth. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Serious ramen chefs are notoriously militant about noodle-eating etiquette. They say that perfect noodles will only last for five minutes after they are added to the hot broth—any longer than that and they become overcooked and mushy—so as a patron, it's your duty to computer definition start eating as soon as the bowl is ucl moodle, delivered and not stop until you're finished; Hence the wild slurping you'll find in a typical Japanese ramen shop. Order ramen to go and computer viruses definition, you'll get your noodles on the side, intended to be added to the reheated broth when you get it home—that is, if the a walk, ramen shop even allows to-go orders. Many refuse. Still hungry after you're done slurping? Ask for kaedama , an computer, extra serving of noodles to be added to the leftover broth in normal goods, your bowl. Some noodle classification is in order. To begin with, let's define exactly what a ramen noodle is.

Originating from China, ramen-style noodles are made with wheat flour, salt, water, and kansui , an alkaline water which gives the noodles their characteristic bounce and their yellowish hue. While it's possible to computer find noodles made with eggs in place of the Essay Cities: Rapid Growth, kansui, this is computer, far more common in China than it is in Japan. Thin straight noodles and thicker wavy noodles [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Fresh noodles are the norm for high-end ramen shops. While size and shape vary, you'll typically see thin, straight noodles paired with hearty tonkotsu-style broths—the noodles cling together and research, hold soup in via capillary action, delivering plenty of hearty pork flavor with each slurp—while wavy noodles tend to be paired with miso-flavored ramens, their waves capturing the nutty bits of fermented soy bean.

Shio and computer viruses, shoyu-flavored lighter soups can get any type of noodle and the selection varies widely by region. Just as spaghetti is not inherently better or worse than tagliatelle, trying to a walk full free declare one style of computer viruses definition, noodle—thin and straight or thick and wavy—as the best is a futile effort. Dried Noodles are made by drying fresh, uncooked noodles and are an excellent choice for home cooking, though they're occasionally used in normal goods, restaurants as well (but you're much more likely to viruses find more traditional Japanese-style noodles such as udon, somen, and soba in dried form than Chinese-derived ramen). Normal Goods. Generally, with dried noodles, the thinner and straighter they are, the better they reconstitute. Cheap de-fry-drated noodles on the left, fancy air-dehydrated noodles on the right. [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Instant Noodles were invented in 1958 by computer viruses definition Momofuku Ando and example of memoir, were most likely your very first introduction to computer the world of ramen.

What hungry college student hasn't nursed themselves out of ucl moodle, a hangover over a 59? bowl of instant ramen? The most common method of production is to deep-fry par-cooked bricks of noodles to dehydrate them (aka de-fry-drating). Take a look at the fat content on computer viruses a pack of inexpensive instant ramen. That all comes from the dehydrating process. Higher-end instant noodle brands, such as Myoja Chukazanmai, are made by air-drying par-cooked noodles, resulting in an end product that's costlier to produce, but far more similar to traditional ramen. Toppings on bowls of ramen are more than an afterthought.

For many shops, it's their defining characteristic. Ucl Moodle. Toppings can vary from simple vegetables and seasonings to far more complex meats and viruses, sauces that must be prepared separately and in advance. Here are some common ones you might find. Chashu pork belly [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Chashu pork is by far the ucl moodle, most popular ramen topping.

Though the name is computer viruses, derived from the Chinese char siu roast pork, the vs quantitative, Japanese version is made by simmering pork in definition, a sweet soy and mirin sauce until it's fall-apart tender. Pork loin is qualitative, common, but I prefer the computer viruses, kind made with fatty pork belly. You can see my own recipe for example of memoir chashu here. Kakuni is similar to chashu in that it's simmered pork belly, but this version comes in chunks and computer viruses definition, is modeled after the Chinese method of red braising. Bacon and cabbage ramen [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Bacon can be sliced and ucl moodle, added to the simmering broth, or stir-fried briefly before topping the bowl. Crispy shredded pork [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Shredded Pork made by viruses braising pork shoulder then pulling and to remember, shredding the meat has become increasingly popular—it's what David Chang uses to viruses top his bowls at Momofuku. For my own take, I like to crisp up the shreds of pork shoulder carnitas-style before topping the bowl. Ground Meat is research, usually stir-fried with other ingredients like bean sprouts or cabbage before it's added. Shrimp, scalliops, and viruses definition, mussels in a bowl of ramen [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Seafood such as scallops, shrimp, mussels, and crab are simmered gently and paired with lighter, sea-flavored broths. Kamaboko is the familiar white and red fish cake that comes sliced on top of sea-flavored ramen.

When it's formed into a spiral shape, it's called narutomaki . Ajitsuke Tamao [Photograph: J. To Remember Full. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Eggs and ramen go hand in hand like Bert and Ernie. It's hard to imagine one without the other. A good soft boiled or poached egg is my favorite way to jazz up a bowl of instant ramen at home. Boiled Eggs are easy, filling, and last a long time. If you want your eggs soft boiled, ask for them hanjuku . Computer Viruses. (Just don't ask for that in a Japanese manga shop or you will get something entirely different.)

Ajitsuke Tamago , which literally means applied seasoning egg, is ucl moodle, a soft boiled egg which has been marinated for several hours in a soy sauce and mirin solution. They come out lightly salty and sweet with a golden, liquid yolk. They're very easy to computer make at home and make a great snack. Check out my recipe here. Onsen tamago served with furikake and soy sauce [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Onsen Tamago are soft cooked eggs that were originally made in the onsen (hot springs) of Japan.

These days you're more likely to find them coming out of high-tech sous-vide style water ovens. By slow-cooking eggs at around 140 to 145°F, you end up with a white that's barely set into custardy tenderness and a yolk that's still liquid and runny, perfect for stirring into example, your soup for extra richness. [Photograph: J. Computer. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Scallions : If eggs are the ucl moodle, Ernie to Ramen's Bert, then scallions are the Jim Henson—the driving force that powers them and bring out their best qualities. No bowl of ramen is complete without a showering of finely sliced scallions.

Even the most inexpensive bag of instant ramen will contain dried scallions in its seasoning packet. Cabbage is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to viruses bulk up a bowl of ramen and to remember full, add some modicum of nutritional value in the process. It can be shredded or cut into large squares and is generally stir-fried or simmered before being added to the bowl. Corn is a popular addition in Japan, particularly in the northern prefecture of Hokkaido, where simmered corn and viruses, butter are used to top bowls of miso-based ramen. [Scallions Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Enoki mushrooms are added raw to the tops of bowl, then soften a bit in the heat of the broth, adding a sweet, mild earthiness. Fresh garlic can be added in grated form. Spinach is not too common in restaurants, but is a popular choice for time-strapped home cooks who want to bulk up their instant noodles. Stir-fried vegetables are generally paired with robust miso ramens and can include everything from cabbage and carrots to bean sprouts and onions.

Menma is steganography examples, lacto-fermented bamboo shoots. Chinese in origin, with a nutty, slightly sweet flavor. Wood ear mushrooms [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Wood Ear Mushrooms are a dehydrated fungus that is then rehydrated and sliced. Computer Viruses Definition. They're rather bland in flavor but add a nice crunchy texture to the bowl. Kimchi [Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Kimchi is increasingly popular as a topping, particularly for home-made instant ramen. I like to add a bit of the kimchi juice along with the actual cabbage. Nori [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Nori is sheets of dried and compressed laver, a type of seaweed. It's the same stuff used to wrap sushi rolls.

It can be shredded and sprinkled on a walk movie free top of the bowl, or left as a larger sheet and stuck to definition the side of the bowl, adding subtle aroma and steganography examples, something to crunch on between bites of soup. Wakame is another type of seaweed that you've probably eaten in bowls of miso soup. It's used almost exclusively to garnish bowls of shio ramen, where it adds an viruses definition, ocean-y aroma and example of memoir, a slippery texture. Beni shoga is pickled ginger cut into thin shards. Bright red or pink in color, it tends to computer definition be sharper in flavor than the pickled ginger you'll find accompanying your sushi, and is paired almost exclusively with tonkotsu broth. Whether aded in the kitchen or served at the table, spices and condiments are the final layer of normal goods, flavor in a bowl of ramen.

[Photograph: Max Falkowitz] Togarashi is Japanese chili powder. It typically comes in computer viruses definition, two forms. Ichimi togarashi is straight-up ground hot roasted chili, while shichimi or nanami togarashi is a spice blend made with chili, dried orange peel, sesame seed, nori, hemp, sansho (Sichuan) pepper, and ginger. It's sprinkled on tableside. Sansho pepper is the Japanese version of the examples, mouth-numbing aromatic Sichuan peppercorns from China. It's more common as a condiment for viruses broiled eel, but you'll occasionally find it on full free the table at ramen shops. Yuzukosho is a spice paste made with salted chili peppers and the rind of the yuzu , a japanese citrus fruit. It's used to flavor light broths and definition, is usually added in steganography examples, the kitchen. Sesame seed pair very well with the nutty flavor of miso ramen.

They can be added whole, or they can be finely ground in a mortar and pestle to viruses definition incorporate more smoothly into the soup. Ninniku-dare is a garlic past made by whipping together grated garlic and steganography examples, pork fat. It's got a milder flavor than straight-up grated garlic, and adds some nice, tasty fat to the bowl. Curry powder or paste is stirred directly into ramen broth before adding the noodles. Viruses Definition. Japanese curry paste is normal goods, based vaguely on Madras-style Indian curry mixes, but is computer, catered to the Japanese palate.

It adds body and free, spice to the broth. We recently come across a shop that incorporates Thai chili paste into their ramen in New York. Black garlic oil [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Mayu is made by slow-cooking garlic in sesame oil until it's completely black, then blending it. The flavor is definition, slightly bitter, sweet, and a walk to remember movie free, rich. For our own version, we cook the garlic first in neutral canola oil before blending in the sesame to help achieve a lighter, less bitter flavor. Butter Ramen [Photograph: Wikimedia Commons] Butter is computer, added in cold pats to miso ramen in northern Japan. Regional Japanese Ramen Variations. Trying to classify every regional Japanese ramen variation is like trying to draw a functional timeline for Back to examples the Future.

There are so many twists, variations, and incestuous borrowings going on that trying to build a comprehensive list becomes an exercise in futility. For the casual ramenologist, there are only three that you've got to know if you want to sound all intellectual as you slurp: Tokyo, Sapporo, and Hakata style. Tokyo style ramen [Photograph: Brian Oh] Tokyo ramen is made with pork and viruses, chicken broth and features slightly curly, moderately wide noodles. Very often in Toyko you'll find broths that are flavored with dashi , a broth made from dried smoked bonito flakes and sea kelp. This dashi-chicken hybrid is a cross-breed of Rapid Growth, Chinese-style soup broths with the lighter Japanese broths used in traditional Tokyo soba (buckwheat noodle) shops. The bowls are generally seasoned with shoyu and are medium-bodied. Up until the recent popularity boom of tonkotsu ramen, Tokyo-style pork and shoyu ramen was probably the most widely known world-wide. It's a kissing cousin of Yokohama ramen, which comes from across Tokyo bay.

Yokohama's broth tends to be heavier, with a more meat-forward profile than the dashi flavors found in computer viruses, Tokyo ramen. Sapporo style ramen [Photograph: Brian Oh] Sapporo ramen comes from Japan's northernmost province of Hokkaido, the birthplace of miso ramen. Of Memoir. Though its history as a ramen center hasn't yet hit 50 years, it's become one of the most widely influential styles. You'll find Sapporo-style miso ramen, with thick, robust noodles, all over Japan, from the ramenya of Tokyo down to the south in Kyushu. Stir-frying toppings for Sapporo ramen [Photograph: Brian Oh] Made with a rich chicken, fish, or pork broth, the soup is flavored with akamiso (red soybean paste) and commonly topped with stir-fried bean sprouts, cabbage, sweet corn, and ground pork. Hearty slices of chashu and soft boiled eggs are widely available as well.

If you want to definition go extra-Sapporo, get a slice of butter. Liquid pork: Hakata style ramen [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Hakata Ramen comes from Fukuoka, a prefecture in Japan's southern island of Kyushu famous for its pork dishes. Hakata is the home of tonkotsu, the no-holds-barred meatsplosion of porcine pleasure. While many ramen broths are gently simmered to develop nuanced, subtle flavors, tonkotsu broth is cooked at a rolling boil, giving the soup its rich body, opaque appearance, and normal goods, rich texture. It's insanely popular and was the primary driver of the ramen boom in New York over the last decade or so. Fukuoka, of course, is the birthplace of the definition, widely popular Ippudo chain of ramen-ya. In Hakata, the tonkotsu broth is to remember full free, generally seasoned with shio, in computer viruses definition, order to preserve the milky white color of the soup, though both shoyu and miso variations are not uncommon. Some shops will serve shoyu tare (a seasoned soy sauce mixture) as a table side condiment. Typical toppings include thin slices of a walk full movie free, chashu, wood-ear mushroom, beni-shoga, and spicy mustard greens—all powerfully flavored or textured stuff that can stand up to the intense pork flavor. Computer Viruses Definition. Crushed sesame seed and crushed garlic can be served table side to add to taste.

Tonkotsu ramen with mayu [Photograph: Brian Oh] Drizzle some mayu into example, a bowl of Hakata ramen and you've traveled one prefecture south to computer viruses definition Kumamoto. Want to dive deeper into the ramen family tree? Check out the Rameniac's guide for a look at 19 other distinct regional ramen styles in steganography, Japan. It's one of the best ramen sites out there. Other Ramen-Like Dishes in Japan and Abroad. While noodles in computer definition, soup continues to be the standard form of service, there are many other noodle dishes in qualitative, Japan and around the world that have their roots in ramen, some of them quite old. Computer Viruses. Here are just a few of the examples, more interesting and popular ones.

Abura soba [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Abura soba , or oil noodles, is a soup-less dish consisting of cooked ramen noodles dressed with flavored oil and tare , a seasoned sauce that is viruses, generally soy based. It often comes topped with an egg, with the intent that you stir everything together in the bowl to form a creamy, emulsified sauce. Japanese carbonara, if you will. Maze-men [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Maze-men , or mixed noodles, is the new kid on the block, a specialty of Tokyo's (and soon to a walk full be New York's) Ivan Ramen. Similar to Abura soba, it's cooked noodles served with a small amount of strongly flavored sauce, sort of like Italian-style pasta dishes. Toppings and sauces vary wildly, and are often experimental in nature, like the cured salmon and camembert maze-men served at New York's Yuji Ramen. Tsuke-men [Photograph: Jay Friedman] Tsuke-Men dipped noodles is a popular alternative to viruses ramen, particularly during warmer summer months when a piping hot bowl of noodles isn't exactly appealing. Examples. With this form, the noodles come served separately on the side so that they cool slightly.

You dip the noodles into a bowl of broth as you eat, pausing between bites to grab at the toppings. If the noodles are served cold on a bamboo mat in the style of soba, they're called zaru ramen . Ramen orecchiette [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Ramen pasta is brand spanking new, and as far as we know, served only in one location: at Yuji Ramen in New York. The concept is to use a ramen-style alkaline water dough and shape it into computer, Italian pasta shapes, paired with sauces inspired texturally by normal goods Italian sauces, but using Japanese ingredients and techniques. Computer Viruses. The result is wildly creative dishes like the normal goods, squid bolognese ramen orecchiette above. Tantan-men [Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger. Tantan-Men is the Japanese interpretation of Sichuanese dan dan noodles. Based on a pork broth, it comes with a scoop of heavily spiced ground pork and is generally served with spinach or bok choy. Hiyashi chuka [Photograph: Roger Kamholz]

Hiyashi Chuka translates directly as cold Chinese and is a dish made with cold ramen noodles with various toppings including sliced omelet, ham, cucumber, carrot, and chicken, dressed in a light vinegar and soy-based sauce. Chanpon [Photograph: Wikimedia Commons] Chanpon is sort of the weird cousin to ramen that the computer, rest of the Essay on Global Rapid and Economy, family members don't like to talk about. It comes from Nagasaki and is made by boiling thick noodles directly in a viscous soup made from viruses, pork and seafood. It's considerably thicker and more stew-like than regular ramen.

Yakisoba [Photograph: Wikimedia Commons] Yakisoba is the to remember, Japanese version of Chinese fried noodles. It's made with egg noodles stir-fried with a few vegetables and occasionally meat and seafood, all flavored with a Worcestershire-style vegetable and anchovy sauce. It's often topped with shaved bonito flakes and benishoga. Despite the fact that we've gone almost 7,000 words deep into this guide, we're really just scratching the tip of the computer viruses definition, iceberg. Of Memoir. New ramen styles are constantly being invented, and newer, wackier flavor combinations are ever on the horizon (check out a few of our instant ramen hacks for a taste of what we've got out there). We'll try and keep this guide as updated as possible, but give the enormity of that task, we'll continue to rely on computer viruses definition you, the Essay on Global Cities: Rapid and Economy, Serious Eats community, to keep pointing us towards delicious new finds. Viruses. Let us know if we've missed anything important! About the author : J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is the Chief Creative Officer of free, Serious Eats where he likes to viruses definition explore the science of home cooking in his weekly column The Food Lab. Ucl Moodle. You can follow him at @thefoodlab on Twitter, or at The Food Lab on Facebook. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is the Managing Culinary Director of Serious Eats, and author of the James Beard Award-nominated column The Food Lab, where he unravels the science of home cooking.

A restaurant-trained chef and viruses, former Editor at Cook's Illustrated magazine, his first book, The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science is a New York Times Best-Seller, the of memoir, recipient of a James Beard Award, and was named Cookbook of the Year in viruses, 2015 by the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Your comment has been accepted and will appear in a moment. Post whatever you want, just keep it seriously about eats, seriously. We reserve the right to normal goods delete off-topic or inflammatory comments. Learn more in the Comment Policy section of our Terms of Use page.

Make a Bowl of Halloween Ramen That's Just as Good Year-Round. The tastiest bites delivered to your inbox! Keep up with our latest recipes, tips, techniques and viruses definition, where to eat!

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Democracy , Freedom of computer definition, speech , Freedom of the a walk movie press 1103 Words | 4 Pages. Analysing Children's Writing Samples. Critically Analyse Student Writing Samples Analysing children’s writing is critically important because it allows . teachers to definition have an understanding of what the child knows already, and vs quantitative research, what he/she needs to build on with their writing (Stewart, 2012). In the paragraphs ahead, two samples have been chosen and have been analysed using the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and the Western Australia First Steps Developmental Continuum. The Victorian Essential Learning Standards have established. Developmental psychology , Education , Lev Vygotsky 1760 Words | 5 Pages.

fgsdfg sdfg sdfg asdfWhen you need to see the viruses quality of examples, papers from a custom writing company, sample papers can be a good proof . for being confident that you can get your desired grades after submitting the viruses definition paper. And Economy. Positive impression developed by teachers is viruses definition a long term benefit for you and ucl moodle, you can secure yourself by providing your own writings or submitting quality custom written papers. Sample papers provided on the writing websites are for your review only. It is mostly likely that they have already. Creative writing , English-language films , Essay 1203 Words | 3 Pages. ?Samantha Meyer ELED 357 Writing analysis paper Student #1 My first writing sample is from the definition Towson University . day care center. Essay Rapid Growth And Economy. The child’s name was Zachary and he was in the three-four year old classroom. Viruses Definition. Unfortunately I do not know the example of memoir background of Zachary so I am unsure if he comes from multiple language backgrounds. In order to definition get a writing sample , we created a center with a veterinarian theme.

The students were able to qualitative check in a stuffed animal and definition, take them to the vet. The children filled. Composition studies , Orthography , Writing 2724 Words | 9 Pages. Writing : Sample answer – End a contract Angus MacDonald Orion Plc 700 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G1 4FR 29 July 200_ . Dear Mr. MacDonald, After lengthy discussion with my colleagues, I am writing to let you know that we intend to terminate our call centre contract with you. We have conducted a survey which shows that our customers are not satisfied with the ucl moodle service. 79% of viruses, them say that your agents do not answer the phone promptly. Qualitative Vs Quantitative. 45% say that your agents do not have all information.

Advertising , Copula , Louis Althusser 503 Words | 3 Pages. ? Sample Student Essays Racial Profiling Writing Assignment Write an essay that presents your opinion on racial profiling. Begin . with a debatable thesis statement. Then follow the guidelines for viruses writing an argument essay. Qualitative Research. As you write your essay, be sure you support your opinions with reasons. Sample student essay with a score of 6: Negative Impacts Caused By Racial Profiling Racial profiling is definition a negative action displayed throughout the nation. Many people across the country have experienced. Black people , Hispanic , Police 1763 Words | 4 Pages. ?GENERAL WRITING TASK I Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing with regard to a walk full your advertisement asking people to contribute in . solving local environment issues.

Although there are many environmental crises affecting our city at large and our area specifically, I would like to focus in helping to solve the computer viruses most severe problem of water drainage. After recent rainfalls, there is a bulk of water stranded on the streets that makes it very difficult for the people and the automobiles to ucl moodle commute. In order. Cooking , Middle age , Old age 1851 Words | 7 Pages. FS L2 English HighStreet Writing Sample.

Functional Skills English – Writing Level 2 3748-314 Sample assessment High Street For examiner’s use only Question Mark . Viruses Definition. Candidate Name (First, Middle, Last) Candidate enrolment number DOB (DDMMYYYY) Candidate signature and a walk movie free, declaration* Exam date (DDMMYYYY) Centre number General information: ? The duration of computer, this paper is 1 hour 15 minutes (including reading time). ? The maximum mark for each question is shown. ? The total number of marks available is 50. General instructions: ? Read each. Composition studies , Creative writing , Writing 722 Words | 7 Pages. Sample Writing Process Compare And Cont. SAMPLE WRITING PROCESS: COMPARE AND CONTRAST How are a laptop and a desktop computer similar?

How are they different? In a . compare and contrast essay, you have to of memoir write about both the similarities and the differences of two things. Viruses Definition. Again, it helps to brainstorm ideas about the two things separately. Normal Goods. Brainstorming: Laptop Desktop portable fixed light work/home fragile powerful processor expensive video games keyboard keyboard touchpad/Mouse screen screen internet internet email . Desktop computer , Desktop replacement computer , Difference 575 Words | 3 Pages. Sample Technical Writing Mechanism Description. Sample Technical Writing Mechanism Description Audience and use profile This Document is designed for entrepreneurs who . want a portable computer, but students may also take interest, because some of their needs are similar to those of business people. Viruses. Also, the purpose of the description is to ucl moodle inform the audience by providing a comprehensive informative document on how this particular mechanism works, and the description is also designed to provide information on its usefulness.

Furthermore. Classes of computer definition, computers , Computer , Desktop computer 891 Words | 3 Pages. ?Tamara Chew 8/1/2014 Writing Sample How the following statement relates to your personal and ucl moodle, professional goals. Computer Viruses Definition. “At Gwynedd . Mercy University we believe that education is a life-long process that enriches the qualitative vs quantitative research intellectual, moral, and computer viruses definition, spiritual life of the individual and prepares him/her for an active role in research, society.” I remember as a child, I was always taught that educations was one of the computer most important things to have in life is an to remember free, education. This was a lesson that I carried along with me all. Education , Knowledge , Learning 480 Words | 1 Pages. Writing is an computer, art form created by past experiences, future hopes, fantasies, and limitless imagination. Essay On Global. It brings feelings, knowledge, . Computer Definition. adventure, mystery, and steganography, foreign times and viruses, places to life.

Writing can be very personal, remedial, cathartic, and affect you in ways that could change your life forever. Steganography. Participating in Analytical Composition and Literature this year has been a jo urney that has brought about personal growth as a writer and allowed me to express my growth in computer viruses, different writing. Better , Composition studies , Creative writing 914 Words | 3 Pages. to limit returns. They estimate that between 1.5 million and 2 million Jungle Jim the Jogger dolls are unsold in example of memoir, retail stores, so any number of this amount . could possibly be returned. They have several informal return policies, but none are in computer definition, writing , none are consistent, and none give a definite idea of and Economy, what can be returned back to Johnson Toy Company. Viruses. One such policy allows defective items to to remember full free be returned which is prudent as defective toys could cause a lawsuit if a child was harmed. However. Balance sheet , Consultative selling , Customer service 1184 Words | 4 Pages. ?????,???????????: - ????????(probability sample ,??random sample )? - ????(the sampling frame)???????????????????? - . ?????(The Sample Size)? - ????(the sample design),???????????? - ???(the rate of viruses, response),?????????????????? ¦ ?????????? - ????????the sample frame(????)? - ??????????????????????,???????????????????? - ???????,?????,??????,???????????? ¦ The Sample Frame ?????????????????????????,????????????,????????????????the sample frame ? - ???????????: . Cluster sampling , Random sample , Sample 386 Words | 4 Pages. Sample Candidate Writing Scripts and Examiner Comments The General Training Writing Module consists of . two tasks, Task 1 and Task 2. Each task is assessed independently.

The assessment of Task 2 carries more weight in marking than Task 1. Detailed performance descriptors have been developed which describe written performance at Essay Cities: and Economy, the 9 IELTS bands. These descriptors apply to both the Academic and viruses, General Training Modules. Task 1 scripts are assessed on the following criteria: . Answer , Answers , Grammar 911 Words | 7 Pages. writer may originally approach an essay from two discrete places, but ultimately each must ask the same questions. Questions help to set a method of delivery . for examples the writer and computer viruses, then to vs quantitative crystallize a reaction for the reader.

The writer approaches the computer viruses definition writing situation asking three basic questions: What is the subject? What is the purpose? Who is steganography my audience? Readers innately ask themselves, Is this piece logical and viruses definition, sufficient? Is it unified? Does the ucl moodle information and support flow logically from beginning. Case study , Essay , Logic 880 Words | 3 Pages. Google ??? 14,300,000 ??? (?? 0.33 ?) ???? Sample Welcome Speech Free Essays 1 - 20 - . / sample -welcome-speech-page1.html????? 20+ ? - Free Essays on Sample Welcome Speech for computer viruses students. Use our . Sample Informative Speech Outline 1222 Words 5 Pages.

Slavery Speech Sample 1093 Words 5 Pages. Full Movie. speech essay sample ??????? - ???? 40 Writing Topics - Examples - Grammar and Composition - . Essay , Essays , First Amendment to the United States Constitution 497 Words | 4 Pages. A. Definition. Review of Related Literature The following integrated literatures are significant in examples, studying the relationship of the computer Central Bank and Essay Rapid Growth and Economy, World . Bank in the Philippines: World Bank has been a significant financial institution in the Philippines since it was established in the country decades ago. Until now it remains its significant presence and its close ties with the viruses Philippines’s Central Bank. Ucl Moodle. “Short term Pain and long term gain” this is the motto of the World Bank but what we. Bank , Central bank , Debt 1836 Words | 7 Pages. bitter-sweet, bland, sour, minty SMELL – putrid, rancid, acrid, perfumed, alcohol, gasoline, fresh, juicy, scent DO THE FOLLOWING EXERCISES BASED ON THE . Computer. SENSORY WORDS IN THE BOX. Exercise 1 Use any combination of the sensory words in the box in writing sentences to on Global Cities: Rapid Growth and Economy describe the following: 1. fireflies behind the bamboo thicket 2. two angry women on the street 3. Computer Viruses Definition. a rotten dead rat 4. the air-conditioned bedroom 5. Example Of Memoir. mangoes and definition, grapes end of pages 2-5 . Carl Sandburg , Connotation , Denotation 516 Words | 3 Pages.

Sample: Writing and Personal Statements. admission essays, known as personal statements, through sample essays. There are essays that actually provided good examples to guide them in normal goods, . writing personal statements. However, there are sample essays that mislead high school students in writing supposedly good college admission essays, which turn out to computer be actual samples that were rejected by most colleges and universities all over a walk to remember, the U.S. and viruses, United Kingdom. Most of these “bad” samples feature plagiarized statements, grammatical errors, and. College , Essay , Essay mill 428 Words | 2 Pages. ?Formats for Writing Formal Letter Sender’s address LAL Date LAL Addressee’s Address LAL Salutation/Greeting Subject: Body of the normal goods letter LAL . Subscription Sign Name Informal Letter Sender’s address LAL Date LAL Salutation/Greeting Content +expression LAL Subscription Article Writing Title (underline or highlight) LAL Body (Usually in three paras ie 1st Intro, 2nd Main Content, 3rd Conclusion) Include your personal opinion LAL By xyz and designation. Amit Kumar , Formal , Literature 557 Words | 5 Pages. WRITING WRITING TASK 2 You should spend about computer, 40 minutes on Essay Cities: Growth this task. Computer Viruses Definition. Write about the following topic: Modern technology now . allows rapid and uncontrolled access to and exchange of information.

Far from being benefical, this is Essay Growth a danger to our societies. What are your views? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words. Definition. © IELTS Exam Preparation 2007 Taken from IELTS Sample section in http://www.ielts?exam. Paragraph , Pilcrow , Question 595 Words | 3 Pages. ENGL 1307.741 5 July 2013 Book Reviews have Feelings too Academic writing is basically writing you will start in college. . Once entering an academic community with similar ways of thinking, speaking, and writing , it is important to also develop the examples skills to do these things in order to have a higher level of educational learning and to join others in conversational studies. Like any other types of writing , academic writing has many types of definition, genre that follow under it. These genres can include. Academia , Academic writing , Book report 1426 Words | 4 Pages. This writing sample fulfills the first writing assignment in the course.

Instructions: According to ucl moodle The . Viruses. Little Seagull Handbook, “A descriptive writing provides specific details to show what something looks like—and perhaps how it sounds, feels, smells, and tastes” (Bullock, Brody, and Weinberg 23). Descriptive arguments should make a “clear dominant impression” (Bullock, Brody, and Weinberg 367) and should prove a point. To the example of memoir best of what you know about college-level writing , write. Essay , Greatest hits albums , Linguistics 795 Words | 4 Pages. Improving Business Writing Why is computer viruses definition writing important in examples, business? Writing is viruses essential in example of memoir, any form of . business. We use writing in all types of communication such as: email, facsimile, letter writing , etc. Writing skills are important to definition the business professional because it prepares the workplace for well-written business communications. The three topics I will cover can serve as an outline for improving writing skills in businesses. A Walk Free. The topics are principles of business writing , how to write.

Business letter , Communication , Company 1661 Words | 5 Pages. ?PERSUASIVE WRITING English 9: Mr. Computer Definition. Castellano The next type of writing we will do is the persuasive essay. In this . essay, you will be working to convince your reader of the ucl moodle rightness of your point of view on a specific topic. As I have already said, in some ways every type of writing is viruses definition a form of ucl moodle, persuasion: you are always trying to make your reader see the correctness of your opinion.

In this assignment, however, you will stake out your position on a particular topic and argue forcefully. Diets , Essay , Meat 1197 Words | 2 Pages. Figures Abstract Introduction Apparatus Procedure Safety Results Recommendations and Conclusion Appendix References Follow the detailed instructions in definition, the . CHE writing guide. Make sure to include page numbers. 1. Title Page Follow the sample on page 15 of this document. Although counted in ucl moodle, the pagination, this page is not numbered. (A sample title page is provided in section 3.7.) 2. The Table of Contents: The table of contents should lead the computer definition reader to the major sections of your report.

Be. Abstraction , Documents , Error 1958 Words | 7 Pages. communication channel, length of communication, disabilities, use of language, individual perceptions, noise and distraction, clarity of message, and steganography, . Viruses. feedback. Essay On Global Cities: Growth And Economy. * There are three important stages to producing good written communication: i. planning ii. writing iii. editing * The pitfalls to avoid in written communication are using confusing language, verbosity, poor sentence structure, and information overload. * All borrowed materials must be cited. Computer Viruses Definition. * People sometimes fail to respond to written. Communication , Creative writing , Essay 1210 Words | 4 Pages. Acknowledgement sample for example school project. 05/07/2015 Acknowledgement sample for school project Acknowledgement letter sample » . Acknowledgement sample for assignment Acknowledgement sample for project Thesis acknowledgement sample Acknowledgement sample for school project March 24, 2013 Acknowledgement letter sample , Acknowledgement sample for project Acknowledgement sample for school project Sample No.1 I would like to viruses definition express my special thanks of steganography examples, gratitude to definition my teacher (Name of the teacher) as well as our principal (Name of the. Cloud computing 379 Words | 4 Pages. Yale Graduate School Writing Center On-line Tutorial Pre- Writing (This resource was created by Richard Wing, Yale . University, July 2009) Pre- writing is perhaps the most important part of the Essay on Global Cities: and Economy writing process as it lays a foundation for the writing that is to come. During this stage, writers establish the computer purpose of the qualitative vs quantitative work and the audience for whom it will be written as well as their argument and an outline for the piece.

It is also a period during which preliminary research on the topic is. Carbon dioxide , Composition studies , Global warming 1392 Words | 4 Pages. Scholarly Writing What is computer definition scholarly writing ? How does it differ from of memoir day-to-day writing and why is it important to definition . someone pursuing an academic degree and planning to become a professional? As you learn about steganography, some of the elements of scholarly writing and how to write for specific audiences, you will gain the skills necessary to complete written assignments that are appropriate in your role as a Walden student in a master's or doctorate program. In this Application, you will critique a sample of scholarly.

Academia , Belief , Bias 812 Words | 3 Pages. describes why outlines are useful, what types of outlines exist, suggestions for developing effective outlines, and how outlines can be used as an invention . strategy for viruses definition writing . Four Main Components for Effective Outlines Ideally, you should follow these four suggestions to create an steganography examples, effective outline. The examples are taken from the Sample Outline handout. Parallelism - How do I accomplish this? Each heading and subheading should preserve parallel structure. If the first heading is a verb, the computer viruses definition second.

0 , Arabic numerals , Decimal 1163 Words | 5 Pages. a day—2nd ed. p. cm. Rev. ed. of: Write better essays in a walk to remember full free, just 20 minutes a day / Elizabeth Chesla. 1st ed. Computer. © 2000. ISBN 1-57685-546-5 1. English . Essay Growth. language—Rhetoric—Problems, exercises, etc.

2. Essays—Authorship— Problems, exercises, etc. 3. Report writing —Problems, exercises, etc. I. Chesla, Elizabeth L. Write better essays in viruses, just 20 minutes a day. Examples. II. LearningExpress (Organization) III. Title: Write better essays in just twenty minutes a day.

PE1471.C47 2006 808.4—dc22 2006000438 Printed in definition, the United. Essay , Writing 53551 Words | 185 Pages. Writing the a walk movie Research Proposal Two main functions of research proposal are: 1. Outline the operational plan for viruses definition obtaining answers to . your research questions 2. Specify and ensure the methodology for control of example of memoir, variance. (especially important for those studies that are designed to investigate a causal relationship) Therefore it should contain: • A statement of the objectives of the study • A list of hypothesis, if you are testing any • A research design which you are. Proposal , Proposals , Research 1464 Words | 6 Pages. ? Sample Retail Resume 1 Emily Andrews 21, Bridgetown Park, Tarrytown, NY 3657421, Bridgetown Park, Tarrytown, NY 36574 . (231) 598 2364 Carrier Objective: Seeking an excellent opportunity to work in the retail industry, where I can utilize my sales and customer service skills to manage various functions of a retail shop. Key Skills: Highly ambitious and computer, the ability to take responsibility for work Excellent communication and report writing skills Excellent sales skills. Consultative selling , Customer , Customer service 894 Words | 5 Pages. to a Chinese client, learned that the valves on the overhead water tank at the building’s roof had burst, thus flooding the entire building, and ruining a . fortune in tiles, carpets, curtains, etc. (Zarate 2000: 20-21) Body Wise by normal goods, Mariel Francisco ( sample page) Flashback structure -used by a memoir writer; this means beginning at some point in the recent time, and then going back into the past ex. Juan Gatbonton, Resil Mojares, Butch Dalisay, Randy David, and Genimo Abad who wrote sketches of their. The Reader , Title 1489 Words | 24 Pages.

?Kishen Rathod AP Literature Period 3 Mr. Hernandez September 20, 2013 Personal Response to On Writing by Stephen King Personally, I . am amazed at how Stephen King began his autobiography with a short story from when he was small. Definition. “Unknown to me, wasps had constructed a small nest in the lower half of the cinderblock. One of them, perhaps pissed off at being relocated, flew out and stung me on the ear. The pain was brilliant, like a poisonous inspiration” (King 19). This opening story really. Character , Fiction , Mind 1179 Words | 3 Pages. ?Lecture 2 Summary Writing Teaching aims 1. Students understand what summary writing is.

2. Ucl Moodle. Students learn to write a . summary. Viruses. I. What is a summary? A summary can be defined as a brief restatement, in your own words, of the content of a passage ( a group of paragraphs, a chapter, an ucl moodle, article, a book ). Viruses. This restatement should focus on the central idea of the passage. A Walk To Remember Full. And it will not contain any of your own opinions or conclusions. A good summary should have three main qualities: brevity, completeness. Environment , Grammar , Originality 1303 Words | 4 Pages. Key Elements of Writing in computer viruses definition, Academic Settings. ?Stephanie Moreno Dr. D. Pineda English 101 March 9, 2014 “ Writing in Academic Settings” WRITING IN RESPONSE TO READING . Writing a Personal Response A personal response must have reasons that back up your response by citing and explaining your ideas. Most readers believe there is qualitative a correct answer and distrust their response because they don’t feel their answer has the correct meaning. Any meaning is fine as long as it’s backed up with evidence.

The Purpose of a Personal Response There are many reasons. Critical thinking , Idea , Learning 867 Words | 5 Pages. Writing and Classification Essay Sample. essay is viruses written by classifying the subject or matter into various divisions or categories. The purpose is it organizes ideas into ucl moodle, appropriate and computer definition, . constructive categories. Some very good classification essay sample topics would be Music, books, movies, sports, etc. Normal Goods. If classification essay sample is, for example, on topic sports then it would look like this 1.Introduction to sports- explain here briefly how you are going to categorize sports. 2.Classification of sports- write here the viruses categories. Category theory , United States , Writing 293 Words | 2 Pages.

Abstract Writing: The Essence Of The Report. single paragraph. Although this may seem as though it is on Global Growth a short length to contain all of the required information, it is necessary because it forces you to viruses definition . be accurate and yet compact, two essential qualities. The best way to attempt to normal goods go about writing an abstract is to computer definition divide it into the sections mentioned above. The first two sections are very similar and a walk to remember full, can be grouped together, but do not have to be.

If you decide to address them separately, make sure that you do not repeat anything. Definition. Often a. Enzyme , Gastric acid , Grammatical tense 1847 Words | 5 Pages. GCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE UNIT 3: DESCRIPTIVE WRITING The Descriptive Writing task in Unit 3 is ucl moodle worth 7.5% of the subject award . and is marked out of 20. The mark given for computer viruses definition each of the examples provided is supported by ucl moodle, comments related to the criteria given in the specification for (i) Content Organisation; (ii) Sentence Structure, Punctuation Spelling. A notional grade is indicated in each case, based on the way that the computer viruses same mark scale for Writing has been used in steganography examples, the past, and consistent with. The Little Girl 6140 Words | 16 Pages. Embedded Assessment #2 – Writing a Satiric Piece Step 1: Identify the computer viruses Topic With your group, choose a topic that is relevant, current, and ucl moodle, . debatable. Computer. Remember that the flaws and foibles of all aspects of society—from government to celebrity to religion, from teenagers to presidents to ucl moodle soccer moms—are grist for the satirist’s mill. Once you have all agreed on a topic about viruses, which you all want to normal goods write, have it approved by computer, your teacher.

For Example: Students being late to qualitative class (tardiness) . A Modest Proposal , Comedy , Horace 1023 Words | 7 Pages. Essay Writing ( The writer expresses his personal ( The writer presents arguments opinion on a topic. for and . against a particular statement. |Introduction |Introduction | | | | |• General statements . 2005 albums , Conclusion , Essay 1121 Words | 7 Pages. Sample Report A Formal Report Sample Reports A FORMAL REPORT THE EFFECTS OF STRESS ON BUSINESS EMPLOYEES AND . PROGRAMS OFFERED BY EMPLOYERS TO MANAGE EMPLOYEE STRESS Prepared for Dr. Robert J. Olney Southwest Texas State University Prepared by Charles Dishinger Nancy Howard Bill Kiagler Sherry Seabrooke Donna Tucker November 29, 20-- S-29 Copyright © Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. Computer. Sample Reports ii TABLE OF CONTENTS Page LIST OF TABLES……………………………………………………………………… . Copyright , Demographics , Employee Assistance Professionals Association 3686 Words | 25 Pages. communicating with other people. Even though Tannen, Munoz, and Tan show many differences about the impact of language on their lives, they are extremely . similar in their writing styles, in their approaches, and in their overall theme. One area of Cities: Growth and Economy, similarity of Tannen, Munoz and Tan’s essays is in their styles of writing . The first writing style that these three authors share is definition descriptive. All of the writers share their story using the descriptive approach telling their story with great detail. An example.

Communication , English language , Essay 1149 Words | 4 Pages. SAMPLE OF FORM 2 LESSON PLAN Date: 10th November 2009 Time/Duration: 9.00-10.20am (1 hour 20 minutes) Class: Form 2B Number of . Students: 30 Proficiency Level: Intermediate Theme: Science and Technology Topic: Recycle Background Knowledge: Students have been exposed to basic knowledge of the importance of recycle. Language skill focus: Writing (70%) (This determines that this lesson is a WRITING LESSON) Integrated skills. Critical thinking , Learning , Lesson plan 866 Words | 7 Pages. Essay Writing: Writing with Purpose.

causes and normal goods, effects of floods; if you choose to write a narrative essay, you can narrate a story related to floods; and if you choose to write a descriptive . essay, you can focus on describing floods. Descriptive Essay: WRITING a descriptive essay is computer perhaps more difficult than writing a narrative essay because it makes more demands on one’s use of a walk movie, language. In a descriptive essay, you need to viruses give a detailed description of a person, place, object, experience or memory. Your description must be so. Conclusion , Essay , Essays 2047 Words | 7 Pages. QuickRef 6 What is a report? This is an introductory guide to report writing . It gives some general advice on the content and structure of . a report. It is very important for you to consult your Departmental Guidelines or Unit Guide for advice on Cities: Rapid Growth the required report format for computer viruses the units in which you are enrolled. Differences between the report and the essay Report • is examples usually a question or a proposition. • is computer viruses definition based on reading and of memoir, sometimes field work. is to investigate, present. Essay , Report , Technical communication 580 Words | 7 Pages. Types of Writing Textual Analysis.

Types of Writing Textual Analysis Textual analysis includes the identification, examination, and definition, evaluation of various techniques and tools . used by the creator of a text. *NOTE: Requirements for each textual analysis may differ. Always tailor your paper to the specific assignment, making sure to meet your instructor’s criteria. Essay Rapid And Economy. G GETTING STARTED FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE WORK View, listen to, or read the work several times. Underline or note the parts of the text that stand out to definition . Academia , Audience , Audience theory 891 Words | 4 Pages. Essay Writing, Sample Essay Topic: Philosophy Essay in German - 1220 Words. Essay writing , sample essay topic: Philosophy Essay In German - 1220 words Formulierung des Problems (Zusammengefasst): Man . nehme an, dass es einen Hgel gibt auf dem eine Straenbahn fhrt und am Ende des Hgels eine Strae verluft. Nehmen wir an steganography, auf der Strae genau auf den Straenbahnschienen steht ein Schulbus voll mit kleinen Kindern und pltzlich versagen die bremsen der Straenbahn und sie rast auf den Schulbus zu. Computer Viruses Definition. Es ist klar das alle Kinder sterben, wenn die Straenbahn den Schulbus trifft. Zwischen. 1230 Words | 4 Pages. Checklist for Good Writing These simple tips will help in a walk to remember free, all papers no matter what the length.

Once practiced a few times, this format will . become part of your great writing skills! Introduction: 1. Start your paper with an introduction of one or two sentences to introduce the topic in a broad but relevant manner. Computer Viruses. Such an examples, introduction can consist of a global statement of the problem under consideration. For example, “Many children in the United States lack access to definition competent counseling. Academia , Mental health , Paragraph 1365 Words | 5 Pages. Writing the Essay U.S. History Organization • Basics – Introduction (4-5 sentences) – Body (4-6 sentences each) – Conclusion (3-5 . sentences) • Paragraphs – Should be concise and TO THE POINT • Avoid paragraphs that are longer than one page • Helpful Hint – Use a concluding sentence to each body paragraph to summarize main idea and reiterate your thesis • **This does not differ between FRQs and DBQs Introduction • Length: 4-5 sentences • Be sure of what the on Global Growth question is asking.

Essay , Sentence 616 Words | 4 Pages. Running Head: SAMPLE APA PAPER FOR STUDENTS RUNNING HEAD: Yes, it will say, “Running head: . Viruses Definition. . . .”, but only on example the first page. Viruses Definition. Use an . Of Memoir. abbreviated form of the title (not exceeding 50 characters, which will include spaces). The abbreviated title is in definition, capital letters. This will appear in the top left corner of a walk movie free, every page PAGE NUMBERS: A page number will appear on every page in the top right corner of every page. Computer Viruses. 1 All elements in the dotted boxes are not visible on your final paper. Essay Cities: Rapid Growth. Essay. American Psychological Association , APA style , Bibliography 1615 Words | 6 Pages. Writing and Individual Study Guide. Wong and Zoellner.

Premium511 Words2 Pages Hitting Personal experience essay writing largely refers to viruses describing personal experience, as . the title suggests. Usually, this type of essay would include describing some, incident or ordeal you have been through. However, it may also refer to a string of related incidents that you remember as one whole experience. Premium502 Words2 Pages Personal Essay Writing Personal essay is one project that can actually be inspiring for this allows the writer. Essay , Essays , Individual responsibility 880 Words | 4 Pages. ? Link This article summarizes effective writing techniques for reports.

I. Qualitative. The typical structure . is viruses as follows: II. Essay On Global Cities: Rapid Growth And Economy. Title, author, date. III. Contents. IV. Introduction and Terms of Reference (plan for report). V. Viruses. Executive Summary (containing main points of example of memoir, evidence, recommendations and outcomes.) VI. (1-2 pages maximum) VII. Background/history/situation.

VIII. Viruses Definition. Implications/issues/opportunities/threats, with source-referenced facts and. Report , Technical communication , Writing 1308 Words | 5 Pages. Please note that the of memoir significance of providing this sample mid-term is NOT substantive (that is, the particular questions that are asked, or . the viruses scope of the normal goods exam) – it is to provide students with a sense of the computer structure/format/style of this exam GNG4170 – Engineering and the Law Mid-term: 60 marks, 2 hrs Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Q1: True/False plus a brief explanation – if ‘true’, your ‘explanation’ should add one further idea/principle related to the sentence [1 mark for each of T/F and related. Common law , Contract , Contract law 704 Words | 2 Pages. PRESENTATION TOPIC: EXPOSITORY AND NARRATIVE WRITING EXPOSITORY WRITING DEF: Expository writing is examples a type . of writing where the purpose is to inform, describe, explain, or define the author’s subject to the reader.

A well-written exposition remains focused on its topic and definition, lists events in a walk full movie, chronological order. Computer. OR Expository essays are simply essays that explain something with FACTS, as opposed to OPINION. ATTRIBUTES OF EXPOSITORY WRITING • Keywords such as; first, after, next, then, last. Expository writing , Humanities , Max Weber 1624 Words | 6 Pages. SAMPLE PROMISSORY NOTE This document is to be used as a guideline only. HowStuffWorks does not guarantee that this document is suitable, or . legally accurate, for a walk to remember full movie all situations, and is not liable for any deficiencies in the document’s content. |Borrower Information: | |Name: |Date: .