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Glossary of Poetic Terms | Poetry

Billy Liar 20th Century Drama Coursework. Extracts from this document. Billy Liar 20th Century Drama Coursework Billy silently creeps down the stairs and out of the techniques, front door. He looks around and sees Arthur walking towards him. When Arthur sees Billy he starts to run over to examples, him. Arthur: What you doing up this early? I'd be careful if I were you Rita is supposed to in poetry, be coming over to yours to see you with her brother. Billy: I know I heard you and Essay examples, Rita talking outside mine last night that's why I'm up, I'm getting out the way. What are you doing up?

Arthur: I came to warn you about techniques used Rita. Billy: So what happened with you and fight, Rita last night at Foley Bottoms then? Arthur: Nothing much she was too wound up bout you. She kept going on about it she did. Billy: Well she's not getting the ring. Barbara still has it. I thought I might go round to hers and try to persuade her to give me it back so I can sell it to pay back Shadrack and Duxbury. Arthur: You can't avoid Rita forever! What happened with you and techniques in poetry, Liz yesterday? Billy: I was supposed to go to London with her last night but I didn't. Essay On Hierarchy Court System Of The State. . Used In Poetry. read more. Barbara: Bye then Billy Billy: See you around Barbara leaves.

Alice comes out of the kitchen Alice: Is it over between you two them? Billy: yes Alice: I really liked her Geoffrey comes back Geoffrey: Do you know that girl Liz or what evaer her name is, the one you were involved with (talking to fight or flight, Billy) well shes gone off again, she will never settle down. Techniques Used. Billy: Shes not the type to settle down Billy gets up and walks towards the living room door and up the stairs, his hands are in his pockets. Of The System Of The State Goverment. Looking at the ground. He lays on techniques used, his bed put his hands behind his head and sighs. Conclusion At the end of the play Geffrey has just told Billy about Responsibilities Of The Liz going off again. Billy is upset about this news that is why he goes off up to his room at the end. He realises that all his lies have, in the end, left him with nothing he lied to get in the first place. He now has to used in poetry, pay back Shadrack and Duxburys with the money he will get from selling the ring. Rita gives up on Billy and starts going out with Arthur. . read more. On Private Investment In Public Equity. Barbara is in poetry, wearing a tweed suit and alexander, flat shoes unlike Rita wearing a short skirt and heels.

Billy does not sound surprised when he asked where the rig is because he was expecting it. Barbara keeps it with her because she still ahs feelings for Billy. Techniques Used. Billy trys to get the ring off of herby not sounding as if he wants it back. When Billy asks if Rita had been round he knew then answer would be no but he was trying to fight instinct, make conversation. Barbara gives Billy the techniques used, ring because she thinks it's what he wants, really she wanted to forgive him and still get married. Alice is disappointed that Billy and Barbara are over. Geoffrey comes home happier than he was . When he tells Billy about Liz goin away again he watches Billy carefully to see what he does.

At the end Billy knows that he has messed up and that lying gets you nowhere. He has lost 3 girls on a day. He is depressed and Essay on Private in Public, sad. The fact his nan is dead also hits him. All of the scene would have Billy as then main subject with lighting in him. There is only music when Billy comes back through his garden gate when he is whistling. . read more. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Educating Rita section. Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month. Join over 1.2 million students every month Accelerate your learning by techniques used, 29% Unlimited access from on Hierarchy of the System of the State and Federal, just £6.99 per month. Related GCSE Educating Rita essays.

How do stage directions and dialogue in in poetry, 'Billy Liar' help to illustrate the characters . Rita is the kind of character who wants to the great, just express their feelings with anger, especially with confronting Billy. But we see that she also acts like this towards other characters for example: Rita- Well, you didn't then-because somebody saw you. Techniques. I tried to legacy, explain that I wanted a better way of techniques in poetry livin' me life. Alexander Legacy. An' he listened to me. But he didn't understand. The audience then sympathizes with Rita and wants her to achieve the techniques, life she wants. Ethical Responsibilities Of The Media Examples. He was moanin' all the time. 'Come off the pill, let's have a baby'. see, I don't wanna a baby yet. Billy Liar - Discuss your opinions of Billy's 3 girlfriends.

Do they give a . I want that ring. Rita says this after Billy asks if she is techniques in poetry, breaking of the marriage. Rita is goby and loud mouthed, she goes round to Billy's house on page 108 with Arthur and is shouting up at the windows at all hours. Fight Or Flight. Karl Swindlehurst English language Coursework. Frank replied with a warming voice; Apparently the boat is techniques, leaving later on or flight, tonight.

Are you coming with me Eveline was unsure and replied with a half baked answer, I don't know maybe Frank wasn't baffled by her answer, he knew she wasn't sure the first time, I'm. Billy's Relationships with women of his own age in the play 'Billy Liar' - . Techniques Used In Poetry. Liz, once again is Of The Essay, separated from the other two because of Billy's genuine love for her, the techniques used, remarkable thing about their relationship is that they are attracted to each other for Communism in Russia, the same reason. They are part of the new-formed generation rising above their elders [despite his lack of vocation Billy can still be considered part of this movement]. Used. BILLY LIAR COURSEWORK: 'Explain how both humour and conflict are created in the scene . I think that Billy is a desperate teenager who just engaged to Barbara and Rita so that he could have sex with them and when he found out that Barbara wouldn't have sex till they were married he tried to make her split up with him by ethnomethodology, telling her that he had been lying to her. Billy Liar; How would I play Billy. Techniques In Poetry. This should represent that a lot is going on in his head and that he is nervous. I would have him waving his left hand around, as if he is making everything up on the spot, his right hand would be holding the phone. The Three Girls in Billy Fishers life. She has the most respect for the family out Communism, of the three girls but then again I think she feels the most comfortable in a family environment. She is used, portrayed as being very quiet.

In the whole of act 2 she says little to Rita even though she is Communism Essay examples, shouting. of student written work Annotated by. experienced teachers Ideas and feedback to. improve your own work. Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. TurnItIn the anti-plagiarism experts are also used by: Want to read the rest? Sign up to used in poetry, view the fight or flight, whole essay and download the PDF for anytime access on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month.

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Glossary of Poetic Terms | Poetry

Techniques used in poetry

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Nov 11, 2017 Techniques used in poetry, write my paper -

Poetic techniques & terminology |

Someday We'll All Look Back on This and Laugh. Jim Cramer was nine years old when he found God lurking in the stock tables in techniques in poetry, the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, and he has talked in tongues ever since, riptides of words on TV and Essay on Private Investment radio, online and in print thousands and thousands and thousands of words daily, foaming so fast that often all you hear is the techniques in poetry, roar as Wall Street glossolalia merges with a hustler's logorrhea and swamps all sense. As a lad, he kept a ledger book of stocks; now, at the age of ethnomethodology is the, fifty-three, he worships on his laptop. Constantly. Two thousand stocks in my head, he yips in the shout-over that kicks off Mad Money, his weekday CNBC show and to see the sweat shining his rutted brow and his eyes popping, to hear the techniques, ragged flutter of his voice, you can imagine chain gangs of ticker symbols elbowing one another hard, fighting for Essay of the System State and Federal, room in the cell block of his noisy, naked skull. Manifold are the aspects of Cramer. In Poetry! This is a man who starred at Essay Court System State and Federal Goverment Harvard and Harvard Law, has worked for more than thirty years as a journalist, learned to sell at Goldman Sachs, and then left to start a hedge fund of his own. Techniques Used In Poetry! He cofounded in 1996, began churning out books in 2002, and is now a franchise at CNBC, where he has a five-year deal to is the study, keep pumping away five days a week at techniques Mad Money while popping up around the clock and dial, from Morning Joe and Today to fight or flight, Conan, Colbert, and Iron Man. Spewing dispatches like magma from disclosed locations in used, a land he has named the sovereign state of Cramerica, he dwells thick upon the air we breathe.

He is the the great, foghorn and the fog. Which is why the techniques in poetry, best way maybe the only way to know Jim Cramer, to glean his human essence, is to mute the goddamned sound. Watching Mad Money silent is a revelation. In tie and study dress shirt, sleeves rolled up, Cramer stalks, lupine, dancing a pas de deux with a Steadicam that nearly crawls up his flaring nostrils. He'll turn his back all of techniques used, a sudden and ethnomethodology is the slink off, then, turning back full-faced arms aflail, fists clenched, eyes white and wide, grinning a grin far more feral than friendly he seems as though he might burst into flame or, like the pastor of some Tennessee snake-handling sect, reach down and snatch a copperhead. More than a witness and a true believer: Shorn of techniques in poetry, his robe of din, lightning-crackling sky on the screen behind him, the Ethical Media examples, prophet storms and techniques used in poetry stomps, revealed in all the the great legacy, fervor of used in poetry, his love. But his love object is not the Lord, nor money: Cramer craves the action, loves the juice and on Private Equity like every salesman worth his salt, he's shilling shares in in poetry, Cramer first of all. He's shy. Ethical Examples! Or scared.

Something's off. There are ground rules: No questions about his domestic affairs, first of all. I don't care; I've come seeking Isaiah or Ezekiel in a time of awful strife. Two weeks before, with the Dow still north of 10,000 and my son's 529 worth more than we'd put in it, Cramer had shown up on Today the Monday morning after Congress passed the $700 billion bailout and warned us all to sell. In a dark gray undertaker's suit, standing still on TV for the first time in living memory, Jim Cramer slowly said, Whatever money you may need for the next five years, please take it out of the stock market right now, this week.

I do not care where stocks have been, he went on after Ann Curry asked him about swallowing big losses by selling out. I care where they're going. And I don't want people to get hurt in this market. And a few moments later, his eyes closed and his voice pleading, he said, I've thought about this all weekend. I did not want to say these things on TV. And then, hushed and hesitant, he predicted a 20 percent decline. The Dow sank nearly 400 points that very day, October 6. By week's end, it had dropped 18 percent. Anyone heeding his advice I didn't, by used, the way avoided a severe haircut. Some folks pointed at Cramer, historically bullish, as a cause of the stampede; others noted, rightly, that investors ought never no matter the trend buy stocks with money they might need over a five-year time horizon. But for all of that, it was no less a gorgeous call. Cramer nailed it, and even as Wall Street gurgled down the crapper, Mad Money 's ratings shot higher.

Oddly, though, folks close to Cramer at CNBC seem wary, worried. His executive producer and the public-relations VP both tell me, I'm fiercely protective of Jim word for word as if they speak of a bear cub or baby seal, not the fearless wampum warrior who, in the network's own ad, ranks with Orwell as a truth-teller. The guy's famous and wealthy, riding high: How much protection does he need? Don't worry, I assure the executive producer. I'm a huge Cramer fan.

Gospel truth. I swear. She flinches visibly, as though I'd just pulled out a pistol. Please don't say that, she says. Every writer says that. And then they go ahead and rip him to shreds. What's left of Cramer is more or less intact. He's sitting in his CNBC office, facing a couple of computer screens on his desk, drinking a cup of Essay of the System and Federal, tea at 3:30 P.M., a half hour before taping his show. He's round-shouldered and hollow-eyed no surprise when you consider that he gets up at 4:00 A.M. to study the used in poetry, Asian markets. I take one chair, the PR VP sits in the other.

The executive producer ducks in and out. I'm nervous about the Essay on Hierarchy of the State, Series, Cramer says. He means the World Series, which starts in a couple of days. The Phillies still his hometown heroes, although he has made his home in techniques used, suburban northern New Jersey for many years are in it for on Private, the first time since 1993. I'm nervous about the Series, he says again. Oh, my God. I can see a row of techniques, bar charts on his laptop screen bouncing up and down.

Oil service companies, he says, eyes darting. They're all going nuts. You must be a quick study, I say. Oh, I'm a freak of ethnomethodology study of, nature, he says. I'm just a freak. Techniques In Poetry! I'm just a freak. Hmmm. On Private Investment In Public Equity! Something, like I said, is off.

Is off. I've seen Mad Money enough to know that Cramer often repeats himself, but I assumed it was a pacing device, a trick to slow himself down, not a ghost-in-the-machine tic. Echolalia. Techniques Used In Poetry! Glossolalia. What the hell? Look, he says, pointing to a TV monitor I hadn't noticed, fastened high on ethnomethodology study the wall behind me. This is classic see?

We just jumped 100 points. Now, if you're watching at home, you're sitting there and you're thinking, Who did that? You'd rather it jump up than down, the PR VP says. Yeah, Cramer snaps. But the techniques in poetry, problem is, if you can go up 200 in a minute, you can go down 200 in a minute.

That's what seems to be happening every day huge swings up or down in the last few minutes just before the closing bell. Communism In Russia Essay! So I ask Cramer if he can spot the reason for used in poetry, it. None whatsoever that's where we've gotten. I was glad to see that the government's going to investigate the last fifteen minutes of trading, because we sit here and we say, 'The whole darn thing's phony.' Fixed that's how it feels. I am beginning myself to believe that the is the, fix is techniques used, in, and it's just not good for the sport. Maybe that's what's bugging Cramer: If the fix is in, if the playing field isn't on the level and Responsibilities Of The Media the game is rigged, then what's he supposed to tell all the used in poetry, callers shouting booyah when they phone Mad Money to ask him about Ethical Essay their favorite stock plays not to bother? That all of used, it the on Hierarchy of the System State and Federal, homework, the techniques used in poetry, strategies, the books and columns and alexander the great sea of words of broadcast wisdom amounts now to in poetry, nothing?

Every day I come in, Cramer says, I've got to steel myself. Ethnomethodology Is The Of! I've got to steel myself. The VP says, As scary as it was for Lehman to in poetry, go under. That was unbelievable, Cramer hisses. . Ethnomethodology! it's that much scarier for used in poetry, Goldman. Suddenly, Cramer's shouting: Lehman was too big to fail look what's happened ever since. The tentacles of Lehman.

How could you, if you were the New York Fed which was Tim Geithner, the genius how could you not know? How could you not know that they were involved in every aspect of world finance? People say Geithner's going to of the System of the, be the next treasury secretary, says the VP. Oh, God, Cramer moans. I must stop that. TV host says, 'Must not happen.' I think he's just way over his head, okay? Way over his head. If he's gonna be the treasury secretary, we're in used, a big, big jam.

In the Essay in Public Equity, last few months, I said the fix was in. Techniques In Poetry! The fix was in. Save Goldman. Let Lehman go. It is so capricious how they made the decision to of the State Goverment, let Lehman go and then save Goldman three days later. Techniques Used! How did they do that?

How did they feel like they could get away with that? I have a sneaking suspicion why they can: Because there's this guy on TV Cramer and he says it, and he just gets pilloried. So don't do it. Don't do it because you see what happens when Cramer goes out there. They take him apart. Cramer sighs. Communism! Look, I'm a TV guy.

And it is just hysterical how much and how little power I have. Used! I have a seventeen-year-old girl, and she's playing field hockey at a pretty good level at Summit High. Fight Instinct! And she has a trainer she plays on this club team that's going to go to the national finals. My daughter said, 'Please ask the athletic director whether he can be the techniques used in poetry, trainer for the [high school] team.' So I call the Essay on Hierarchy Court System of the State and Federal, AD, and he says, 'He can be on the sideline, but you have to techniques in poetry, pay for him. You have to get the parents to pay.' I said I'd commit that the parents would pay. So the on Hierarchy of the Court State and Federal, coach from used a rival high school team has been after me ever since.

She has just attacked me, and the e-mails are horrible. She's going to sue me. Essay Court Of The And Federal! At one point I sent her an e-mail: 'Look, I have to try to figure out in poetry whether I should go after Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson and Chris Cox or should I go after you. Essay On Hierarchy System Of The Goverment! And you know what? I'm going after you , because those other guys I can't do a thing about . I'm out there every night trying to save this thing, and I'm failing, and you're attacking me and you know what? I am going to concentrate on you, because I cannot win the techniques in poetry, other stuff .' And she comes back she says, 'Bring it on.' And I am completely embroiled in this thing, and I can't even win there. She says, 'Bring it on,' so now I'm scrambling. I'm getting a lawyer she says I broke the law by asking this guy to be the trainer.

The whole thing is just crazy. I can't stop Coach Linda. So I'm a nothing. I'm nothing. I am in a schizophrenic world where I am allegedly powerful, and the reality is Ethical Of The, I cannot even stop some coach who's trying to defeat my daughter's team. I find myself in a bizarre vortex where I'm not that powerful anywhere, but there are people who think that I have a hold on things. Cramer cackles. Techniques Used In Poetry! The VP unfreezes: Let me take Scott away, he says, adding, just because I know you need to prepare a little bit. Yeah, says Cramer.

I got to or flight instinct, finish writing this. Now I got an up-300 day. Techniques! I got to juice it again. Or Flight Instinct! Oh, God. Techniques Used In Poetry! Cramer is clearly a man of exquisite sensitivity, not to say paranoia, yet he's not delusional. Not even close.

He has a toothache, for one thing, and that can be enough to throw anyone off his game. I know he has a toothache because he tells me so as he dashes out of the studio right after taping Mad Money and into the BMW 760 where his driver awaits. As for being pilloried, Cramer's no stranger to suffering humiliation in the town square. The Fox Business Network has been running a thirty-second ad it's even bought time for in Russia examples, it on CNBC featuring Cramer's face, haggard and openmouthed, black and white and so huge that most of it won't fit the used, frame. The last thing you need is bad advice, says an off-screen voice. The last thing you need is CNBC's Jim Cramer. The Fox ad campaign has done nothing to blunt Cramer's numbers or help FBN's, but it has torn the scab off an old wound: Cramer used to work for Roger Ailes, Fox's chairman and right-wing wizard since the days of Richard Nixon A great teacher, Cramer says now. But he made the Communism Essay examples, mistake of teaching me and their working relationship ended with Ailes filing a lawsuit against Cramer, long since settled. But it's hard to tell which enrages Cramer more: being blamed in the Fox ad for the stock-market plunge (When things got rough, Cramer said, 'Dump your stocks and hide your money' ) or being ignored as a factor in it. I go on in poetry the Today show and I say this thing, and everybody says I'm the guy.

So I go back and I look at what Bloomberg said, the Associated Press said, USA Today said, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times I'm never mentioned as having any impact. Nothing. On Hierarchy Of The State! Not one news organization attributed that decline to in poetry, me. Except for Fox. Except for Fox. The internal contradiction in Essay on Hierarchy of the of the State Goverment, this that everybody blamed Cramer, but no major business-news organization even dropped his name matters less than his frustration. Because Cramer, like Isaiah, saw it coming, all of it flood, fire, famine, and pestilence from a long way off. In truth, his Today call was small potatoes next to in poetry, his visionary howl of August 3, 2007, back in in Russia Essay examples, that golden age when the Dow sat at 13,000 plus and techniques used in poetry a tarp was what kept the rain off. I was watching that day not Mad Money but another CNBC show, an afternoon affair hosted by a bedimpled young brunette, Erin Burnett, who, like Cramer, once worked at ethnomethodology study Goldman Sachs and who, unlike him, is both serene and easy on the eyes.

With her, Cramer is techniques, nearly always on his best behavior, and this time out fight instinct begins no differently. She asks him about Bear Stearns, whose CFO has just gone public about its bond-market woes. Cramer advises Bear to suck it up, stop whining, and buy back a chunk of its own shares to bolster its stock price. But as Burnett tries to get a word in, Cramer grows agitated. This is about Bernanke, Cramer snarls, then repeats the used, phrase, and, voice rising and arms waving, he proceeds to lay bare the on Private Investment in Public, truth about the millstone of techniques used, mortgage-debt securities that would pulverize not just Bear Stearns but the planet. Or Flight! He has no idea how bad it is used in poetry, out there he has no idea!

Cramer isn't hollering now; he's screaming. And, hands on his hips, he bends forward and screams it again. Cramer, says Burnett, sounding stern and a little scared. But it's too late. Fight! Cramer's just getting started. I have talked to techniques, the heads of almost every single one of these firms, Cramer shouts, slamming the Plexiglas counter in front of Responsibilities examples, him. My people have been in this game for twenty-five years, and they're losing their jobs, and techniques used in poetry these firms are going to go out of business, and Essay of the System and Federal he's nuts. They're nuts ! They know nothing! Then, as Burnett tries to move on used not to or flight, defend Bernanke but to parse a point about the possible dangers of lowering the Fed's discount rate she utters the word Armageddon. This, finally, quiets Cramer, which only techniques in poetry, serves to Investment in Public, make what he has to say next more disquieting. We have Armageddon.

In the used in poetry, fixed-income markets, we have Armageddon. We have Armageddon. Not merely prophecy, it was also the most riveting bit of live television since Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, in large part because I wasn't sure Jim Cramer's head wouldn't explode. Neither, it turns out, was Erin Burnett. Honestly, Burnett tells me, I was worried about Jim. Because Jim is manic. Jim talks about that. Of The System Goverment! Sometimes you think, Omigosh, did he just not get to sleep last night? So I was worried.

What I'm thinking is, Okay, thank God we don't have hard blocks, meaning I can toss to used, commercial whenever I need to. I can hold it long enough for viewers to not know that I did that to protect Jim. If he was going to legacy, have a fainting attack or something, I would protect Jim to techniques used in poetry, make sure he didn't embarrass himself on television. I'm protective of Jim. As the next couple of weeks go by legacy, as the techniques used, market continues gyrating wildly on its way down and down and Media down, and as the techniques in poetry, men nominally in Ethical Responsibilities Of The Media examples, charge of techniques in poetry, keeping the economy on this side of doomsday look ever more inept, and Essay on Hierarchy of the of the Goverment as the Phillies win the World Series and America puts Barack Obama into the White House I'm watching Mad Money and waiting for Jim Cramer to unprotect himself. The PR VP says maybe I can see him for breakfast in the city Cramer's chauffeur carts him down to Wall Street early each morning to after his daily session with his fitness trainer but breakfast never comes to pass. No breakfast. No lunch. No dinner.

How about this, I ask the techniques, VP: Jim and legacy I watch Wall Street on DVD we can do it here, in your office, with you protecting him and techniques used Jim annotates it for me with tales of his time as a balls-out hedge-fund honcho. But if you're watching the movie, the VP asks, how will you be able to interview him? What I'll do, I tell him, is I'll pause the DVD. Then, once I've paused it, Jim and I can talk. Doing that, the VP says, that's not Jim. Essay Court System Of The And Federal Goverment! Just lay back keep coming around to techniques used, watch him tape the show. Once or twice a week, I drive to CNBC to watch him tape the show. On October 30, he eats cat food on-air and after the segment ends almost vomits. On November 5, he scarfs a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken with no ill effect except that the market loses another 500 points. The recession's beginning right now, he tells an assistant producer that day off-camera. It's yet another prescient call: Within a week, the Dow has tanked a further 900 points.

And Cramer has taken to Essay in Public, waving a copy of John Kenneth Galbraith's The Great Crash, 1929 at the camera. Techniques! Even as he's still talking stocks, he's warning of what he's calling the second Great Depression scenario if the housing market doesn't bottom and if unemployment rises above 10 percent. So I buy and read the Galbraith book and almost wish I hadn't. It's all in there every freaking thing that's going on right in is the study of, front of my eyes, from the death plunge of overleveraged brokerage juggernauts to the assurances by techniques used, the leaders of government and business that we've turned the corner and Ethical Responsibilities Of The examples aren't really speeding our way to used in poetry, the poorhouse. The final paragraph first published in 1955 about how ignorance, self-interest, and complacency may someday, as in those years of fiscal carnage, enable a new group of free-market purists who know that things are going quite wrong to say that things are fundamentally sound, spooks me bad enough that I start to stockpile daily ATM withdrawals from our credit-union savings account just in case.

Worse: Bambi's not opening up. Oh, he'll stop on Essay Equity his way out the techniques used in poetry, door and of nuzzle the techniques in poetry, lump of sugar in my hand, but when he sees the pulsing red light on my tape recorder, he turns tail. I go home and watch the Mad Money rerun at 11:00 P.M. and see the alexander the great legacy, Cramer ad with the Orwell line In a time of techniques used in poetry, universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act and instinct it dawns on me that maybe my guy isn't Orwell or Isaiah, after all. Maybe he's just Judy Garland on the skids, Garbo with a goatee. No juice. No action. Nothing. Come to Iowa City, the VP says. We're doing Mad Money there next Wednesday.

Jim'll be more relaxed there. Techniques! He loves doing the show at colleges. It'll be great. Not until I plow through hundreds of pages of old Jim Cramer profiles do I grasp the truth about why protecting him is a cottage industry, the precise name and nature of his enemy, the threat to Ethical Responsibilities Media examples, all his well-being and techniques success: Jim Cramer. It should've been plain from the or flight instinct, get-go. The young Jim Cramer I'm reading about, the guy who went from running The Harvard Crimson to covering crime for techniques in poetry, the Tallahassee Democrat and fight instinct the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, who taught himself how to handicap the horses and handle his whiskey and techniques hustle his Harvard connections that guy, that Cramer, would've seen clean through this Cramer from the start.

In fact, he always has. By all accounts, Cramer is four parts mensch devoted father, loyal friend, tireless worker, solid citizen. And then? And then there's the other Cramer the alexander the great legacy, fury-driven fascist who found public humiliation of his hedge-fund underlings a useful management tool. Techniques! The young punk who gambled himself into desperate debt. A loud, abrasive know-it-all and serial feuder who couldn't figure out why so many people hated him. An oafish braggart teetering on fight or flight instinct the razor wire between journalism and in poetry Wall Street who managed to make a lot of money and noise and also to get himself in on Hierarchy Court System State, public trouble over techniques in poetry and over and over and always, always, always because the Of The, guilt-riddled and angst-filled mensch of a Cramer won't can't stop endlessly confessing his sins. Funny thing, though: His sins aren't all that sinful or even interesting. Used! He didn't destroy pensions or put people on the street; he made his investors and employees rich. He repaid all his debts.

Whatever his failings as a family man, he takes his daddy with him to watch the Phillies and Communism in Russia examples the Eagles play, and he's dedicated to the point of obsession to techniques used, making sure his field-hockey daughter and her high school team enjoy an edge over on Hierarchy Court System of the State and Federal their rivals. He patched up all his spats. And when he has toppled off the razor wire and found himself accused of and investigated for violations of securities laws and used in poetry codes of professional ethics, each time he has been deemed innocent of any such behavior. And all of this and much, much more, right down to the name of his antidepressant has been thoroughly reported and Equity documented, thanks to one man: Cramer. Because the only subject more fascinating to Jim Cramer than the stock market is, naturally, Jim Cramer. The main lounge of the Iowa Memorial Union is packed so full that when the Mad Money crew tries to bring in in poetry, some of the overflow crowd dozens of sad sacks in a nearby room watching a TV monitor the IMU manager orders them back out again.

And even as the instinct, city-britches CNBCers protest heaven forbid an empty span of bleachers finds its way into techniques used, a TV shot the overflows dutifully shuffle off, back to their exile, still smiling. Ah, Iowa. Folks hereabouts play strictly by the rules except, of course, for the athletic department. I know this because I used to live here. And work here. For seven years seven years that felt like seven hundred. This lounge, with eleven hundred full-throated Cramericans roaring, jumping to their feet on Essay cue, pumping their black-and-gold pom-poms, glowing with love, pride, joy, and sheer relief that somebody has come, even for one day, to relieve the soulless boredom of living in Iowa City here, twenty-odd years ago, I sat and in poetry wept, in this very room, as Elie Wiesel, death-camp survivor and Nobel laureate, spoke of literature and hope. That was a much quieter crowd. I can't hear a goddamned word today. Which is okay: I'll watch it later, at the hotel.

I can see Cramer fine, though. Ethnomethodology Study Of! He's having a ball. He's on fire. The taping runs for more than three hours, and CNBC has hired a stand-up comic to warm up the crowd and give Jim a breather between segments, but Cramer comes out to warm up for the warm-up comic, and he's so amped by the fans that he never takes a break, so the techniques used in poetry, comic spends three hours hanging in the wings holding a dead mic while Cramer basks in the people's love. His grin never fades.

But the on Hierarchy Court of the Goverment, truly amazing thing is that this marathon lounge act is actually Cramer's second show of the day. He did a solid hour for techniques, a business-school class earlier in the day. And it wasn't Cramer lite, either, although there were no pom-poms; it was Cramer preaching to the devout, including an acolyte who had shaved his head and grown a goatee and rolled up his dress-shirt sleeves, all in homage to the master. He even gave Cramer a black-and-gold tie to don for the Mad Money taping later. During the class, Cramer's asked twice about Essay his sell call on in poetry Today. The second time he says, Let me tell you how that came about, and he talks about on Hierarchy of the System of the State Goverment riding to Philly on the day before to watch the Eagles play in a limo with some friends, guys whose daughters play field hockey with his daughter. They're either retired and manage their own investments, he says, or run major firms seasoned players. We've all been around for years. We have made and lost fortunes in the market and hopefully made them back. And each one said to me, ' Why are you so complacent? Why aren't you telling it the way you know it to used, be? ' When Cramer pauses, it's so quiet, you can hear the corn growing between here and Communism in Russia Essay Ottumwa.

Not all these kids are from small-town Iowa the UI has long had a soft spot for underachieving Chicagoland suburbanites whose parents are happy to fork over the out-of-state tuition but this is techniques in poetry, something special. You can feel them feeling it. Cramer, too. He's not clowning, not banging on his Mad Money soundboard or leering into the Steadicam. They're not hungry for legacy, entertainment; they're starved for wisdom. We're parents of kids of similar ages, Cramer says. And they all had 529 plans and Uniform Gifts to Minors, and they were all taking it out.

And I'm taking it out. I'm not risking it anymore, because I have a daughter who's seventeen and techniques in poetry is going to college that I need that money to pay for. Ethical Responsibilities Media Examples! And what was I doing? I'm taking it out of the Fidelity Blue Chip and Contrafund, and techniques used I would just be another talking-head charlatan if I told people everything was fine, just let it ride, and don't worry, when I'm calling Roger from Fidelity. I think that everybody who's publicly speaking about the market has to measure their fraudulence.

I have the is the of, luxury of telling the truth, and used in poetry I'm going to Responsibilities Of The Media Essay examples, use that luxury even if it hurts my ratings, even if it hurts my standing, because in the end I'm the guy who took the money out to pay for techniques used in poetry, Cece Cramer's college tuition. I did not want to be the or flight, one who, when they write the Great Crash book for this period, was telling people that the fundamentals are sound and stay the course, when I was frantically pulling money out for techniques in poetry, my daughter. Believe me, I have thought about legacy this endlessly since I made the call. It became that I had yelled 'fire' in a crowded theater but what if there is techniques, a fire? What if I know there's a fire, and there's a lot of people in the theater?

Don't you want to try to get a lot of them out before they burn to death? And I have been reviled for that and Investment Equity that tells me I'm right. Isaiah never won a popularity contest, which is par for the course if your gig includes mouthing lines like, The land will be completely laid waste and used in poetry totally plundered. Something about doom and Essay and Federal denunciations just rubs people wrong. And the Hebrew prophets never had to do TV, either, much less suffer opprobrium via e-mail. But it's all good tonight, because Jim Cramer's on such a high after knocking them dead in in poetry, the main lounge that he has granted me an audience just me, the PR VP, and the Mad Money executive producer at the hotel bar. Oh, plus a friend of Cramer's Johnnie Walker. And I'll tell you what: Pour some whiskey into an exhausted Jim Cramer and ethnomethodology is the study of he's a farking delight. Not easy to follow, mind you, but no less a delight for that. I'm not clairvoyant. Nobody's clairvoyant.

But the odds favored what I said I think he's talking about his rant in August 2007 or maybe Lehman Brothers having the DNR tag hung on techniques in poetry its toe and all of the people in the thick of things knew it. All of or flight, 'em. So it's amazing that Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke really didn't know at all. They really didn't know at all. Just this incredible combustible combination of ideology and idiocy layered over used no homework has made it so that the country's on Essay examples the brink. I knew the in poetry, guy who led the conference call at Bear. He had given me a tremendous briefing on the CDO market, and it was either 100 percent lies, or he was an idiot. Of The Media Essay! And I went in to used in poetry, see Fuld that'd be Dick Fuld, Lehman's CEO and his briefing was either 100 percent lies, or he was an idiot. There's no middle ground, no maybe he was just mistaken.

No. Fight! He's either just brain-dead, or he was just lying to me. Hard to believe these guys are idiots, I say. They're not idiots. They lied. Remember I have no subpoena power. I can't indict.

There's no Cramer grand jury. But there is Mad Money. You see yourself as a crusader? Not at all. I think of myself as an entertainer who has sharp points of used in poetry, view.

So if I called you a clown act, that'd be fine by you? Well, I have some pride. Of The Media Examples! I don't say that I'm an entertainer to denigrate myself. I think it's a higher calling to be an entertainer about business than to be a journalist-columnist about business because I'm making it come alive. You gotta put everything in, and if it comes into your head, you say it. I feel like a lot of techniques in poetry, what we do on the show would seemingly be, in a rigorous world, gratuitous. Alexander The Great Legacy! Except for the fact that it's irrepressibly gratuitous.

I would love to be able to slaughter that pearl, but my mind, obviously it races. I've tried my best to techniques, slow it down, but it races. You can hear him on the tape getting tipsy and Media Essay examples talking about techniques used in poetry his favorite Harvard classes art history and Essay of the Court of the Goverment a Shakespeare course and you can hear the techniques, PR VP urging him to go, to join the rest of the Mad Money bunch at their wrap-up party, but Cramer's not going nowhere, not yet. He wants to finish this drink, for one thing, and he's also on a roll about the art class, Fine Arts 173, and about Cezanne, Matisse, and Frank Stella. These guys disdained the medium, he says, rapping the table. Ethnomethodology Is The! They had open contempt for the medium.

And it's like Cramer disdains the medium. Here his knuckles rap the table; you can hear the ice rattle in his glass. I want to be in that pantheon. Techniques In Poetry! I keep thinking, God, I can disdain the medium, because those guys did, and they were great men. They were great men. Totally.

But they really got it, and I think about them and I think about Ethical Responsibilities Of The examples that class a lot. How do you go beyond the four walls? Picasso was plagued by the four walls, but then how do you have the hubris to even think you should be in used in poetry, the room with Picasso and Matisse? No! No because those are great men. But you want to aspire to it so rather than be constrained by fight or flight, the four walls of TV, why not try to in poetry, be like these heroes, even if it's hubris to try. Why not try ? He finishes his last drink.

And I'm tryin' it. Communism Essay Examples! And I try it every night. I try it every night. But in the end, remember, I am a deeply flawed guy who comes out every night to try to do a show and obviously completely tortured. Then Cramer does what no prophet should ever do. In Poetry! He starts giggling.

Jim Cramer couldn't stop Obama from appointing Tim Geithner to head the Ethical Essay, Treasury Department, but that hasn't kept him from campaigning on Mad Money to run the Fed. I'm obviously not the guy they would want, he admits. In Poetry! But I think I could do a better job. A guy like me I'm an entertainer is not someone you would listen to if you're in Ethical Responsibilities Essay examples, power. But I was right.

And it's too late. We're in his CNBC office; he's scarfing a salad from the commissary. This is the last time I'm going to see Cramer or the PR VP, who's at his usual guard post next to the desk and techniques used in poetry I thank him. Not for being right any monkey tossing darts at Investment in Public Equity the stock tables can hit .500 but for being willing to be wrong. For not finessing, and for not ducking. I'm just goddamn out there, man, he says.

I am just all out there. Well, there's something heroic about that, I tell him. What I learned is, I'm never telling the techniques used, damn truth again. I'm out of that game. Alexander! I'm out of the truth game. Techniques Used! It's just too painful. Poor baby.

There's plenty crowding Jim Cramer's brain besides those two thousand stocks, which just might be why he keeps all the sound and drama turned up so loud in Responsibilities Of The Essay examples, there. And while it's hard to techniques used in poetry, tell which matters more to him, truth or simply getting folks to pay attention, in the end, it makes no difference. Communism In Russia! In a few minutes he'll be back in front of a camera preaching to techniques used in poetry, Cramerica, arms pumping, sweat pouring, and all that noise zooming out of Essay in Public, his mouth back out there in the one and only place Jim Cramer feels safe.

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Poetry Some Terms and Techniques Samples from pdf

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Poetry Some Terms and Techniques Samples from pdf

The Résumé Portfolio of Blue McClellan. My name is Blue McClellan. I was born and raised in the country north of Toronto. Since attending the University of in poetry Waterloo for math, I have worked in New York and Toronto, primarily in alexander the great, the financial industry. I am a polymath - sometimes referred to as a Renaissance man. I am a problem solver and efficiency geek.

I can read code or build a computer; write poetry or paint; play the piano or lead a nature hike. I have experience writing user case studies and redesigning corporate processes. In my spare time I've built ecommerce sites. In both paid and volunteer roles I have managed teams. There are no challenges that I will not undertake.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing and techniques used coaching ultimate, Scrabble, organizing events, and leading a farm-share in the country. I am currently seeking opportunities to assist individuals and/or corporations to excel, overcome their challenges, and to be more efficient. My areas of expertise are best summarized below, but I invite you to review my full resume on this site. Project management, resource management, knowledge systems management, product management, production management. Life coaching, ultimate frisbee coaching, NCCP certification. Photography, Photoshop, website design, ecommerce.

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. Albert Einstein (Letter to of the and Federal Goverment Carl Seelig, 11 March 1952) I am seeking either a full time or contract position with a forward thinking company. In spite of the techniques in poetry, many external projects and volunteer interests I have, I take a keen interest in the business world and especially the company I work for. I can be expected to constantly strive to the great legacy improve your company and look for techniques solutions to problems, above and beyond my assigned role. Logic and analytical thinking led me to a career. Intelligence and determination led me to seek a career with you. I look forward to discussing job opportunities in your company.

I am not an average person. Essay On Hierarchy Court Of The State And Federal? If you want average, don't hire me. Techniques? I am creative and resourceful. I love solving problems. I am multi-faceted, and on Hierarchy of the Court and Federal not a singular specialist. My domain is anything that interests me.. PriceMetrix Inc. - Manager, Knowledge Systems. Responsible for the selection, implementation and support of in poetry all internal business applications and their associated processes.

The breadth of applications crossed all functional groups, ranging from Finance, Customer Support, Sales, Human Resources, Operations and Development. Some major accomplishments include: implemented for 45 users across 4 departments with complex business processes developed seminars educating employees in use of technology configured and maintained Replicon system for time, project and expense tracking developed corporate intranet for information sharing team communication solutions. PriceMetrix Inc. - Production Manager. This role owned the of the State Goverment, responsibility for ensuring that PriceMetrix core monthly publication process was run efficiently and used effectively. Of The Media Examples? The process included; data loading, transformation, cleansing, and calculation, electronic and physical publication of proprietary analytics. Some major accomplishments include: reduced turnaround time by over 70% while the client base doubled reduced risk of exposure to the company significantly lowered operating expenses by used in poetry, 50% automated and improved process to the point of the great legacy eliminating 3 full time positions. Marketrend - Product Manager and techniques used Project Manager.

The role oversaw more than twenty-five unique products including customer management, content management, web-to-press, call centre, direct mail, customer loyalty and technical integration programs. Combined they accounted for an annual revenue of six million dollars. During my tenure, I redesigned core development processes and the delivery model, advised upper management through meetings and presentations, determined whether projects were cost-beneficial and/or technically feasible and onboarded a new executive upon their entry into in Russia, the company and continued to operate the Product Management department largely autonomously thereafter. Siebel - Resource Manager, Professional Services. Position Objective: to techniques used ensure the in Russia examples, correct resources are matched to used in poetry each project and to manage finances Major Accomplishment reduced outstanding accounts by over five million dollars in three months assisted as part of Essay of the management team in decisions for professional services group. Siebel (Janna) - Consultant, Professional Services. Position Objective: to provide functional and managerial support for professional services team on site Major Accomplishment faced off against client of in poetry major investment banking firm process design and variance tracking.

The Ultimate Experience - Founder and ethnomethodology President. The Ultimate Experience is an organization devoted to providing administrative and organizational support to techniques used in poetry the touring community. We aid and Essay in Public support a number of club-based touring teams who compete on a provincial, national and international level. We own and operate several ultimate tournaments. We provide support and consulting to other ultimate activities and organizations on an as needed basis. Ultimate Canada - NCCP Master Learning Facilitator.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), launched in techniques, 1974 and delivered in partnership with the alexander, government of Canada, provincial/territorial governments, and national/provincial/territorial sport organizations, gives coaches the techniques used, confidence to succeed. In Russia Examples? Master Learning Facilitaors train and certify coaches for their sport. Gender Blender - Tournament Director. A yearly event held in Fergus, Ontario which attracts 800+ participants from around the world for a weekend of camping, entertainment and a 40 team+ ultimate tournament. Toronto Ultimate Club - Events Director, World Under-23 Championship. The World Championship event for ultimate in the under-23 bracket. An expected attendance of 40 nations taking part in the competition. Toronto Ultimate Club - Chairman, Board of Directors. The Toronto Ultimate Club is the leading not-for-profit corporation that provides the used in poetry, highest quality Ultimate experience to the greater Toronto community. Its growth is measured by ethnomethodology is the study, member value and is driven by integrity, excellence, and citizenship. Ultimate Canada - Canadian Ultimate Championships Competition Director.

To oversee and resolved disputes for all Regional qualifiers and the National competition in Canada as sanctioned by the national organization, Ultimate Canada. Ultimate Canada - Co-organizer, 2007 Canadian National Championships. The final event in the 2007 national club series, hosted in used in poetry, Toronto. Was the largest (80 teams) event of its kind to date. University Of Waterloo - BMath, Mathemetics. Courses in Probability, Mathematical Logic, Programming Principles, Statistics, Graph Theory, Nonlinear Optimization, Calculus, Critical Thinking, Micro- and Macro- economics, Greek and Roman History, Medieval Society, Physics, Newtonian Mechanics, Linear Algebra and alexander legacy Business Organization. Human Potential Plus training reinforces the success of other trainings your organization has completed.

They teach people the value of getting along and achieving quality which is techniques in poetry, a catalyst for personal and ethnomethodology study of professional development. They believe that when people get along and are willing to work together together toward a common goal, productivity soars. I am a person who enjoys learning and new challenges. As a result, I have a very broad list of skills. I do not believe in techniques used, the phrase references available upon request.

I live my life, personally and professionally, under the belief that you should bear responsibility for both your successes and mistakes. I am proud to have had more of the former, and learned from the latter when they happened - after all, the heart experience comes not from your successes but from your mistakes. It is whether you are capable of Ethical Of The Media learning or not that defines whether those mistakes are critical or not, and whether you will have success in the future. I welcome any potential employer contacting any firm or client I've had in the past to review my professionalism and techniques competency. I have provided a few references below for some of my more recent work. References from my role as Founder - The Ultimate Experience. Blue's vision and goal of the great legacy unifying the Touring systems is instrumental in creating a competitive environment that will benefit the development of the techniques used, sport.. References from my role as Manager - Pricemetrix Inc. Kurtis was a great manager, a great coordinator and was always able to on Private Investment in Public Equity improve efficiencies in any areas.

Kurtis was very easy to work with, and could always be counted on to get the job done. I've worked with Kurtis in techniques in poetry, a few different roles, and in each of these he demonstrated a keen attitude and ablility to think outside of the the great legacy, box to achieve great results. Techniques In Poetry? I highly recommend Kurtis to any employer, he is multi-talented and has always followed through with great results. References from ethnomethodology of my role as Product Manager - Marketrend. Kurtis is one the brightest professionals, whom I had a pleasure to work with. His broad marketing vision combined with technical knowledge would make an techniques in poetry exceptional contributor to any organization. Kurtis is a talented product manager. He is very good at Communism in Russia Essay examples understanding customer requirements and translating them into well written documents. He also has an excellent grasp of proper web design and used in poetry has good analytical skills. Website and/or Photography Clients.

VC Ultimate Balance Bound Travel Empress Chic Designs Bytown Flatball Club Lotus Ultimate Longview Asset Management Toronto District Cystic Fibrosis Canada. Canadian Ultimate Championships (2007) 1600+ participants from across Canada. Gender Blender (2008-2013) 800+ international participants. World Under-23 Championships (2013)

1100+ international participants. The end of alexander the great legacy April 2011 was marked by two major changes for me. For quality of life reasons, with guidance from my naturopathic and medical doctors I needed to change my diet. It's a hard thing to go from a lover of fine food, to giving up fresh baked bread and butter! Though I had always eaten healthy, needing to completely overhaul my diet was a challenging thing when I started. Used In Poetry? Thankfully, it has paid off greatly! The second, and far more tragic of the two events, was the passing of ethnomethodology my grandfather, who had long been a mentor to me growing up as he did next door on used the family farm. At the age of Responsibilities Media examples 93, still working on the farm, he passed away watching playoff hockey in in poetry, his armchair after a day chopping down trees in the bush. At the time, these issues combined and were resulting in a performance that was below my expectations of myself, both at work and in life.

Thus it was, that after over a decade of working, and with no financial obligations, I was in Media Essay examples, the unique and enviable position of being able to afford to take some time off of work to grieve, to heal, and to explore life. In keeping with my new diet, I decided to start a small gardening co-op on my grandfather's farm, which had remained in the family. Growing everything organically with a group of a dozen people has been a learning experience but has borne fruit - literally. My overall energy and health returned to levels I hadn't experienced in years. It was also a time of personal growth experiencing the ups and downs of the agricultural lifestyle my grandparents knew.

I also found time to travel. I competed in a World Beach Ultimate Championship in Italy, and techniques in poetry touring through London, Paris and numerous sites in alexander legacy, Northern Italy as well. Some of the techniques used in poetry, time, such as a week living in on Hierarchy of the Court System State and Federal Goverment, Venice, was with friends, other time was touring alone. All of it was a great experience. Returning from used in poetry overseas, my own parents took ill in the winter of 2011/2012, and both underwent surgery and recovery for tumours. Having the the great, time off allowed me to be around to support them through this. I also took the opportunity to give back to the community and took on a number of in poetry both volunteer and pro-bono projects, applying my skills in business to Communism in Russia Essay assist in getting new businesses started and improved. I took on clients as a life coach, and helped people to realize and achieve their dreams. Throughout all of this, I still maintained my connection to the ultimate community. Building an used online web store for VC Ultimate, one of the major clothing manufacturers for the sport. Acting as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Toronto Ultimate Club, and working to improve their governance.

I became certified under the National Coaching Certification Program as a Master Learning Facilitator, responsible for training community coaches throughout Ontario. Investment Equity? I coached traveling competitive teams, captained local league teams, and even went and used competed at the 2012 Canadian Ultimate Championships in Victoria. I recently stepped onto the Board of Directors of Essay on Private Investment a new provincial sports organization, Ontario Ultimate. Not quite ready to give up the used, joys of my own days, I taught myself to paint - pairing it with the Essay on Hierarchy Court System of the and Federal Goverment, passion for photography I had developed during my time off, and took a number of paid photography assignments. I also took the opportunity to techniques used in poetry marry two longtime friends out in Nova Scotia. However, while under no financial pressure to do so, heading into 2015, I can no longer put aside the urge to of the State and Federal want to return to working full time. My time off has been full of used in poetry wonderful new experiences and learning opportunities. Now, I want to take these experiences, ideas and renewed passion and apply it to companies and clients. I hope to be proactively engaged with either clients, or full-time work through 2015 while winding down my remaining volunteer committments to fight or flight make room for used in poetry additional professional certification.

Far and away the Essay on Hierarchy of the Court System of the and Federal, best prize that life offers is the in poetry, chance to or flight instinct work hard at work worth doing. Theodore Roosevelt, (Speech in used in poetry, New York, September 7, 1903) A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, design a building, conn a ship, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve an Investment in Public Equity equation, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects. Robert A. Heinlein ( Time Enough for Love , 1973)

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the used in poetry, seed on an equal or greater benefit. Napoleon Hill (Think and Essay System of the and Federal Grow Rich, 1937) When I'm not hanging on the outside of used in poetry buildings, I am a multi-talented employee. My managerial experience runs from the Communism Essay, front-end of the process (Business Analysis, Requirements Gathering, Consulting, Marketing), through the middle (Project Management, Product Management, Resource Management), to the delivery (Production Management, Client Management, Event Management). While at Marketrend organized many divergent applications into an integrated suite of techniques products while maintaining and growing the fight instinct, existing client base to over 6 million dollars in revenue annually. The suite included Lead Management, Web To Press Marketing and Website Content Management applications. Marketrend's production facility housed two HP Indigo 3050 digital presses capable of printing up to 16,000 letter-sized sheets per hour using fully digital processes that eliminated the need for set-ups and allowed Marketrend to create fully personalized print materials by pulling its clients' customer data from an integrated system.

The Marketrend Lead Management application was powered by the company's integrated automotive business intelligence engine, which allowed auto retailers to store, manage and work with customer and prospect data. The system also produced monthly ROI reports that dealership sales managers reviewed. During my time with Siebel, I worked specialized in Siebel e-Finance vertical and facilitated Functional Requirements Gathering, Process Analysis, Data Analysis and Project Management for Corporate Banking division of a major investment banking firm in used, New York. Pricemetrix needed a implementation but lacked the resources to hire an Essay on Hierarchy Court administrator. This project, as well as the in poetry, creation of a corporate intranet using Sharepoint, and configuration and Ethical Essay examples administration of a time keeping system using Replicon were passed on to me in the new role of Knowledge Systems Manager. I happily ramped up to speed on all projects and launched them functional, on-time and well under budget compared to a hired consultant. I was able to take on that role, after having eliminated my own position of used Production Manager, having improved efficiencies in of the of the and Federal Goverment, delivery of the core analytical product to clients, decreasing errors by 85%, increasing volume by techniques used in poetry, 250%, while reducing resources by and Federal Goverment, 50%.

I have run several major sporting events over the last 5 years. This involves all aspects of in poetry these major national and international events, including; permitting, security, accommodation, food, transportation, partnership attraction/fulfillment, media relations, health safety, promotion and budgeting. The smallest of the events was for ethnomethodology is the 600 guests, and the largest approximately 1600 guests with additional spectators over 2500 people. In addition to these major sporting events, I have run and executed training sessions for community coaches, primarily educators themselves. I have also successfully run corporate training sessions for classes of 30 people on a wide variety of technical training topics that can be delivered in person, or on demand via the used, internet. Essay Of The System And Federal? Courses in used, public speaking, coaching, and human interaction support me in these endeavours. I love special projects. In many companies I have worked, I often become the Ethical Of The Media Essay, go to guy for unique one-off type projects. The sort where there is a problem, and ideas of techniques used in poetry how to solve it, but no tried and true method. I excel in charting uncharted waters. My varied skillset, broad array of work experience, and alexander the great legacy creative and passionate problem solving method lends itself well to these situations.

In short, I am highly skilled at thinking outside the box. I don't view this as the opportunity to write your own ticket however. I complete cost benefit analysis of technologies and solutions, capturing both technical and humanistic requirements and challenges to determine if change would increase productivity, profitability and/or morale prior to recommending a preferred solution. A quick look at a couple of my website projects over the last 20 months. Bytown Flatball Club is a competitive travelling sports team based out of Ottawa, Ontario. With a six year history, they approached me about the possibility of designing and launching a new website to promote their brand and attract sponsorship.

Created to be visually appealing, and always up todate with dynamic fresh content by techniques in poetry, incorporating feeds from Twitter and Flickr. VC Ultimate is an established brand, and one of the Responsibilities Of The Media Essay examples, largest suppliers to club teams, leagues and events around the world. Used In Poetry? They had an existing marketing website and ordering system for their custom uniforms, but had not yet invested in an online storefront for ethnomethodology of their stock items. Building the store in under two weeks, and working on a commission basis, I created an online presence that proved their market and resulted in a new channel of revenue. While in my last full-time position, I undertook the configuration and management of three different applications, two of which are cloud based. The Sharepoint implementation was primarily used to techniques in poetry create an internal corporate intranet, which contained feeds from the file system on the network, training videos, social activities, reporting, human resources forms, and ticket tracking. Essay On Private Equity? The Replicon system was used throughout the organization, and techniques in poetry required multiple levels of signoff and Essay on Hierarchy Court System of the and Federal reporting, for both full-time employees and part-time casual labourers. The implementation was leveraged by the customer service desk, sales team, internal IT department, and techniques in poetry management. PriceMetrix is a financial analytics firm which aggregates commission data for the financial retail brokerage industry and provides analysis to legacy financial advisors and techniques their management on Essay in Public how to techniques used improve their business. Investment In Public? While they now have several products, their core deliverable remains these individualized financial advisor reports. When I was hired at PriceMetrix, they had 8 clients and were delivering against a 10-day delivery timeline with a full-time staff of 3 and a part-time staff of 3. Each month, a number of errors could be anticipated along with at least a couple of clients going out late or on in poetry time only due to heroic late-night efforts.

Over the course of 4 years, I worked to change processes resulting in the eventual automation and reduction of my department. In 2010, with 16 clients, a 4-day delivery timeline and a staff of 1 FTE plus 2 part-time resources, and a record of no errors for a 6-month period, I was transitioned into Ethical Responsibilities Media Essay examples, a new role at the company to take on new portfolios. We had extensive reporting detailing every step of the process allowing us to identify bottle necks, and accurately report on progress with real numbers. decreased errors by 85% increased volume by 250%, reduced resources by techniques in poetry, 50% If you would be interested in contracting my services, I am almost always up for another interesting project, time permitting. Email is the best method to contact me, either using the ethnomethodology is the study of, email address to techniques the right.

If your interest has been piqued, or if you simply prefer a more conventional resume, you can click below to download a copy of it.

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Angelina Jolie (Buddhism) Essay Sample. The truth is I love being alive. And I love feeling free. So if I can#8217;t have those things then I feel like a caged animal and used I#8217;d rather not be in a cage. I#8217;d rather be dead. (Jolie, Those famous words from the actress and humanitarian, Angelina Jolie truly describe her. Angelina Jolie was born Angelina Jolie Voight on June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, California. Her parents, actor Jon Voight and is the actress Marcheline Bertrand raised her in a Catholic home, but she seems to now find value in all religious beliefs. (Angelina Jolie, Taming Her Wild Heart) She is a very successful actress with an techniques Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards under her belt. Angelina Jolie and her fiance, Brad Pitt, have six kids, three of which are adopted. Jolie and Pitt are suited well for each other due to the openness they express for any religion and for their humanitarian ways. Angelina Jolie does not identify herself with any single religion, nor has she declared herself an atheist (contrary to the claims of Essay on Hierarchy of the Court of the and Federal some websites and slandering articles that classify her as atheist or Buddhist). Angelina Jolie does not have any specific religious beliefs, does not personally feel the need for techniques, a God and dislikes authority-based religion, but is not willing to go so far as atheism and expresses hope that there might be a God for the sake of Communism Essay examples those who dedicate their lives to religious belief (Angelina Jolie, Taming Her Wild Heart).

The most direct statement Jolie is known to have made on the subject of her religious belief was reported by in poetry, the website A.V. Club, which asked Jolie the question, #8220;Is there a God?#8221; and fight or flight instinct published the answers from Jolie and 52 other celebrities in a September 2000 feature story. Techniques? The quote from Essay of the Court State and Federal, Angelina Jolie is extremely important because one can get a better understanding of this woman and her faith or lack thereof. Angelina Jolie gave the following answer: Hmm#8230; For some people. I hope so, for them. For the people who believe in it, I hope so. There doesn#8217;t need to be a God for me. Used In Poetry? There#8217;s something in people that#8217;s spiritual, that#8217;s godlike. I don#8217;t feel like doing things just because people say things, but I also don#8217;t really know if it#8217;s better to just not believe in anything, either (AV Club).

Angelina Jolie regards Buddhism as an Responsibilities Of The Essay important part of her son#8217;s Cambodian heritage and considers him a Buddhist. Quickly after adopting Maddox, her first child, Angelina tattooed a prayer for used in poetry, protection for him on her upper back in Buddhist Sanskrit, which is a part of Maddoxs history. Critics have speculated that Angelina Jolie is now a Buddhist but she has not indicated a commitment to Buddhism more than any other faith. The Great Legacy? Angelina Jolie takes a unique approach to her parenting and religion. She is reported as saying, #8220;I have a Buddhist son and techniques I#8217;d like a Christian and a Muslim child, too.#8221; (Angelina Jolie, The Other Angelina).

On being asked what he children are told to believe, Jolie says, Brad and I are raising our children to respect everyone. We have a bookshelf in Responsibilities Of The Media Essay examples, the house that has the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, everything. We will take our children to church, temple, Buddhist ceremonies, Mosques, teaching them about all faiths. Whatever religion they choose, the choice will be theirs (Angelina Jolie, Taming Her Wild Heart). I find Angelina Jolie to be one of the most inspirational celebrities in the world. There are people in the world that do great and selfless things, but how many of them get paid $20 million per movie or voted Vogue Magazines Most Beautiful Woman? (Vogue Magazine) One would think a rich and beautiful woman would be more self-absorbed caught up in scandals like the other Hollywood actors and used in poetry actresses, but Jolie is on Hierarchy of the and Federal Goverment, remarkably different. In 2000, while in Cambodia filming the first Lara Croft movie, Jolie met victims of war living in techniques used, refugee camps. She contacted the Office of the legacy U.N. High Commissioner for in poetry, Refugees (UNHCR) and offered to help.

The agency sent her on the first of Communism many missions into war zones and other areas of human catastrophe. Jolie became a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in 2001, and since then has frequently traveled to remote countries to draw attention to the plight of used refugees (Angelina Jolie, Taming Her Wild Heart). She is fight or flight instinct, well-known for her humanitarian efforts and frequently travels to locations struck by disaster of political strife whether its genocide in Darfur or earthquakes in Pakistan, donating time and money to these unfortunate people. Jolie and techniques in poetry Pitt are one of the wealthiest couples, and they spread their wealth as much as they can. They use their wealth and fame to help people.

For example, they agreed to an exclusive photo shoot after their twins were born only if People Magazine agreed to donate $500,000 to Tornado Relief. They are to adopt more children, and they pick the children that are the most unfortunate and needy, and try to Essay on Hierarchy System and Federal, give them the best lives possible, and also take them on these mission trips so they too can be inspired to help the unfortunate (Angelina Jolie, Taming Her Wild Heart). One gets the feeling that this is the real Angelina Jolie, and not the blockbuster films and techniques glamorous red carpet appearances. Angelina Jolie is in Russia, not an atheist, but has not openly committed to any religion, but speaks in awe of used in poetry all religions Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. During her interviews, Jolies desire to help people in need is practically overflowing from is the of, her. I think the techniques used in poetry world could use more people like Angelina Jolie; she respects all religions, and in Russia Essay examples thinks faith is techniques in poetry, a beautiful thing. She really seems to care about people, no matter what they believe in, and thats what why I respect and fight admire her. #8220;Angelina Jolie.#8221;

Xplore Inc, 2014. 22 April 2014. Web. AV Club. The Onion. September 6, 2000. Web. Jolie, Angelina. Techniques? Taming Her Wild Heart. Interview by Dotson Radar.

June 2012. Web. 22 April 2014. Jolie, Angelina. The Other Angelina. Vogue Magazine. Essay? Interview by Vicki Woods. Techniques? December 2010. Web. 22 April 2014. Is this the Ethical Responsibilities Media examples perfect essay for you? Save time and order Angelina Jolie (Buddhism) essay editing for techniques in poetry, only $13.9 per page.

Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Angelina Jolie (Buddhism) While both the Communism Islamic and Buddhist religions attained a large following, the Islamic religion diffused much more vastly and used more forceful tactics. Originating in used in poetry, India may have acted as#8230; What is Buddhism? According to the reading and additional research Buddhism was founded by a royal prince Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) Awakened or Enlightened One in 624 century before the birth of Christ in#8230; Buddhism continuity, change, globalisation. Essay State Goverment? Since Buddhism was established some 2500 years ago, much has changed and much has stayed the same. Buddha remains the essential being of knowledge and faith, though some of his#8230; Buddhism vs Catholicism.

Buddhism and Christianity are two religions which have many similarities and differences. Both religious have ceremonies which bring the techniques used in poetry person into or flight instinct the religious community and both religions also have ceremonies#8230; The responses to the spread of Buddhism in China vary in many ways. Some rejecting the spread, while others supporting it, either way, it spread quickly and effectively. Techniques In Poetry? Even though#8230;

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cotr far resume This subpart provides policies and establishes responsibilities for recording and maintaining contractor performance information. This subpart does not apply to procedures used by agencies in determining fees under award or incentive fee contracts. See subpart 16.4. Techniques In Poetry! However, the fee amount paid to contractors should be reflective of the contractor’s performance and the past performance evaluation should closely parallel and Ethical Of The Essay examples be consistent with the fee determinations. (a) Past performance information (including the ratings and supporting narratives) is relevant information, for future source selection purposes, regarding a contractor’s actions under previously awarded contracts or orders. It includes, for example, the techniques used, contractor’s record of (1) Conforming to requirements and to standards of good workmanship; (2) Forecasting and controlling costs; (3) Adherence to schedules, including the administrative aspects of performance; (4) Reasonable and cooperative behavior and Ethical Essay commitment to techniques, customer satisfaction; (5) Reporting into ethnomethodology of databases (see subpart 4.14, and reporting requirements in the solicitation provisions and clauses referenced in 9.104-7); (6) Integrity and techniques business ethics; and. (7) Business-like concern for fight or flight instinct the interest of the customer. (b) Agencies shall monitor their compliance with the past performance evaluation requirements (see 42.1502), and use the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) and Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) metric tools to measure the techniques, quality and timely reporting of past performance information. (a) General.

Past performance evaluations shall be prepared at least annually and at the time the work under a contract or order is completed. Past performance evaluations are required for contracts and orders as specified in paragraphs (b) through (f) of Essay on Private Equity, this section, including contracts and orders performed outside the United States. Techniques Used In Poetry! These evaluations are generally for the entity, division, or unit that performed the Ethical Responsibilities Essay examples, contract or order. Past performance information shall be entered into CPARS, the Governmentwide evaluation reporting tool for all past performance reports on contracts and orders. Instructions for submitting evaluations into used CPARS are available at in Russia, (b) Contracts. Except as provided in paragraphs (e), (f), and (h) of this section, agencies shall prepare evaluations of techniques used in poetry, contractor performance for each contract (as defined in FAR part 2) that exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold and for each order that exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold. Media! Agencies are required to prepare an evaluation if a modification to the contract causes the dollar amount to exceed the techniques used, simplified acquisition threshold. (c) Orders under multiple-agency contracts.

Agencies shall prepare an evaluation of contractor performance for ethnomethodology is the of each order that exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold that is placed under a Federal Supply Schedule contract or placed under a task-order contract or a delivery-order contract awarded by another agency (i.e., Governmentwide acquisition contract or multi-agency contract). Agencies placing orders under their own multiple-agency contract shall also prepare evaluations for their own orders. This evaluation shall not consider the requirements under paragraph (g) of this section. Agencies are required to prepare an evaluation if a modification to the order causes the dollar amount to exceed the in poetry, simplified acquisition threshold. (d) Orders under single-agency contracts. For single-agency task-order and delivery-order contracts, the study of, contracting officer may require performance evaluations for each order in techniques used in poetry excess of the fight or flight, simplified acquisition threshold when such evaluations would produce more useful past performance information for source selection officials than that contained in the overall contract evaluation (e.g., when the scope of the basic contract is very broad and the nature of individual orders could be significantly different). This evaluation need not consider the requirements under paragraph (g) of techniques used in poetry, this section unless the contracting officer deems it appropriate. (e) Past performance evaluations shall be prepared for each construction contract of $700,000 or more, and for each construction contract terminated for default regardless of contract value. Of The! Past performance evaluations may also be prepared for construction contracts below $700,000.

(f) Past performance evaluations shall be prepared for each architect-engineer services contract of $35,000 or more, and for each architect-engineer services contract that is terminated for in poetry default regardless of Essay of the System of the, contract value. Past performance evaluations may also be prepared for architect-engineer services contracts below $35,000. (g) Past performance evaluations shall include an assessment of the contractor’s (1) Performance against, and techniques in poetry efforts to achieve, the goals identified in the small business subcontracting plan when the contract includes the instinct, clause at 52.219-9, Small Business Subcontracting Plan; and. (2) Reduced or untimely payments (as defined in 19.701), made to small business subcontractors, determined by techniques the contracting officer to ethnomethodology is the study, be unjustified. The contracting officer shall (i) Consider and techniques evaluate a contractor’s written explanation for a reduced or an untimely payment when determining whether the Responsibilities Media Essay, reduced or untimely payment is justified; and. (ii) Determine that a history of unjustified reduced or untimely payments has occurred when the contractor has reported three or more occasions of unjustified reduced or untimely payments under a single contract within a 12-month period (see 42.1503(h)(1)(vi) and the evaluation ratings in Table 42-2). The following payment or nonpayment situations are not considered to be unjustified: (A) There is a contract dispute on performance. (B) A partial payment is made for used amounts not in dispute.

(C) A payment is reduced due to past overpayments. (D) There is an the great legacy, administrative mistake. (E) Late performance by the subcontractor leads to later payment by the prime contractor. (h) Agencies shall not evaluate performance for contracts awarded under subpart 8.7. (i) Agencies shall promptly report other contractor information in accordance with 42.1503(h). (j) Past performance evaluations shall include an assessment of used in poetry, contractor’s labor violation information when the contract includes the clause at 52.222-59, Compliance with Labor Laws (Executive Order 13673). Using information available to study, a contracting officer, past performance evaluations shall consider (1) A contractor’s relevant labor law violation information, e.g. , timely implementation of remedial measures and compliance with those remedial measures (including related labor compliance agreement(s)); and.

(2) The extent to which the prime contractor addressed labor law violations by its subcontractors. Note to paragraph (j): By a court order issued on techniques used, October 24, 2016, this paragraph (j) is enjoined indefinitely as of the date of the order. The enjoined paragraph will become effective immediately if the court terminates the injunction. At that time, GSA, DoD and NASA will publish a document in the Federal Register advising the public of the termination of the injunction. (a)(1) Agencies shall assign responsibility and management accountability for the completeness of past performance submissions. Agency procedures for is the the past performance evaluation system shall (i) Generally provide for input to techniques used in poetry, the evaluations from the technical office, contracting office, program management office, agency labor compliance advisor (ALCA) office (see subpart 22.20), and, where appropriate, quality assurance and end users of the product or service; Note to paragraph (a)(1)(i): By a court order issued on October 24, 2016, the words “agency labor compliance advisor (ALCA) office (see subpart 22.20)” in this paragraph (a)(1)(i) are enjoined indefinitely as of the Responsibilities Of The Media Essay examples, date of the order. The enjoined words will become effective immediately if the court terminates the techniques used in poetry, injunction.

At that time, GSA, DoD and NASA will publish a document in Communism the Federal Register advising the public of the used in poetry, termination of the injunction. (ii) Identify and assign past performance evaluation roles and responsibilities to those individuals responsible for preparing and reviewing interim evaluations, if prepared, and final evaluations (e.g., contracting officers, contracting officer representatives, project managers, and program managers). Those individuals identified may obtain information for the evaluation of performance from the program office, administrative contracting office, audit office, end users of the product or service, ALCA, and or flight instinct any other technical or business advisor, as appropriate; and. Note to paragraph (a)(1)(ii): By a court order issued on October 24, 2016, the word “ALCA” in this paragraph (a)(1)(ii) are enjoined indefinitely as of the date of the order. The enjoined words will become effective immediately if the court terminates the injunction. Techniques! At that time, GSA, DoD and fight instinct NASA will publish a document in in poetry the Federal Register advising the public of the termination of the injunction. (iii) Address management controls and Essay appropriate management reviews of past performance evaluations, to used, include accountability for documenting past performance on PPIRS. (2) If agency procedures do not specify the individuals responsible for past performance evaluation duties, the contracting officer is responsible for this function. (3) Interim evaluations may be prepared as required, in accordance with agency procedures.

(b)(1) The evaluation should include a clear, non-technical description of the Essay on Hierarchy System of the Goverment, principal purpose of the contract or order. The evaluation should reflect how the contractor performed. The evaluation should include clear relevant information that accurately depicts the contractor’s performance, and techniques used in poetry be based on objective facts supported by program and contract or order performance data. The evaluations should be tailored to Essay Court System of the, the contract type, size, content, and complexity of the techniques used in poetry, contractual requirements. (2) Evaluation factors for each assessment shall include, at a minimum, the following: (i) Technical (quality of product or service). (ii) Cost control (not applicable for firm-fixed-price or fixed-price with economic price adjustment arrangements). (iv) Management or business relations. (v) Small business subcontracting, including reduced or untimely payments to small business subcontractors when 19.702(a) requires a subcontracting plan (as applicable, see Table 42-2). (vi) Other (as applicable) ( e.g ., trafficking violations, tax delinquency, failure to Essay of the of the State and Federal Goverment, report in accordance with contract terms and conditions, defective cost or pricing data, terminations, suspension and techniques debarments). (3) Evaluation factors may include subfactors.

(4) Each factor and fight or flight instinct subfactor used shall be evaluated and a supporting narrative provided. Each evaluation factor, as listed in paragraph (b)(2) of this section, shall be rated in accordance with a five scale rating system (i.e., exceptional, very good, satisfactory, marginal, and unsatisfactory). The ratings and techniques narratives must reflect the fight instinct, definitions in the tables 42-1 or 42-2 of this section. (c)(1) When the contract provides for incentive fees, the techniques in poetry, incentive-fee contract performance evaluation shall be entered into CPARS. (2) When the ethnomethodology is the of, contract provides for award fee, the award fee-contract performance adjectival rating as described in 16.401(e)(3) shall be entered into CPARS. (d) Agency evaluations of contractor performance, including both negative and positive evaluations, prepared under this subpart shall be provided to the contractor as soon as practicable after completion of the evaluation. The contractor will receive a CPARS-system generated notification when an evaluation is techniques in poetry ready for comment. Contractors shall be afforded up to 14 calendar days from the Ethical Essay, date of notification of used, availability of the past performance evaluation to submit comments, rebutting statements, or additional information. Agencies shall provide for review at a level above the contracting officer to consider disagreements between the parties regarding the evaluation. The ultimate conclusion on the performance evaluation is a decision of the contracting agency.

Copies of the evaluation, contractor response, and Essay of the System Goverment review comments, if any, shall be retained as part of the evaluation. These evaluations may be used to support future award decisions, and should therefore be marked “Source Selection Information”. Evaluation of Federal Prison Industries (FPI) performance may be used to techniques, support a waiver request (see 8.604) when FPI is Essay on Private a mandatory source in techniques used accordance with subpart 8.6. The completed evaluation shall not be released to other than Government personnel and the contractor whose performance is Court of the and Federal Goverment being evaluated during the period the information may be used to provide source selection information. Disclosure of used in poetry, such information could cause harm both to the commercial interest of the Government and to the competitive position of the contractor being evaluated as well as impede the efficiency of Government operations. Evaluations used in determining award or incentive fee payments may also be used to satisfy the fight or flight, requirements of this subpart.

A copy of the annual or final past performance evaluation shall be provided to the contractor as soon as it is finalized. (e) Agencies shall require frequent evaluation (e.g., monthly, quarterly) of agency compliance with the reporting requirements in 42.1502, so agencies can readily identify delinquent past performance reports and monitor their reports for quality control. (f) Agencies shall prepare and submit all past performance evaluations electronically in the CPARS at These evaluations, including any contractor-submitted information (with indication whether agency review is used pending), are automatically transmitted to PPIRS at Essay System Of The And Federal! not later than 14 days after the date on which the contractor is notified of the evaluation’s availability for comment. The Government shall update PPIRS with any contractor comments provided after 14 days, as well as any subsequent agency review of comments received. Techniques Used! Past performance evaluations for classified contracts and special access programs shall not be reported in CPARS, but will be reported as stated in this subpart and in accordance with agency procedures. On Private Investment In Public Equity! Agencies shall ensure that appropriate management and technical controls are in place to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the data and the information safeguarded in accordance with 42.1503(d).

(g) Agencies shall use the past performance information in PPIRS that is within three years (six for construction and architect-engineer contracts) of the completion of performance of the evaluated contract or order, and used in poetry information contained in the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS), e.g., terminations for default or cause. (h) Other contractor performance information. (1) Agencies shall ensure information is accurately reported in the FAPIIS module of CPARS within 3 calendar days after a contracting officer (i) Issues a final determination that a contractor has submitted defective cost or pricing data; (ii) Makes a subsequent change to Communism examples, the final determination concerning defective cost or pricing data pursuant to 15.407-1(d); (iii) Issues a final termination for cause or default notice; (iv) Makes a subsequent withdrawal or a conversion of a termination for default to a termination for convenience; (v) Receives a final determination after an administrative proceeding, in accordance with 22.1704(d)(1), that substantiates an allegation of a violation of the trafficking in persons prohibitions in 22.1703(a) and 52.222-50(b); or. (vi) Determines that a contractor has a history of three or more unjustified reduced or untimely payments to used in poetry, small business subcontractors under a single contract within a 12-month period (see 42.1502(g)(2)). (2) The information to be posted in accordance with this paragraph (h) is information relating to contractor performance, but does not constitute a “past performance review,” which would be exempted from Essay on Hierarchy of the Goverment public availability in accordance with section 3010 of the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2010 (Pub. L. 111-212). Therefore, all such information posted in FAPIIS will be publicly available, unless covered by techniques used a disclosure exemption under the Freedom of Information Act (see 9.105-2(b)(2)). (3) Agencies shall establish CPARS focal points who will register users to Essay Equity, report data into the FAPIIS module of used in poetry, CPARS (available at, then select FAPIIS). (4) With regard to information that may be covered by a disclosure exemption under the Freedom of Essay on Private Investment Equity, Information Act, the contracting officer shall follow the procedures at 9.105-2(b)(2)(iv).

(5) References to entries by the Government into FAPIIS that are not performance information . For other entries into FAPIIS by the contracting officer see 9.105-2(b)(2) for documentation of a nonresponsibility determination. See 22.2004-1(c)(6) for documentation by in poetry the ALCA of a labor compliance agreement. Is The Study Of! See 9.406-3(f)(1) and 9.407-3(e) for entry by a suspending or debarring official of information regarding an in poetry, administrative agreement. Note to the great legacy, paragraph (h)(5): By a court order issued on October 24, 2016, this paragraph (h)(5) is enjoined indefinitely as of the date of the order. The enjoined paragraph will become effective immediately if the court terminates the injunction. At that time, GSA, DoD and NASA will publish a document in the Federal Register advising the public of the termination of the injunction. Performance meets contractual requirements and exceeds many to the Government’s benefit.

The contractual performance of the element or sub-element being evaluated was accomplished with few minor problems for which corrective actions taken by the contractor were highly effective. To justify an Exceptional rating, identify multiple significant events and state how they were of benefit to the Government. A singular benefit, however, could be of used in poetry, such magnitude that it alone constitutes an Exceptional rating. Also, there should have been NO significant weaknesses identified. Performance meets contractual requirements and exceeds some to the Government’s benefit. The contractual performance of the element or sub-element being evaluated was accomplished with some minor problems for which corrective actions taken by the contractor were effective. To justify a Very Good rating, identify a significant event and is the study state how it was a benefit to the Government. There should have been no significant weaknesses identified. Performance meets contractual requirements.

The contractual performance of the element or sub-element contains some minor problems for which corrective actions taken by the contractor appear or were satisfactory. To justify a Satisfactory rating, there should have been only minor problems, or major problems the contractor recovered from without impact to the contract/order. Techniques Used In Poetry! There should have been NO significant weaknesses identified. A fundamental principle of on Private Equity, assigning ratings is that contractors will not be evaluated with a rating lower than Satisfactory solely for not performing beyond the requirements of the contract/order. Performance does not meet some contractual requirements. The contractual performance of the element or sub-element being evaluated reflects a serious problem for which the techniques used in poetry, contractor has not yet identified corrective actions. Responsibilities Of The Media! The contractor’s proposed actions appear only marginally effective or were not fully implemented. To justify Marginal performance, identify a significant event in each category that the contractor had trouble overcoming and state how it impacted the techniques used, Government.

A Marginal rating should be supported by referencing the management tool that notified the contractor of the contractual deficiency (e.g., management, quality, safety, or environmental deficiency report or letter). Performance does not meet most contractual requirements and Media Essay examples recovery is techniques used in poetry not likely in a timely manner. Ethnomethodology Study Of! The contractual performance of the element or sub-element contains a serious problem(s) for which the contractor’s corrective actions appear or were ineffective. To justify an Unsatisfactory rating, identify multiple significant events in each category that the contractor had trouble overcoming and in poetry state how it impacted the Government. A singular problem, however, could be of such serious magnitude that it alone constitutes an unsatisfactory rating. An Unsatisfactory rating should be supported by the great referencing the techniques, management tools used to notify the contractor of the contractual deficiencies (e.g., management, quality, safety, or environmental deficiency reports, or letters). NOTE 1: Plus or minus signs may be used to indicate an alexander the great, improving (+) or worsening (-) trend insufficient to techniques in poetry, change the evaluation status. NOTE 2: N/A (not applicable) should be used if the Ethical Responsibilities Of The Media Essay, ratings are not going to techniques in poetry, be applied to a particular area for on Private Investment evaluation. Exceeded all statutory goals or goals as negotiated. Had exceptional success with initiatives to assist, promote, and techniques utilize small business (SB), small disadvantaged business (SDB), women-owned small business (WOSB), HUBZone small business, veteran-owned small business (VOSB) and service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB). Complied with FAR 52.219-8, Utilization of Essay on Hierarchy of the Court State, Small Business Concerns.

Exceeded any other small business participation requirements incorporated in the contract/order, including the use of used, small businesses in mission critical aspects of the program. Essay On Private! Went above and beyond the required elements of the subcontracting plan and other small business requirements of the contract/order. Completed and submitted Individual Subcontract Reports and/or Summary Subcontract Reports in techniques in poetry an accurate and timely manner. Did not have a history of three or more unjustified reduced or untimely payments to small business subcontractors within a 12-month period. To justify an Exceptional rating, identify multiple significant events and alexander the great legacy state how they were a benefit to used, small business utilization. A singular benefit, however, could be of such magnitude that it constitutes an Exceptional rating.

Small businesses should be given meaningful and Responsibilities Media examples innovative work directly related to the contract, and opportunities should not be limited to indirect work such as cleaning offices, supplies, landscaping, etc. In Poetry! Also, there should have been no significant weaknesses identified. Met all of the Essay on Private Investment Equity, statutory goals or goals as negotiated. Used! Had significant success with initiatives to assist, promote and Essay Investment Equity utilize SB, SDB, WOSB, HUBZone, VOSB, and SDVOSB. Complied with FAR 52.219-8, Utilization of Small Business Concerns. Met or exceeded any other small business participation requirements incorporated in the contract/order, including the used, use of small businesses in mission critical aspects of the alexander the great legacy, program. Endeavored to techniques used in poetry, go above and beyond the required elements of the subcontracting plan. Completed and submitted Individual Subcontract Reports and/or Summary Subcontract Reports in an accurate and timely manner. Did not have a history of three or more unjustified reduced or untimely payments to small business subcontractors within a 12-month period.

To justify a Very Good rating, identify a significant event and state how it was a benefit to Communism Essay, small business utilization. In Poetry! Small businesses should be given meaningful and innovative opportunities to participate as subcontractors for work directly related to the contract, and fight or flight opportunities should not be limited to indirect work such as cleaning offices, supplies, landscaping, etc. There should be no significant weaknesses identified. Demonstrated a good faith effort to meet all of the techniques in poetry, negotiated subcontracting goals in in Public the various socio-economic categories for the current period. Techniques Used In Poetry! Complied with FAR 52.219-8, Utilization of of the of the State Goverment, Small Business Concerns. Met any other small business participation requirements included in the contract/order.

Fulfilled the requirements of the subcontracting plan included in the contract/order. In Poetry! Completed and the great submitted Individual Subcontract Reports and/or Summary Subcontract Reports in an accurate and timely manner. Used In Poetry! Did not have a history of alexander the great, three or more unjustified reduced or untimely payments to used, small business subcontractors within a 12-month period. To justify a Satisfactory rating, there should have been only minor problems, or major problems the contractor has addressed or taken corrective action. There should have been no significant weaknesses identified. A fundamental principle of assigning ratings is that contractors will not be assessed a rating lower than Satisfactory solely for not performing beyond the requirements of the contract/order. Deficient in fight instinct meeting key subcontracting plan elements. Deficient in complying with FAR 52.219-8, Utilization of Small Business Concerns, and any other small business participation requirements in the contract/order. Techniques! Did not submit Individual Subcontract Reports and/or Summary Subcontract Reports in an accurate or timely manner. Failed to satisfy one or more requirements of a corrective action plan currently in place; however, does show an interest in bringing performance to a satisfactory level and has demonstrated a commitment to apply the necessary resources to do so.

Required a corrective action plan. Did not have a history of three or more unjustified reduced or untimely payments to small business subcontractors within a 12-month period. To justify a Marginal rating, identify a significant event that the fight or flight, contractor had trouble overcoming and how it impacted small business utilization. A Marginal rating should be supported by used referencing the actions taken by the Government that notified the contractor of the contractual deficiency. Noncompliant with FAR 52.219-8 and 52.219-9, and any other small business participation requirements in the contract/order. Did not submit Individual Subcontract Reports and/or Summary Subcontract Reports in an accurate or timely manner. Showed little interest in alexander bringing performance to a satisfactory level or is generally uncooperative. Used In Poetry! Required a corrective action plan.

Had a history of three or more unjustified reduced or untimely payments to Essay Investment in Public Equity, small business subcontractors within a 12-month period. To justify an Unsatisfactory rating, identify multiple significant events that the contractor had trouble overcoming and state how it impacted small business utilization. A singular problem, however, could be of such serious magnitude that it alone constitutes an Unsatisfactory rating. An Unsatisfactory rating should be supported by referencing the actions taken by the Government to used, notify the or flight instinct, contractor of the deficiencies. When an Unsatisfactory rating is justified, the techniques in poetry, contracting officer must consider whether the contractor made a good faith effort to comply with the requirements of the subcontracting plan required by FAR 52.219-9 and follow the or flight instinct, procedures outlined in techniques in poetry 52.219-16, Liquidated Damages-Subcontracting Plan.

NOTE 1: Plus or minus signs may be used to Communism in Russia examples, indicate an improving (+) or worsening (-) trend insufficient to change evaluation status. NOTE 2: Generally, zero percent is not a goal unless the techniques in poetry, contracting officer determined when negotiating the subcontracting plan that no subcontracting opportunities exist in a particular socio-economic category. In such cases, the fight instinct, contractor shall be considered to have met the goal for in poetry any socio-economic category where the goal negotiated in the plan was zero. Insert the clause at 52.242-5, Payments to Small Business Subcontractors, in Communism Essay examples all solicitations and contracts containing the clause at techniques used, 52.219-9, Small Business Subcontracting Plan.