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Edgar Allan Poe s The Raven: Summary and…

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The Raven / Ворон // Edgar Allan Poe / Эдгар Аллан…

book article From the book Modern English Readings. Edited by Roger Sherman Loomis and the raven by edgar poe summary Donald Lemen Clark. Airfoil! Farrar Rinehart, Inc. 1942, fourth printing - hardcover. (from pages 268 - 272) by Mortimer J. Adler. Y ou know you have to read between the lines to get the most out of allan, anything.

I want to persuade you to do something equally important in the course of your reading. I want to persuade you to write between the lines. Unless you do, you are not likely to burns, do the most efficient kind of reading. I contend, quite bluntly, that marking up a book is not an act of mutilation but of love. You shouldn't mark up a book which isn't yours. By Edgar Allan! Librarians (or your friends) who lend you books expect you to keep them clean, and you should. If you decide that I am right about the usefulness of marking books, you will have to buy them.

Most of the world's great books are available today, in reprint editions, at less than a dollar. There are two ways in which one can own a book. The first is the property right you establish by paying for it, just as you pay for clothes and badminton origin furniture. But this act of allan poe summary, purchase is only the prelude to ohio vs mapp, possession. Full ownership comes only when you have made it a part of yourself, and the best way to make yourself a part of the raven, it is by writing in ohio vs mapp, it. An illustration may make the point clear. You buy a beefsteak and transfer it from the the raven allan poe summary, butcher's icebox to your own. But you do not own the beefsteak in origin, the most important sense until you consume it and get it into poe summary your bloodstream. I am arguing that books, too, must be absorbed in your bloodstream to Paper Airfoil Aerodynamics, do you any good.

Confusion about what it means to own a book leads people to a false reverence for paper, binding, and type#151;a respect for the physical thing#151;the craft of the printer rather than the allan poe summary, genius of the author. They forget that it is possible for a man to acquire the idea, to possess the beauty, which a great book contains, without staking his claim by pasting his bookplate inside the cover. Having a fine library doesn't prove that its owner has a mind enriched by books; it proves nothing more than that he, his father, or his wife, was rich enough to buy them. Starbucks Growth! There are three kinds of poe summary, book owners. The first has all the Aerodynamics, standard sets and the raven by edgar best-sellers#151;unread, untouched. (This deluded individual owns wood-pulp and ink, not books.) The second has a great many books#151;a few of them read through, most of them dipped into, but all of them as clean and shiny as the day they were bought. (This person would probably like to make books his own, but is restrained by a false respect for their physical appearance.) The third has a few books or many#151;every one of them dog-eared and dilapidated, shaken and loosened by continual use, marked and organisation scribbled in from front to back. By Edgar Allan Poe Summary! (This man owns books.) Is it false respect, you may ask, to ohio vs mapp, preserve intact and unblemished a beautifully printed book, an elegantly bound edition? Of course not.

I'd no more scribble all over a first edition of Paradise Lost than I'd give my baby a set of crayons and an original Rembrandt! I wouldn't mark up a painting or a statue. The Raven Allan! Its soul, so to speak, is inseparable from its body. And the beauty of a rare edition or of a richly manufactured volume is like that of a painting or a statue. But the soul of a book can be separated from its body. A book is more like the score of a piece of music than it is like a painting. No great musician confuses a symphony with the printed sheets of music. Arturo Toscanini reveres Brahms, but Toscanini's score of the C-minor Symphony is define machiavellian so thoroughly marked up that no one but the maestro himself can read it. The reason why a great conductor makes notations on his musical scores#151;marks them up again and again each time he returns to the raven by edgar allan poe summary, study them#151;is the reason why you should mark your books. If your respect for magnificent binding or typography gets in the way, buy yourself a cheap edition and pay your respects to badminton, the author.

Why is marking up a book indispensable to reading? First, it keeps you awake. (And I don't mean merely conscious; I mean wide awake.) In the second place, reading, if it is active, is thinking, and thinking tends to express itself in by edgar, words, spoken or written. The marked book is usually the thought-through book. Finally, writing helps you remember the thoughts you had, or the thoughts the author expressed. Let me develop these three points.

If reading is to accomplish anything more than passing time, it must be active. You can't let your eyes glide across the lines of a book and come up with an understanding of what you have read. Now an ordinary piece of light fiction, like, say, Gone with the burns poem mouse, Wind, doesn't require the most active kind of reading. The books you read for pleasure can be read in a state of relaxation, and nothing is lost. But a great book, rich in ideas and beauty, a book that raises and tries to answer great fundamental questions, demands the most active reading of which you are capable. You don't absorb the ideas of John Dewey the way you absorb the crooning of Mr. Vallee. You have to reach for them. That you cannot do while you're asleep.

If, when you've finished reading a book, the pages are filled with your notes, you know that you read actively. The most famous active reader of great books I know is President Hutchins, of the University of Chicago. The Raven! He also has the hardest schedule of business activities of any man I know. He invariably reads with a pencil, and sometimes, when he picks up a book and pencil in the evening, he finds himself, instead of making intelligent notes, drawing what he calls caviar factories on the margins. When that happens, he puts the book down.

He knows he's too tired to read, and he's just wasting time. Origin! But, you may ask, why is writing necessary? Well, the by edgar, physical act of writing, with your own hand, brings words and sentences more sharply before your mind and preserves them better in Aerodynamics, your memory. To set down your reaction to important words and the raven allan poe summary sentences you have read, and the questions they have raised in your mind, is to preserve those reactions and sharpen those questions. Even if you wrote on a scratch pad, and threw the paper away when you had finished writing, your grasp of the origin, book would be surer. But you don't have to throw the paper away. The margins (top and bottom, as well as side), the end-papers, the very space between the by edgar allan poe summary, lines, are all available.

They aren't sacred. And, best of all, your marks and notes become an integral part of the book and stay there forever. You can pick up the ohio vs mapp, book the following week or year, and there are all your points of agreement, disagreement, doubt, and inquiry. It's like resuming an by edgar allan poe summary interrupted conversation with the advantage of being able to pick up where you left off. And that is exactly what reading a book should be: a conversation between you and the author. Presumably he knows more about the subject than you do; naturally, you'll have the proper humility as you approach him. But don't let anybody tell you that a reader is supposed to origin, be solely on the receiving end. Understanding is a two-way operation; learning doesn't consist in being an empty receptacle.

The learner has to question himself and question the teacher. The Raven By Edgar Allan! He even has to argue with the teacher, once he understands what the teacher is saying. And marking a book is literally an expression of your differences, or agreements of opinion, with the ohio vs mapp, author. There are all kinds of devices for marking a book intelligently and fruitfully. Here's the the raven poe summary, way I do it: 1. Burns Poem! Underlining : of poe summary, major points, of important or forceful statements.

2. Vertical lines at the margin : to emphasize a statement already underlined. Define! 3. Star, asterisk, or other doo-dad at the margin : to be used sparingly, to the raven by edgar poe summary, emphasize the Airfoil Aerodynamics, ten or twenty most important statements in the book. (You may want to the raven by edgar allan poe summary, fold the bottom corner of each page on which you use such marks. It won't hurt the sturdy paper on which most modern books are printed, and you will be able to starbucks, take the book off the shelf at any time and, by opening it at the folded-corner page, refresh your recollection of the book.) 4. Numbers in the raven by edgar, the margin : to indicate the sequence of points the author makes in developing a single argument. 5. Numbers of other pages in origin, the margin : to indicate where else in the book the author made points relevant to the point marked; to tie up the ideas in the raven poe summary, a book, which, though they may be separated by many pages, belong together. 6. Circling of key words or phrases. 7. Poem Mouse! Writing in the margin, or at the raven allan, the top or bottom of the machiavellian, page, for the sake of : recording questions (and perhaps answers) which a passage raised in your mind; reducing a complicated discussion to a simple statement; recording the sequence of major points right through the books. I use the end-papers at the back of the book to make a personal index of the author's points in the order of by edgar poe summary, their appearance. Ohio Vs Mapp! The front end-papers are, to me, the most important. The Raven Allan! Some people reserve them for a fancy bookplate. I reserve them for fancy thinking.

After I have finished reading the book and making my personal index on the back end-papers, I turn to the front and try to outline the book, not page by page, or point by point (I've already done that at the back), but as an integrated structure, with a basic unity and an order of parts. This outline is, to me, the measure of growth, my understanding of the work. If you're a die-hard anti-book-marker, you may object that the the raven allan, margins, the space between the badminton, lines, and the end-papers don't give you room enough. All right. The Raven Allan! How about using a scratch pad slightly smaller than the page-size of the book#151;so that the edges of the sheets won't protrude? Make your index, outlines, and even your notes on the pad, and then insert these sheets permanently inside the front and back covers of the book. Or, you may say that this business of of business organisation, marking books is the raven allan going to slow up your reading. It probably will. That's one of the reasons for doing it. Most of us have been taken in by the notion that speed of reading is a measure of our intelligence.

There is no such thing as the Airfoil, right speed for the raven allan poe summary intelligent reading. Some things should be read quickly and effortlessly, and some should be read slowly and even laboriously. The sign of badminton origin, intelligence in reading is the ability to the raven by edgar, read different things differently according to their worth. In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of Paper Aerodynamics, them you can get through, but rather how many can get through you#151;how many you can make your own. A few friends are better than a thousand acquaintances.

If this be your aim, as it should be, you will not be impatient if it takes more time and effort to read a great book than it does a newspaper. The Raven By Edgar! You may have one final objection to marking books. You can't lend them to your friends because nobody else can read them without being distracted by your notes. Furthermore, you won't want to lend them because a marked copy is a kind of intellectual diary, and lending it is almost like giving your mind away. If your friend wishes to read your Plutarch's Lives, Shakespeare, or The Federalist Papers, tell him gently but firmly, to buy a copy.

You will lend him your car or your coat#151;but your books are as much a part of you as your head or your heart. ¹ From The Saturday Review of poem to a, Literature , July 6, 1941. The Raven Poe Summary! By permission of the author.

The Raven / Ворон // Edgar Allan Poe / Эдгар Аллан…

The raven by edgar allan poe summary

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Edgar Allan Poe s The Raven: Summary and…

Sample Reviews from the Mental Measurements Yearbook. Below are three sample reviews like the ones you will find in the pages of the the raven allan poe summary, Mental Measurements Yearbook or online through Test Reviews Online. Most tests will have two reviews by two independent reviewers, and will contain descriptive information and an evaluation of the test's technical properties. All Mental Measurements Yearbook test reviews are copyrighted by the Buros Institute. Reviews may be printed for individual use only, and may not be otherwise duplicated or distributed without consent.

Information on citations of test reviews can be found on the Buros website under FAQ. Draw-A-Person Intellectual Ability Test for Children, Adolescents, and Adults. Purpose: Designed to estimate intellectual ability from a human figure drawing. Administration: Individual or group. Price Data, 2006: $99 per complete kit including examiner's manual (75 pages), 50 administration/scoring forms, and 50 drawing forms; $45 per examiner's manual; $40 per 50 administration/scoring forms; $25 per 50 drawing forms. Authors: Cecil R. Reynolds and Julia A. Hickman. Review of the Draw-A-Person Intellectual Ability Test for define Children, Adolescents, and Adults by JONATHAN SANDOVAL, Professor of Education, University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA: DESCRIPTION. The Draw-A-Person Intellectual Ability Test for Children, Adolescents, and Adults (DAP: IQ) consists of the evaluation of allan poe summary 23 features of a human figure drawing produced in response to the instruction draw a picture of yourself (examiner's manual, p. 5).

Examinees are asked to draw a full figure from a frontal view. Each of the drawing features (e.g., eyes, clothing, arms) is individually scored from 0 to 1, 0 to machiavellian, 2, 0 to 3, or 0 to 4 points. A maximum score of 49 points is possible. Raw scores may be converted into a single standard score, an IQ with a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15, a T-score, a z-score, or a stanine. The manual also provides percentile ranks, age equivalents and grade equivalents. The test may be individually or group administered to the raven poe summary, individuals from age 4 years to 89 years and 11 months and is untimed. The time to administer and score the Airfoil, test is from 8 to 15 minutes.

Administration requires a pencil with eraser and by edgar drawing form. The administration/scoring form is used to record test information and the scoring of each drawing feature. The authors recommend that examiners using the burns mouse, measure be formally trained in assessment and have knowledge of current theories of cognitive development and neuropsychology. The examiner's manual is straightforward and provides technical information, normative data, and scoring examples. The test is not intended to provide a comprehensive evaluation of cognitive ability. The developers claim it offers a lower bound estimate that may supplement, and have less cultural specificity than, other intelligence tests. It may be inappropriate for use with examinees who have visual or motor impairments. DEVELOPMENT. The DAP: IQ is the latest in a long line of the raven allan poe summary measures aimed at using human figure drawings as estimates of cognitive ability.

In the past, these measures have focused on children, and the authors of this test wished to extend the applicability to adults. Additionally, the authors hoped to develop a single set of types of business criteria to the raven by edgar allan, be used across the age span with both genders. Growth! Another goal was to produce current norms, and to reduce the influence of motor skill on the scoring of figure drawings. TECHNICAL. Norms for the test were based on the raven allan, 2,295 individuals matched to U.S. Census data from ohio vs mapp, 2001 with regard to geographic area, gender, race, Hispanic origin, family income, educational attainment of parents, and disability status. The Raven! The normative sample was obtained by soliciting volunteer examiners from the publisher's customer files and setting up additional sites throughout the country with a focus on Texas. More protocols were collected than used in scoring, so the match to census information could be obtained. Samples were obtained at each age from 4 to 16 and thereafter in age ranges (10-year groupings from 19 to types organisation, 40, a 15-year grouping from 40 to 55, a 5-year grouping from 60 to 75, and a 15-year grouping from 75 to 90). These age brackets of scores were developed from a continuous norming procedure and are consistent with cognitive developmental theory.

There is some evidence of internal consistency and stability of the DAP: IQ score. The coefficient alpha estimates for the age groupings varied from .74 at age 4 to .87 at age 30-39, with a mean and median value of .82. The standard errors of allan measurement vary between 4 and burns to a 5 points. Alphas calculated by gender, ethnicity, and handedness indicate the same range of coefficients. The manual reports as evidence of reliability, correlations with scoring systems by Koppitz and allan poe summary Goodenough-Harris by three scorers. These correlations are .85, .86, and .86.

This information is more usually considered evidence of concurrent validity. Stability estimates over a short 1-week period yielded a test-retest correlation of .84 (n = 45). Interscorer reliability was estimated at .95 for protocols selected from across the ohio vs mapp, sample, and at .91 for the raven allan the more difficult-to-score age group of 6 to 11. In all, the estimates of Airfoil reliability are acceptable and comparable with the reliabilities found for other human figure drawing tests. The test developers provide validity information based on allan, theory, on content, on response processes, on internal structure, and on relationship to other constructs. The scoring on the tests across ages parallels the theoretical progress of the expression of fluid ability across the lifespan. The content of the test has been used historically to estimate general mental ability in several other measures. The partial point-biserial correlations between each item and the adjusted total are sufficient to suggest the define, items are tapping the same construct, as do the alpha statistics. A rationale for the test is that everyone regardless of culture or economic background commonly experiences the human figure.

The content is also less influenced by allan poe summary education and the task is simple. External evidence of validity includes total score correlations with scores derived from other scoring systems, and correlations with other established measures of intellectual functioning and achievement. Correlations between DAP: IQ total score and the Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude-Primary: Second Edition scores (all corrected for unreliability) are .60 for Nonverbal, .42 for Verbal, and machiavellian .54 for General Mental Ability. For the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-III correlations are .33 with Verbal, .49 with Performance, and .46 with Full Scale. The DAP: IQ correlates .39 with Woodcock Johnson-Revised (WJ-R) Broad reading, and .36 with Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT) Reading. Correlations with Math are .46 with WJ-R Broad math and .43 with WIAT Math. The authors report additional moderate correlations in the same range for other subject scores on the raven by edgar allan, these achievement measures for children between 6 and 11 years of burns to a mouse age.

Both convergent and divergent validity data are reported. The DAP: IQ has moderate correlations (around .40) with the Developmental Test of Visual Perception-Adolescent and Adult, a measure of the raven allan visual and motor perception administered to standardization sample participants 11 years of age and up, and lower correlations (between .36 and .25) with the Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration and Bender-Gestalt Test using the Koppitz scoring system for define machiavellian children ages 4 through 10, suggesting the test shares some variance with visual perceptual skill. The low correlation of .18 with a measure of allan motor speed, the composite score of the Comprehensive Trail Making Test, is evidence that the test does not tap rapid motor skill or sequencing ability. Very small correlations with scores from the Rey Complex Figure Test and Recognition Trial indicate that copying skill alone is not assessed by the DAP: IQ. The examiner's manual also presents data on subgroup performance. In the normative sample, there were no differences in means above the 4-point SEM for gender, handedness, or four of the five ethnic groups examined. However, the African American mean was 6 points below average. A group from the standardization sample labeled mildly mentally retarded had a mean score of 77 and a group labeled learning disabled had a mean of define machiavellian 92 on the DAP: IQ. The test developers addressed potential fairness issues by examining differential item functioning on the test by ethnicity and gender.

The results showed moderate or large effect sizes for four items on gender, although they balanced each other, and no moderate or large effect sizes in the race and the raven allan ethnic comparisons. COMMENTARY. Human figure drawing measures offer a useful adjunct to the assessment of intellectual functioning. The DAP: IQ has a large normative base, is quick to administer, and is easy to score. The norms would only seem to approximate roughly the geographical distribution of the population, because much of the data are from Texas, and many samples of starbucks growth convenience were combined to produce them. However, the norms are based on a larger sample than other similar measures, have been examined with sophisticated psychometric methods, and are more current. Much more evidence on reliability and the raven allan validity will be needed, as the manual reports only the minimum necessary to meet standards. For example, studies could be done testing multiple drawings done at the same time (Draw yourself and someone of the opposite gender) and across somewhat longer spans of time.

The test developers have not mentioned why they have excluded parallel forms of the test as are found on other drawing tests. Most of the validity information to date has been collected on children up to define, age 12. By Edgar Poe Summary! More studies with other age groups and with other well-validated verbal and nonverbal measures of intellectual functioning need to be done before the test may be confidently used with adolescents and adults. A major use of the poem to a mouse, test may be with English language learners because of its nonverbal nature. The language status of the Latino and Asian children in the standardization sample and by edgar poe summary other research samples was not discussed. Studies of the performance of the DAP: IQ with English language learners would be welcome to justify this application of the test. The test developers claim that the estimate of intellectual functioning on ohio vs mapp, this test is a lower bound estimate, but this assertion will need to be validated, as some children and allan poe summary adults may have domain specific skill in drawing that exceeds their general cognitive ability.

SUMMARY. Burns To A Mouse! The DAP: IQ authors have succeeded in providing a successor to allan poe summary, the Goodenough Harris Drawing Test (T7:1084) and others. It can be used for rough screening and verifying other test results, particularly when language is an origin issue. It has been developed using modern constructs and modern psychometric methods. The reliability and validity information, although somewhat limited, justify the cautious and the raven by edgar poe summary judicious use of the test. All Mental Measurements Yearbook test reviews are copyrighted by the Buros Institute. Reviews may be printed for individual use only, and may not be otherwise duplicated or distributed without consent.

Information on citations of test reviews can be found on the Buros website under FAQ. Purpose: To measure visuo-spatial learning and recall. Scores, 5 : Learning Index, Displacement Score, Total Displacement Score, Delayed Recall, Delayed Recognition. Price Data, 2006 : L113.50 per complete kit including manual (15 pages), 25 scoring sheets, test grids, practice grids, and machiavellian picture cards; L35.50 per 50 scoring sheets. Authors: Romola S. Bucks, Jonathan R. Allan Poe Summary! Willison, and Lucie M. T. Byrne.

Publisher: Harcourt Assessment [England]. Review of the mouse, Location Learning Test by ANITA M. HUBLEY, Associate Professor of Measurement, Evaluation, and Research Methodology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: DESCRIPTION. The Location Learning Test (LLT) is an individually administered measure of visuospatial learning, recall, and recognition designed for older adults. The authors claim it will be particularly useful to professionals interested in the effects of aging, dementia, or drugs/alcohol.

There are two forms of the test. Each begins with a practice trial; if the examinee fails the practice trial, testing stops. Otherwise, the examinee is shown a 5x5 grid on the raven by edgar allan poe summary, which 10 common objects are pictured. Define! The examinee observes the layout of the objects for 30 seconds before he or she is provided with a blank grid and asked to place cards showing the objects, one by one, in the correct squares of the grid. There are five learning trials, although testing may stop earlier if the the raven, examinee scores perfectly on two consecutive trials. After a 15-minute interval, either delayed recall or recognition may be administered, but not both. For the delayed recognition task, the origin, examiner combines the 20 cards showing the the raven allan, common objects from ohio vs mapp, Versions A and B and, one by one, asks whether each picture was on the grid or not. The administration instructions are clear and easy to follow.

The authors do not describe how long it takes to administer the test, but it should take about by edgar allan, 30 minutes (including the origin, delay interval). Recording performance and computing displacement scores (i.e., the total number of squares away from correct placement for objects) for each trial is quick and easy. Four key scores are computed. By Edgar Poe Summary! The Total Displacement Score is the ohio vs mapp, sum of the displacement scores on each trial. The Learning Index shows the rate of improvement across the learning trials. A calculator is needed to allan poe summary, avoid errors in computing the ratios used to obtain the average improvement. The Delayed Recall Score shows the amount of information forgotten over starbucks growth the delay interval. Finally, the allan poe summary, Discrimination Index reflects the Paper Airfoil Aerodynamics, ability to discriminate target items from distractors on the recognition task. No information is provided about the raven by edgar, how long it takes to score performance.

DEVELOPMENT. In developing the LLT, the badminton, authors wanted a visuospatial test that would (a) assess learning and recall of visuospatial information, (b) be appropriate for older adults, and (c) not require complex or fine motor control, drawing ability, or verbal ability. The Raven Allan Poe Summary! The authors trace the Paper, origins of the LLT to the raven by edgar allan, some informal work (manual, p. 3) by Airfoil Shallice and Warrington in the raven allan the early 1980s and an experimental version developed by a Master's student of one of the authors in 1986. An early version of the test (Bucks Willison, 1997) consisted of a single form with 10 colored line drawings of common objects (9 of ohio vs mapp which differed from the objects in the current LLT) and a 30-minute delayed recall. A recognition trial was administered after the first learning trial. The 5x5 grid was selected because it could not be easily divided into the raven by edgar allan poe summary quadrants by examinees; objects were placed randomly with the restriction that none would be placed in the corners.

The locations of objects for Version B are the origin, same as for Version A, but have been rotated 180 degrees. Overall, however, little detail is allan poe summary provided about the development of the LLT. For example, no information is provided about why 10 objects were used, how specific objects were selected for the test, whether objects in both versions are equally common, why a 30-second observation period was selected, why five learning trials were selected, why a 15-minute delay interval was selected, how the scoring approach (i.e., displacement scores) was developed, and how the final set of scores was selected. TECHNICAL. The standardization sample for LLT Version A consisted of 186 community-dwelling men and women ages 50 to 96 years living in England. The majority of the sample was from the Bristol area (n = 128).

No information is provided about race/ethnicity of the sample and, although the authors tried to obtain a sample from a range of social classes and obtained National Adult Reading Test (NART) estimates of IQ, the sample is Paper Airfoil not necessarily representative of the larger population. Normative data are provided separately by age group (50-69, 70+ years) and the raven poe summary NART-IQ group (85-99, 100-114, 115+). A 2 x 3 x 4 (gender x NART-IQ group x age decade) ANOVA was conducted to determine the normative groups to growth, be used; however, it is the raven by edgar allan poe summary unclear how many men and women were obtained in each age decade and the small sample size raises concerns about the statistical power of the analyses and thus the selection of normative groupings. Ohio Vs Mapp! As the authors noted, the norms are not appropriate for individuals with NART-IQs less than 85 and the raven allan caution should be exercised when using the norms for individuals with NART-IQs in the 85-99 range. Norms are provided in the form of percentile ranks for Total Displacement Score, Learning Index, and Delayed Recall Score and define machiavellian a 5% cutoff score for by edgar the Delayed Recognition Discrimination Index. Although the entire standardization sample completed all five trials of the LLT, the norms for badminton origin Delayed Recall and Delayed Recognition are based on very small groups as participants only completed one of the raven by edgar poe summary these tasks. Meaningful estimates of growth reliability for memory tests are often difficult to obtain due to features such as item interdependence within and between trials and practice or recall effects. In the present case, parallel forms reliability was sought using LLT Version B, which was completed by a subsample of only 49 individuals and could not be examined by age and NART-IQ group. The majority of this group (n = 31) completed Version A first and Version B 1 week later; the rest completed the tests in the reverse order. The two versions correlated .71 for the Total Displacement Score and .49 for the Learning Index.

The correlation of the two versions at delay was not reported. Very limited validity evidence is provided to support inferences made from the LLT. The Raven By Edgar Allan! The test manual reports that correlations between the LLT Learning Index and two visual tasks (the Design Learning subtest of the Adult Memory and Information Processing Battery [Coughlan Hollows, 1985] and the Shapes test from Doors and People [Baddeley, Emslie, Nimmo-Smith, 1994]) were in the low moderate range (rs = .49 and .44, respectively) but were higher than the correlation (rs = .22) with the Hopkins Verbal Learning Test (Brandt, 1991) in a sample of starbucks 47 older adults. Correlations between the LLT Displacement Score and both the Design Learning subtest and the HVLT were similarly low (rs = -.24 and -.29) whereas the correlation with the by edgar allan, Shapes test was slightly higher (rs = -.37). This is fairly weak evidence. Further validation work is needed, including contrasted or known groups validity that shows LLT performance differs between cognitively intact and badminton impaired samples. For example, some promising preliminary work conducted with an earlier version of the LLT showed performance differed between small groups of cognitively intact elderly and dementia patients (Bucks Willison, 1997), but this needs to be shown with the current version of the test. COMMENTARY. The LLT is a brief and easy test to administer that shows a great deal of promise.

Its key strengths are that it has ecological validity for older adults and does not rely on complex or fine motor control, drawing ability, or verbal ability. Scoring is the raven allan not too difficult but does require a calculator. The norms need to be strengthened using a larger and perhaps more ethnically and geographically diverse sample. The evidence supporting the parallel forms reliability of Versions A and B is not convincing enough to starbucks growth, recommend using the norms with Version B. In future development of the the raven, LLT, the authors might consider using statistical equating procedures to equate performance on Versions A and B. Most critically, however, validity evidence is extremely limited. It is surprising that a test that the authors describe as particularly useful to machiavellian, . those concerned with the allan, effects of starbucks growth dementia and ageing, as well as the effects of drugs and stressors such as alcohol, benzodiazepines and cholinesterases (manual, p. 4) is presented without any validity evidence to back up these claims. Once appropriate validity evidence is obtained, the manual would benefit from the addition of specific recommendations to assist test users with interpretation of the results (e.g., case studies with different profiles of performance or different clinical groups). SUMMARY. The LLT was designed to be an individually administered measure of visuospatial learning, recall, and recognition for allan poe summary older adults that would be of particular use to Paper Airfoil Aerodynamics, professionals interested in the effects of aging, dementia, and the raven poe summary drugs/alcohol. Badminton! The test meets its goal of assessing visuospatial learning, recall, and recognition in an ecologically valid manner and the raven poe summary stands out growth from the majority of visuospatial tests in the raven poe summary that it does not rely on complex motor control or drawing ability. Unfortunately, very little validity evidence is provided to support the inferences to define, be made from the LLT and the lack of known groups validity evidence, in particular, means the LLT cannot be recommended for the raven poe summary clinical use at this time.

All Mental Measurements Yearbook test reviews are copyrighted by the Buros Institute. Types Organisation! Reviews may be printed for by edgar allan individual use only, and may not be otherwise duplicated or distributed without consent. Information on citations of test reviews can be found on the Buros website under FAQ. Purpose: Designed for adult probation and parole risk and needs assessment. Population: Adult probationers and parolees. Scores: 8 scales: Truthfulness, Alcohol, Drugs, Resistance, Aggressivity, Violence, Antisocial, Stress Coping Abilities. Price Data: Available from publisher. Comments: Both computer version and growth paper-pencil formats are scored using IBM-PC compatibles; audio (human voice) administration option available.

Author: Risk Needs Assessment, Inc. Publisher: Risk Needs Assessment, Inc. Cross Reference: For a review by Tony Toneatto, see 12:338. Review of the SAQ--Adult Probation III by ROBERT SPIES, Associate Director, Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, University of allan poe summary Nebraska--Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, and ohio vs mapp MARK COOPER, Training Specialist, Center on Children, Families the Law, University of the raven by edgar allan Nebraska--Lincoln, Lincoln, NE: DESCRIPTION. The Substance Abuse Questionnaire--Adult Probation III (SAQ) is a 165-item test, administered either by paper-and-pencil or computer. All items are of the ohio vs mapp, selection type (predominantly true/false and multiple-choice). Risk levels and the raven by edgar recommendations are generated for each of starbucks growth eight scales: Alcohol, Drug, Aggressivity, Antisocial, Violence, Resistance, Stress Coping, and Truthfulness.

The Truthfulness scale is the raven by edgar meant to identify test-takers who attempt to minimize or conceal their problems. Nonclinical staff can administer, score, and interpret the SAQ. Ohio Vs Mapp! Data must be entered from an by edgar answer sheet onto ohio vs mapp, a PC-based software diskette. The computer-generated scoring protocol produces on-site test results--including a printed report--within several minutes. For each of the eight scales, the allan poe summary, report supplies a percentile score, a risk categorization, an explanation of the risk level, and (for most scales) a recommendation regarding treatment or supervision. The percentile score apparently is based on define, the total number of problem-indicative items that are endorsed by by edgar poe summary the test-taker. According to the Orientation and Paper Training Manual, each raw score then is truth-corrected through a process of adding back into each scale score the amount of error variance associated with a person's untruthfulness (p. By Edgar! 8).

The adjusted percentile score is reported as falling within one of four ascending levels of risk (low, medium, problem, severe problem). The responsible staff person is expected to use information from the report, along with professional judgment, to identify the severity of risk and needs and to growth, develop recommendations for intervention. DEVELOPMENT. This SAQ is the latest version (copyright, 1997) of a test that has been under development since 1980. The original SAQ, intended for assessment of adult substance abuse, has been adapted for use in risk and the raven needs assessment with adult probation and parole clients. Two scales--the Antisocial and Violence scales--have been added since development of the SAQ in types of business organisation 1994.

Materials furnished by the developer (including an Orientation and Training Manual and An Inventory of Scientific Findings) provide minimal information regarding initial test development. The definitions provided for each scale are brief and allan relatively vague. The constructs underlying several scales appear to badminton, overlap (e.g., the Aggressivity and Violence scales), but little has been done to theoretically or empirically discriminate between these scales. No rationale is offered in the manual for how these scales fit together to measure an overarching construct of substance abuse. The developer cites no references to current research in the area of substance abuse.

TECHNICAL. The Raven! Information describing the norming process is vague. The Orientation manual makes reference to burns poem mouse, local standardization, and annual restandardization, but does not provide details. In one section the developer claims to have standardized the SAQ on the Department of the raven poe summary Corrections adult offender population (p. 7).

In another report, standardization is said to have eventually incorporated adult probation populations throughout the United States (An Inventory of Scientific Findings, p. Define Machiavellian! 5). One might assume, based on the citing of SAQ research studies involving literally thousands of allan probationers that the recency and relevance of poem to a norms is by edgar beyond question. Ohio Vs Mapp! The developer, however, has not provided the documentary evidence needed to justify this assumption. The developer has investigated--and found--gender differences on some scales with certain groups to whom the test has been administered. In response, gender-specific norms have been established for those groups (usually on a statewide basis). There is no evidence that other variables such as ethnicity, age, or education have been taken into account in allan the norm-setting process. The items selected for use in the test have several commonalities. Most items focus on personal behaviors, perceptions, thoughts, and attitudes and are linked in a direct and very obvious way to the content of associated scales (e.g., I am concerned about poem, my drinking, from the the raven by edgar allan, Alcohol scale). Almost all items are phrased in the socially undesirable direction; agreeing with the item points to the existence of a problem or a need for intervention.

The developer acknowledges that the items may appear to some people as intrusive, and origin that clients are likely to by edgar allan poe summary, minimize or under-report their problems. Define! In the SAQ, the response to this concern has been the inclusion of the Truthfulness scale and by edgar allan calculation of truth-corrected scale scores. Unfortunately, the statistical procedures underlying this important score correction are neither identified nor defended. Internal consistency for define the individual subscales of the SAQ has been well-established by a large number of developer-conducted studies that report Cronbach alpha estimates generally in the .80s to the raven allan, .90s. These high values for internal consistency may in part be explained by the similarity of the items within each scale (i.e., repetition of the same basic question, using slightly different words or context).

Evidence of other reliability estimates (other than for internal consistency) to support this instrument generally are lacking. The Inventory of Scientific Findings cites only one study in which a test-retest reliability coefficient was reported. Administering an early version (1984) of the SAQ to a small sample of burns mouse 30 college students (not substance abusers or legal offenders), a test-retest correlation coefficient of .71 was found across an interval of the raven by edgar poe summary one week. Evidence to growth, support the validity of the SAQ is limited. Some concurrent validity evidence is presented, in the raven allan the form of multiple studies showing modest correlations between some SAQ scales and burns subscales of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). The developer indicates that the MMPI was selected for this validity study because it is the most researched, validated and widely used objective personality test in the United States (Inventory of Scientific Findings, p. 14).

This explanation, however, does not suffice as a rationale for use of the by edgar allan, MMPI to support concurrent validity; and no theoretical framework is provided about how the SAQ subscales relate to the personality constructs underlying the MMPI. In other reported studies, the SAQ is shown to be modestly correlated with polygraph examinations and ohio vs mapp the Driver Risk Inventory (DRI). Again, the developer does not adequately specify how any correlation between these measures advances the efforts at validation. The Raven Allan! The studies cited, and the validation process in general, do not meet accepted psychometric standards for substantiating validity evidence established in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA, NCME, 1999). These same deficiencies were noted in the prior review of the SAQ (12:338), but no corrective action appears to have been taken. COMMENTARY. The value of the SAQ as a measure of substance abuse severity with criminal justice populations seems to origin, be compromised on a number of levels. First, the the raven allan, test lacks a clear focus.

Only two of eight scales deal directly with substance abuse, and the developer has made no attempt to combine the poem to a, scale scores into the raven allan poe summary some form of aggregate substance abuse severity score. Given this, the starbucks growth, test name is a bit misleading, and the test itself probably is most wisely judged on the basis of the eight individual scales. Second, there are concerns--previously noted--about the individual scales and items selected for poe summary the scales. Included within those concerns are lack of construct articulation, lack of construct differentiation among scales, the predominance of items that are phrased in growth a socially undesirable direction, and homogeneity of item content within scales. Item phrasing and the bluntness of the items (e.g., I am a violent person, from the Violence scale) would appear to invite problems with response sets.

The use of truth-corrected scores to handle problems with test-taker denial cannot be fairly evaluated due to insufficient information from the developer. Last, caution in the interpretation of allan poe summary reported risk levels and risk level recommendations must be advised. The developer, for example, has determined that percentile scale scores falling within a given percentile interval represent a medium risk level, whereas scale scores falling within a contiguous but higher interval of scores qualify for starbucks growth a problem risk level. By Edgar Allan Poe Summary! There is no clarification, however, of the to a mouse, meaning of the labels medium and problem. Further, there are no statements regarding how the allan poe summary, two risk levels are to be discriminated from burns poem to a mouse, one another, and no identification of outcomes (or probabilities of outcomes) that are tied to the levels. The categorization of scores into risk levels essentially amounts to implementation of three cut scores on each scale. Given the developer's failure to ascertain or cope with errors of measurement, the risk level interpretations and their corresponding recommendations are substantially compromised.

SUMMARY. The developers, to their credit, have produced a risk assessment instrument that can be administered, scored, and interpreted in a relatively efficient and the raven by edgar cost-effective manner. Ohio Vs Mapp! They have considered thorny issues such as denial on the part of test-takers and gender differences in the norming process, but the differential impact of ethnicity and the raven poe summary age has not been addressed. An earnest attempt has been made to provide risk assessment information and recommendations that are pertinent to the demands of the criminal justice practitioner. On balance, however, the SAQ falls far short of the mark. Insufficient reliability or validity evidence exists to assert that the ohio vs mapp, test consistently or accurately measures any of its associated constructs. There is continued doubt, in the raven allan the words of the prior reviewer of the organisation, SAQ, that the by edgar, test conveys any useful information additional to simply asking the starbucks growth, client if they have an alcohol-drug problem, if they are violent, and how they cope with stress (Toneatto, 1995, p. 891).

Readers seeking an alternative test for the raven by edgar allan poe summary a substance abusing population may wish to consider tests such as the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI).

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Forbidden City Essay By William Bell Essays and Research Papers. ?John Morales Coach Schiele CP English-6th Period 3/1/2015 The City that was Forbidden . . The Forbidden City is the biggest palace complex on by edgar allan poe summary, earth! The Forbidden City is an immense palace complex that has a rich History, an ohio vs mapp, exquisite architecture, and plays a major role on tourism today. It has a rich History because it was home to fourth-teen Ming emperors and ten Qing emperors. The Forbidden City has an exquisite architecture because it has been a topic of. Beijing , China , Chinese language 770 Words | 3 Pages. Alexander Jackson’s Growth in the Novel “ Forbidden City ” What if you had a one in a lifetime chance to the raven poe summary, look at the world from Paper, . Poe Summary? a whole new angle? Would you take the opportunity to look at things in ohio vs mapp, a new way, or would you simply accept things as you see them now? Alexander Jackson is the raven poe summary, a seventeen year old Canadian, whose view of the world has been drastically changed. My novel study presentation on the book “ Forbidden City ”, will be about the protagonist Alex Jackson and how he grows and changes. Alexander , Chariot , Novel 960 Words | 3 Pages.

Traveling to another country, and being situated in some dangerous situations opens ones eyes and helps ones gain experience. In the book . Forbidden City by William Bell , Alexander jackson is a seventeen year old boy that travels with his father Ted who is a camera man that works for CBC news. In this novel Alexander Jackson goes from innocence to experience. He developes as a caring, responsible human being and grows up through his experience in define machiavellian, China. Alex before his journey to China is a typical. Adolescence , Army , Government 828 Words | 3 Pages. Innocence to Experienced in Forbidden City. ?Innocence to experience in Forbidden City Life is the raven by edgar allan poe summary, a journey that everyone has to go through. Badminton? We always start with innocent and . inexperience. As we go through our journey of life, we usually meet some obstacle and challenge that we have to overcome to continue our journey of the raven, life, but we can receive help from other people along the way.

We will learn experiences and become mature as we overcome the define machiavellian, challenges and the raven by edgar obstacles. So we can receive some important concert and abstract rewards for go through. Battle , Chess , Experience 1760 Words | 8 Pages. ? Forbidden City Quote Chart Theme Quotation Son and starbucks dad relationship -“I’m really proud of [my dad]” ( Bell , 2) . -“I have to handle the tickets and boarding passes and steer Dad around “ ( Bell , 10) -“Alex, I would rather have you up here in case anything happens” (98) -“I wanted dad to be with me” (143) -“He searched my face, his eyes coming alive”(187) Grief Alex and Dad are grief-stricken when they think of their mom, who are not living with them -Dad’s “shoulders and by edgar allan head shook from. Beijing , Communism , Communist Party of China 1264 Words | 6 Pages.

?The Bells Mackenzie Gates Many types of literary devices are used to growth, create an overall mood for each section of Edgar Allan Poe’s . “The Bells ”. The first section starts out happy reminding people of Christmas time and many of the ways bells are incorporated with this time of year. This is followed by a joyful wedding in section two. The mood, however, then shifts for the worst in section three, turning to the terror of the raven allan poe summary, a fire. The fourth section finishes the poem off with death represented. Edgar Allan Poe , Madrid Metro , Metropolitana di Napoli 922 Words | 3 Pages. Forbidden City Guide Forbidden City (Chinese: ??? pinyin: Zijincheng), also known as the Palace . Airfoil? Museum, was the the raven by edgar allan, imperial palace of the Ming and badminton Qing Emperors.

It served as a home for the emperors and their families, a ceremonial hall, and the raven by edgar political hub for Chinese rule. Located at ohio vs mapp, the center of Beijing, China, the Forbidden City is the raven allan poe summary, definitely worth seeing when traveling to machiavellian, Beijing. This rectangular-shaped palace is the raven allan poe summary, 3,153 ft (961 meters) long and ohio vs mapp 2,470 ft (753 meters) wide. The Raven By Edgar? There are 980. Beijing , China , Emperor of China 1498 Words | 6 Pages. of Grove City vs. Starbucks Growth? Bell , Title IX was proved to the raven allan poe summary, affect not only colleges and universities but private schools as well. Title IX . states that no person shall be excluded from being a part of any educational program according to the sex of the person. Before this court case, Title IX only referred to burns poem, colleges and universities that receive federal funds.

After the court case, private schools that refused direct funding were able to receive federally funded scholarships. Even though Grove City College won. Education , Federal government of the United States , Law 932 Words | 3 Pages. Crabbe by William Bell ENG4C For:Mr.Hawkins Due: Monday December 17th 2012 I was very surprised when I began . to read the novel Crabbe by William Bell , the theme of the book was very clear and delivered a distinct message. We cannot run away from our problems, we cannot run nor hide, for our dreams, mistakes and daily lives will always find a way to catch up to us.

It was rather shocking to me how much I could relate to the novel, I once had the same mind set as the the raven allan, protagonist…. Emotion , Film editing , Novel 1134 Words | 3 Pages. Sound of the Freedom- The Liberty Bell Figure 1 Liberty Bell Forever Stamp . Figure 1 Liberty Bell Forever Stamp Meaning can be found even in the most mundane of badminton, objects. For instance, consider the the raven, USA First Class stamp. On its upper left corner, the number 2008 shows that this stamp was produced in year 2008. The right side of the Paper Airfoil, stamp says “USA FIRST-CLASSS FOREVER”, meaning that this postage stamp is valid for First-Class. Bell , Bells , Expo 2232 Words | 7 Pages. The name of Xin-hua translates to New China and it was her powerful belief for by edgar, a new China that made her determination so strong. Throughout . Forbidden City her determination seemed to growth, grow. It required a lot of guts and determination for the powerless ordinary people to take on the all-powerful government.

Determination, though not her only characteristic, was certainly the strongest one, but through her determination she showed Alex a different world. To die for your country is not as heart. Beijing , China , Communist Party of by edgar poe summary, China 1194 Words | 3 Pages. and the resulting denial of human responsibility for change. There is badminton origin, a loss of human involvement that shape technology and society (Sarah Miller). The Raven Allan Poe Summary? . Another conflicting idea is define, that of technological somnambulism, a term coined by Winner in his essay Technology as Forms of Life. The Raven Poe Summary? Winner wonders whether or not we are simply sleepwalking through our existence with little concern or knowledge as to how we truly interact with technology.

In this view it is still possible for us to wake up and once. Determinism , History of technology , Philosophy of technology 779 Words | 3 Pages. In the Day of a life experienced by the author as a seller of blackberries when he was a 10 year old child. It is told from a first persons perspective . so as to pronounce the level of Intimacy to the narrative relative to the poet. In this essay , I’ll give a brief analysis of my Thoughts on the poem and its effectiveness as an badminton origin, artistic literature. In recounting the by edgar poe summary, nostalgiac setting of summer, while working as a berry picker And seller, the author attempts paint an image of ohio vs mapp, the. Ayumi Hamasaki , Berry , Pint 556 Words | 4 Pages. The book FORBIDDEN CITY by by edgar, William Bell is a historical themed book.

The time and Aerodynamics place that this . The Raven By Edgar Allan? book is Paper Airfoil Aerodynamics, set is the Spring of 1989 in Beijing, China. This book follows Alexander Jackson who narrates the the raven by edgar allan poe summary, story about the biggest occurrence of his life. Alexander was a teenager who loved to burns poem mouse, create or amuse himself with things that has to the raven by edgar allan, do with the army or anything that pertains to China’s Army. His favorite part of learning about define machiavellian, history is learning the allan, different battle tactics and plans of. Army , Beijing , Change 521 Words | 2 Pages. William Bell's No Signature Theme Essay. Andrew Clark Mrs. Dickson ENG 1D June 10, 2013 Theme Essay on William Bell’s No Signature The novel No Signature . ratifies the importance of human relationships through exhibiting how drastically Steve’s decisions can negatively affect his relationships with his family and friends. After Steve Chandler's father leaves the burns mouse, family, Steve receives a postcard from him every month. There's no return address, and no signature; just DAD stamped on the raven, the back.

When Steve’s mom finds him angrily. Family , Father , Friendship 1517 Words | 5 Pages. The Liberty Bell , located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an American bell of burns poem mouse, great historic significance. The Liberty . Allan Poe Summary? Bell is types of business organisation, perhaps one of the the raven by edgar allan poe summary, most prominent symbols associated with the American Revolution and the American Revolutionary War. It is one of the most familiar symbols of independence, abolition of slavery, nationhood and freedom within the United States, and has been used as an international icon of Airfoil Aerodynamics, liberty. [1] Its most famous ringing, on July 8, 1776, summoned citizens of allan poe summary, Philadelphia. Allentown, Pennsylvania , Bell , Citizens Bank Park 2154 Words | 7 Pages. Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone. Machiavellian? Essay. Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bell invents the the raven allan, . telephone September 2011 Justine Gadiel M. Paper Airfoil Aerodynamics? Gaditano Checklist Contents Possible Points Points Earned 1 Folder 5 2 Tittle Page 1 3 Illustrations 10 and Pictures 4 Outline . Alexander Graham Bell , Bell Telephone Company , Elisha Gray 1745 Words | 7 Pages. ?“Dr Faustus is an exploration of allan poe summary, forbidden knowledge and the unknown” to what extent do you agree?

Attain forbidden knowledge- . leads to define, downfall At the beginning of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, the reader quickly learns that the central character is the raven by edgar poe summary, highly educated and of business ambitious, as well as remarkably arrogant. By Edgar Allan? Before we are introduced to define, him as he sits in his study, we are told that he is the raven allan poe summary, “swollen with cunning” and has grown tired of traditional studies and seeks a new darker path of study. Starbucks? This endeavour. Devil , Epistemology , Faust 1192 Words | 3 Pages. Forbidden Many things are forbidden , but nothing is by edgar allan, quite as forbidden as The Forbidden . City . The Forbidden City located in the capital of growth, China, Beijing. The Imperial Palace represents the main ideas of the Chinese history, and the raven by edgar allan the way of Paper Aerodynamics, life. These ideas are Culture, Religion, and the Imperial Family. First, are the allan poe summary, ideas of the Chinese Culture.

The Forbidden City is a great representation of the Chinese culture. The palace is said to have harmonious balance along with a symmetrical layout. China , Emperor of China , Forbidden City 453 Words | 2 Pages. Alexander Graham bell was a very important man, not only to Canada but to the whole world as well, and growth it was not an easy road to success. His . contributions to the world of communication were unmatched by any one.

This essay will be arguing the facts about Bell that have been stated through 3 main topics, which are, Bell #8217;s contribution to deaf people. Graham Bell made a contribution to the communication world. Finally he ran into many problems while in innovations were occurring. Alexander. Alexander Graham Bell , Creativity , Gardiner Greene Hubbard 1383 Words | 3 Pages. ?Are We Responsible To (say) Fuck? Due to the more and more relaxed state of the raven by edgar allan poe summary, regulations on the use of “ forbidden words” in the media, the . To A? individual responsibility of using curse words has increased. In this research I have found that the use of curse words has heightened some people’s sensitivity to these words. Children are the most affected and the parents are not far behind.

The use of curse words in our media has changed our perspective; children and teens use them sometimes on the daily basis. Curse , Fuck , Minced oath 1426 Words | 5 Pages. Between the allan poe summary, book, My Forbidden Face, written by Latifa, a young women who grew up under the Taliban’s control and the article Women in badminton, . Afghanistan: Afghan Women’s Rights, written by PBS, have many similarities in how women were treated. They tell how before the Taliban arrived, they were a normal country, with equal rights for men and women, and the raven how the women dominated most work forces, such as teaching, medical, and others. They even played a part in the government. However, when the Taliban arrived.

Afghanistan , Female , Girl 1014 Words | 3 Pages. Essay Statues of William the Conqueror 1066. ESSAY : ANALYSIS OF THE STATUTES OF WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR. 1066 1. Introduction a)Nature of the text This is a juridical . Paper? text in which the main decrees and laws that English people had to by edgar, follow and Paper Airfoil accept after the conquest of England in 1066 are exposed. b). Location The text can be located in England, year 1066, after the Norman Victory in The Battle of Hastings. c) Author The author's of the Statutes of William the Conqueror are William I and his princes, that is to say. Battle of Hastings , Bayeux Tapestry , England 964 Words | 3 Pages. William Paterson (Patterson) was born in County Antrim, Ireland, in 1745. Allan? When he was almost 2 years of origin, age, his family emigrated to America, . disembarking at New Castle, DE.

While the father traveled about the poe summary, country, apparently selling tinware, the family lived in New London, other places in Connecticut, and in Trenton, NJ. In 1750 he settled in Princeton, NJ. There, he became a merchant and manufacturer of tin goods. His prosperity enabled William to types, attend local private schools and the College. Articles of Confederation , New Jersey , Supreme Court of the United States 2267 Words | 7 Pages. Chinese Culture The Forbidden City Introduction The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial . By Edgar? palace from the mid-Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the middle of Beijing, and now houses the Palace Museum.

It was built from 1406 to 1420 by the third Ming emperor Yongle, who upon usurping the throne, determined to move his capital north from Nanjing to Beijing. Paper Airfoil Aerodynamics? In 1911 the Qing dynasty fell to the republican revolutionaries. The last emperor, Puyi??, continued to live. Beijing , China , Empress Dowager Cixi 713 Words | 2 Pages. The early settling of America came with many kinks and problems. With the the raven by edgar allan, prospect of a new world, settlers will often return to the comfortable ideal and starbucks growth . Poe Summary? moral of their mother country, England. William Penn was determined to initiate an idea of equality in the hearts of Americans. Over time and dedication, he was able to study how the court system can work in his favor to reinvent his presentation and accomplish his objectives. Define? The defining actions of Penn established his position as an American. Freedom of religion , Pennsylvania , Philadelphia 1622 Words | 4 Pages. Commentary Essay for Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar.

Commentary Essay for Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar. Sylvia Plath? Have you heard of poe summary, her? Well, Sylvia Plath is a well-known poet, . novelist and author. Ohio Vs Mapp? Plath was born during the the raven by edgar allan, great depression influencing her writing style. At a very young age she lost her father and since then she began lose faith. She also became ambivalent about types of business, religion all throughout her life. Plath was a very smart student and was accepted into by edgar poe summary, Smith College in America. During her stay in college she was accepted as an editor. Electroconvulsive therapy , Great Depression , Mademoiselle 1008 Words | 3 Pages. Critical Essay on for Whom the of business, Bell Tolls.

minimal degree of the raven allan, appropriateness for the author to include it in ohio vs mapp, his work, and this is especially true for Ernest Hemingway in the case of the raven by edgar allan, For Whom the of business, . Bell Tolls. The most prevailing theme in the novel is the loss of poe summary, innocence in origin, war, which, at some point during the story, happens to every character. Allan Poe Summary? Hence it is to a, not surprising that For Whom the Bell Tolls is the raven allan poe summary, rich in imagery, motifs, and ohio vs mapp symbolism. Using these literary devices Hemingway paints a clear picture of humanity, and doing so unmasks the true. A Farewell to the raven by edgar, Arms , Character , English-language films 1349 Words | 4 Pages.

? Problem statement “The colonial cities in the ‘New World’, that is, the Americas, were founded and laid out according to specific . rules and intentions. What were they? Did similar rules result in similar appearances or features in the cities of the different European colonisers? If not, why not? Use a specific city as suitable illustration of your argument.” Essay Plan 1. Badminton Origin? Introduction/argument (150) 2. Spain colonies rules (politics and religion) (200) 3. English. Colonialism , History of Spain , Mexico City 1625 Words | 6 Pages. Forbidden City After reading this unforgettable novel “The Forbidden City ”, Alex’s trip to the raven allan, China has . shown that a single action can have dramatic consequences. Alex changed from a boy who enjoyed military history, having adventures, and thought clay soldiers were heroes, to someone who is define, more mature, grew responsibility, and learned the true meaning of a hero. Before Alex went to Beijing, he had a passion for Chinese military. As he stayed in the raven, Beijing for few months, he found that there were more.

Beijing , Chang'an Avenue , Forbidden City 546 Words | 2 Pages. The Role Models of Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar Throughout the novel Esther Greenwood has trouble deciding who she wants to burns to a, be. Her . search for an identity leads her to look at her female role models. Allan? These women are not ideal in her eyes. Although they represent a part of to a mouse, what she herself wants to be, Esther finds it impossible to decide which one she is to become. Jay Cee, Mrs. Allan? Willard, Philomena Guinea, her mother and types Doctor Nolan all act as role models for Esther Greenwood. The ways. 2003 in film , Doctor , Gender role 1390 Words | 4 Pages. Major Essay Outline William Shakespeare not only wrote magnificent plays but captured what it was like in the Elizabethan era . and how certain relationships played a huge role in their life.

Certain relationships like with God, family, and between lovers are shown throughout Shakespeare’s plays and give people today a history lesson of what it was like back then with regards to types of relationships. By Edgar Poe Summary? The plays that show universal relationships are Hamlet and As You Like It, these bonds are shown. As You Like It , Family , Hamlet 1425 Words | 4 Pages. City of Glass by Paul Auster Essay. The New York Triology: City of Glass By Paul Auster City of Glass is a novel written by Airfoil, Paul Auster in 1985, and its one of . the stories included in the series of novels The New York Trilogy (1987). One of the essential themes that recur in the raven by edgar poe summary, many of Austers works is the search for identity and personal meaning, and this is exactly one of the main elements of City of Glass. It deals with this detective writer, who descends into madness when he becomes a private investigator himself by mistake. In. Daniel Quinn , David Mazzucchelli , Fiction 1556 Words | 4 Pages.

Final Essay Through the Paper Airfoil Aerodynamics, feminist lens, equality, dehumanization, and stereotypes are seen within The Bell Jar, A Streetcar . named desire, and A Farewell to Arms. The time period and the raven poe summary author of each book are major reasons to why stereotypes are so strongly enforced. Burns To A Mouse? The time period of the raven by edgar, these novels 1940 to 1960’s was a time when women didn't have much status, men were superior and women were only housewives. Based on Aerodynamics, the gender, the author comes across these aspects differently by how they characterize. Autobiographical novel , Electroconvulsive therapy , Gender 765 Words | 3 Pages. Gabriel Arcia 9 Honors English Mr. Settle April 18, 2010 William Faulkner’s Accomplishments William Faulkner stood 5’6” . The Raven By Edgar? tall, but was a giant in the realm of Americans (Padgett). He is a great image of literature up to ohio vs mapp, this date for his many contributions to American literary works. He has helped humanity discover how important literature and art is in America.

He had accomplished more artistically over a decade than most writers in a lifetime (Padgett). Between the by edgar allan poe summary, years 1927-1934, he. American literature , Library of America , Mark Twain 1233 Words | 4 Pages. ? Cities of the Future Presented To: John Gillies Presented by: Devon Francis English Essay Wednesday, October 8, 2013 . The arrival of the ohio vs mapp, cities of the future and what it has to offer such as technology and many other things evolves as everybody awaits to see what the by edgar allan, city has to offer and what changes and burns improvements the poe summary, city will have also. Many people have these types of question stuck in their heads and wonder: “Could the define machiavellian, changes and improvements. Better , City , Crime 851 Words | 3 Pages. taste and other devastating, but often acute, symptoms. This research paper will discuss the clinical presentation of the by edgar allan poe summary, disorder, its complications, . investigate its etiology and various treatment options.

Bell’s palsy was named after Sir Charles Bell (1774-1842), who described the clinical findings of the syndrome and its neuropathic effects on the facial nerve. Define? As the the raven by edgar, diagram below illustrates, the nerve is responsible for innervating all of the types of business organisation, muscles of by edgar poe summary, facial expression and contains parasympathetic. Bell's palsy , Facial muscles , Facial nerve 1605 Words | 5 Pages. ? William Blake Term Paper Assignment Carlos Gomez ENG 102 April 24, 2014 Blake, Posthumous Superstar Conceived in 1757 in London, England, . William Blake started written work at an early age and asserted to have had his first vision, of a tree brimming with holy messengers, at age 10. “He did not go to school but instead was apprenticed to James Basire, an engraver.” (Bloom, 1) He mulled over engraving and starbucks developed to love Gothic art, which he joined into his own particular interesting lives up. William Blake 1162 Words | 6 Pages. William Penn and the Quaker Legacy For many Americans, William Penn is just known as the Quaker leader who founded . Pennsylvania and for his ‘Holy Experiment’. Penn’s achievements were far greater than just the the raven by edgar allan, founding of starbucks growth, a colony.

He had devotion and spirit and allan poe summary love for the Quaker sect and in turn spent his whole life trying to get others to see the good in Quakerism and create toleration for the religion. In the poem to a, biography of William Penn and the Quaker Legacy, John Moretta asserts that William. Freedom of religion , George Fox , Pennsylvania 2972 Words | 7 Pages. ? City Of God The film that I chose to watch and analyze is the Brazilian film City of God. The movie takes place in one of . Rio de Janeiro’s 500 favelas, a favela known as the City of the raven by edgar allan poe summary, God. The name of the city is disturbingly ironic, as most of the to a mouse, activities that take place in the slum are decidedly ungodly.

The movie, spanning three decades, chronicles the lives of some of the residents, most adolescent, from their pre-pubescent years to the raven allan poe summary, their upbringing into the criminal underworld. This. City , Cycle of poverty , Favela 1130 Words | 5 Pages. Alexander Graham Bell , a man who best known for Aerodynamics, inventing the telephone. Most people don't know he spent the majority of his life teaching and . helping the deaf. Educating the hearing impaired is allan poe summary, what he wished to be remembered for. Bell was born on March 3, 1847, in Edinburgh, Scotland. His mother was a painter of miniature portraits and also loved to play the piano even though she was nearly deaf. Aleck's mother knew that he had a talent for machiavellian, music and always encouraged him to play (Matthews. Alexander Graham Bell , Alexander Melville Bell , Gardiner Greene Hubbard 1596 Words | 4 Pages. The importance of Alexander Graham Bell on today's society is visible, or rather audible, every day and everywhere.

First and the raven poe summary foremost, . Paper Aerodynamics? Alexander Graham Bell was a prolific teacher of the deaf. This is what he considered to be his true life's work, but only one of the many important things he did. By Edgar Allan Poe Summary? Through his research of speech and origin sound, and his creative mind, he would become one of the most influential inventors in modern history. His own definition of an inventor, A man who looks upon the world. Alexander Graham Bell , Bell Telephone Company , Gardiner Greene Hubbard 1730 Words | 5 Pages. Freya DESCRIBE THE CHALLENGES FACING MEGACITIES AND EVALUATE THE RESPONSES TO THESE CHALLENGES Mega Cities are cities that have . By Edgar Allan? a population of more than 8 million and are characterised by the challenges they face, including issues involving the informal economy, unemployment, poor sanitation and shelter. These issues are largely prominent in these cities due to rapid urban growth and a lack of resources. In many cases action has been taken by national governments and non-governmental organisations. Flush toilet , Government , Informal sector 1160 Words | 4 Pages. Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bell is a name of great significance in American history today.

A skillful inventor . and generous philanthropist, he astounded the world with his intuitive ideas that proved to Airfoil, be both innovative and extremely practical in the latter half of the 19th century. Most notable, of course, are Bell's work in developing the telephone and his venerable life-long endeavor to educate the deaf. Originally, his only the raven by edgar allan wish was to define machiavellian, help deaf people overcome their difficulty. Alexander Graham Bell , Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and by edgar Hard of Hearing , Alexander Melville Bell 828 Words | 3 Pages. for although my sources tell me that your acting needs some polishing up. This is what the people want and being on top as an actor and a comedian the sky is . the limit for Katt Williams . This is types of business organisation, not as big of by edgar poe summary, a deal as it sounds. I have pulled some strings and have landed you an audition on of business organisation, Broadway. I know Katt Williams on Broadway? Yes this lead role is perfect for you it allows you to by edgar allan poe summary, use your natural funny and mix it with some real acting. Soap Opera, David Ives doesn’t sound like the funniest. Love , Need , Romance 864 Words | 3 Pages.

Charles Chaplin's films could be preserved, “ City Lights” (1931) would come the closest to representing all the different notes of his genius. Paper Aerodynamics? . By Edgar Poe Summary? It contains the slapstick, the pathos, the pantomime, the effortless physical coordination, the melodrama, the bawdiness, the of business organisation, grace, and, of course, the the raven by edgar poe summary, Little Tramp--the character said, at one time, to be the most famous image on earth. When he made it, three years into the era of sound, Chaplin must have known that “ City Lights” might be his last silent film;. Charlie Chaplin , City Lights , Film 1384 Words | 4 Pages. The tragedy “Macbeth” written by William Shakespeare portrays Macbeth as a man who was once a great hero, that falls victim of his ambition for . power. This ambition is induced by factors including Lady Macbeth, the witches prophecies and the guilt and types remorse felt by Macbeth in regards to the deed he was to commit. These are the factors that contribute to the downfall of the raven allan poe summary, Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is characterized as an burns poem mouse, ambitious woman who can manipulate Macbeth easily. This is shown in (Act 1 Scene. Duncan I of Scotland , King Duncan , Lady Macbeth 1102 Words | 3 Pages. The Forbidden City Forbidden City 1 Introduction The Forbidden . City , also called the Palace Museum, which was the imperial palace during the Ming and by edgar allan Qing dynasties. The Forbidden City was built from 1406 to 1420 by Paper Aerodynamics, the Yongle Emperor who was the third emperor of the by edgar allan poe summary, Ming Dynasty.

The English name of the Forbidden City is a translation of its Chinese name Zijin Cheng, which means that the Forbidden City is the residence of the emperor and his family, and no one could enter or leave the. Beijing , Emperor of ohio vs mapp, China , Forbidden City 494 Words | 2 Pages. Stereotypical Women Throughout well-known stories, authors tend to develop memorable characters in order to enhance the plot; although they may not . always be portrayed in the most considerate manner. In Charles Dickens’ novel A Tale of Two Cities , he also uses such characters. The Raven Allan? First, Lucie’s role of over ohio vs mapp, dramatic damsel in by edgar, distress. Second, Miss Pross’ participation as the over protective mother figure.

And third, Mme. Defarge as the bloodthirsty crazed villain. Through these characters. A Tale of Two Cities , Charles Dickens , Madam 1219 Words | 4 Pages. Essay on Hamlet by types of business, William Shakespeare. proper parenting skills, things may not have been so rotten in the state of Denmark(1.4.94).

Denmark would not have to say good night [to their] sweet prince . The Raven By Edgar Poe Summary? (Coatsworth 20). Works CitedCoatsworth, Elizabeth. Meditation at Elsinore. Shakespeare, William . Airfoil Aerodynamics? Hamlet. By Edgar? Ed. John Crowther. New York: Spark Group, 2003. Characters in Hamlet , Family , Father 1741 Words | 5 Pages. 1. How does Williams get into financial distress?

Answer: a) Write-off of investment in WCG During the Tech Bubble, the whole . telecom market that WCG was involved in machiavellian, suffered a lot of problems due mainly to a large oversupply, as indicated by allan, an estimated 2% to 5% of the fiber- optic lines which were only ohio vs mapp carrying traffic. There venue of WCG eventually plummeted, wherein prices of the lines decreased by more than 90% from 1998 and 2002.When WorldCom filed for bankruptcy protection in July. Bond , Corporate finance , Credit rating 1637 Words | 7 Pages. SIMILAR AND DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF THE CITY IN “LONDON” BY WILLIAM BLAKE, COMPOSED UPON WESTMINSTER BRIDGE, SEPTEMBER 3, 1802” BY WILLIAM WORDSWORTH, AND IN “IMPRESSION DU MATIN” BY OSCAR WILDE. ? SIMILAR AND DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF THE CITY IN “LONDON” BY WILLIAM BLAKE, COMPOSED UPON WESTMINSTER BRIDGE, SEPTEMBER 3, . 1802” BY WILLIAM WORDSWORTH, AND IN “IMPRESSION DU MATIN” BY OSCAR WILDE The image of the city appears in the literature of all cultural periods, but it often varies depending on historical context, prevailing ideas and the personal style of the author. City images dominate in the periods of allan poe summary, Romantic and Decadent, however. City of poem mouse, London , Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802 , England 1619 Words | 5 Pages.

?1) Including the undrawn revolver, the $900 million loan will likely be just enough to cover Williams ’ financing need over the next six . months. The $711 million short-term debt can be covered with the undrawn $700 million revolver, plus some cash on hand. By Edgar? The $920 million of long-term debt maturing over the next 6 months can be covered by the new $900 million loan and of business organisation cash on allan, hand. That would leave roughly $740 million of cash and securities to ohio vs mapp, cover losses from the operations of the business, though. Bond , Call option , Debt 868 Words | 3 Pages.

The Bell Curve The Bell Curve was designed to explain, using empirical statistical analysis, the variations in intelligence in . American Society, raise some warnings regarding the consequences of by edgar poe summary, this intelligence gap, and propose national social policy with the goal of mitigating the worst of the consequences attributed to starbucks growth, this intelligence gap. Allan Poe Summary? The bell curve begins with a brief description of the history of intelligence theory and recent developments in intelligence thought and testing, through. Cognition , Intelligence , Intelligence quotient 1737 Words | 5 Pages. ?Analysis of ’The Bells ’ by Edgar Allan Poe Human beings are bound to be affected by sound due to the sense of hearing. A listener can be . emotionally stimulated by specific sounds, thereby being reminded of particular events associated with those sounds.

The poem, ’The Bells ’, deals with the concept of ohio vs mapp, sound, its various effects and life and death. In order to by edgar allan, illustrate this point, this essay will analyze the poem and types organisation examine the poetic devices used in it. Edgar Allan Poe’s poem is by edgar allan poe summary, structured. Edgar Allan Poe , Fear , Horror fiction 1095 Words | 4 Pages. John Schultz Tennessee Williams Thomas Lanier, also known as Tennessee Williams , was an American writer who worked . principally as a playwright in the American Theatre. To A? Also he wrote essays , short stories, poetry, screenplays, and novels with also a volume of allan poe summary, memoirs. Tennessee’s professional career lasted about 45 years until his death in 1983. Williams saw the birth of badminton, hundreds of plays that are considered to be classics on by edgar allan, the American stage. Tennessee Williams was an important American.

Blanche DuBois , Cat on a Hot Tin Roof , Life 1816 Words | 5 Pages. Essay on describing the ohio vs mapp, unconventional grandparents from the by edgar, essay Inspired Eccentricity by bell hooks. In the essay , Inspired Eccentricity, it is clear that bell hooks had two very unconventional grandparents. In the relationship of . Baba and Daddy Gus, role reversal was visible in almost every aspect of their lives. As the author said, Baba and Daddy Gus were, strangers and lovers - two eccentrics who created their own world. They were a combination that perfectly completed each other, yet every part of their separate lives was equally important to their successful marriage. Bell hooks wrote, They. Essay , Family , Grandparent 993 Words | 3 Pages. Literature Research Essay : Reading the City . Cities are places which enable the realisation of the self, or . Badminton? conversely cities separate the self from creativity and imagination in spaces of alienation and the raven by edgar estrangement’ (Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson). Discuss the city as a site of self-enhancement and/or ‘alienation and estrangement’ in the texts on the unit. Our surroundings manipulate the types organisation, way we react and interact with both others and ourselves.

We are like putty waiting to be moulded by the. Abraham Maslow , Charles Dickens , City 1455 Words | 4 Pages. The novels Hatchet and Forbidden City can be compared easily because they both describe stories of teenagers facing conflict and by edgar . struggle. The similarities and ohio vs mapp differences between both books are the shown in the conflicts between the main characters and themselves, their families, nature and society. By Edgar? By examining these problems in each novel one can see that they both deal with the types of business, overall topic of teenagers coming of the raven by edgar poe summary, age and creating their own identity through challenges and difficulties. In. Conflict , Difference , Divorce 829 Words | 2 Pages. ?Compact city : A Solution for a sustainable future?

Introduction Although urban city has made great contribution to economic . development globally, more and more scholars and urban planners realize its role as a cause of poem to a, resource depletion and environment degradation (Girardet, 1996). In response to global ecological footprints and the extensively acknowledged demand to discover a sustainable urban development model, the idea of “compact city ” emerged. Generally, compact city means a city of by edgar allan, high. Bus , City , Developed country 1959 Words | 5 Pages.

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Essay on Anne Sexton and her Poetry. It is known that literature plays an important role in the raven by edgar the life of any individual as it reflects the writer’s thoughts and ideas and links them to the real life. Origin! Besides, literature plays a significant role in by edgar poe summary the individual’s development, because in most cases, reading forms the major concepts about the world and define the society (Kelen 23). The reader’s philosophical ideas and the raven poe summary thoughts, which are produced in the result of reading, are transformed into the ideology that can influence the individual’s actions and social behavior. Poetry is considered to be a form of literary art which is based on the use of some aesthetic qualities of language to reveal the meaning. Contemporary poetry is closely connected with reality and discusses the major social issues, such as love and hatred, life and death, friendship and interpersonal relationships, etc. Of course, in most cases the major characters in poetic works are ordinary people with their joy and grief, feelings and emotions, etc. Christopher Kelen states that “poetry, as a continuity in efforts to acknowledge the power of words in themselves, manages to short-circuit a transcendent wish to stand the burns poem mouse world out of words” (151). One of the well-known contemporary poets is the raven by edgar allan, Anne Sexton, an Paper American poet of the 20th century whose poetic works are remarkable for her highly personal and open-hearted confessions.

It is known that in her poetry, Anne Sexton discusses such themes as interpersonal relationships, love and hatred, the state of depression and its impact on life, and even intimacy and suicidal tendencies (Middlebrook 17). A poetess who is the raven by edgar allan, not afraid to share her feelings and emotions deserves respect and admiration, although many of her poetic works are met with severe criticism. The major goal of this argumentative researched paper is to conduct research on Anne Sexton’s poetic works and to evaluate her poetry paying special attention to types of business organisation the major themes, images, techniques, and social issues revealed in her poetic works. Besides, it is necessary to discuss some literary critical treatments on the author. It is known that Sexton’s works include poetry, prose and children’s books. The well-known poetic works written by Anne Sexton are her early works To Bedlam and Part Way Back (1960), The Starry Night (1961), All My Pretty Ones (1962), Live or Die (1966), Love Poems (1969) and some other poetic works.

The poetic works of late period include Transformations (1971), The Book of Folly (1972), The Death Notebooks (1974), The Awful Rowing Toward God (1975), 45 Mercy Street (1976). The children’s books include Eggs of allan poe summary Things (1963), More Eggs of Things (1964), Joey and badminton origin the Birthday Present (1974), The Wizard’s Tears (1975). THE MAJOR THEMES IN ANNE SEXTON’S POETRY. The major themes revealed by the author in her poetic works are closely connected with her life, her fate, her feelings and emotions, her psychological state and her problems. The Raven! Sexton’s poems about life and death, menstruation and alcoholism, depression and define machiavellian lesbianism attract attentions of thousands of readers due to their deep meaning and philosophic ideas that make everybody ponder over his or her life in by edgar allan this world (Middlebrook 23). Many themes in starbucks the poetry of Anne Sexton are closely connected with some facts from her biography. By Edgar Poe Summary! For example, it is known that Anne Sexton was unhappy in badminton origin her life. Allan! The birth of her children had negative impact on her psychological state.

She had severe depression. Although she was treated, she failed to heal her mental illness. It is known that Anne Sexton fought constantly against ohio vs mapp, severe form of depression and constant anxiety, but she lost faith in better life when she committed suicide at age 46. Of course, such themes as depression, death, sufferings cause negative feelings and make the readers ponder over their own life and psychological state (Ostriker 53). THE MAJOR TECHNIQUES IN THE POETRY OF ANNE SEXTON. The major literary techniques used by Anne Sexton in her poetic works make her poetry unique and individual. It is known that Anne Sexton’s poetry is considered to be a contemporary literature. The term Postmodernism refers to the raven allan the literature of the period of the late 20th century.

The author uses such literary devices as alliteration, metaphors, irony, comparison, hyperbole, imagery, onomatopoeia, epithets, repetition, rhetoric questions, etc. As most of Anne Sexton’s themes are closely connected with death and depression, many critics have found that she uses “the compressed language” which makes her writing style apolitical and metaphorical what creates the effect of depression. The use of literary techniques helps the poet to connect with her readers. Badminton! Anne Sexton also liked to poe summary change her poems’ structure and rather often she used free verse. Types Of Business Organisation! For example, in the poems from the by edgar collection Live or Die , Anne Sexton effectively uses free verse and growth special rhyme scheme. It is found that she wrote her poetic works in free verse during the second and the third stages of her poetic career (Ostriker 40).

It is the raven poe summary, known that Anne Sexton’s early poems are preoccupied with form and badminton origin technique. The poetess uses the tightly constrained metrical forms, which are demonstrated in her poetry collections To Bedlam and Part Way Back and All My Pretty Ones . Bedside, Anne Sexton is well known for her unique imagery, which is often centered on the raven poe summary the human body and the household. According to Freud, “the essential ars poetica lies in badminton the technique of overcoming the feeling of repulsion in us which is undoubtedly connected with the barriers that rise between each single ego and the others” (McClatchy 23). Anne Sexton as a modernist poet is focused on such defense mechanisms as “repression, displacement, suppression, screen memories, condensation, projection, and so on”. These psychological techniques have the so called “rhetorical analogues”, which include paradox and ambiguity, allusion and ellipsis and some other “tensions” that can be related to the neurotic symptoms (McClatchy 39). The Raven! In order to write with more directness and greater honesty towards her own experiences and define practices, Anne Sexton, as a true confessional poet, tries to avoid those poetic techniques which re-depress her poetry. Anne Sexton turns toward open forms in her poetry. Helen Vendler discusses the techniques used by Anne Sexton in allan poe summary her poetry. She notices a lot of interesting things concerning her writing style and shares her views in the article Malevolent Flippancy . Helen Vendler states that Anne Sexton “looked, usually in vain, for ways to stabilize her poems outside her increasingly precarious self” (Vendler 23). She uses a lot of different images “based one sequence on horoscope readings, another on the remarks of her therapist “Doctor Y,” another on the life of Jesus, another on the Psalms, another on beasts” (Vendler 42).

The fork tales, which are included in her poetry collection Transformations, are of great interest for the readers. The tales as Snow White, Rapunzel , Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, the types Frog Prince, Briar Rose, Hansel and by edgar allan poe summary Gretel , and some others reveal a lot of new images. Helen Vendler states that Sexton’s poems are based on repetitions: “She had an instinct for reiteration; she wanted to starbucks growth say something five times instead of once” (Vendler 72). By Edgar Allan Poe Summary! It is noticed that Anne Sexton’s favorite figure of Paper speech she effectively uses in her poetry is anaphora, where several lines begin with one and the same phrase, “a figure which causes, more often than not, diffuseness and spreading of effect rather than concentration of intensity”: …I will conquer myself. I will dig up the the raven by edgar allan pride. I will take scissors (Sexton 175). Most of growth her tales match the author’s infantile fantasy and help to reveal her talent as a satirist. SOCIAL ISSUES DISCUSSED IN ANNE SEXTON’S POETIC WORKS. Anne Sexton reveals many important social issues in her poetic works.

She knew that her readers would understand her feelings and emotions and by edgar would be able to use her experience in their lives. It is starbucks growth, found that as a rule, many of Anne Sexton’s readers have been female. That is why she had a special appeal for allan, them and badminton origin tried to the raven allan choose those themes that were close to them and that were interesting for of business organisation, them. By Edgar Poe Summary! She discusses such social issues as the right to abortion, healthcare issues, interpersonal relations, family relations, domestic violence and depression. Anne Sexton’s poetry has its specific characteristics which make her poetic works unique. Practically all her poems bear the impress of her depression, sadness and anxiety. In order to have some idea of Anne Sexton’s poetry, it is Airfoil Aerodynamics, necessary to the raven allan poe summary analyze some of to a her outstanding poems. The poems Abortion, The Truth the Death Know and Angels of the Love Affair can help to understand the allan poe summary nature of writing of this contemporary poetess, her philosophic ideas, her world view and to find the so called touch with reality. The poem Abortion is one of well-known poems written by Anne Sexton.

The author tries to burns poem to a discuss one of the most important and at allan poe summary the same time controversial issues – the ohio vs mapp issue on the right to abortion. Poe Summary! This poem has already been discussed by a number of critics. Anne Sexton uses abrupt language in badminton origin order to comment on the raven by edgar allan poe summary the negative side of abortion. One of the ohio vs mapp lines in by edgar allan poe summary this poem is repeated several times: “Somebody who should have been born/ is gone”. Anne as a woman who once had to make a decision on abortion, now shares her experience, her feelings and emotions with others. The readers can feel her changing mood, her anxieties and types of business her fears. The major goal of the author is to make readers ponder over by edgar, the process of abortion.

She wants readers to know how she felt in that situation. The author uses description of nature in burns to a order to show her feelings, “Just as the earth puckered its mouth, / each bud puffing out from its knot” (2-3). Her numerous observations tell the readers about her sadness and regret. Anne Sexton concludes, “yes, woman, such logic will lead to loss without death / or say what you meant, you coward…this baby that I bleed” (22-23). The poem The Truth the the raven poe summary Dead Know is Paper Aerodynamics, a rather gloomy poem written by Anne Sexton in 1962. The author writes about her parents who died and whom she misses so much. This poetic work renders a feeling of sadness, which is created by Sexton’s sufferings. Almost each line in this poem shows her sufferings with the loss of her parents who died in the raven by edgar allan poe summary the same year – 1959.

The first lines of the poem The Truth the Dead Know represent a person who cannot accept the death of burns poem mouse her parents. The author says: “Gone, I say and walk from church, / refusing the stiff procession to the grave” (1-2). These lines prove the by edgar poe summary fact that Anne Sexton refuses to go to the burial ground in order to see her last parent buried. The readers have an poem opportunity to learn what she feels and allan how greatly she is badminton origin, suffering. She says, “letting the dead ride alone in the hearse. / It is June. I am tired of being brave”(3-4). Anne Sexton is tired of being brave because now she is alone in this world as she lost her parents, the dearest people in her life. It is clear that she was brave enough when she attended the funerals of her mother several months ago, but now the woman is really worn out with her sorrows. This poem is the raven poe summary, really one of the most emotional poems as it tells about real event that can occur in the life of ohio vs mapp any person.

The poem is rather poignant. The Raven! The major message is to show human suffering and mourning. It is possible to conclude that this poem touches one of the common problems for human beings – the loss of the types of business dearest people. It is found that the mourning may recede, but the pain will remain. The poem Angels of the Love Affair written by Anne Saxton consists of six parts, and by edgar poe summary each part describes this or that angel. The author asks the readers: “Angels of the love affair, do you know that other, the dark one, that other me?” This question is a rhetoric question as the author does not answer it, but represents six characteristics of angels. The theme of this poem is focused on the Catholic-Christian framework. Types Organisation! It is known that the later poems of Anne Saxton refer to religion and religious issues. There are a lot of intimate descriptions in this poem. The author is too open and honest with her readers when she informs them of her sexual feeling and when mentions her genitals.

She writes, “I said, “The devil is down that festering hole.” / Then he bit me in the buttocks and took over by edgar allan, my soul”(7-8). The author believes that her genitals are a gateway to the actions of devil and Paper Airfoil sin. Allan Poe Summary! This poem can be regarded as a conversation with several Angels. The poet mentions six angels: angel of fire and genitals, angel of clean sheets, angel of flight and sleigh bells, angel of hope and calendars, angel of blizzards and blackouts and angel of beach houses and picnics. It is found that each angel in the poem has its area of expertise.

The poem is define, written in the form of a conversion, because Anne Sexton jumps from by edgar allan poe summary, subject to subject in her monologue. Ohio Vs Mapp! As usually, the author shares her life experience with others. In this poem, the author recollects her childhood when she stole raspberry from the garden, her picnics and holidays, her state of depression, and the raven allan even her sexual abuse experience (Jimison 70). It is known that the poetry of Anne Sexton was widely discussed in Paper Airfoil Aerodynamics the literary circles the United States. Jo Gill is by edgar, one of those literary critics who expressed his own attitude to Anne Sexton’s works. In his article Textual Confessions: Narcissism in Anne Sexton’s Early Poetry, Jo Gill discusses how the ohio vs mapp radical and even avante garde styles of poetry influence the readers. The confessional poetry created by Anne Sexton has its individual characteristics. The author of the article states that “confessional poetry, a mode that was prominent in the raven allan poe summary the United States in define machiavellian the 1960s and early 70s, has, over time, come to be regarded as a regrettable, aberrant, and momentary spasm in the development of that nation’s literature” (Gill 59).

Moreover, Jo Gill is the raven allan, sure that language poetry can find truth in the art and Anne Sexton’s confessional poetry deals in narcissism. In the article, the author explains that many critics consider that the avante garde and origin confessional style cannot resist the narcissism that is inherent to the raven by edgar allan subjectivity. Some elements of types of business organisation Anne Sexton’s writing style are rooted in the true nature of human psychology or in psychoanalysis. That is why Jo Gill states that one of the most important differences between the avante-garde poetry and confessional poetry is in the use of personal experience. Jo Gill argues that confessional poetry of Anne Sexton “persists in being read as an expressionist/realist mode” (Gill 62). Besides, Jo Gill states that Anne Sexton’s poetry has enormous influence on the raven the readers – the poetess causes her readers to be uncertain and even lost in the nature of her poetry. Some of Anne Sexton’s poems are introduce as intensely individual or personal. The use of stylistic devices, such as repetitions, metaphors, epithets, etc., helps the poetess to badminton origin express her ideas more brightly.

That is why Jo Gill supposes that Anne Sexton deals more closely in the avante-garde writing style by the so called “undermining processes” in by edgar allan her poetry (Gill 83). In addition, there are a lot of other critical articles concerning Anne Sexton’s poetry that reveals her innermost feelings. For example, a Times Literary Supplement reviewer criticizes Anne Sexton’s poetry collection Live or Die of 1966 and states that most of badminton origin Anne Sexton’s new poems are arrested, but “such naked psyche-baring makes demands which cannot always be met. Her confession may be good enough for the soul, but Sexton’s absolution is not the by edgar poet’s job” (Berry 21). Badminton Origin! The other literary critic added, “When Anne Sexton’s artistic control falters the the raven by edgar recital of her grief and her misery becomes simply embarrassing, the repetitive material she uses starts to grow rather tedious, and the poetic gives way to ohio vs mapp the clinical and the confessional” (Berry 27). Poe Summary! Many literary critics and machiavellian reviewers raised such significant questions as if Anne Sexton’s poetry could be classified as confessional and if her poetic work demonstrated the by edgar so called artistic control which most critics considered as essential characteristics of good poetry. In the Virginia Quarterly Review many literary critics argued that Anne Sexton was a talented poetess, but who was perhaps too honest in some situations: “Confession, while good for the soul, may become tiresome for the reader if not accompanied by the suggestion that something is being held back… In Live or Die Miss Sexton’s toughness approaches affectation. Like a drunk at a party who corners us with the story of his life,… the performance is ohio vs mapp, less interesting the third time, despite the poet’s high level of technical competence” ( Anne Sexton: Biography) It is known that some critics consider that Anne Sexton’s dependence on alcohol negatively influence her poetic works, while other critics consider that Sexton’s poetic writing matured over time and became more bright and unique. By Edgar Poe Summary! It is found that “starting as a relatively conventional writer, she learned to roughen up her line … to use as an instrument against the politesse of language, politics, religion and sex” (Rothenberg Joris 330). In conclusion, it is necessary to say that although Anne Sexton’s poetry is considered to be confessional and most of her poems are sincere, it is Airfoil, possible to learn much about woman’s feelings and emotions.

Her poems can be used in psychotherapy as they reveal true human feelings and psychological experiences. Poe Summary! The poetess discusses many social issues in her poetic works, tries to analyze her psychological state, struggles against depression and mental illness she suffered, wants to solve her personal problems, etc. Anne Sexton’s poems are worth reading and analyzing because they help to understand human nature, feelings and emotions.