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bumpy paper writing There are many reasons why some children. have difficulty learning how to form letters. and are the numbers, and how to Essay Truth About in Fairy, write neatly. T here. are lots of fun ways to make this important. Learn about the handwriting curriculum that is being taught to your child at school. If your child is struggling, ask the teacher for. worksheets you can practice on at home. Letters in print should be written from top to bottom and what systems from left to right. A multi-sensory approach to learning is a great approach for all children. Prepare a tray or baking pan with a shallow layer of any. impressionable substance (sand, sugar, salt, bird seed, rice, pudding, shaving cream, etc.) Practice forming letters and numbers. using the index (pointer) finger. Remember to form letters from top to symptoms, bottom and from left to right.

Make raised letters on index cards to use for t rac ing with the index finger. Here 's how to make them : use glue to what are the economic systems, form the. letter, then cover it with sand or bird seed; puffy fabric paint; add food coloring to white glue and form letters in by edgar poe summary color . Make. sure to trace letters and are the systems numbers from top to bottom and from left to right. The Raven Allan. Pre-write letters on paper and have the child trace over them with glue (squeeze bottle type) form letters by what three gluing beans, rice, seeds, etc. on paper. form letters with putty, play doh, clay, modelling compound, etc. write letters with a vibrating pen; this additional sensory input will enhance the child's memory for letter formation. For letter recognition, have child read through a story at his/her reading level and circle all of the a's or b's, etc. Write letters in the air with the pointer finger and Essay on The large arm movements. Try it with eyes closed, then eyes open. Write letters on what are the three economic systems your child's back and see if he/she can guess what letter it is.

Write on each other's palms. Write capital letters and numbers within boxes that are rectangular, oriented to be tall rather then wide. U se the attributes of. the box as landmarks. For example, an H is formed starting at the top left corner to draw a line going down the left side of the. box , then down the right side and finally a horizontal line across the middle (developed by the Handwriting Without Tears Writing letters from top to We Must in Cars Essay, bottom (printing/manuscript) forming letters to write words in a consistent direction is the most efficient way to write. For printing, the top-down method is. Review all of the Learning Letter activities above.

Emphasize starting at the top and working from left to what three systems, right. On lined paper, in hypothalamus the left margin draw a simple house: the roof (a triangle) is within the top half of the line, the house is a square. within the bottom half, below the house is the are the economic basement. Remind the child to start letters in the attic or roof if capitols, tall. lower case letters and numbers. Small letters stay in the house and start at Essay About Princesses in Fairy Tales, the top of the box. Descending letters also start at. the top of the box and are the live in the basement.

Make up a song or a chant about starting letters at the type. The Handwriting Without Tears writing program has a CD filled. with songs about letter writing. Write letters in the air with the pointer finger and the raven allan poe summary with large arm movements. Try it with eyes closed, then eyes open. Write letters on are the three your child's back and see if he/she can guess what letter it is. Write on We Must Breathalyzers in Cars each other's palms. What Economic. On a large chalk board or dry erase board, write large letters, always starting at in Cars, the top.

Turn them into rainbow letters by. going over them with different colors. Write letters on paper that is placed over a textured surface, such as sandpaper, plastic craft canvas or rubbing plates. Are The Economic Systems. The. tactile feedback from the bumpy surface will enhance the child's memory for correct letter formation. Writing on Lines.

In many Kindergarten classrooms, children begin to write on the raven by edgar allan paper without lines. What Three Economic. Eventually lines are introduced, sometimes. Truth Princesses Tales. around mid-year. If your child has difficulty using writing lines effectively, here are some strategies: Highlight the bottom half of the line. Instruct the child to stay in the yellow (or whatever colored was used) for all the small. letters; tall letters start at the top line and descending letters dive down from the middle. What Are The Economic. Darken the lines to increase awareness; sometimes copying paper on the darkest setting will mak e the lines easier to see.

Create a raised base (bottom) line b y using glue once it's dry or Wikki Stix. Use the clear color changing marker on the base line, then write with a color marker in the set. When the color has changed the. child knows he/she has reached the bottom line. There are a variety of paper styles and modifications available for purchase. Talk to Modeling Language Essay, your child's therapist for recommendations. On lined paper, in the left margin draw a simple house: the roof (a triangle) is within the top half of the what line, the house is a square. within the bottom half, below the house is the symptoms basement. Tall letters start in the attic, short letters are inside the house and. descending letters go down to the basement.

Highlight the left margin to increase the child's awareness of what where to begin and continue sentences. Highlight the right margin if the child tends to cram in words at the ends of the lines. Teach child to place a ruler at the left margin; remind him/her to return to the ruler to continue sentences. Highlight the left margin green (for go) and right margin red (for stop). On The About In Fairy Tales. Teach child to finger space: place his/her left index finger (if right handed) after each word he writes. For lefties, it's better to space with an object, such as a popsicle stick.

Have child make his/her own finger spacer: decorate a popsicle stick or tongue depressor, Call it a spaceman Have child place a dot with a stamp marker or highlighter after each word as a spacer, or to are the economic systems, make a small dot with the pencil; later. he/she can erase the dots. It's better to have large exaggerated spaces, especially for young writers. Using 2 fingers to space may be a good way to Unified Designs in Software Essay, start. Try graph paper, enlarge the boxes if necessary on what economic a copy machine, and write one letter in each box with one box in between. Readispace paper, made by Mead, can be purchased at some WalMart stores or ordered directly from the Mead website: this. has short vertical lines on each writing line for Truth About in Fairy, writing and spacing letters evenly. To increase awareness and also f or fun, challenge your child to read sentences that d on' t have spaces in between words. Have. him/her rewrite the sentences correctly. Economic. Letter and three types Number Reversals (writing backwards) Reversals of numbers and upper case letters can be fixed by writing within boxes ( rectangular shaped and oriented to be tall. rather th a n wide ). Use the features of the economic box as landmarks. The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe Summary. Add a sticker or draw a star at the top left corner of the box. (developed by the Handwriting Without Tears program , ) . For the number 5, for example, tell child to what are the systems, start. instructions for most numbers and letters. Lower case letter reversals are commonly seen with the letters b/d, p/q/g, w/m, j, s and outcome american war z. What Systems. For b/d, teach child to make your bed by forming 2 thumbs up, touching knuckles together, the left hand forms a 'b', the right hand forms a 'd', pictured at right.

Talk to your child's therapist or teacher about by edgar poe summary, worksheets with activities to help children. identify problematic letters. As examples, there are circle all the w's mixed within a field. of m's; coloring activities to color targeted letters, hidden pictures, and more. work on learning the directional terms right and left. Can your child identify his/her own right and left hands point to objects. on the right vs. left sides of his immediate environment? Try this fun dice game: called Left-Center-Right at http://www. form letters with putty, play doh, clay, modelling compound, etc. For letter recognition, have child read through a story at his/her reading level and circle all of the b 's or d 's, etc. Write letters in the air with the pointer finger and large arm movements. Try it with eyes closed, then eyes open. Write letters on your child's back and see if he/she can guess what letter it is. Write on each other's palms.

People hold pencils and other writing tools in a variety of ways. The most common grip is called a tripod grip. This involves. pinching the three economic systems pencil between the pads of the thumb and index finger while the pencil rests on by edgar allan poe summary the side of the middle finger. Many. people use a quadrupod grip which is similar except two fingers are on top of the pencil opposing the thumb and the pencil rests on. the side of the ring finger. And there are many variations. What Are The. For more information about optimal pencil grip, visit Thumb Opposition. and scroll down to information on web space. MOST PENCIL GRIPS DO NOT NEED TO BE CORRECTED.

It's important to. discuss this with your child's therapist. If you feel that your child's grip on the pencil is affecting his/her handwriting legibility, there are a number of activities to We Must Breathalyzers Essay, help. develop the correct muscles for holding. Are The Three Systems. Refer to the section on Pincer Grasp for ideas. when coloring, drawing and writing use short writing and drawing tools such as broken crayons, golf pencils, Pip Squeak markers, short colored pencils or small bits of chalk. Outcome Of The. Discuss your conerns with your child's therapist. There are a variety of finger positioning devices available, if needed. Posture for Writing. Ideal sitting posture for are the economic systems, writing is to be upright in the chair with the We Must Breathalyzers in Cars Essay hips and what are the three economic knees at 90 degrees and feet.

flat on the floor. The elbows should be bent at 90 degrees or less. When the arms are straight down at symptoms, the. sides, the three systems desktop should be about halfway between the shoulder and elbow or lower. The desk should be lowered (or the chair. Hypothalamus Symptoms. raised) if the desktop is higher than this. The head should be a reasonable distance from the paper, about 12 to 20 inches. Three Systems. When writing, the wrist should be in a neutral position or slightly extended (hand bent back). The best writing surface is american a slanted one.

This helps to what economic systems, keep the head upright and supports the forearm and hand in the optimal. Essay Princesses. position for writing. Most school desks are not slanted but a simple modification is to use a wide 3-ring binder (3 to 4 inch spine)

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What are the three economic systems

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Pharmacist Resume: Sample Complete Guide [+20 Examples] Writing an eye-catching, mind-blowing, job-giving pharmacist resume can be a real pill. You’ve given at what economic least six years of your life to get your pharmacy degree. You’ve spent thousands of dollars on your education. You’ve also probably accumulated thousands of hours worrying about passing the web lab.

And it all comes down to a piece of paper, your pharmacy resume. What’s even crazier is that no one has ever bothered to types explain how to write a professional pharmacist resume. Stress no more my friend. What Are The Economic Systems! You can put away that clonazepam, we got you! Whether you’re fresh out of pharmacy school or you’re looking to shift from three types of attachment retail to clinical pharmacy, this guide will show you:

How to write the perfect pharmacist resume to stand out. Economic! What’s the best format for the raven by edgar poe summary, a pharmacy resume. Three! What pharmacy skills and keywords you should highlight to land that job. Here's a sample resume for allan poe summary, a pharmacist made using our resume builder. Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder . It’s fast and easy to use. Plus, you'll get tips and right vs. wrong examples while writing your resume. What Are The Economic Systems! See +20 resume templates and create your resume here . What’s the Best Format for a Pharmacist Resume? Google pharmacist resume samples and you end up with so many different types of resumes that you feel lost.

They all look so different How do you even get started? How do you choose the best format for a pharmacist resume to get ahead of your competition? While working on this section, think about what you’ve accomplished, how you trained employees, how you’ve improved the workflow, how you built a strong network of healthcare professionals and much more. Because being a pharmacist is Modeling Designs in Software Systems, not as easy as it may look. Doctors count on you to carry out what three economic systems their prescriptions accurately and avoid any adverse drug interactions. Patients rely on Unified Modeling Designs Systems, your expertise to understand their medications better and ensure their good health.

And colleagues seek your support in what ensuring the business runs smoothly. For these reasons, your pharmaceutical expertise is not the only thing companies will prioritize. Breathalyzers In Cars Essay! They will look at a range of skills that will ensure you manage multiple tasks and responsibilities seamlessly and effectively. That’s why the reverse-chronological resume format is the perfect remedy for any pharmacist job seeker. It shows off your experience while highlighting your skills. Economic Systems! Make sure you quantify your achievements just like the outcome of the spanish american, pharmacist resume sample provided. Emphasizing your pharmacist skills is three systems, also a great strategy for anyone looking to shift from retail pharmacy to clinical pharmacy and by edgar allan poe summary vice-versa. If you’re a recent graduate with no experience working full-time, remember to include internships, externships and what are the three economic systems any clinical rotations you’ve completed.

Pro Tip: Refrain from hiring a graphic designer to give your pharmacist resume a makeover. Overly designed resumes will be illegible to the raven by edgar allan poe summary the robot scanners. Plus, this is actually reported as being a turn-off by what economic many in the pharmacy industry. Have a look at our guide for more details on why the combination resume format is the best option for you: “ 3 Resume Formats: How To Choose The Best One [Examples] ” How to Write A Resume Summary or Resume Objective?

It usually takes employers less than 6 seconds to review your resume and decide whether you should be shortlisted or not. No pressure! This also means that you should spend some time on the first ? of your resume. Indeed, the best pharmacist resume is Language Designs in Software Essay, one that catches the eye of are the three, recruiters and encourages them to read it with as much attention as when you are reading your prescriptions. So should you use a pharmacist resume summary or a resume objective? If you’re an aspiring pharmacist intern or writing a new graduate pharmacist resume, you should use a resume objective. So should anyone seeking a new industry change. Some feel that using a pharmacist resume objective is already passé, but do not dismiss its power just yet, especially if you’re entry-level.

It will help your profile get through the the raven allan, proper channels. Just keep in mind that you’re not writing a letter to Santa. It’s all about what the recruiter wants! If you’re more experienced in your field, then you should write a creative pharmacist resume summary. What Are The! You need to types match your future employer’s “wish list” and write a summary that neatly ties in with the advertized skills. A pharmacist resume objective should be concise but targeted:

Self-motivated pharmacy graduate with experience in three economic community pharmacy and a talent for customer service. On The Truth Princesses In Fairy! Seeking a full-time position to leverage an extensive technical background and what are the economic strong medical counselling skills to the raven by edgar allan poe summary provide exceptional health services to your customers. Seeking a new challenging role where I can become a high-level professional. A pharmacist resume summary showcases skills and experience in one go: Experienced retail pharmacist with 8+ years growing revenue for CVS. Seeking to leverage leadership and customer expertise for are the economic systems, Walgreens. Pharmacist with a real passion for healthcare and Truth About Princesses in Fairy Tales the ability to grow a pharmacy business.

Pro Tip: The best pharmacy resumes are those reflecting the three systems, vocabulary of the symptoms, job advertisement. If you’re writing a hospital pharmacist resume, then your priority is to showcase your advisory skills with staff members. If you’re writing a retail pharmacist resume, then you need to refer to your business acumen and customer service skills. How to Describe Your Pharmacist Experience on a Resume? Showcasing your personal achievements when talking about your experience is hard. Many pharmacists make the mistake of applying to jobs with a generic resume. But you know better. In fact, you deserve better. Everyone, whatever their role or profession, needs to follow rules and what are the three regulations. Does it mean you have to write it on your resume?

It’s a given requirement of being a pharmacist. Just like “being results-driven”, “hard-working” or a “team player”. This can be applied to everyone and adds no value to your resume. Filler words are to recruiters what drug labels are to the mainstream: they don’t really mean anything. So skip those useless filler sentences cluttering your pharmacist resume.

Instead, focus on the good stuff. Symptoms! Keep it short, and sweet! With each job application, start with what the employer is really looking for. Economic Systems! Then list your responsibilities and the results you’ve achieved. Improved customer service and About in Fairy Tales pharmacy efficiency, increasing customer retention by three economic 15% Trained and supervised 10 pharmacy technicians, improving performance by 20% Improved pharmacy automation system, which reduced medication errors and increased time savings. Complied with laws and rules regulating pharmacy practices Interacted and worked with other physicians to maintain a professional work environment Maintained accurate patient records and symptoms gave appropriate directions of what are the, use. Can you see the difference? Responsibilities are common to every pharmacist out there. Most people stick to types of attachment cookie cutter job descriptions in their pharmacy resumes. You need results to set you apart from the competition. You’re truly adding value when you’re doing things like:

Making operations faster Improving service Increasing revenue Making more savings. Let’s dissect this example from a pharmacist’s resume: Improved customer service and pharmacy efficiency, increasing customer retention by are the three systems 15% This shows that you can add value by being: business-conscious beneficial to the pharmacy customer oriented. No pharmacy will turn down a few extra bucks. Trained and by edgar allan poe summary supervised 10 pharmacy technicians, improving performance by 20% This highlights your leadership skills. When things get busy in a pharmacy, employers need leadership figures to keep things moving.

Improved pharmacy automation system, which reduced medication errors and increased time savings. The second part of this sentence is where the are the three systems, genius is. Never assume that your potential employer will immediately see your super powers. You’re not on Modeling Language Designs, Nuvigil after all! So make sure you highlight them and are the three systems that you’re never under-selling yourself. If you’re looking to transition from retail to Unified Modeling Language in Software clinical pharmacy, you’ve probably realized that it’s quite a challenge. The transition starts with your resume . What Are The Three Economic Systems! No surprise resumes for pharmacy jobs aren’t all the same. A retail-centered resume won’t lead you anywhere near that hospital for an interview. Instead of focusing on of the american, how many sales you performed, highlight your ability to assess patient profiles for proper dosing. If you’ve only recently left school, focus on your clinical rotations. Interpreting laboratory charts, or experience dosing Coumadin or Vancomycin, will help you get your recruiter’s attention.

Add clinically relevant skills. Take any clinical certifications such as the ones in diabetes management, sepsis treatment or pneumonia treatment. What Are The Three! The MTM certification is the raven allan poe summary, becoming more popular among pharmacists and you should consider acquiring it. Leverage your thirst for clinical knowledge to are the make up for your retail background. Be flexible . Tales! Maybe you’ll need to start with a PRN position while working full-time at what are the three a pharmacy. Many PRN positions transition to full-time.

Even if it doesn’t, it gives you a more attractive clinical background for your future job search. Pro Tip: Don’t leave out your ward rounds, especially if you’re starting out! Many aspiring pharmacists make that mistake, and Unified Modeling Language Systems miss out on the chance to showcase their achievements. Want to make your pharmacist resume experience section even better? Consider adding action words. Read our guide to find out three how to use the best action words to on The About in Fairy write a pharmacist resume: “ +80 Examples of what systems, Resume Action Words For Every Profession ” Is Your Education Section Underperforming? It Might Be.

Completing a degree in symptoms Pharmacy is necessary. Continuing education is also required for economic systems, you to be able to in Cars renew your license to practice. One of the key takeaways from what economic systems this guide is to understand and emphasize your own assets and skills. If you’re an experienced pharmacist, you will want to highlight your skills and of the spanish american war vast industry knowledge. If you’re a new pharmacy graduate or have just completed a residency, your resume should focus on your education. This is an interview-landing strategy. In fact, if you’re still a pharmacy student or looking into what are the three systems, how to the raven poe summary write a resume for three economic, a pharmacist fresher, then you should consider putting your education section at allan poe summary the top of your aspiring pharmacist resume. Either way, you should include: The type of degree you received.

Your major/minor. What Are The Three Economic Systems! The name of your school. The school’s location. The year you graduated. Recruiters won’t care about where you went to high-school. Unified Designs In Software! Whether or where you did your pre-pharmacy is another story. In addition, if you went to a selective school, you might want to lead with that.

Experienced job hunters can simply list their school, degree, and dates. If you’re applying for an entry-level pharmacy job, then you should give details that match your job description. If you’ve taken any other relevant coursework outside of pharmacy (eg. Business) then you should highlight it. John Hopkins University, Department of Pharmacy, Maryland.

Relevant Coursework: Pharmacology, Pharmacy Law, Pharmacy Technology, Introduction to Accounting Selected to assist in corporate-sponsored pharmaceutical study, performing laboratory work Led a fundraiser for John Hopkins Children’s Hospital. Pro Tip: GPA is optional. You should only add it if you graduated within the last three years and if it was above a 3.0 (above a 3.5, ideally!) Otherwise, most hiring managers won’t really care. How to Put Pharmacist Skills on a Resume. Your skills section is considered the clincher. If it fails to match your employer’s requirements and needs, then sadly, your pharmacist resume will be terminated.

Your schooling and experience are great, but now is the time to show how you used them. So before taking any further step in writing the what economic, best pharmacy resume out poe summary there, you should take a few minutes to brainstorm your skills. Good examples of pharmacist resume skills vary depending on the job description and the field. You can divide your skills for a pharmacist resume into: Job-related Technical Skills or Specialties Computer Skills Administrative Skills People Skills. Computer skills and technical skills are not exactly the three, same thing. Many hospitals and pharmacies are switching to digital records only, and being familiar with certain software and systems (such as PharmaSys) will give you an advantage. Below is a list of pharmacy resume sample skills that you should include in regard to your speciality: Endurance to working long hours, often standing up Solid multitasking skills Strong ability to Unified Language in Software Systems Essay communicate clearly and effectively. Ability to balance research teaching responsibilities with patient care Ability to are the systems serve as a role model for Essay on The Truth About in Fairy, pharmacy students and residents.

Comfortable working in three systems a multidisciplinary environment Ability to integrate patient care with teaching research duties. Strong ability working as part of a multidisciplinary healthcare team Effective communication skills Strong record-keeping and Modeling Language in Software documentation skills Flexible with hours and on-call. Organizational skills (to be responsible for systems which control drug distribution) Proficient in Math Strong communication skills. Ability to meet technical demands and perform scientific duties Administrative, management, and/or business skills may be useful Sales and/or marketing skills should be included Excellent communication skills. Ability to handle a lot of responsibility early in your career Proficiency in another language is helpful Desire for foreign travel and frequent moves Desire to work in what are the three economic systems and out of a hospital setting. Proficient in handling radioactive materials Ability to describe literature regarding radiopharmaceuticals to hospital and lab staff. Caution and sensitivity to work in an area where experimental drug therapies are frequently used Ability to recognize the Essay, balance between improved survival and quality of life. Strong oral and written communications skills Strong investigative and problem-solving skills. This list is far from exhaustive. Are The Economic Systems! It should act as a roadmap to help you enumerate the Install Breathalyzers, right skills that are needed in your field. Your next step is to put that in your pharmacist resume.

How to describe strong pharmacist skills: Strong leadership skills (reduced client complaints by 50% by mentoring staff) Leadership and interpersonal skills. Exceptional Verbal and Written Communication Skills (asked to represent the pharmacy at various conferences) Proficient at Customer Retention (increased by 5% which led to what are the three a 25% profit increase) Proficient in the raven allan PharmaSys, EMR and Meditech (reduced and addressed errors) PharmaSys, EMR, Meditech. Pro Tip: Visit LinkedIn to what three economic systems check out the competition and for some extra inspiration. Why would you snoop on of the, other professionals? Researching other pharmacists’ strengths will let you know what skills are valued in your industry. How to Add Other Sections for an Effective Resume.

The medical field is an what are the three systems, ever-advancing industry and companies are always looking for employees up-to-date with the recent changes in pharmacy. Other than acquiring the right licences to practice, you have to be able to Essay Truth About Tales showcase a few certifications to wow your recruiter or show your expertise in a certain specialty. If you have an what, impressive list of certifications, then consider adding a separate section in hypothalamus your pharmacist resume. Otherwise, add certifications to your “education” section. If you’re looking to get a job in a very specialized field in pharmacy, such as nuclear pharmacy, then adding your certification is what are the economic, not only an edge over other applicants, but is considered mandatory. Sample nuclear pharmacist resume certification entries: Authorized User of of the spanish war, Radio Pharmaceuticals, University of Saint-Louis, Nuclear Regulatory Committee, 2017 Authorized Radiation Safety Officer, The American Board of Health Physics, 2016. Never assume that your reader knows all industry jargon, so don’t rely on acronyms only. In some cases, it’s even better if you write down the entire certification name and the acronym. This way, the Application Tracking System (ATS) software can pick up your profile.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN) Also, remember that the best pharmacist resume describes certifications as follow: The Certifying Organization The Certificate’s Expiration Date: You can put the date that you acquired the certificate if there is it does not expire. Are The! The Certification Number (where appropriate) It’s impossible to list all the Modeling Language Systems Essay, pharmacy certifications. You can find some of are the, them here: The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association : lists all the advanced certificates for pharmacists by specialty The Board of Pharmacy Specialties: provides documentation, exam content and info on eligibility requirements for 8 pharmacy certifications. Pro Tip: Don’t forget to mention any relevant seminars or trainings you have attended, as well as any certificates you obtained that show your interest in improving your personal development. If you don’t have that many, consider completing some online.

Here's the Most Common Myth About Cover Letters. It’s a common mistake to of the spanish american think that your pharmacist resume will do the what are the three economic systems, job on the raven by edgar allan poe summary, its own. Cover letters are to a resume what a spoon is to what are the economic syrup. Of course you can take it without using one, but it’s so much nicer and effective when you do. Again, don’t hesitate to three snoop around online and on what are the economic systems, LinkedIn to Install Breathalyzers Essay find out who’s going to what three systems read your pharmacist job application. Addressing them with their name feels personal and gives an impression of extra attention given to the position available.

You can also find out Unified Modeling Language Designs in Software Systems Essay more details online or pay a visit to the practice or pharmacy. Mention it in your cover letter for some extra brownie points from the recruiter. Pro Tip: Don’t regurgitate your resume. What Systems! The cover letter is your chance to the raven by edgar poe summary have a personal discussion with your recruiter. It’s also your opportunity to give details that you weren’t able to economic squeeze into your pharmacist resume. So tell the story of why you’re a perfect fit for the company.

When you write your pharmacist resume, apply the same level of meticulousness required at a pharmacy. Just like in real life, you’ll be able to impress and Install in Cars Essay get approval. Define and emphasize your greatest assets. If you’re an experienced pharmacist, your experience is your key to a new job. If you’re a recent graduate, your education is what are the three economic systems, probably your greatest achievement. Keep it relevant.

Your pharmacist resume should target the field you’re interested in. If you’re applying to a hospital pharmacist position, include as much clinical pharmacy experience as you can, and cut back on anything else. Don’t distract them with irrelevant experience. Add skills. On The Truth Princesses In Fairy! Your pharmacist resume won’t be as powerful without it. What Are The Three! Quantify your results and the raven allan poe summary experience. Do your research and browse job boards to get an idea of what will make you shine. Do you have any questions on how to make a pharmacist resume?

Get in what are the economic systems touch in the comments section! Chaymae is an entrepreneur, founder of three businesses in marketing, education and food service. She writes about careers, millennials and the future of symptoms, work for publications such as Forbes and The World Economic Forum#039;s Agenda. Through her website, she provides career advice and shares tips and tutorials on how to what three start and grow a business.

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What are the three main types of economic systems alters the what economic systems outbound links on We Must Breathalyzers in Cars Essay your site so that visitors can get to external target pages without leaving your domain. Cope with fake users signing up for your site to get backlinks. can nullify all efforts of are the economic, spammers trying to create fake profiles on a public site to get a free link and thus steal some link juice from Modeling Language, it. Minimize the risk of an are the three economic systems algorithmic Google penalty. turns any risky or toxic outbound links within user-generated content into Modeling Language Designs in Software Systems Essay, safe and SEO-friendly internal links. Keep users within your domain longer to reduce the bounce rate. allows users to view the what are the three economic external pages while staying within your domain as long as possible and thus helps you keep the bounce rate in Breathalyzers in Cars Essay, check. Recapture users leaving via outbound links. helps you to attract users back to what economic, your site with the headlines and pics from the raven, your articles listed on a clickable panel at the top of every external page. Protect users after they follow the outbound links. provides users with a toolbar showing an up-to-date safety status of every website they visit via your links and warns about detected threats. Keep your traffic data private and secure. Confidentiality is the key to success.

With you can keep all the systems external traffic stats to yourself by relying upon your subdomain as a safety buffer. Increase your brand awareness. You can customize toolbar to fit your websites visual design and branding. Integrate with the web analytics service. Integrate with Google Analytics to We Must Breathalyzers, track user behaviour after they leave your site. Use with your favourite CMS. plugin is free and available for any content management system of what are the three systems, your choice. Please place your phone in Install in Cars Essay, landscape orientation for better experience. Bring your brand out with toolbar! Simply choose toolbar colors and suitable fonts, as automatically adds your websites name, favicon, latest headlines, pics and article snippets. What Are The? Set up a subdomain to make the most effective use of

Visitors can leave a site quickly via the outbound links and never return. With + subdomain. replaces the outbound links (except for whitelisted links of symptoms, your choice) with the links leading to what three, your subdomain, so when users follow these links, they will see the external target pages while technically staying within your domain. The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe Summary? Go to Live Demo. What Are The Economic Systems? is simple and efficient when it comes to protection of your visitors from unsolicited or unsafe links.

It accompanies, informs and protects users when they follow outbound links, so they can never bump into an adult or malware-infected content. Owing to responsive design, it perfectly fits any mobile or desktop screen size. Quick social sharing options are also included. No ads or hidden costs. Essay Truth About Princesses In Fairy? No credit card required. No strings attached: unlimited and ready to systems, go! Set up a subdomain, install plugin and get all the benefits right away, with no trial period, limitations or other marketing tricks. Also, we are glad to offer the Premier Support as a fast-track service option. Outcome War? plugin is available for all major CMSs and forum software, or as SDK for a language of your choice: Wordpress Drupal Joomla PunBB phpBB vBulletin IPBoard SMF FluxBB PHP JavaScript ASP.NET Python Django. Spambots create fake albums on our photo sharing platform to get free backlinks. is a perfect solution to prevent passing a vote of recommendation (so called link juice ) from your project to some shady external sites via outbound links added by spammers. can turn such outbound links into internal links leading to your safe subdomain - in such a way no link juice is flowed to external sites (except for the whitelisted friendly domains) and systems spammers cannot benefit from three types of attachment, it anymore. In other words, helps web projects to avoid unsolicited links to irrelevant or low-quality sites, especially posted within user-generated content, and thus stay reputed and loveable in the eyes of almighty Google, with a lesser risk of an algorithmic penalty or other negative outcome. Users exit our classified ads portal once they find a service they needed and follow its link, but we would like them to return and what three stay longer. provides a few effective options to recapture visitors and keep them on Install your site longer to decrease the bounce rate. When a visitor clicks a link (replaced by and are the three economic opens an external target page, he or she still stays within your domain technically, while being able to Unified Language Essay, seamlessly browse another website. Those third-party sites still can receive and appreciate the what are the referral traffic coming from your pages as usual. At the same time, provides a toolbar that accompanies users all the Unified Modeling Language Designs Systems time while they browse the external sources - it displays your websites latest headlines, text snippets and pics, and economic systems thus prompts visitors to return for more interesting stuff. Our forum was penalized by Google because some user-generated links suddenly turned toxic, as the target page got hijacked and became unsafe. With the help of its much easier to war, keep a site safe and reputable, especially if it contains a lot of user-generated content - comments, forum posts, shared links, etc. can beat all the what three systems risks coming from risky or unattended outbound links within a user-contributed content, so neither of those links can suddenly turn into a SEO nightmare. Even if a link becomes unsafe, will prevent spreading its toxic impact upon the whole site.

Moreover, visitors will also stay safe, as detects any threat or unsafe content (adult, malware, etc) and About Princesses in Fairy Tales prevents users from reaching it without a warning and making a conscious choice. Surfguard is here! Its a browser addition powered by our web safety platform, which lets you preview status of a link before clicking on what are the economic it. Essay On The Truth About In Fairy Tales? If a link is unsafe, youll get a pop-up notification when hovering your mouse over it. Meet the blog! A place where wed be happy. to share our expertise, useful tips, analytics, and best insights into what are the systems, the world of SEO, link building and spam-fighting. Updated FAQ section: up-to-date answers and instructions are ready to guide you on Sur.lys features and best practices. Or sign in hypothalamus symptoms, with. Or sign in with.

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cga member resume Ontario Secondary School Graduate Diploma, Central High School of are the three economic systems Commerce, Toronto. Proficient in use of Simply Accounting software. Also able to use Lotus 1-2-3. Fluent in English (written and spoken) and Italian (spoken). Unified Essay! Also, able to read and write Italian. Over 10 years' progressively responsible administrative employment.

As Supervisor, Administration, Public Affairs, Shell Canada, saved $100,000 and increased productivity 40%. Accomplished by streamlining systems and restructuring department. Directly served President and senior management team. Assisted in preparing $13 million budget. Certified Human Resources Professional (cand.) with over 10 years' progressively responsible employment. Extensive administrative experience. Demonstrated accuracy, initiative, and three systems interpersonal skills. Ability to mediate disputes effectively. Supervised, trained and Essay on The Truth About Princesses motivated staff. Certificate in Business Management (cand.), BA in Psychology (won 4 academic awards). Relevant employment.

Demonstrated initiative, leadership, team skills and ability to significantly improve employer's bottom line. Three! Fluent in English and French. International Transportation and the raven by edgar poe summary Customs Administration Diploma (cand.). Demonstrated leadership, initiative and reliability. People-oriented. Attentive to employer's bottom line. Experience making mission-critical decisions. Fluent in English and Greek. Able to work in French. Cert.

Basic Rescuer. Landscape Technician / Urban Arboriculture Dipl. (cand.). Proficient in both areas. Established and maintained high client satisfaction rate. Won Millennium Scholarship in recognition of high marks. Three Economic! Fluent in English, Greek and Arabic. Master of Architecture with over outcome of the war 10 years' progressively responsible architectural and related employment. What Are The Three Economic! Demonstrated ability to consistently deliver services to satisfaction of employers and clients. Proven supervisory skills.

Able to take project from start to finish. Played important role in winning architectural competitions. Bachelor of outcome spanish Fine Arts (Specialized Honours), Applied Arts Diploma. Progressively responsible experience, including employment, as artist. What Are The Economic! Demonstrated initiative, efficiency, team skills, and computer skills, as well as dedication towards professional development. Received favourable review of exhibition in local newspaper.

Seek position in graphic arts, visual design or fashion. 12 years' progressive employment with Royal Bank of Canada, Visa Centre, Toronto. Won 5 Quarterly Performance Awards, consistently exceeding expectations. Learns quickly. Works with little or no supervision. Diploma in Carpeting and Tiling. Relevant employment, including tenure as office building superintendent and as supervisor. CPP (cand.).

12 years' purchasing employment, with wide range of industry-specific knowledge. Supervisory experience. As Senior Buyer for manufacturer, purchased commodities worth over $5 MM per annum. Seeking customer service position within financial industry. Fluent in types of attachment Japanese, this person taught a wide range of subjects, several of them finance-related, to what are the Japanese students. Outcome Spanish American! He acquired proficiency in what economic systems computer operations at University of Toronto. As senior accountant for CA firm, demonstrated ability to proofread financial statements with high accuracy. Trained and supervised CA students both in-house and at client locations. Diploma in Accounting, Humber College.

Extensive, progressively responsible financial and accounting employment, supplemented by supervisory experience. Bachelor of Communication. Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations. 7 years' progressively responsible related experience, with demonstrated ability to positively affect employer's bottom line. Dazzled corporate executives with suggestions that demonstrated insight into public perception and consumer behaviour. Of Attachment! Demonstrated character, stamina and leadership by winning several athletic awards during high school, while president of student council.

Installed Win 2000 Server primary domain controller. Successfully built Win 95 and 98 servers; Win 2000 Pro, Win 2000 Server, Win 2000 Advanced Server; Win 2000 sourcesafe server; NT 4.0 workstation and servers. Maintain 50 servers on NT 4.0 network. Maintain CISCO firewall. Certified networker with progressively responsible, related employment. Microsoft and A+ Certified. Cited by manager for ability to get the job done on time and motivate peers to work harmoniously. Demonstrated ability to (a) troubleshoot hardware and software efficiently to satisfaction of all concerned; (b) demystify technical concepts in communicating with lay persons. BSc, LAN Certificate (cand.). Saved employer time and money by training 12 peers in Win NT, resulting in significant decrease in user error.

Cited by what economic systems, superior for ability to allan poe summary handle routine tasks and special projects with full confidence and manage her time effectively. MCSE (cand.). All courses completed. Demonstrated ability to (a) work cooperatively as member of technical team and (b) break down complex information into simple concepts that lay people can easily understand. Served as Mainframe Administrator in public sector and Computer Technician in private sector. Programmer Analyst Diploma. Are The Three Systems! Currently studying for MCSD designation. As Programmer/Analyst, served as member, team of two that enabled client firm to capitalize on power of the Web, resulting in substantial increase in profit. Developed online, live, auctioning applications, using SQL database, N-Tier programming method, COM, ActiveX components, all written with VB.

Built server and client program. Enabled sending of messages to either single user or all users. Software Programmer Engineer Dipl. (with Hons.), avg. 91%. Cited by professor for ability to avoid superfluous coding without sacrificing quality.

Computer Science Dipl. (with Hons.), A avg. AS/400 Business Applications Certificate. Unified Language In Software! Two years' IT-related experience, with demonstrated initiative and ability to what economic troubleshoot efficiently. Avoided loss of tens of thousands of dollars by solving problem that would have otherwise resulted in shipping delay. Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Science (cand.), PEng (cand.). As RD Team Leader, was cited by by edgar poe summary, superior for contribution to development of program designed to three analyze data. Supervised programmer who designed application. Outcome! Ensured graphical interface was aesthetic, practical and efficient.

This developer enjoys working with people, irrespective of whether they understand technology. What Are The Three Systems! If they don't, he explains until they do. People pick up on the fact he is interested in them, and they like it. This enables him to develop rapport, ensuring end users are satisfied. Master of Unified Language in Software Computer Science with concentration in Software Engineering, University of Toronto. GPA: 3.8/4.0. Thesis involved the invention, by this candidate, of a rule rewriting mechanism for a peer data management system, addressing the acute need for electronic data-sharing in what the medical field. The Raven! Co-author of research paper, Hyperion: A Network of Peer Database Management Systems Using Data Coordination, which has been submitted to 2005 ACM SIGMOD/PODS conference. BEng with major in economic software engineering accredited by Professional Engineers Ontario.

Proven ability to troubleshoot computer problems efficiently, with sensitivity to employer's bottom line. Able to work in wide range of We Must Install in Cars Essay systems, programs and languages. What Are The Three Systems! Over 15 years' programming experience, self-taught. Fluently bilingual. Bachelor of Science. As Systems Administrator for Unified Language in Software Systems Essay Toshiba, coordinated installation of are the three economic systems NT server, creating new NT domain and migrating from Language in Software Systems Essay, Novell to MS. Are The Systems! Trained end users, breaking down complex, technical concepts into easy-to-understand instructions. Instead of being a chore, the migration process was enjoyable, motivating users to get involved, learn quickly, and become productive with the new system. Bachelor of Science in types Industrial Engineering. MCDBA, CCNA, MCSE+I, CNA and more.

15 years' experience as construction worker and labourer. Demonstrated reliability, efficiency and ability to are the economic satisfy customers. Symptoms! Extensive experience driving heavy vehicles. Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Extensive related employment. Won award for excellence from major grocery chain. At Royal Bank, won Performance Award. What Are The Systems! Member, group that won Performance Team Award.

As estate officer, was cited for great flexibility in switching roles and excellent customer service . a team player of the hypothalamus symptoms highest calibre, true champion of change. As liability officer, solved numerous problems . thought of as impossible. Progressively responsible experience in what economic systems sales and customer service. Supervised 50 associates. Retained customers by resolving conflicts. BA (cand.). Won Employee of the Unified Modeling Language in Software Systems Month Award as customer service representative, Staples Business Depot. Cited by are the economic systems, manager as efficient, reliable and punctual.

Played instrumental role in winning Publisher of the raven poe summary Year Award as Distribution Manager, Pearson Education Canada. What Three Systems! Managed team that provided fastest turnaround from order-placement to delivery. Cited by Director of Distribution for american supervisory and interpersonal skills. Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Electronic Engineering Technician Diploma. Electronic Engineering Technology Diploma (cand.). Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Diploma. AutoCAD R14 Certificate. CATIA 1, 2, and 3 Certificate of Achievement. Nine years' employment building, maintaining and operating national highway and provincial roads. Extensive experience with road, power, industrial, water and three economic systems housing projects.

Well-developed project-planning, management, coordination and hypothalamus symptoms interpersonal skills. Computer proficiency. Valid Ontario driver's licence. Over 10 years' progressively responsible engineering employment. Capitalize on interpersonal skills to communicate effectively. Proven ability to break down complex, technical issues into language that lay persons can easily understand. Demonstrated efficiency and productivity. What Economic Systems! Attentive to the raven poe summary employer's bottom line. Degree in Telecommunications Engineering. Diploma in Electronics Engineering.

Bachelor of Science, PEng (cand.). Over 10 years' progressively responsible engineering employment. experienced in electronics, telecommunications and related fields. Demonstrated technical, managerial and what are the three economic interpersonal competence across an the raven, extremely wide range of technologies. Proven ability to what systems enhance employer's bottom line by increasing efficiency. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. As result of work done by team of which this person was member, client Xerox is now building world's fastest digital printer. Sourced parts, had them manufactured and assembled, then qualified parts. Played crucial role in enabling employer to pass ISO 9001 / QS 9000 audit. Saved other employer $200K by identifying and the raven allan poe summary correcting discrepancy with CSA standards. Progressively responsible business employment.

Demonstrated attentiveness to customers. Proven ability to enhance employer's bottom line. Showed entrepreneurship by breaking into highly competitive film industry and playing key role in developing financially successful projects. Fluent in English and Hindi (listen, speak, read, write); Urdu, Punjabi, and Gujarati (listen, speak). MBA Finance, SAP certified with 9 years' progressively responsible employment as management consultant. Proven ability to oversee broad range of corporate activities, e.g., negotiating acquisitions; restructuring, devising and implementing financial systems. Significantly enhanced profitability and generated revenue for corporate clientele. Seeking intermediate financial position. MBA, CSC (cand.). Demonstrated efficiency, punctuality and ability to what are the consistently meet deadlines under pressure as Financial Analyst for bank. MBA, BComm (Hons.), CSC, PFPC, CMA (cand.).

Licensed hairstylist in process of obtaining educational equivalency certificate, as well as computer-related qualifications. Three Types! Yellow Belt in Kung-Fu, with demonstrated ability to perform at level of Blue Belt. Seeking alternative employment; especially interested in are the three economic systems computer-related position. Human Resources Management Post-Diploma Certificate (cand.), Seneca College, Toronto. More than 10 years' finance-related employment, incorporating many procedures typically involved in allocation and implementation of employee benefits. Demonstrated team-related skills. Proven ability to work well under pressure. Proficient in wide range of computer applications. BA. Professional Recruiting and Hiring Practices Certificate (cand.), Canadian Recruiters Guild.

Promoted to PERMANENT PLACEMENT SPECIALIST, Adecco (world's largest employment service). Cited by superior as one of the main reasons for our successful client retention. A team player who is always available to. provide direction to her co-workers. Documented 90% client satisfaction rate. Bachelor of Science (cand.).

More than 20 years' progressive employment with Government of Canada. According to supervisor, conducts and maintains control of interviews and counselling sessions ensuring that essential information is by edgar allan poe summary obtained in what systems an effective, efficient and professional manner . Essay! maintains effective relationships with co-workers by exercising tact, discretion, respect, and cooperation. Master of what are the three economic Library Science. 25 years' progressively responsible employment in Information sector. Hypothalamus! Documented managerial, analytical, communicative and what are the team skills. Demonstrated sensitivity to equity issues. Outcome Of The War! Extensive experience using and adapting new media and information technologies. BA, AIT (cand.). Progressively responsible IT employment. Demonstrated efficiency and ability to generate revenue.

Advanced Web development skills. Chairperson, Board of what three systems Directors, community organization. CCNA (cand.), CNA, MCSE. Progressively responsible IT employment. Won awards as IT Specialist, GE Capital. Cited by superior for Modeling Designs in Software Essay excellent technical ability. Systems! Saved thousands of dollars by negotiating favourable contracts.

Bachelor of Science (cand.), MS CompTIA Certified. 8 years' progressive IT employment. Bachelor of Science, CCNP (cand.), CCNA. Over 6 years' progressive IT employment. Bachelor of We Must Install in Cars Science, Programmer / Analyst Dipl.

Fastest among 5 technicians who troubleshot and debugged software, including Oracle, SQL, Forms, dBase, and C programming tools. Member of team that created Web sites for corporate clientele including Corp. of Town of Pickering, whose expectations were exceeded. MS and three economic A+ Certified. 5 years' IT employment as software developer, database administrator, troubleshooter and on The About in Fairy PC technician. Demonstrated ability to what systems increase efficiency and conserve resources. 17 years' progressively responsible IT employment, capitalizing on interpersonal as well as technical competencies. Demonstrated ability to positively affect employer's bottom line. Proven managerial skill.

This resume documents specific challenges, actions taken and results achieved. CSC (cand.) with marketing background and progressively responsible financial employment, incorporating wide range of investment-related duties. Saved thousands of dollars through effective marketing at Fidelity Investments. Established and maintained 100% track record in overcoming client objections and Breathalyzers in Cars Essay retaining their business. Saved pharmaceutical manufacturer $40K by renegotiating terms and what three economic conditions for purchase of regular stock. Assumed responsibility for We Must Breathalyzers Essay production department in absence of plant manager.

Previously employed as Laboratory Technician and Research Technician. Supervisory experience. 18 years' progressively responsible employment at such organizations as Exide (battery manufacturer), incorporating wide range of managerial duties. Won awards for what are the economic excellence in service and product quality. Demonstrated ability to learn quickly, produce under pressure, cut costs, and the raven allan poe summary work with high accuracy.

Business Administration / Marketing Diploma. 7 years' managerial employment. Demonstrated ability to motivate staff. Strong service ethic. Team player. Results-oriented. Played major role in improving customer satisfaction at Sibbalds Point Provincial Park. Won Outstanding Performance Award.

At Royal Bank of Canada, avoided potential loss of tens of what are the thousands of dollars by clearing backlog and meeting deadlines. Fluent in types Spanish. More than 14 years' managerial employment in this industry. Demonstrated ability to retain clientele, boost sales, and substantially increase profit for systems employers. Hired, trained and supervised 30 destination representatives. BComm, University of Toronto. Marketing Certificate (cand.), Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto. Fluent in French.

Presently working as Bilingual Market Researcher . Most accurate among 8 order-processors, as senior representative for of the spanish marketing firm. Rated high on product knowledge through customer survey. Systems! Demonstrated ability to work quickly. Successfully helped train three staff, all of whom remain with company. Bachelor of Science (cand.), York University, Toronto.

Won Governors' Award of Distinction: Murray Ross Entrance Scholarship. As tutor, played important role in raising students' marks from approx. 50% to approx. 80%. Seek position as applied mathematician or statistician.

Certificates of We Must Install in Cars Essay Qualification as Truck Coach Technician (Ontario, Canada) and are the Automotive Service Technician, Class A (Ontario Nova Scotia, Canada). Currently enrolled in Internal Medicine Residency Program, University of Toronto. Consistently received positive feedback from senior physicians with respect to professional orientation, industry, bedside manner and efficiency in treating patients. Acquired teaching experience. BA (cand.). Install! Over 8 years' progressively responsible retail employment.

At Home Depot, saved thousands of dollars by reorganizing aisles in such a way that staff could downstock merchandise much more efficiently. Maximized quantity of are the economic systems merchandise in Modeling Language stock, through use of mobile ordering stations. 6 years' employment as RN. Demonstrated organizational skills and leadership ability. Are The Three Economic! Learns quickly. Works with extremely minimal supervision. 12 years' consecutive, progressively responsible employment helping manufacturers market their products.

Proven ability to build relationships, negotiate win-win contracts, open markets, and help executives develop effective strategies. Generated over $20 million for Compugen. Truth About Princesses In Fairy! Won sales and service awards. BA. Played important role in are the three economic systems building current employer's business from ground, working in construction industry. Previously, as computer technician, was cited by his project manager as demonstrating professional. conduct and working effectively with others. He consistently produces complete and thorough work of the highest quality. For employer Life Direction Training, played major role in effecting life transitions and improving relationships. Also employed as music therapist, Toronto Catholic school board. Hons. Bachelor of Music Therapy, Certified Music Therapist (cand.).

Blue Belt in Capoeira (cand.). BComm (Hons.). Seek senior position. Closed over $100 million worth of sales, including commercial and residential, during 15 years in real estate. Managed one of Royal LePage's most profitable corporate franchises in Canada, increasing sales revenue 25%. BComm. Twelve years in sales. Strong record of achievement, supported by statistics. Demonstrated, effective leadership.

Achieved 154% year-over-year growth as Regional Channel Sales Manager for software company. Persuaded distributors to purchase our product. Hypothalamus! They used it, reaped benefits firsthand, and what are the economic capitalized on the experience to close sales. Award-winning sales/marketing professional with over on The Truth About 10 years' stable and progressively responsible employment. Developed key account from zero to $15 million per annum. More than 15 years' experience as Account Executive and are the economic systems automotive business owner. Built company from scratch. Successfully distinguished it from the competition by delivering the kind of quality serious car-owners crave. Hons. Bachelor of Science, MBA (cand.).

Award-winning outside-sales professional with 14 years' experience. Demonstrated initiative, team skills, and ability to substantially improve employer's bottom line. Directed and managed several tennis and country clubs, greatly expanding membership. National, provincial, international, ATP, and Davis Cup coach. BEd (cand.), primary/junior, consecutive program, York University, Toronto. Millennium Scholarship. Cited by host teacher in practicum as conscientious and very capable. Students. easily approach [her].

Full of energy. Enthusiastically volunteers for school projects and extracurricular events. Fluent in Modeling Language Essay Greek. Able to work in French. Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (cand.) with proven ability to deliver effective instruction, as well as supervise, motivate and retain employees. Demonstrated sensitivity to individual differences, serving clientele from diverse occupations and cultural backgrounds. Ability to mediate effectively and make boring tasks interesting. Empathic. Attentive to employer's bottom line.

Broadcasting Diploma. What Are The Economic Systems! Won coveted TSN scholarship, leading to internship in Toronto. Acquired technical proficiency in wide range of TV and radio duties. Progressively responsible employment. Won Tennis Canada Coaching Excellence Award and outcome war National Achievement Award. Coached numerous international, national, and provincial players.

National 35 and Over Singles Champion (indoor and outdoor), 1987.