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How to Write a Great 6th Grade Book Summary. How to Write a Great 6th Grade Book Summary. Give us great information about the book itself. No, not information about what happens in the book – we want to know about the Essay, book. Western. Information could include: · The publication date · The genre · The basic theme · Other books in the series (or other books with similar themes this author’s written) · Awards the book has been nominated for or won · The audience the book is The Insanity Essay intended for · The popularity of the book (is it a bestseller?) · Was it made into a movie, a video game, toys, TV shows, cartoons? · What’s your opinion of the book? · If there’s an illustrator, who was it? Here’s an example I’ve written for The Copper-Mining Industry Essay my book summary: The Lightning Thief is a fantastic fantasy story by Rick Riordan.

It is The Insanity Essay a story of Greek Mythology set in modern times. Written in 2004, The Lighting Thief is book one in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. The book won the Rebecca Caudill award, and the Percy Jackson books have been nominated for dozens of other awards. The Percy Jackson books are all on the New York Times bestseller list, and the series has become one of the most popular kids’ book series since Harry Potter. Now it’s time to tell us some more about the person who wrote your book. Western. Information about the The Insanity Defense Essay, author could include: · why/how they came up with the idea · jobs they’ve had before writing · where they’re from, especially if that has anything to do with the setting of the western, book you read · other books they’ve written · family or friends that influenced or impacted their writing · or a million other things. Rick Riordan is a former middle school teacher from Texas. He used to teach Greek Mythology to his students, and he told the myths to The Insanity Essay, his son as bedtime stories.

One night he ran out of western Greek stories to tell his son, so his son asked him to make one up. Riordan began telling the story of a boy in The Insanity Defense, modern times that meets all sorts of heroes, monsters, and gods from the Ancient Greek tales. Eventually, Riordan wrote the stories down and they became the Percy Jackson books. Psychology. The character Percy Jackson has many things in common with Riordan’s son, including learning problems like ADHD and dyslexia. Rick Riordan is also the Defense Essay, author or The Red Pyramid and 39 Clues. This section is all about your book’s protagonist (or main character or good guy).

You should write about the character, not what they do in the story. Things you could include are: · their name · something about their personality · how old they are or something else that gives us an idea about age like their year in Essay Metabolic Disease:, school · their job or role in society (besides being a student) · hobbies they have that are important in the story · anything about their family or friends that makes them who they are · and The Insanity Defense Essay, anything else interesting about them. The two parts you have to Michigan The Copper-Mining Industry Essay, include are: The main character of The Lightning Thief is a 6th grader named Percy Jackson. Percy lives in a world where the stories from Greek Mythology are real. His mom is human, but his dad is one of the Ancient Greek gods, which makes Percy a demi-god or half blood. Half bloods like Percy have some amazing super powers, and Percy uses his to battle evil monsters and Defense, fight for good. Unfortunately, Percy’s powers also make it difficult for him to get along with other kids, and he often gets in fights and the lovely murder, doesn#8217;t do well in class because the powers also give him ADHD and dyslexia. Essay. By the Michigan The Copper-Mining Industry, time the book starts, Percy has been kicked out of The Insanity Defense several different schools.

This section is about the book’s antagonist (bad guy). Western. You should include important information like: · their name · their relationship to the protagonist · their job/role/hobbies · their personality traits · why they are against the protagonist · and their strengths · and weaknesses. (Of course, if you are reading a Man vs. The Insanity Essay. Nature story, the list changes a little). In a man vs. On Inborn Metabolic. nature story, you need to list the things that nature is doing to prevent your protagonist from solving their problem. In the book Hatchet, Brian is trying to The Insanity Defense, survive in the wilderness after a plane crash. At first he has no idea how to hunt or fish, and he doesn’t know what plants are edible, so he may starve.

Second, the nights are very cold, so he needs to find shelter. There are also a bunch of dangerous animals in the woods. Brian has a run in with a porcupine, is attacked by a moose, and ww2, barely avoids a conflict with a bear. At one point in the story, a terrible storm hits Brian’s camp, and he realizes that there are medical supplies in the plane, which has sunk far down to The Insanity Defense Essay, the bottom of a lake. To survive, Brian must find food, build shelter, and avoid dangerous animals – it’s not an easy task. Here’s the example of a more typical antagonist (this time it’s from the third book in the Percy Jackson series): The antagonist in The Titan’s Curse is on Inborn Luke, a teenager who used to be one of Percy Jackson’s close friends. The Insanity Defense. Luke is the son of the Greek god Hermes, but he has gone evil, because he is jealous of psychology all the attention other half-bloods like Percy get. Luke is one of the best sword fighters in the world, but his power is often weaker because he loses his temper and his patience. Luke is working with some other characters from Greek mythology to take over the world. Part 5: One Other Character. This section is about one other character in the book, just pick the most important character in the book (that’s not the protagonist or antagonist).

When talking about the The Insanity, other character include: · their name · their relationship with the protagonist · their role in the story · some stuff about their personality. One more important character in The Lightning Thief is Grover. Grover is a satyr, a mythological creature that is half human, half goat. Grover’s job is to king, look after new half-bloods and protect them, but Grover is not a good fighter, so he’s usually scared and weak during Percy’s adventures. Grover is a good friend, is always loyal, and Essay, even though he can’t fight well, he always has Percy’s back. Next is a paragraph about your book’s time period. · First you should give us an idea of when your book takes place. You could give specific years or an era of history (you could use a decade, a war, or the Michigan The Copper-Mining Essay, name of an era like The Middle Ages or The Great Depression). · If you don’t know a specific year(s) or era, use context clues like historical events, pop culture references, and any technology (or lack of technology) that are in the story to help you figure it out. · Next, tell us about the season or time of Defense Essay year (if it’s important to the story). Michigan And Boston: The Copper-Mining Essay. · How much time passes in your book (a day, a year, a lifetime)? · What’s going on in the world to give us some context? · How the time period is different than now (if it’s a modern book skip that one)? · Finally, if your book is takes place over more than one time period (like a time travel book) be sure to explain that. It is difficult to The Insanity Defense Essay, talk about time when discussing The Titan’s Curse. Many of the characters in the book come from how ethics to professional and societal responsibilities, Ancient Greek myths and Essay, are thousands of years old, but the story itself takes place in modern times. The story takes place over the course of the summer after Percy Jackson’s 8th grade year.

The world of the Percy Jackson books isn’t like the world we live in. Essay On Inborn Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia. In the books, Ancient Greek monsters, gods, and heroes are real, and some of the monsters are trying to take over Defense Essay the world. Writing about where your story happens takes a few steps. · Start out with the big picture: tell us the name of the, country, state, city, or even planet where you book takes place. · If the The Insanity Defense Essay, place isn’t named, you can just describe the environment (is it mountains, country, city, small town, swamp, desert…). Some of you will be able to do a little of both. · Next you’ll zoom in and tell us about some of the specific locations your book uses. How Ethics Apply To Professional And Societal Responsibilities. Think about if your book was being written as a play – what sets would we have to build on the stage – a classroom, a bedroom, a playground, the The Insanity Defense, beach, a museum… · If it’s important, you can tell us about the things like climate and Michigan The Copper-Mining Industry, weather. · Then tell us what makes the world your characters live in different from ours. The Lightning Thief is a fantasy story that takes place in several locations around the United States. The book starts in The Insanity Defense, upstate New York, follows the characters to mackenzie, New York City, and The Insanity Defense Essay, continues as the heroes travel across the country to Los Angeles.

There are several important settings in the story. Yancy Academy, Percy’s school, is where the story begins. We also see a museum in heritability, New York, the St. Louis Arch, an amusement park in Denver, an arcade in Las Vegas, and the ancient Greek Underworld. Percy travels to many different places across the country while on a quest to retrieve a stolen lightning bolt for Essay the Greek god Zeus.

The story is loaded with humor and the lovely, keeps you on The Insanity Defense Essay the edge of your seat as you wait to find how Percy saves the world. The conflict section should cover: · What your character’s life was like as the book began. · The inciting incident. (And it all changed when…) · The major problem the character has to deal with because of the inciting incident. · A few steps of the apply, conflict building. WITHOUT GIVING AWAY THE ENDING OR ANY SURPRISES. The Insanity Defense Essay. At the the lovely murder, beginning of The Lightning Thief , Percy Jackson has just found out he’s being kicked out of another school. On an end of the year field trip, Percy gets in trouble with his teacher Mrs. Dodds.

When she pulls him aside to Defense, talk about western, it, Mrs. Dodds suddenly turns in to a horrible monster and attacks Percy. Somehow, Percy manages to kill her. Percy finds out Essay that he is on Inborn a half-blood, half human and Defense Essay, half Ancient Greek god, and he’s been accused of stealing Zeus’ lightning bolt. To clear his name, Percy has to find the real lightning thief. Along the Michigan and Boston: Industry, way, Percy has to The Insanity Defense, escape monsters like the furies, Medusa, the Chimera, and angry gods like Hephestus and Ares. It’s a race against time, so Percy has to find the the lovely murder, bolt and The Insanity, return it to Mt. Essay Tyrosinemia. Olympus before the gods begin a war against each other that may end the world. The Other Things could be a whole bunch of Essay stuff. You get to choose. We do 8 book summaries per year, so it’s probably a good idea to try and choose something different each time, but that’s up to you.

When you get to this section, you can write a paragraph about any of the following: Theme #8212; What is the underlying message of the Metabolic Tyrosinemia, book? Is there a lesson? What is the author trying to say with this story? The Hero’s Journey – How do the events of the book change the character, help them grow as a person, as the Defense Essay, story goes on. Give specific examples from the book. Mood/Tone – What is the mood or tone of the story? What are the western, feelings you get from this book? Are there any emotions the The Insanity Essay, author is trying to play with? Point of View – What is the point of view? Who is telling the story?

How does this narrator affect how the story is told? How do they affect the mood/tone? Do you feel this point of Michigan The Copper-Mining Industry view is the best way to tell the The Insanity Defense Essay, story? Author’s Style – What makes this author’s voice different than other writers? Do you like this author’s style? Connection to the World – If your book is psychology a historical story, a realistic story, or even sometimes a sci-fi story, it may have connections to the real word. Defense Essay. Does it? How?

Connection to Other Literature – Is there another book or story that your book reminds you of? Take some time to Michigan, explore that connection. Part 10: Book Recommendations. The Insanity Defense Essay. If we liked the book that you just read, tell us some other books we might like. Include at Essay Disease: Tyrosinemia, least four books we might like. Only use one other book by the same author, but don’t use any books from the The Insanity Defense, same series.,,, and Destiny in the LRC are all good tools to help you find other books similar to the one you read.

This is gonna be awesome! When its done of course#8230;. whats everyone doing 4 there book? YOU ROCK MR. C! ugh ur hitting us with a spitt ball one after one#8230; I#8217;m kind of ww2 mixed up with the antagonist because my story is a man vs. nature story. In a man vs. nature story, you need to The Insanity Defense Essay, list the things that nature is doing to prevent your protagonist from solving their problem. For example: In the book Hatchet, Brian is trying to survive in The Insanity Essay, the wilderness after a plane crash. At first he has no idea how to hunt or fish, and he doesn#8217;t know what plants are edible, so he may starve.

Second, the heritability, nights are very cold, so he needs to find shelter. There are also a bunch of dangerous animals in the woods. Brian has a run in with a porcupine, is attacked by a moose, and barely avoids a conflict with a bear. At one point in the story, a terrible storm hits Brian#8217;s camp, and he realizes that there are medical supplies in the plane, which has sunk far down to Defense, the bottom of a lake. To survive, Brian must find food, build shelter, and avoid dangerous animals it#8217;s not an heritability, easy task. oh, ok. Thank you! The Time paraghraph seems realy hard. It is. The point of Defense it is to make you think about the time period and the amount of time lapsed in your book. As you read books now, you#8217;re going to pay closer attention to those ideas. Once you start doing that, hahahahahahahahaha, in my sneaky way I made you a better reader. (that was an, evil laugh over there) Mr.

Curtis, for Defense Essay time what would you say for the lovely bones murder your book? Im very confused because Billy is talking about things we have today when he#8217;s telling the story from the The Insanity Defense Essay, old west#8230;#8230; so what would you do for that kind of story? There are a few clues in there. Merv fights in what he calls the #8220;states war.#8221; What war could that be? Think about the lack of on Inborn Disease: Tyrosinemia technology there#8217;s no computers, cell phones, or even cars. The Insanity. What does that tell you? OH#8230;. ok#8230; the heritability, states war could be like the The Insanity Essay, civil war#8230;.. so around like the later 1800#8217;s? Or it could be a bunch of weirdos living in today who think its still the how ethics to professional, old west#8230;.. I agree, they might be weirdos, but would that explain the The Insanity, lack of cars? #8230;for my other character I wanted to talk about Michigan The Copper-Mining, Smedly, the mostly naked cowboy, but he#8217;s not important. I would choose Merv, Sloop, Percilla, or Lincoln Caine if I were you. The Insanity Defense. yea#8230; i did Merv#8230;#8230;.. but just wait till you read my summarie#8230;.. you#8217;ll laugh your pants off#8230;#8230;. so make sure your wearing a belt tomorrow. And Boston:. The book summary seemed hard but then i started it and i had so much fun looking at The Insanity Defense, other peoples summaries and writing mine.

Thank you Mr.Curtis for writing how to write a 6th grade summary. This helped me a lot while I work on this project. all of this is so easy. The Insanity. i thought the heritability, book recommendations were going to be hard because i tryed to Defense, go on destiny and see which books went with The graveyard book but destiny go all messed up. But when i did it this time for Fablehaven, everything was picture perfect. This is hard,but I haven#8217;t ripped out heritability my hair yet.Besides I#8217;m only Essay, 3 points away from getting a B.Hurray. I think I already did.

I can#8217;t seem to get a B at least! i was surprised I didnt rip my hair out either, I think I was pretty close to Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia, it though! Now that I have had all my practice with the first book summary, this 2nd one was super easy. Did anyone else think this too? I agree,Arianna.I#8217;m literally flying through the The Insanity, 2nd book summary! AAARRRRRRGH. TEN PARAGRAPHS. This is a nice trip though memory lane#8230;#8230;#8230;#8230; Thank you so much this is so useful, I#8217;m a home schooler and this makes it easy for a 10 year old to write a good paper.

Hey this is nice mr.c I have a. Book report and I gave it in Michigan Industry, using these steps and Defense, my teacher is really proud of me ur the best thank you.

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Welcome to Women’s Memoirs Contests. START 2016 WITH 81 INSPIRATIONAL STORIES. TALES OF OUR LIVES, a two-volume anthology series of Essay, 81 inspiring true stories, informs woman’s desire to record, examine, understand, and report life journeys. Essay On Inborn Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia. In an era of reality shows that aren’t close to reality, the authentic voices of these authors stand out, clearly conveying their heartfelt stories. As you read, you’ll find yourself laughing, crying, even cheering the women on. And, if you want to compile your own stories, you’ll find a bonus writing tool included– Introduction to Writing Alchem y–the document that helped these women go deeper into their own stories. TALES OF OUR LIVES , the result of our most recent WomensMemoirs contest, was released on Defense January 8, 2016 with a special promotional pricing. Special limited time pricing (check availability in apply the links below): 6 am HST 8 am PST 9 am MST 10 am CST 11 am EST. Each volume is $ .99 for the first 53 hours; $1.99 for the second 53 hours; $2.99 for the third 53 hours, and then the regular price of $3.99 (still a great bargain as each volume is almost 400 pages) Tales of Essay, Our Lives: Fork in the Road.

Tales of Our Lives: Reflection Pond. VOLUME 1 — TALES OF OUR LIVES: FORK IN THE ROAD. Introduction by Matilda Butler. Life Will Be So Different by Cleopatra Lim. The Scent of Transformation by apply to professional responsibilities Caitlin Gemmell. The Curtain Rises by Alison Shuman. The Eternal Lake by Lydia Huth. House of Tiki by Cindy Small. The Continental Divide by Defense Manda Levine.

Blood, Ripples, and Loss by Pamela Williamson. One Pack of Cigarettes by Sherrey Meyer. The Invisible Red Thread by Phung Hollifield. Good for One by Jacqueline Lauri. Eye on mackenzie the Prize by L. Susan Buckwell. Violets Are Not Blue by Judy Conibear Kohnen. Riding into the Future by Ronna L. Edelstein. He Said, She Said by Ingrid Littmann-Tai.

First Time, Shame on The Insanity You … by Kathleen Kline. Losing It by Ellen Berman. Rediscovered Sunset by Ashley Bass. Pas De Deux by Maureen C. Berry. Hardball by Katharine Valentino. How Cheating Saved My Relationship. by Meredith Miller. I Swear I’m Blind by apply and societal S.J. Coleman.

PART 4: From Weakness Strength. Speaking Up by Barbara Ruth. Crip Cargo Hook-Up by Heidi Johnson-Wright. Windows by Jennifer Chertow. Recovery: Italian Style by Susan Darin Pohl. Dead on Arrival by Jeri D. Walker-Boone. Hospitals, Depression, and Forgiveness. by Jeri D. Essay. Walker-Boone. A Time to Lose, a Time to Heal. by Martha Graham-Waldon. The Last Gift by Margaret Peterson.

Sharing Death by Marie Mound. Mother, Shattered by Sally Stillson Bartlett. The Accident by Karen Stapleton. The Miracle of One by Essay on Inborn Tyrosinemia Robin L. Chodak. The Plum Pie Lady, Paula and Me. Living in Defense a Danger Zone by J. Moffett Walker.

The Gift of Compassion by Micki Peluso. Wind at My Back by Rita Pomade. Survival Instincts by Marilyn June Janson. A Night I’ll Never Forge t by Carol D’Agostino. Horse Sense by Laureen Andrews. To Feel Again by Christina Dudley. Payback by Maria Rodero.

VOLUME 2 — TALES OF OUR LIVES: REFLECTION POND. Introduction by Matilda Butler. Farewell to king, Childhood by Renee Howard Cassese. My New Loft by The Insanity Defense T.L.Way. Good Girls and Whores by Patricia Hamilton. PART 2: Consonance and, Dissonance. Gerlinda’s Wish by Emily-Jane Hills Orford. Iris and Defense, Me by how ethics apply to professional responsibilities Heidi Johnson-Wright. Kashagoud…Kasha by Ann Bennett.

Burying Sara Teasdale by Renee Howard Cassese. PART 3: Tours, Trials, and The Insanity Defense Essay, Treks…Peregrination. Blessing Bikes by Ann Bennett. Scary Mountains by Nancy Nolan. My Last Bad Decision by Bianca Santini. PART 4: I Remember Mama (and Others) Side by western Side by Marcy N. Jubach.

Best Friend by Peifong Ren. Dad Remembered by The Insanity Defense Essay Christine Kingshott. Barbies in heritability psychology the Snow by Claudia Becker. Semper Fi by Nina Fosati. Extra Salt on The Insanity Essay the Fries by Katie Reid. Seeking a Diagnosis by Judy Lawless.

All Dressed Up by Renee Winter. Fire-Breathing Yellow Jackets by Sharon MaHarry. PART 6: Not Older, Better Through Grace, Love and Humor. She Walks by Johnine M. Simpson. Bratwurst Arms by Defense Diane Caldwell. Blessed Be the Cron e by Diana M. How Ethics To Professional Responsibilities. Amadeo. Blame It on The Insanity Defense Essay Menopause by Viga Boland. Take Care of the Kids by Caryn Kelly.

On the how ethics to professional, Wings of The Insanity Essay, a Butterfly by the lovely bones murder Linda Greeley. Why Didn’t You Catch Me? by Sharon K. Miller. One Last Visit by Allison Wilson Lee. When Death Comes Knocking by Patsy O’Shea. Thoughts on Being Good by Ginny Hull. The Greatest Wedding Gifts by Lauren Reidy Scheib. A Rose by Any Other Name by Kaila Weingarten. Lost in the Haight by Catherine Marshall. Kernel by Molly Krause. Letter to an Unborn Child by Caroline Allen. The Summer of 62 by Renee Winter.

Green-Striped Hat Box by Ellen S. Barnes. Perfection or Rejection by Elsi Dodge. Shedding Old Skin by Nilda Benavides. Breaking the The Insanity Defense Essay, Rules by Hazel S. Muller. Following is the list of links to purchase these volumes in other countries. We’ve had special requests for psychology, these. If you need a link for another country, just let me know and I’ll get it for you. We currently have links for: #1 — US, Philippines, Norway, Israel, France, UAE, South Africa — Special Limited Time Pricing Offered. Tales of Our Lives: Fork in the Road (US, Philippines, Norway, Israel, France, UAE, South Africa)

Tales of Our Lives: Reflection Pond (US, Philippines, Norway, Israel, France, UAE, South Africa) #2 — United Kingdom, Ireland — Special Limited Time Pricing Offered. Note: The countdown pricing began at 8 am GMT on January 8. There are two levels (rather than the Defense Essay, 3 levels in the US) of discounts. Each volume will be ? .99 (a 63% discount) for the first 80 hours; ?1.99 for the remaining 80 hours (a 24% discount), then the regular price of ?2.61. Tales of Our Lives: Fork in the Road (UK, Ireland) Tales of Our Lives: Reflection Pond (UK, Ireland) #3 — Canada — Unfortunately, Amazon Does not Allow the Special Countdown Pricing.

Tales of Our Lives: Fork in on Inborn Disease: the Road (Canada) Tales of Our Lives: Reflection Pond (Canada) #4 — Italy — Unfortunately, Amazon Does not Allow the Special Countdown Pricing. Tales of Our Lives: Fork in the Road (Italy) Tales of Our Lives: Reflection Pond (Italy) #5 — Germany and Switzerland — Unfortunately, Amazon Does not Allow the The Insanity Defense Essay, Special Countdown Pricing. Tales of Our Lives: Fork in the Road (Switzerland, Germany, Austria) Tales of Our Lives: Reflection Pond (Switzerland, Germany, Austria) #6 — India — Unfortunately, Amazon Does not Allow the Special Countdown Pricing. Tales of Our Lives: Fork in heritability the Road (India) Tales of Our Lives: Reflection Pond (India) #7 — Australia — Unfortunately, Amazon Does not Allow the Special Countdown Pricing.

Tales of Our Lives: Fork in the Road. Tales of Our Lives: Reflection Pond. Our First Paragraph Contest has closed and winners have been announced. Essay. We invite you to western, follow the links below to learn more about the winners and to Essay, read winning entries. This was a wildly popular contest and we want to thank everyone who submitted. Michigan And Boston:. And even if you didn’t win one of our awards, we want you to know that you are a winner in Defense Essay our books because it takes courage to move outside your comfort level and submit your writing. Scroll Down for how ethics to professional, Information on 2014/2015 Memoir Contests. …But Before We Talk About Current Contests…

Before we get into the 2014/2015 Memoir Contests on Women’s Memoirs, we want to share news of the results of last year’s contests. Ever wonder what happens to Defense, contest winners? Last year we had four contests focusing on Michigan and Boston: Industry the seasons of the year. The award-winning entries have now been published in four ebooks, available on The Insanity Essay Amazon. WINNING CONTEST ENTRIES NOW AVAILABLE AS AWARD-WINNING EBOOKS ON AMAZON. Announcing: Seasons of heritability psychology, Our Lives . This four volume series of Essay, ebooks is the result of last year’s four memoir writing contests. After a rigorous review, we selected the king ww2, best of the inspiring stories.

They are now available on Defense Essay Amazon’s Kindle Store. We’re excited about these stories and the four ebooks. We hope you will join in congratulating all of the western, talented authors in these volumes. Here are the The Insanity Essay, comments of some early reviewers:: It is true that each woman is a story waiting to be told—and in this outstanding collection of memoirs you’ll find many wonderful women’s stories. It is also true that each woman’s story is everywoman’s story, for we share so many of the same experiences. As I read these stories [in Seasons of Our Lives ], I am reading bits and pieces from The Insanity Defense Essay, my own life, and I am inspired to Essay Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia, write my own with a more passionate and The Insanity Defense, compassionate heart. I hope you are, too. Susan Wittig Albert, bestselling author of Writing from Life, New York Times bestselling series China Bayles, two memoirs, An Extraordinary Year of Ordinary Days and Together, Alone: A Memoir of Marriage and Place , and the nonfiction book A Wilder Rose . Seasons of Our Lives , a compilation of memoirists’ vignettes, brings poignant stories of history and nostalgia to the reader, as well as writing observations and lessons for the author in everyone. Seasons of our Lives is western, sure to The Insanity, be another award-winning work from the Disease: Tyrosinemia, dynamic duo of The Insanity Defense Essay, Butler and Bonnett.

Judy Sheer Watters, author of apply to professional, The Road Home: The Legacy that was, is and is to Come. A summer’s bouquet of award–winning stories that engage, inspire, and also teach. Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett’s “takeaways” on each piece illuminate the modes of thought and specific techniques that make each story work. Defense. A delight for anyone who enjoys compelling stories as well as a handbook for those who desire to tell or write their own. I’m proud to be included in Seasons of Our Lives: Summer. Judith Newton, Professor Emerita, UC Davis, Women and Gender Studies, award-winning food memoir author, Tasting Home. The stories in Seasons of Our Lives collectively sparkle like facets of a crystal chandelier.

Each enjoyable, thought-provoking story is told in an authentic voice that reads like a letter from a friend. But these are no ordinary anthologies. The editors’ insightful remarks at the end of each piece turn the volumes into uniquely powerful writing texts for students of memoir. Sharon Lippincott, life writing coach and author of Adventures of a Chilehead, The Heart and on Inborn Disease: Tyrosinemia, Craft of Writing Compelling Description , and more. Each Seasons Of Our Lives volume is The Insanity Essay, a treasure trove filled with life experiences crafted into memoir and offered as gifts to the reader by the women who lived them. Take time to savor each story, then go deeper and examine the literary tools used by the editors Matilda Butler and ww2, Kendra Bonnett in their takeaway/mini-lesson at the end of each piece. With suggestions and prompts for those seeking to tell the Essay, stories of their own lives, these books are sure to please readers and life story writers alike. Linda Hoye, author of heritability, Two Hearts: An Adoptee’s Journey Through Grief to Gratitude . What gems! These memoir vignettes pull us into and delight us with the rich stories of women’s lives. I literally couldn’t put the book down.

Each story highlights a facet of Defense, life that speaks to our shared humanity. I found myself recalling moments from my own life and thinking, “It’s time to start writing my life stories!” The beauty of this anthology is that the editors Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett have written “takeaways” at the end of each story to help budding memoir writers. These mini-lessons are a gold mine of tips and advice. I believe that in apply and societal telling our stories we illuminate the world one voice at a time. Seasons of Our Lives has made my world glow a little brighter. Dan Curtis award-winning documentary filmmaker, personal historian, and Defense, founder/coordinator of Victor Hospice’s “Life Stories” Seasons of Our Lives-is a series of four anthologies of memoir and heart-warming stories written by apply to professional responsibilities women about seemingly unnoticed moments. Defense Essay. Their deeply personal stories will embrace you to slow down and take a deep breath. They lead you back to your own heart, filling you with a sense of purity and beauty, meaning and purpose as you turn from the page.

Seasons of our Lives is a must read. It will give you a new perspective out of which your own stories will peek through. Jan Marquart, Author and CEO and how ethics apply to professional and societal, Founder of Defense, About the Author Network. The magic of king ww2, story is inherent in this valuable collection of women’s memoirs. The stories showcase seasons of The Insanity, our lives, as well as calendar seasons – from and societal responsibilities, our awakening as youths in The Insanity Essay Spring, through the mackenzie, openness of Summer, to the wisdom (or not) that comes in late Fall or early Winter. They not only entertain and educate (especially for beginning memoirists), but make us feel less alone. I couldn’t stop reading.

Brenda Clem Black, author of “Lil Alice”, read on NPR’s “Tales From the The Insanity Defense Essay, South”, and psychology, “Red Shoes”, 1st place Memoir OWFI and Defense Essay, OWL. Now completing a memoir of her in-laws, Black and Kiddo. Writing memoir is like walking into an immense clearing and finding a wild stallion waiting there just for you. Climbing up, you wonder if you can take this ride. …but wait. Help is there to murder, accompany you on your ride. Help in the form of Essay, award-winning memoir vignettes to read and Michigan Industry, takeaway lessons to Defense, give you guidance in sharing your life stories. That’s what Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett, editors of Seasons of heritability, Our Lives have given all of Defense, us, readers and writers. Heritability. I am so proud to be part of this anthology series. Kathleen Hewitt, author of The Scent of Her. NEW MEMOIR WRITING CONTEST FOR 2014/2015.

WANT TO GET PUBLISHED IN A SUCCESSFUL EBOOK — TO BE AN AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR? [NOTE: Entries Closed…Winners to be Announced Soon] Our Women’s Memoirs Contests provide an exciting opportunity for you whether you have ever been published before or not. We are offering you the possibility to Defense Essay, become a bestselling Amazon author. Although no one can promise how successful a book will be, we think that based on the ranks of the four volumes of the Seasons of Our Lives anthologies, we can create more bestselling ebooks. Of course, the real value of entering and winning in bones our contests is that you have a marvelous chance to share your life story, your message, your life lessons with others. A 2014/2015 Twist: Enter Our Memoir Contest and Get Information to Defense Essay, Help Improve Your Writing. 2014/2015 Contest Entry Rules. [Entries Are No Longer Being Accepted.

PLEASE RETURN SOON for the announcement of winners.] [NOTE: We do not give cash prizes and do not pay for the lovely murder, entries. Nor do we charge writers to submit entries although most contests have entry fees. Contests sponsored by offer contestants an opportunity to have their work reviewed by award-winning authors and memoir coaches. Winning entries are included in a published ebook for The Insanity Essay, wider exposure of the murder, anthology authors. Publication is the only prize. Not all entries are winners. The Insanity Defense. If you win--congratulations. The Lovely Bones. If you do not win, don't get discouraged. Keep polishing and keep writing.]

Here are the general entry rules. Below the list of content categories you’ll find the specific entry rules. 1. Submit a 750 – 1500 word memoir vignette. The Insanity. Be sure to western, polish it. We’re not looking for rough drafts.

2. We will read your vignette. Defense. IF SELECTED to on Inborn Metabolic Tyrosinemia, go into the second round of our contest, we will give you a FREE document with information on an approach that may help you improve your entry. The document will contain suggestions for how you can go deeper into your story and how you can improve your craft of memoir writing. 3. You rework your vignette based on The Insanity Defense Essay the document and then submit it to us. Given our previous experience with paid coaching clients, we believe that your story will then meet our criteria and be accepted for publication in our upcoming ebook. 4. What topics? All of our previous contests have directed writers to specific topics.

And while we have a list of categories this time, we are adding a Wildcard so that you can write about any topic of strong interest to you. We want to support your passion for writing and storytelling. MEMOIR CONTEST TOPICS FOR 2014/2015, YOU PICK. LIFE TURNING POINT : Write about the one thing that has shaped you the most, that caused you to psychology, become the The Insanity Defense Essay, person you are. The Lovely. Most of our important life stories are generated because of that one turning point. The Insanity. It is the situation or the how ethics, person that lead to you being on your current life path. Maybe it put you on The Insanity Essay the right path, maybe the wrong path. Exploring the turning point will lead you into the depth of apply and societal responsibilities, your story. FIRST LOVE : Love comes many times in a life. It comes in many shapes and forms. Think back on your loves and write about the first one.

Or, if you prefer, write about your current love–what makes it special, what love means at this time in your life. COMING OF AGE : Write about the The Insanity Defense Essay, time when you first recognized that you had an adult perspective on a situation, or at the lovely bones least thought that you were entering the adult world. It might have been part of the expected maturation or it might have occurred in a scary situation. EDUCATION : College education is now fully open to women. Defense. The latest statistics show that 916,000 women and 685,000 men received college degrees in 2009, the most recent year with available statistics.

But women entering college in the 1950s and 1960s often had less access to, college and The Insanity Defense, decidedly less access to the full range of majors than their male counterparts. Scholarships were restricted for women. Even families often favored their sons when it came time to pay for Michigan and Boston: The Copper-Mining Essay, college. What types of education experiences did you have? How did the experiences change you? How has your life been changed by the education you had…or didn’t have.

EMPLOYMENT : Tell a young woman today that her employment opportunities are restricted and she’s likely to Defense, laugh at you. Of course, she’d be right. Ww2. But women born in The Insanity Essay the 1930s and 1940s had few opportunities outside of the, three “Ts” — teach, type, take temps. The Insanity Defense. Do you have one work experience that is mackenzie ww2, particularly important to you? A challenge accepted? A job denied you? Growth from your work life?

Managing work and home life? WHEN GOOD GOES BAD OR BAD GOES GOOD : Good isn’t always good and bad isn’t always bad. When we conducted interviews with women for our Rosie’s Daughters: The First Woman to Generation Tells Its Story, Second Edition collective memoir, we had a standard pair of questions: Tell me the three best things that have happened in your life. The Insanity Defense. Tell me the three worst things that have happened in your life. It was amazing how many of the psychology, women said, I don’t have three worst things.

For example, one woman said, “Even though the divorce was terrible, I can’t say it was a worst thing. I learned so much from it and The Insanity, ended up developing myself as a person. And Boston: Industry. I’d have to say that it was really one of the best things that happened to Defense, me.” Reflect on a time when a good or bad situation turned out to embody the opposite element and write about the lovely, it. Dig deep on Defense this one because it may require you to the lovely bones, rethink previous situations in your life. SUCCESS/FAILURE : Some goals are small and some are large.

All are worth achieving. The Insanity. Consider one of your successes in life. Why is it important to you? How has it changed your life? What did you learn from it? What can you pass on to others based on apply your experience? And while success is always worth a celebration, failure is sometimes the The Insanity Essay, better teacher. I’ve learned much in life when things didn’t go as anticipated or as wanted. Maybe you will choose to write about the lovely bones murder, a failure and what it has meant in your life. THRIVING IN ADVERSITY : Life is tough.

Some aspects of it are beyond our control. Other times we manage to undercut ourselves. The only thing we can do is manage how we deal with the situation. Has there been a serious adversity in your life? Sharing the Essay, ways you worked through it, sharing how you thrived in Metabolic Disease: spite of adversity can be a marvelous help to others going through similar situations. The Insanity Defense. It may also be healing for you to look at the ways you did thrive in spite of the Michigan and Boston: The Copper-Mining Essay, adversity. AGING : When young, life stretches out in front of Defense, you and the road seems to go into infinity. But the years pass quickly and you find yourself facing the real consequences of western, aging.

Attitudes, friendships, living circumstances, families, and of course, our bodies change. The Insanity Defense. What kinds of psychology, stories come to mind? They might be humorous or sad, ordinary or extraordinary. What counts is the way you write about them. HEALTH : Every life includes some illness or an accident, minor or major.

Illness wants to define us and yet many people don’t let it. What have been your experiences with illness? FRIENDSHIP : Do you have a BFF? Describe her or him. What brought you two together? What do you share?

How do you make each other’s lives better? Maybe the topic of friendship brings to mind a friend from kindergarten or from high school. What happened with the friendship? Have you ever tried to find the person again? Share your memories. Share what you have learned about friendships–both its demands and its rewards. MARRIAGE/DIVORCE : Sometimes it seems marriage and divorce are two sides of the The Insanity Essay, same coin. Even strong marriages go through times when a separation seems like a good choice.

There was a time when women thought there would be a Prince Charming and life would be lived “happily ever after.” A laughable idea today but one that filled our heads when we were young. Write about something significant in the lovely bones your marriage…a turning point…a cherished memory…a low point. Divorce is a part of modern life with about 50 percent of The Insanity Essay, marriages ending this way (actual percentages are influenced by Michigan and Boston: Essay age at time of marriage and other factors). But when you are the Essay, one involved in a divorce, the statistics don’t matter. For you it is the lovely murder, 100 percent. There is no such thing as a happy or easy divorce although some are much worse than others. What was your experience? What did you learn about yourself from the divorce? Have you and your ex-spouse been able to forgive each other? Define this Marriage/Divorce topic in a way that is The Insanity Essay, meaningful to you.

CHILDREN : A decision to have or to not have children influences an entire life. At the time of Metabolic Disease:, decision, you have no way of The Insanity Essay, knowing the consequences. Write about your decision and Disease:, the unexpected outcomes. If you could go back to an earlier time in your life would you make the The Insanity Defense, same decision? Why? In what way would you be different today if you had made a different choice?

TRAVEL : Stories of trips are hard to develop in memoir because the reader wants to know more than where you went and what you did. The reader wants to know the and Boston:, insights you had or the lessons you learned and the ways in Essay which travel changed you. The writer needs to develop a way of king ww2, showcasing the different culture and the sights while letting the reader see your unique perspective on the experience. DEATH : The death of a family member or close friend is one of the most difficult of life experiences. Neither a slow descent nor an abrupt and unexpected end is acceptable. But we have no control over Essay, the events that lead to how ethics apply and societal responsibilities, the death. Your emotions are bound to The Insanity, return when you write and you’ll want to find ways to convey them to bones murder, the reader. Although it will be difficult, you may find you are ready to write about Essay, a death that affected you. SPIRITUAL LIFE : Are you a seeker, someone who searches for that which is Essay Metabolic Tyrosinemia, larger than you?

Spirituality is not necessarily associated with a religion. It is Defense Essay, a perspective on heritability psychology life and your role in life. It is knowing that fads and products are not “what it’s all about.” Life is about relationships, about The Insanity Defense Essay, finding peace in nature or in music or art, about how ethics and societal responsibilities, finding meaning, and about so much more. Spirituality and a spiritual life mean different things to different people. When you write on this topic, be sure to Defense Essay, let your reader understand your perspective. WILD CARD : The story you want to psychology, write for your contest entry may not be on this list or may cross the boundary between two items.

That’s fine. Write your memoir vignette and just let us know how you define the Wild Card category. SPECIFIC RULES FOR OUR WOMEN’S MEMOIRS CONTEST FOR 2014. 1 — We have four deadlines (and one possible additional one) on the following dates: October 31, 2014. November 30, 2014.

2 — Length of your memoir vignette is between 750 – 1500 words. 3 — The story should not have been previously published. 4 — We know you will write and carefully edit your entry. If you are part of a writing group, you hope you share it with them. BUT WAIT.

Before you send us your memoir vignette, stop and read your story aloud. It is amazing how often you will find typos, poor word choices, and confusing sentences at this point. This will lead to The Insanity Essay, the final polishing of your contest entry. And double check your spelling. How Ethics To Professional Responsibilities. Small typos create a negative feeling. 5 — Include your name and a brief 2-4 sentence bio as part of your entry. 6 — Email contest entries to:matilda (at) womensmemoirs (dot) com. 7 — The subject line should read: “2014 Contest” followed by the category. For example:

2014 Contest – Friendship. 2014 Contest – Wild Card xxx (where xxx is the topic you are writing about.) We need this Subject Line so that your entry won’t get lost in Defense our email. Essay Metabolic. We can’t promise to spot your entry if you use another subject line. Trust me. Kendra and I get hundreds of emails each day and we don’t want yours to get buried. 8 — Attach your entry to the email as a .doc file or, if you prefer, copy and paste the entry into the email itself. We have some people who do both, just to make sure we can read the entry. Do not attach a PDF as we cannot work with a file in that format. 9 — Please contact us if you do not have an acknowledgement within one week from submitting your entry. The Insanity Defense Essay. We carefully monitor emails, but it is always possible that something happens and Essay Tyrosinemia, the entry doesn’t get to the inbox or that it isn’t seen.

We’re excited about this new contest and hope you are also. We look forward to receiving your vignettes. NOW CLOSED — SPRING MEMOIR CONTEST 2013 : Gilbert and Sullivan have brought many of us hours of The Insanity Defense Essay, delight. Remember 78 RPM records? We had a boxed set of all the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas and they often played in the background while we were fixing dinner. Who could forget a song like… “I am the very model of a modern Major-General.

I’ve information vegetable, animal, and heritability, mineral,…” Another favorite song was featured in The Insanity Essay Mikado and and Boston: The Copper-Mining Essay, is called to mind as I look out on Defense Essay Oregon in the full bloom of spring: “The flowers that bloom in the spring, Breathe promise of merry sunshine - As we merrily dance and we sing, We welcome the hope that they bring, Yes, spring does seem to lift our spirits. Apply To Professional Responsibilities. I know there may be cold and rain still headed this way, but the days are longer now and the promise of The Insanity Defense Essay, warm summer days is in on Inborn Metabolic Disease: the air. This means it is time to Essay, start thinking about apply to professional and societal, your favorite stories of spring. Choose the best one and Defense Essay, write it as your submission for our Women’s Memoirs Spring Contest. We intend to publish the best of these as an ebook. King Ww2. So be sure we have your permission to publish your story, if it is The Insanity, a winner.

You retain your copyright. Heritability. You simply grant us the right to publish it as part of our compilation of spring memoirs. Do you remember a special spring from your childhood? This might include Mother’s Day, Easter, as well as others. Maybe you are thinking of a story from Essay, your adult years. Your story might be light and fun or poignant and sad. Bones. Write your story and submit it to our Spring Memoir Contest.

Below are the few rules we have: 1 — Deadline is July 31, 2013. 2 — Length is between 750 – 1200 words. 3 — Be sure to give your story a title and craft a powerful opening and closing. The opening is your one chance to grab your reader and make us want to read on. 4 — Have your described the people in your story? Have you used dialogue to The Insanity Defense Essay, help the reader “hear” the people and get to and Boston:, know them? Have you let the reader find out when and where your story took place? Have you created an emotional link between you and the reader?

These are some of the Essay, elements that you want to consider when writing your contest entry. 5 — You write and rewrite and are ready to western, submit. The Insanity. Wait! Read your story aloud before submitting. This will help you find typos, poor word choices, and confusing sentences. This will lead to bones, your final polishing of The Insanity Essay, your contest entry. 6 — Include your name and Essay, a brief 2-4 sentence bio. 7 — Include a photo relevant to the story, if possible. 8 — Email contest entries to: matilda (at) womensmemoirs (dot) com. 9 — Put: SPRING CONTEST ENTRY — as your subject line so that it won’t get lost in our email. We can’t promise to spot your entry if you use another subject line.

10 — Either attach your entry to the email as a .doc file or copy and paste the entry into the email itself. Either way is fine. The Insanity. Attach any photos to Essay on Inborn Tyrosinemia, the email, we prefer .jpg format. All Contests Described Below Are Now Closed. Although all contests shown below are now closed, we have left them here so that you can see the range of contests that we have offered. We invite you to submit to our one open contest that is described above. Thank you for your interest. PLEASE NOTE OUR CONTEST DEADLINE for WINTER STORIES has been extended to February 28, 2013. Defense. Also check out our contest for, stories of The Insanity, women in your life (mothers, grandmothers, aunts, family friends) who worked during World War II.

Share their ROSIE THE RIVETER STORIES — stories that include all women who worked or volunteered or were in the military during World War II. This deadline is now February 28, 2013 as well. Our new contest is different from any of our previous ones. This is a memoir writing website so we have always asked you to western, share your own stories. But this time, we want you to find a woman in The Insanity Defense Essay your family or a family friend who worked during World War II. NOTE: Although we hope you can find a Rosie in bones your family or community that may not be possible or easy for The Insanity Defense Essay, you. Therefore, if you have a family member who worked during World War II, but who is deceased, we urge you to write her story. You’ll need to go with memories as well as research about what she did. It was be an and Boston: The Copper-Mining Essay interesting challenge but we think it will be rewarding.

If the person you write about is deceased, then some of the items stated below will need to be modified. We trust you to do a great job. Why this contest? 2012 was the 70th anniversary of the The Insanity Defense, Rosie the on Inborn, Riveter “We Can Do It” poster and Defense Essay, 2013 is the 70th anniversary of the famous Norman Rockwell painting of the lovely, Rosie. Many have said, and we agree, that World War II was won because so many women picked up where the men left off. Not only did women become riveters, but they also became welders, mechanics, drivers, pilots and more. Women became secretaries — positions previously held primarily by Essay men.

Those that poured into Washington, DC became known as Government Girls. Heritability. Many women volunteered with the The Insanity, Red Cross and western, the USO to help. Some women took over what had been husband-wife companies, leading them through the war years on The Insanity Defense their own. And still other women kept the family farm going. You name it, women did it. We’d like you to find a Rosie, a woman who worked or volunteered during World War II and tell her story. Interview her about her experiences and get a few specific memories or if she is heritability psychology, no longer alive, find people who heard her talk about those years and The Insanity Defense, create a story around those memories. This contest offers you the opportunity to turn your writing skills to saving the memories of another person. Heritability. If you don’t know someone in your family or close circle, then you can go to the library or the local historical society and get some help finding a Rosie. - Describe the woman — perhaps she has a photo from the war years as well as her physical description now. - Include details on the when and where.

During which years did she work? Where did she work? What specifically was her job? - Then try to find out her emotions about the The Insanity, work. What did it mean to her to, have a job during the war? - You may want to record what she says, or at least take good notes. This will give you some dialogue to Defense, include in your contest entry. Try to western, let her comments help you capture the essence of the woman’s experiences. - And don’t forget about the five senses. These might be used in many ways — if she had a factory job, she might be able to The Insanity Essay, describe the sights, sounds, and to professional, smells.

And/or you might include the Defense Essay, sensory details relevant to the time of your interview. Let’s all resolve to capture the stories of and Boston: Industry, this wonderful and amazing generation of Defense, women before it is too late. We will publish as many of these stories as we can. Mackenzie King Ww2. In addition, I know that family members will value and appreciate that you have helped to document the story. LENGTH: Approximately 2000 words. The Insanity. If you feel you need more, please send us an email to discuss. FORMAT: Please attach the story as a .doc file to your email. Send the email to: matilda@womensmemoirs (dot) com. If you prefer, you can simply do a copy and paste right into murder, the text of your email. AUTHORSHIP: Please provide your name, email address we can use to reach you, and The Insanity Essay, a short (2 to 4 sentence) bio that will be used with your story if it is selected. DEADLINE: Please send us your vignettes by February 28, 2013.

SUBJECT LINE: Be sure to put ROSIE CONTEST as the heritability, Subject Line. Defense. That way, it won’t get lost in my emails. Psychology. Thanks. PS We modified this contest to include telling the stories of mothers or relatives who worked (or volunteered) during World War II because one of our readers, Becky Povich, said that she didn’t think there were any Rosie’s still alive in her community. Thanks Becky for your comment.

Those who are deceased can still be honored by telling their stories. We look forward to reading your mother’s story. 2013: Memoir Writing Contest Rules, Deadlines and Themes. First, Kendra and I want to thank the hundreds of women who submitted their contest entries over Essay, the past year. We had some amazing winning stories that will be published in ebooks. For 2013, we have two ongoing contests — the one about Winter stories and the Rosie the Riveter story one. We hope to use these to help you expand your writing skills and increase the pleasure you get from writing. You will find the information on the Winter stories contest below. Information on the Rosie the Riveter contest appear above. For all our contests, attach your entry as a .doc file or put into the text of the email using copy/paste. – Be sure that the heritability psychology, word CONTEST is in the Subject Line.

Winter 2012-2013 Memoir Contest : Winter brings a new mood. We spend more time indoors. This is a season for The Insanity, reflection — for looking back at what was as well as looking forward to Essay, what will come. Send us a memory, written as a story, about your most vivid winter experience. It might be an event from one day or it might encompass the entire season. The Insanity Defense Essay. The story may have taken place in The Copper-Mining Essay your childhood years or more recently. Be sure to write in a way that draws us into Defense, your story. 1 — Deadline is February 28, 2013. 2 — Length is between 500 – 1500 words. 3 — Be sure to give your story a title, craft a powerful opening and closing. 4 — Include one or more photos, if possible.

5 — Email contest entries to: matilda (at) womensmemoirs (dot) com. 6 — Include your name and a brief 2-4 sentence bio. (Either attach your entry to the email as a .doc file or copy and paste the entry into the email itself. Either way is fine. Western. Attach any photos to the email, we prefer .jpg format.) Food Memoir and The Insanity Defense, Recipe, CONTEST CLOSED. UPDATE: The ebook version of the Essay on Inborn Disease: Tyrosinemia, winning stories of this contest has been the focus of our recent effort. Learning the new publishing software has taken much more time than we anticipated. Defense. We’ll let you know as soon as it is available. Women’s Memoirs invites you to send us a 500-1500 word story about your favorite recipe.

Is it a nostalgic dish that reminds you of your mother? Is it a romantic recipe that you make for your partner on Valentine’s Day? Is it a self-invented recipe that you love to share with your friends? Whatever your story, whatever your recipe, we’d like to receive it for consideration in western a new ebook from Women’s Memoirs. A few years ago, I decided to put together a family recipe book to The Insanity Essay, share with my sons at Christmas. It was only when I began to select recipes that I realized the story behind each choice was as important as the actual recipe.

For example, there was the heritability, night that three of our sons called to ask about a cookie recipe. One called from Dallas, one from Eugene, and The Insanity Essay, one from Sunnyvale — three states, three uncoordinated calls, one magical evening of sharing. Those three cookie recipes definitely made it into the cookbook. And then there was the recipe for blueberry muffins, our eldest son’s favorite. It’s not surprising to learn, as I did on a recent visit to his home in Ft. Worth, that he has fresh blueberries every morning before heading to the office.

One of my sons often called me to remind him of the Essay on Inborn Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia, recipe for my mother’s plum kuchen (made each year with fresh French prunes during their limited appearance in the grocery store). So it had to be included. My mother’s version stands in stark contrast to Essay, the typical yeast sweet cakes. I always thought she just had the king ww2, name wrong. But recently, I learned that it is more like a clafouti than a kuchen and probably came to her via Russia or Poland rather than Germany. I’m sure it was given to her by a friend in Essay Oklahoma City when she was a bride learning to cook.

Wish I knew who. And speaking of Oklahoma. Michigan And Boston: Essay. My mother made a marvelous Hoppin John — a dish we ate every New Year’s Day to have good luck throughout the year. Well, I could go on and on. These are some of the The Insanity Essay, recipes and meanings in Essay on Inborn Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia my life. I hope that these hints of stories remind you of your own special stories about food. Stories and The Insanity Defense, recipes just go together.

So choose a story and recipe combination and tempt us with your details and imagery. Mackenzie King. And don’t forget, stories about recipes are the perfect excuse for using the five senses in Defense Essay your writing. If you have a photo or want to make the dish and take a picture, please send that along as well. The Inspiration for heritability, This Contest. Defense. Did you know that more people are eating out than ever before? As you can see from the chart on the left, away-from-home food (this includes take out as well as restaurant meals) is almost half of all food consumed. King. Wow. The Insanity Defense. When I grew up, eating out was a rare and special treat — not something you did just because it was dinner time. Let’s bring back kitchen table wisdom. 1 — Deadline is July 1, 2012. 2 — Length is mackenzie king, between 500 – 1500 words.

3 — Be sure to give your story a title, craft a powerful opening and closing. 4 — Read your story out The Insanity Essay, loud. That’s a good way to find typos, missing words, and even a confusing sentence. Then revise to send us a polished story. 5 — Include one or more photos, if possible. 6 — Be sure to include the recipe. 7 — Email contest entries to: matilda (at) womensmemoirs (dot) com.

(Either attach your entry to the email as a .doc file or copy and paste the entry into the email itself. Either way is fine. Attach any photos to the email, we prefer .jpg format.) Remember, your story and western, recipe is due July 1, 2012. Just email a .doc file (or copy and paste your story and recipe into the email) that includes both the story and the recipe to: matilda (at) womensmemoirs (dot) com. BE SURE TO PUT IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL:

Food Memoir and Recipe Contest. (If you use a different subject line, your story might get lost in The Insanity my email.) Finishing our Writing Alchemy book will keep us busy for bones, the first quarter of 2012. However, for each of the Essay, three remaining seasons, we’re offering contests. Following are the Michigan The Copper-Mining Industry Essay, rules, themes, and deadlines: Summer 2012 Memoir Contest : Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy : Did you love summers when you were a child?

Do you have a special story you’d like to share? Maybe there is a significant summer from your adult years — a particularly fun or happy or poignant or even sad summer. Defense Essay. Write that story and on Inborn Metabolic Disease:, submit it to our Summer Memoir Contest. 1 — Deadline is June 30, 2012. 2 — Length is between 500 – 1000 words. 3 — Be sure to give your story a title, craft a powerful opening and closing.

4 — Include a photo, if possible. 5 — Email contest entries to: matilda (at) womensmemoirs (dot) com. (Either attach your entry to the email as a .doc file or copy and paste the Essay, entry into the email itself. Either way is fine. Attach any photos to the email, we prefer .jpg format.) Fall 2012 Memoir Contest : Explore your memories of fall seasons past. Maybe a story from your childhood. Maybe a story from your adult years. The fall is a time of harvest. Harvest the most vivid of your recollections, write about it, and submit your story to our Fall 2012 Memoir Contest. 1 — Deadline is September 30, 2012.

2 — Length is between 500 – 1500 words. 3 — Be sure to give your story a title, craft a powerful opening and closing. 4 — Include one or more photos, if possible. 5 — Email contest entries to: matilda (at) womensmemoirs (dot) com. (Either attach your entry to apply responsibilities, the email as a .doc file or copy and Defense Essay, paste the entry into the email itself.

Either way is fine. Attach any photos to king, the email, we prefer .jpg format.) Have you heard about our exciting new product — StoryMap: The Neverending Story Prompt? If you haven’t, click here to read about it. StoryMap is the map of Five Points, Oklahoma where the establishments, their owners, and the locations give you all the elements you need to create fun stories and to stretch your writing ability. The Insanity Essay. You’ll find embedded in this map the five essential ingredients — characters, emotions, the five senses, time and place, and even a few bits of dialogue. Each time you sit to write, start your session with a 10 minute story based in how ethics to professional Five Points.

Have fun. Put yourself into the story and see what develops. Then, once your creative juices are flowing, switch to your memoir writing. The Insanity Defense Essay. StoryMap puts FUN into the FUNdamentals of writing. Well, back to our StoryMap Contest… StoryMap Contest #1 : A great way to test your writing skills is to pick up a story started by someone else and finish it. And Societal Responsibilities. This requires that you understand how the characters are developed, what is happening with the plot, and how you can bring the story to conclusion. Kendra has written the first five episodes of The Insanity Essay, a story. We’ve provided the five links below: Five Points, OK: Snow Moon, No Moon, Part 2. Five Points, OK: Snow Moon, No Moon, Part 6 — written by western YOU.

That’s right. Read parts 1 through 5 and then write the Defense Essay, conclusion to the story. Be sure to work yourself into the story. In Part 5, you’ll see that Kendra worked both of us into the lovely murder, Five Points, OK: Snow Moon, No Moon. Then just send us your conclusion and we’ll publish it. Of course, we reserve the right to The Insanity Essay, reject entries that are poorly written or haven’t been polished. So: 1 — You need to purchase a copy of StoryMap in order to, submit your contest entry. There will be multiple StoryMap contests throughout the year — all based on the StoryMap of Five Points, Oklahoma. The regular price of StoryMap: The Neverending Writing Prompt is The Insanity Defense Essay, $19.97.

However, here’s a discount coupon code for $2 off since you’ll be using it to enter one or more contest entries: COUPON CODE: CONTEST This coupon code will be valid for Michigan and Boston: The Copper-Mining Industry, all of 2012. Essay. Here’s the link to purchase StoryMap. 2 — Be sure to Essay on Inborn Metabolic Tyrosinemia, give yourself enough time to craft a great conclusion to the story — between 500 – 1200 words. 3 — Read your story aloud as that will help you spot problems. The Insanity Essay. Edit to create a polished story. 4 — Email your conclusion to Snow Moon, No Moon to: matilda (at) womensmemoirs (dot) com. 5 — Be sure that you send your entry no later than October 30, 2012. Then return to this contest page later where you’ll find more StoryMap contests. Memoir Writing Contest deadlines and themes for on Inborn Metabolic Disease:, 2011. We announced our 11 memoir writing contests for 2011 in our blog post on January 7. Since many people come directly to Defense, this Contest tab on responsibilities our website, we are repeating the information here.

We are quite excited about this year’s contests and look forward to receiving your contest entries. As you’ll see, the themes relate to the months but can be interpreted in many ways. We are always open to creativity. As we like to say, “You can’t win unless to take the first step to enter.” Sometimes submitting to a contest means moving outside our normal comfort zones. However, we invite you to do just that.

Share you stories with others. Memoir Writing Contest #1 for 2011: Deadline is January 31, 2011. Memoir Writing Contest Topic: The Best Valentine’s Day in Your Life. Or. The Worst Valentine’s Day in Your Life. The winner(s) will be published in February.

Memoir Writing Contest #2 for 2011: Deadline is February 28, 2011. Memoir Writing Contest Theme: Reflections on Green. This topic gives you room for creativity. The Insanity Defense. You might write about spring or a dress or St. Patrick’s Day or … The winner(s) will be published in March. Memoir Writing Contest #3 for 2011: Deadline is Defense Essay, March 31, 2011. Memoir Writing Contest Topic: Memories of Aprils Past. Psychology. April Fools’ Day might be the spark for The Insanity Essay, your story. Easter comes between March 22 and western, April 25, but we’ll put Easter remembrances into Contest #3. If you have an April birthday, then your might draw your story from The Insanity Essay, that occasion. The winner(s) will be published in April.

Memoir Writing Contest #4 for mackenzie ww2, 2011: Deadline is Defense, April 30, 2011. On Inborn Tyrosinemia. Memoir Writing Contest Topic: The Best Mother’s Day. Or. The Insanity Essay. The Worst Mother’s Day. Your contest entry might be drawn from your childhood or could be after you became a mother. You might want to write about your mother even though the Essay Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia, story has nothing to do with Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day this year, by the way, is May 8. The winner(s) will be published in May. Memoir Writing Contest #5 for 2011: Deadline is May 31, 2011. Memoir Writing Contest Theme: Remembering Junes of the Past. Contest entries might focus on celebrating Father’s Day.

Did you and The Insanity Defense, your siblings get or make your father a special gift or meal? Did Father’s Day have any special traditions when you were young? What about Father’s Day celebrations as an adult? In most states, June represents the end of school, an occasion marked with joy by children but not necessarily by all adults. All types of the lovely bones, memories are welcome here. Father’s Day this year, by the way, is June 19. The winner(s) will be published in June.

Memoir Writing Contest #6 for 2011: Deadline is June 30, 2011. Memoir Writing Contest Theme: Independence Day. The Insanity Defense. You might take this topic literally or figuratively. Let your mind wrap around a special July 4th and how ethics responsibilities, tell us about it. Or, you may have your own story of independence from a bad job or a bad marriage. Focus your story on independence.

The winner(s) will be published in July. Memoir Writing Contest #–: No deadline. Give yourself a month off. Or, get started on your story for next month’s contest. Memoir Writing Contest #7 for 2011: Deadline is August 31, 2011. Memoir Writing Contest Theme: Labor Day. This topic is meant to expand rather than restrict your creativity. Defense. You might have a story for a specific Labor Day. But you can also consider when you were in labor with your first child or when you were first in and societal responsibilities the labor force or going back to school right after Labor Day.

The winner(s) will be published in September. Memoir Writing Contest #8 for 2011: Deadline is September 30, 2011. Memoir Writing Contest Topic: Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. As you may know by now, Halloween is Kendra’s favorite holiday. Our Rosie the Riveter bandana is The Insanity, always popular to create an easy and inexpensive and Michigan and Boston: The Copper-Mining, EMPOWERED look for The Insanity Defense Essay, a Halloween party or even for handing out treats to the children who ring your doorbell. Send us your story of a halloween costume or halloween party. Maybe you’ll recall the excitement of going out trick or treating with your parents or when you first took your child for bones, the candy walk. The winner(s) will be published in October. Memoir Writing Contest #9 for 2011: Deadline is October 31, 2011.

Memoir Writing Contest Theme: Gratitude. Defense. This is a special topic. Thanksgiving is a time to consider all that we are grateful in our lives. Western. No matter today’s circumstances, we can still express gratitude for friendships or kindnesses or health or family or co-workers or surroundings or music or … Write to express your gratitude. The winner(s) will be published in November. Memoir Writing Contest #10 for 2011: Deadline is November 30, 2011. The Insanity Essay. Memoir Writing Contest Topic: December Holidays. Stories of the holiday season are an important part of our experience base from childhood through adulthood.

Although we have both sad and happy memories of earlier times in our lives, let’s focus on happy or poignant moments for the November 2011 contest. The winner(s) will be published in December. Memoir Writing Contest #11 for 2011: Deadline is December 31, 2011. Memoir Writing Contest Topic: Writers’ New Year’s Resolutions. This contest is different. Send us your New Year’s resolutions and we’ll publish a collection of them. Inspire yourself with your resolutions and we’re share them with others.

Before December 31, 2011 brings the year to an end, be ready with your writing goals for 2012. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know if you got there? Resolutions will be published in January 2012. Tips for Writing Memoir Contest Entries: 1. About 1000 words but we accept fewer and greater. 2. Copy your entry into on Inborn Metabolic, the text of an email to: Matilda at The Insanity Defense WomensMemoirs dot com.

We can accept .doc files but it is easier for heritability psychology, us to Essay, take your entry from an email. How Ethics Apply Responsibilities. Do not submit .pdf files. 3. Attach one or more .jpg or .tif images of your photos. We can resize them if we publish your story so you don’t need to worry about that. 4. Remember that you are submitting a story. This means that there needs to The Insanity Essay, be a turning point or a consequence or a life lesson learned — not just a string of events.

5. Include details from the five senses, when appropriate. They help to involve readers in the story. 6. If your story has a related recipe, please do share it with us. We all like to murder, conjure with a new recipe, even if we only make it in our minds. 7. You may submit either unpublished or previously published stories as long as you still retain your copyright.

8. And finally, remember that a brief vignette is like a single gem. Be sure to polish it until all its facets sparkle. We find that reading a finished piece out loud will help you find any final errors or ambiguities. We’re looking forward to receiving your contest entries. NEW MEMOIR WRITING CONTEST FOR SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER, 2010. Women’s Memoirs is The Insanity Defense Essay, pleased to announce our new memoir writing contest. Mackenzie Ww2. Here’s a link to our blog that describes the contest and its prize. As a quick summary: 1. The contest begins now and ends on October 31.

2. To submit, send the text of your story including the Defense, recipe in an email to: matilda at womensmemoirs dot com (Of course, the at becomes an heritability @ and Defense Essay, the dot becomes a . in mackenzie the actual email address). Attach the The Insanity Defense Essay, photos to the email. 3. Heritability. The focus of this contest is on holidays. Write about any holiday — the best, the The Insanity Defense Essay, worst, the how ethics to professional responsibilities, most outlandish, your favorite. We’ll even accept stories about your birthday. Birthdays are our personal holidays, after all.

4. Defense Essay. Because this contest is in our KitchenScraps series, we’d like you to Essay Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia, include a recipe. Defense Essay. It doesn’t have to be the focus of the story but it should be related to your story. The recipe should appear at the bottom of your story. 5. We like stories (actually memoir vignettes) between 1000-1500 words. But we can always be persuaded to and Boston: Essay, accept a shorter or longer story when it is well done. 6. Remember that we need a story that has a beginning, a middle (a turning point), and an ending.

This is more than a “what I did on my favorite holiday.” There should be events and consequences of these events. There doesn’t have to be a major consequence, but it should be there. Here’s an The Insanity example I use in my classes: My mother died and my father died. Murder. (This is not a story.) My mother died and my father died two weeks later of a broken heart. (This is closer to a story line, but it would be nice to have more that relates to you – the story teller.

After all, this is a memoir vignette.) My mother died and The Insanity Defense, then my father died two weeks later of a broken heart, leaving my five-year old brother and me orphans. (Now, we have a story line. There are events and consequences.) 7. Just be sure to to professional and societal responsibilities, submit your entry no later than Halloween, October 31. 8. Contact Matilda if you have any questions. TWO MEMOIR WRITING CONTESTS FOR JULY. CONTEST #1: TableScraps, Stories and Photos of Defense, Your Life with Pets. Alice the western, most wonderful Airedale.

TODAY we are starting a new series in our ScrapMoir line of stories that combine the best of The Insanity, memoir with the best of and societal, scrapbooking–TableScraps. TableScraps, stories of you and your pet(s) combined with photos, joins KitchenScraps, stories with recipes and photos, as a way to The Insanity Defense Essay, tell our life stories. FROM today (June 18th) until July 31st, 2010, you are encouraged to submit an approximately 1000-word memoir vignette about you and/or your family and a favorite pet (or any animal, for that matter). Kendra has had dogs, cats, turtles, even a Mallard duckling among her treasured friends. Matilda considers all the fauna–wild deer, boar, quail, even Phil and Fiona the Pheasant–that enjoy her flora and the 10 acres she lives on in California to psychology, be her pets. The Insanity Defense. Actually, she considers them the best kind of Michigan and Boston: The Copper-Mining Industry, pets. She can enjoy watching them without having to feed and care for The Insanity, them. Do you have a story about the animals in your life? Submit your TableScraps vignette to western, Women’s Memoirs on or before July 31, 2010 to The Insanity Essay, enter our contest.

You can send to Matilda via email: matilda at womensmemoirs dot com. You can either paste your story into western, the text of the email or attach a .doc file. And be sure to submit a photo or two (or three) of you and The Insanity Defense Essay, your animal friend(s). Remember that while a vignette is the lovely bones murder, a very short memoir story, it is a story (not an Defense Essay anecdote) and needs to be a complete thought with a theme and Essay Metabolic, message (although simple) and a plot with a beginning, middle and end. We look forward to your stories. The Insanity Defense Essay. After all, who doesn’t like to read animal stories? Remember, cold nose=warm heart.

The prize for this month’s TableScraps contest winner is quite special too. Mackenzie King Ww2. We’re giving away a copy of Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet: Sensible Nutrition for Your Dog’s Health . This is the first book we’ve published under our Riparian Press imprint. It has won four national book awards including the coveted Gold Medal in the Living Now Awards, and it’s author Dr. Greg Martinez won the Gilroy, California, Best Vet award. You can read much more about Dr. Greg and his book Dog Dish Diet HERE. REMEMBER: Approximately 1000 word story plus one or more photographs. CONTEST #2: KitchenScraps, Stories, Recipes, and Photos of Summer’s Abundant Produce.

We couldn’t resist adding a second contest for The Insanity Essay, July. King. If your parents or grandparents had a garden with fruits or vegetables that were part of Defense, your childhood, submit your story along with a treasured family recipe and photographs. Perhaps you have become the the lovely, gardener who grows food for your table in The Insanity Essay the summer. Responsibilities. Juicy tomatoes, just-dug Yukon Gold potatoes, baby arugula, ears of corn eaten 10 minutes after picking — these are just a few of my favorite things. Send [ matilda at womensmemoirs dot com] your memoir vignette of food grown and/or shared along with a recipe and photographs, if possible. You’ll be sharing from the abundance of your life. The contest winner will receive a bar of The Insanity Defense, our Mindfulness Soap, made exclusively for heritability psychology, Women’s Memoirs by Defense Essay two women who hand make each bar, just as their grandmothers did. Click Here to read the story of these two creative women. REMEMBER: Approximately 1000 word story plus a recipe and one or more photographs. Essay On Inborn Metabolic Disease:. Submit stories that have a beginning, a middle, and an ending.

Include use of the five senses and all the The Insanity Essay, other elements of a well-crafted story. Good luck, now get to writing. OUR MAY GOOGLE SEARCH STORY CONTEST WINNERS. Congratulations to Barbara and Tricia. On Inborn Metabolic Disease:. You can see their winning videos HERE. Barbara and Tricia will receive our original Rosie the Defense Essay, Riveter Legacy bandana. Thank you to everyone who submitted. If you haven’t yet played with the YouTube Google Search Story Creator, you’re in for some fun. Kendra has written a post about this over on our blog. Here’s the link. We recommend you go read that post before beginning the contest.

1- You enter your search phrases in chronological order on the right; and, select the type of search you want for The Insanity Defense Essay, each search string (Web search, Maps, Product search, etc.) You’ll notice that the preview screen (just below this form–you can’t see it in this screen shot) shows you what your Google search actually found. Try changing from Web search to Maps to Product Search, etc. to how ethics apply and societal responsibilities, give your screens variety. 2- When you’re done and click NEXT, you’ll go to The Insanity Essay, another screen where you can choose from several musical scores. 3- And when you are finally done, YouTube will begin building your video. This will take a few minutes. Essay Disease:. Be patient. 4- After you watch your video and if you’re pleased with the results, give your video memoir a name and The Insanity Essay, brief description. Put “Women’s Memoirs” in quotes as a tag. 5- Post your new video on YouTube. 6- Finally, go back to how ethics apply to professional, my original blog post HERE and add a Comment telling us the name of your video and the URL. Defense Essay. You must do this last step so we’ll know who’s video is who’s.

That’s all there is to it. Have fun, and good luck. The contest ends May 31, 2010. Our Limited Edition Rosie the Riveter Bandana. Be sure to check back regularly as we have additional contests planned for how ethics to professional, this year. The Insanity Essay. Past winners are only eligible to win every 90 days. OUR MARCH AND APRIL MEMOIR WRITING CONTESTS. For March and April, we have a new Women’s Memoirs contest. We invite you to mackenzie king ww2, submit a story that features a recipe. All entries will be read by Defense Essay both of murder, us.

Kendra and I will choose the best one. It will be published as the month’s award winner. In addition, the Defense Essay, top 5 will also be published in the coming months. BUT WAIT, that’s not all. And Boston: Essay. Kendra has talked me into another prize for the first place winner in each March and April. In addition to being published on our website, the Defense, winner will receive a free copy of our [Essential] Women’s Memoir Writing Workshop, a 5-DVD set.

This product, based on my all-day workshops, is regularly $132. My in-person workshop is $200. Be sure to enter. Industry. You have nothing to lose and everything (or at least two great prizes) to win. 1. Essay. Submit a story vignette that centers around a recipe by the lovely murder March 31 (or April 30 for Defense, the second month’s contest). If you’d like to read some of the stories already published, just click here. 2. The story should be approximately 1000 words. 3. Include the recipe and photos. Essay On Inborn Metabolic. Photos might include a picture of the prepared dish, a picture of one or more of the people mentioned in the story, a photo of any memorabilia mentioned in the story. The Insanity Defense. Use your creativity both in your writing and in the way to include graphical elements.

Have a great story and recipe, but no photos? Just let us know and we’ll work with you on graphical elements. 4. Send the story, recipe, and photos to: Matilda Butler. 5. Essay Disease: Tyrosinemia. Be sure to email us if you have any questions. Be sure to The Insanity Essay, check back regularly as we have additional contests planned for western, this year. Past winners are only eligible to win every 90 days. January Women’s Memoir Writing Contest Winner.

Congratulations Janet Riehl. January 2010 Winner: Janet Riehl provided the most substantive comments to Defense Essay, our blogs. It was thrilling for us to announce her award at the Saturday luncheon of Story Circle Network’s Stories from the Heart Conference on The Copper-Mining February 6. February Women’s Memoir Writing Contest Winner. Our February winner is The Insanity, Mairi Neil. You may have read her touching KitchenScraps called Mum’s Legendary Scones. Her story generated a lot of responses and she commented back to each person — helping to create a real community around her story. Mairi Neil with her contest prize -- Mindfulness Soap. Here’s the photo that Mairi Neil sent us after her prize — a bar of our special Mindfulness Soap arrived in Australia where she lives. This soap is how ethics responsibilities, made just for Women’s Memoirs of Essay, all organic ingredients and we’re pleased that Mairi likes it so much. Congratulations Mairi on a touching story.

I would like to know what happened with the Rosie contest that was ending end of February 2013? Was there a “winner”? Have a nice day. Leave a Comment. Sign up here for our monthly blog digest.

For your convenience, we send a monthly digest of our latest posts directly to how ethics to professional responsibilities, your inbox. Defense Essay. Sign up now, it's simple. TALES OF OUR LIVES Award-Winning Stories from Women’s Memoirs. Amber Lea Starfire, author of mackenzie king, NOT THE MOTHER I REMEMBER: A MEMOIR. Seasons of Our Lives “GET INSPIRED… 4 Volumes of SEASONS OF OUR LIVES Available in Kindle Store. Rosie the Riveter’s Bandana Available at and TALES OF OUR LIVES — New Award-Winning Anthology Now Available. Maria Espinosa, American Book Award for LONGING and PEN Oakland Award for DYING UNFINISHED. Memories Sweet and Savory – Apple iBook Now Available – Just $1.99. SEASONS OF OUR LIVES Author Reads Her Story.

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When the Job Hunt Gets Tough, the Tough Start Consulting! By: Diane Hansen. I distinctly remember where I was when I started consulting full-time. The Insanity Defense! I was in the lovely bones my home office, staring at for the millionth time. I thought to myself, “I’m a talented marketing and public relations professional with twelve years of experience and The Insanity Essay, a laundry list of Essay on Inborn Metabolic, kudos on my LinkedIn profile. Why can’t I find a job?” This frustration was pivotal in my decision to The Insanity strike out on my own. I had been freelancing off and on how ethics and societal, throughout my career, a pursuit that was both rewarding and The Insanity, beyond nerve-wracking at times. Starting out, I didn’t really grasp how to charge for my services, determine the western, number of hours a project would take or choose the Defense, right clientele.

As a result, I ended up working long hours for little pay. It’s my goal to spare you some of this pain. Proving Your Credentials. It’s essential to have an to professional online portfolio or resume if you are going to work as a freelancer or consultant. Essay! Depending on your business, your online portfolio can take many forms. I opt to direct potential clients to my LinkedIn profile. Western! This profile showcases my latest PR work, my resume and testimonials from clients and co-workers. You can also opt to design a Web site for yourself.

Design one for free on Defense, Wix. Online freelance sites like ELance, Guru or oDesk have a variety of ways to upload your work. The Lovely! You can also take competency tests on sites like Brainbench to prove your knowledge. Figuring Out What to Charge. Always remember that every project is unique. Thus, you may find yourself billing each project a little differently. The Insanity Essay! Personally, I charge either an hour-based retainer or a per project rate. That way, the client knows exactly how much the bill will be before it comes. You never want to surprise your clients with the amount of your bill. It’s a retention killer.

Talk to your client. Find out the scope of the apply to professional and societal responsibilities, project, exactly what you will be doing. Defense Essay! A 30-minute phone call will clarify the client’s expectations, give you a strong feel for the client’s personality, help you define metrics for Essay on Inborn Metabolic Tyrosinemia, the product and address any components that must be in the final work product. The more you know, the more you can drill down and accurately estimate each component of the project. You can be selective when it comes to clients. Clients that utilize a lot of time, without paying for it, incur both a monetary and opportunity cost for your business. The following questions can help you assess your potential client’s suitability. 1) Is this client setting forth reasonable expectations? (Turn-around time, compensation, ethics) 2) Is this client providing enough detail so I can give them an accurate quote? 3) Is this client interviewing me as much as I am interviewing them?

4) Am I able to communicate well with this client? At a minimum, your contract should cover: project scope, deliverables, deadlines, payment terms and guarantees (if any). You may also choose to address legal aspects of The Insanity, your agreement like the ownership of intellectual property and right to use the work you do in heritability a portfolio. Get a signature on that contract and do a great job for your client! Consultants trade on reputation, so do all you can to deliver exceptional customer service. The Insanity Essay! Of course, never be afraid to sub-contract help if you need it.

I frequently use Guru when I need a little extra help. Of course, I’m registered as a contractor there as well. Get your name out there and the business will follow! Since 1996, Diane Hansen has helped hundreds of heritability, businesses indentify profitable target markets, communicate to customers, expand product lines and increase bottom-line revenue. She has developed and executed innovative marketing and The Insanity Defense Essay, communications plans and built a large number of win-win cross-promotional agreements. Her public relations background is extensive. Psychology! She has secured media for her clients in such prestigious outlets as The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Variety Magazine, ABC News, and The Insanity Defense Essay, the television news magazine, Entertainment Tonight. In 2009, Diane Hansen formed her own consultancy. She is also an bones murder accomplished writer and has been published nationally and Defense Essay, internationally. Hansen currently resides in both Los Angeles and Dallas.

10 Questions Never to Ask in Job Interviews. You know enough to bring a list of questions to a job interview. When the interviewer asks you, “So, do you have any questions for apply to professional, me?” the Defense Essay, last thing? You want to say is heritability, “No.” But that could be the best option if you’re at The Insanity Defense a loss for words, because some interview questions are better left unasked. Here are 10 highly unsuitable interview questions that should never make an appearance, unless you don’t want the western, job:

This was a reasonable interview question in 1950 or in 1980, before the Internet existed. Essay! Today, it’s your job to research any company you’re interviewing with before setting foot in Industry the door. We need to The Insanity Defense show up for a job interview knowing what the employer does, who its competitors are, and mackenzie ww2, which of its accomplishments (or challenges) have made the Essay, news lately. 2. “Are you going to heritability do a background check?” It is amazing how many job candidates ask this question, which provokes alarm on the part of the interviewer, instead of the The Insanity Defense, more general, “Can you please tell me a little about your selection process, from this point on?” Lots of people have credit issues that cause them worry during a job search, or aren’t sure how solid their references from a previous job might be. If you’re invited for and Boston: The Copper-Mining, a second interview, you can broach any sensitive topics from your past then. Asking “Will you do a background check?” makes you look like a person with something to hide. Companies fear underpaying people almost as much as they fear overpaying them, because a person who’s underpaid vis-a-vis his counterparts in the job market is a person with one eye on the career sites. Instead of The Insanity Defense Essay, asking about your first raise before you’ve got the job, you can ask (at a second interview) “Does your organization do a conventional one-year performance and salary review?”

A job search requires quick thinking about straight talk, and if a job is far below your abilities, you’re better off saying so than beating around the bush with this question. You don’t have to Essay on Inborn Metabolic take yourself out of the running; you can say, “The job sounds interesting, but frankly I was earning 30% more and supervising people in my last job. Could you help me understand the career path for this role?” That’s the cue for the interviewer, if he or she is on the ball, to The Insanity Defense Essay highlight another job opening that might exist. 5. Michigan The Copper-Mining! “How soon can I transfer to Defense Essay another position?” You’re broadcasting “I’m outta here at apply to professional responsibilities the first chance” when you ask this question. If you like the job, take the job. If it’s not for The Insanity Defense Essay, you, wait for the right opportunity. Almost every employer will keep you in your seat for at Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia least one year before approving an internal transfer, so a job-search bait-and-switch probably won’t work out the way you’d hoped. 6. “Can you tell me about Defense Essay bus lines to your facility?” Get online and research this yourself.

It’s not your employer’s problem to and Boston: The Copper-Mining figure out The Insanity Defense how you get to work. If you’re working in retail or in a call center, you could ask about apply responsibilities breaks. Everyone else, keep mum; if your need to Defense smoke intrudes so much on your work life that you feel the mackenzie, need to ask about it, ask your best friend or significant other for smoking-cessation help as a new-job present. Lots of companies don’t permit smoking anywhere on the premises, and some don’t like to hire smokers at all. Why give an employer a reason to turn you down? 8. “Is [my medical condition] covered under your insurance?” This is a bad question on two counts. You don’t want to Defense tell a perfect stranger about western your medical issues, especially one who’s deciding whether or not to hire you. Ask to see a copy of the company’s benefits booklet when an offer has been extended.

This is Defense, also a bad question from a judgment standpoint; no department managers and only a tiny percentage of HR people could be expected to know on on Inborn Disease:, a condition-by-condition basis what’s covered under the health plan. Anyway, your pre-existing condition won’t be covered under most corporate plans for at least a year. If you have a philosophical objection to drug tests, wait until they ask you to take a drug test and tell them about your objection. Otherwise, your question sounds like, “I’d fail a drug test,” so don’t ask. 10. “If you hire me, can I wait until [more than three weeks from now] to start the Essay, job?” Employers expect you to give two weeks’ notice. If you’re not working, they’d love to see you more quickly.

If you ask for tons of time off before you start working — unless you have a very good reason — the employer may think, “How serious is this candidate about working?” In any case, a start-date extension is something to request after you’ve got the the lovely bones murder, offer in hand, not before. Liz Ryan is a 25-year HR veteran, former Fortune 500 VP and an internationally recognized expert on careers and the new millennium workplace. Contact Liz at or join the Ask Liz Ryan online community at http://www.asklizryan/group. The opinions expressed in this column are solely the author’s. Stimulus Package to Increase Government Hiring. The federal government will need to hire an additional 200,000 workers over the next three years as a result of President Obama’s stimulus plan and additional spending included in his budget plan. That may sound like a lot of jobs, but it’s just slightly less than half of the 384,000 additional employees Uncle Sam already needed to pick up between 2009 and 2012 just to replace existing federal employees expected to leave their jobs. “That 384,000 is a projection for retirements, voluntary separations, reductions in force and a few folks who will die on the job,” says John Palguta, vice president of policy for the Partnership for Defense, Public Service, a Washington, DC, advocacy group working to advance public-sector careers. With a total of nearly 600,000 openings over the next three years, what options could there be for you?

About 85 percent of, federal jobs are located outside Washington, DC. But, since many stimulus-related jobs involve command, control, tracking or oversight, a sizable proportion — up to Defense Essay 22 percent — could be located in the District of Columbia itself, Palguta says. The federal government currently employs 1.9 million civilians — about the same number it did during the Michigan The Copper-Mining Industry Essay, Kennedy administration. Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton downsized the federal bureaucracy, while Ronald Reagan and George W. Defense Essay! Bush increased it, Palguta says. Some of this administration’s 200,000 extra workers will be added thanks to changing priorities. Essay Metabolic Disease:! For example, President Obama’s 2010 budget increases funding for The Insanity Defense, the Social Security Administration (SSA), so it can hire additional employees to work through a backlog of cases.

The agency will hire more than 5,000 people by heritability psychology, September 2009, says Kia S. Green, an SSA spokesperson. “These include front-line positions in the local field offices and Teleservice Centers as well as legal support positions in our hearing offices,” she says. Another budget priority — better care for veterans — resulted in a $25 billion increase for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Defense Essay! “A good part of The Copper-Mining Industry, that will go into hiring more medical and health professionals in the VA,” Palguta says. Many agencies are still toting up the numbers. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates it will take tens of Essay, thousands of contractors and employees to handle clean up, assessments, design and monitoring of the projects in mackenzie the areas it will target with stimulus money. These areas include Superfund sites, brownfields, leaking underground storage tanks, clean water, drinking water and reducing diesel emissions. With so much stimulus money flowing out of Washington, DC, virtually every agency will have to hire additional auditors, attorneys and The Insanity Defense Essay, investigators to handle the fraud that will inevitably follow. Michigan! In government, those positions are part of the The Insanity Defense, Inspector General’s office within each agency or department. “The Inspectors General are going to the lovely murder be beefing up staff,” Palguta says. The Department of Defense, Health Human Services, for example, has $27 million for increased oversight. In addition, Congress slotted $50 million to western create the Recovery Act Transparency and Accountability Board, a group of Inspectors General that will watch over stimulus spending.

Given the talk about tighter regulatory scrutiny of the The Insanity Essay, financial markets, there will also likely be jobs openings at the Treasury Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Government Accountability Office planned to start hiring 100 people familiar with government auditing by western, mid-March 2009, says Patrina Clark, deputy chief human capital officer. Prior federal government auditing experience is great, but it’s not the only way to Defense qualify for these positions. “If they’ve done any kind of state or government auditing, or they’ve audited public entities or nonprofits, that would be qualifying experience,” Clark says. If a federal job is your best career move, don’t look for psychology, a stimulus job — look for a government job, Palguta says. The Insanity Defense Essay! “Look at to professional and societal responsibilities who’s got a job to fill and The Insanity Defense Essay, which agencies have a mission that you’re interested in,” he suggests. Gather career information by visiting the official federal government hiring site as well as the individual agency Web sites.

Expect to have a lot of company when you apply. In January 2009, after the Michigan The Copper-Mining Industry Essay, Federal Bureau of Investigation said it wanted to hire 2,100 professional staffers, it received 230,000 applications. “There are a lot of people vying for those jobs,” an FBI spokesperson says. As long as you’re not working in retail, chances are the federal government hires people from your profession, Simon says. Essay! For example, a VA hospital hires everyone from food-service workers right up to brain surgeons. Even at an advanced career level, professionals from information technology, legal, law enforcement, healthcare, science, engineering, program management, purchasing and Michigan and Boston: Essay, education are all in The Insanity Essay demand. And, working for the federal government often means swapping a bottom-line focus for a public-interest one. Essay Metabolic Disease:! “You’re concerned with what’s in Essay the best interest of your fellow citizens and how to best serve them,” she says.

Many people start networking only after they’ve lost their jobs. Effective networking means creating contacts and relationships while you’re still employed. If you’re heading to mackenzie a networking event, make sure you know why you’re going. The Insanity! Do you want a job? If so, are you seeking something specific, or will anything do? Are you looking for contacts or a mentor to provide guidance ? As soon as someone starts talking with you, you have to psychology hold up your end of the conversation. If you don’t know what you want, you can’t do that.

Thinking you know what you want is Defense, not the same as knowing it. Treat networking the same way you would an appearance at Carnegie Hall. Practice your pitch as well as your answers to questions about your career goals that might arise. There is heritability psychology, nothing more embarrassing than establishing a good relationship with someone, extracting a pledge of help and then searching around for a cocktail napkin to Defense Essay write on. Spend a few extra bucks to print professional-looking cards on good-quality paper . Sure, your friends know you as “SexyMama4U” or “TimeForHemp,” but when looking for work, stick to a serious email address, such as your real name. While you’re networking , you need to listen to what everyone else is saying. People help by offering advice . They are not interested in the lovely bones murder hearing how much you already know. At a networking event, everyone wants to Defense mingle.

And if you’re networking over the phone or by email, understand that the person you’re speaking with has a life that extends beyond you. Look sharp at heritability networking events. Mind your manners, shake hands firmly, stand up straight, make eye contact and show respect in any way you can. A networking event can be a dress rehearsal for a job interview, but no one will help you get your foot in The Insanity the door if you give the impression that you’ll slouch through it once it’s open. Men and women with contacts and power meet many people; they remember only Essay on Inborn Metabolic Tyrosinemia, those who stand out from the Defense, crowd. Be assertive, and act like a leader. But don’t go overboard.

You want to convey self-assurance, not obnoxiousness. If someone says, “Sorry, we don’t have anything right now,” take a minute or two to ask follow-up questions: “Well, what’s the outlook for future possibilities? Do you know anyone else in bones the industry who might have something? Any thoughts on what my next step should be?” Persistence shows true interest on your part and may help the person you’re networking with come up with ideas he might otherwise overlook. It’s tempting to Defense Essay say, “So-and-So gave me your name and Essay, told me to call.” It might even get you a meeting. Essay! But eventually Such-and-Such will learn that So-and-So did not tell you to apply call. And you’ll have burned not one, but two bridges. No one likes to be used. Defense! Follow up every conversation with a thank-you note, email or call. And Boston: The Copper-Mining! Let your contact know whether his suggestions panned out Defense Essay or not. When your job search ends — for whatever reason — inform the person who has helped you.

You may think your networking is over, but your paths may cross again. Anyone who has ever networked, whether successfully or not, owes an obligation to all those who will network in the future. Return the to professional and societal responsibilities, favor and The Insanity Essay, help someone else. Why You Need a Job Search Champion. Posted by: Meridith Levinson in Best Practices. Job search champions aggressively market job seekers to western prospective employers, helping job seekers land new jobs more quickly. Job search experts and hiring managers agree that networking is the most effective way to Essay land a new job . But more important than an extensive network is a network that includes one or more job search champions.

Job search champions are people in how ethics apply to professional and societal your network who know you well and whose names would appear on your list of The Insanity Defense, professional references were it not for mackenzie king, the fact that they don’t wait for prospective employers to The Insanity call them to western endorse you; they proactively and aggressively help you find work by drawing on their networks and marketing you to prospective employers, says Howard Seidel , a partner with Essex Partners , which provides career management and job transition services. “The champions are real advocates for you,” says Seidel . “They grease the Defense, skids and say, ‘This guy is fantastic. The Lovely Bones! You have to The Insanity talk to psychology this person. He did a great job here and would be terrific for you.’ They get prospective employers really excited.” Having a job search champion can make all the difference in the length of your job search. Seidel , a career and executive coach, believes job seekers with champions land jobs faster because champions give job seekers entree into potential job opportunities. “Getting in Essay the door is the king ww2, biggest obstacle today for job seekers,” notes Seidel. “There are hundreds of Defense, resumes for a role and so many screeners. A champion can get you through the screeners to the people hiring. If you can get in that way, the hiring process tends to go faster and you come in responsibilities with a lot of Defense, good will.”

Moreover, adds Seidel , by championing the job seeker, champions predispose hiring managers to liking the candidate.! This is particularly helpful in a recession, when hiring managers are inundated with applicants for opens positions, asking gotcha questions during job interviews, and The Insanity Defense, looking for any reason to screen out The Copper-Mining Essay candidates. “If you’re being introduced [to a prospective employer] by a champion, you’re going in there with a leg up because the hiring manager is The Insanity, [now] excited about what you can do for them,” says Seidel. “If you’re not going in there with a champion, you’ve got to do all the work yourself.” In a market where job searches for CIO positions are lasting an average of a year , having a champion gives a job seeker a clear advantage over the competition. The more champions you have, the more effective and powerful your search is going to be.

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Kitsch and Defense Essay, the Modern Predicament. I n a celebrated 1939 article, Avant-Garde and The Copper-Mining Essay, Kitsch, published in Partisan Review , the New York art critic Clement Greenberg argued that figurative painting was dead. The alternative to abstraction, he wrote, is not Michelangelo but kitsch. Defense! Every attempt to make the painted image vie with the photograph, he believed, would lead to Essay on Inborn Metabolic Disease: disaster, as cliches took charge of the canvas. Henceforth painting must provide its own subject matter: it must be self-sufficient, pure, uncontaminated by the figurative image. The future of painting lay with the Essay, abstract expressionists, as Greenberg described them: the artists who treated painting like music, as a medium for expressing emotion through the use of abstract forms. Greenberg was perhaps the most influential art critic of his day.

His essay set the agenda for an emerging school of New York painters and also set the price tag on their works. Vast sums of public and heritability psychology, private money have since changed hands to stock American houses and American museums with works that, to the ordinary eye, have nothing to recommend them apart from their attempt to be abreast of the times. The avant-garde ceased to be a realm of caution and experiment and became, under Greenberg's tutelage, a mass industry. So long as you avoided the literal image, so long as you defied all figurative conventions, you, too, could be a modern painter. The Insanity Defense Essay! You, too, could establish your credentials as a pathbreaking artistic genius, by doing something—no matter what, so long as it left a permanent mark on a purchasable object—that no one had done before. And if you got lucky, you could be rich and Essay Metabolic Disease:, famous, like Cy Twombly, on account of images that look like accidents—and might even be accidents, like the numbers that win on the lottery. Of course, some painters refused to The Insanity Defense take this path—painters like Edward Hopper, who worked to purify the figurative image and to murder see again with the innocent eye. But critics and curators remained skeptical; they had invested too heavily in the avant-garde to believe that it was, after all, only a fashion. Hopper's success was therefore viewed as a freakish thing—a last-ditch survival of an art that elsewhere had been killed off by Essay the march of history. For all truly modern people, the critics went on saying, Greenberg's maxim still held good: don't touch the figurative image, or you'll land yourself in kitsch. The problem is, however, that you land yourself in kitsch in any case.

Take a stroll around MoMA, and you will encounter it in mackenzie king, almost every room: avant-garde, certainly—novel in its presumption, if not in its effect—but also kitsch, abstract kitsch, of the kind that makes modernist wallpaper or is botched together for The Insanity Defense the tourist trade on the Boulevard Montparnasse. The effusions of Georgia O'Keeffe, with their gushing suggestions of feminine and floral things, are telling instances. Study them, if you can bear it, and you will see that the disease that rotted the heart of figurative painting has struck at its successor. And Societal! What makes for kitsch is not the Defense, attempt to compete with the photograph but the attempt to have your emotions on, the cheap—the attempt to appear sublime without the effort of being so. The Insanity Defense Essay! And this cut-price version of the sublime artistic gesture is there for all to see in Barnett Newman or Frank Stella.

When the avant-garde becomes a cliche, then it is king impossible to defend yourself from kitsch by being avant-garde. I f we look back over European art before the mid-eighteenth century, we find occasional lapses into The Insanity Defense Essay, sentimentality—in Murillo, for example, or Guido Reni or Greuze. We also discover mechanical and cliche-ridden art, like the music of Vivaldi. Responsibilities! But we find nothing that really could be described as kitsch—not even Vivaldi's Four Seasons , which has survived its demotion to Muzak without losing its unaffected simplicity. The artless art of primitive people, the art of the The Insanity, medieval stonemasons and stained-glass makers—all these are naive and devoid of high pretensions.

Yet none is kitsch, nor could it be. Western! This art never prompts that half-physical revulsion—the yuk! feeling—that is our spontaneous tribute to kitsch in all its forms. Of course, stained-glass kitsch exists, but it is the The Insanity Defense Essay, work of Pre-Raphaelites and their progeny—the work of sophisticated people, conscious of their loss of heritability innocence. We all admire the Defense Essay, craftmanship of Burne-Jones, but we are also conscious that his figures are not angels, but children dressing up. Critics noticed and lamented the capture of the visual arts by fake emotion long before the word kitsch was invented.

The art of Bouguereau was a triumphant version of apply to professional what was soon to The Insanity Defense Essay be a mass-marketed product—and a major import to America. L'art pompier , as it was later known—pumped-up art—prompted Baudelaire's famous essay in defense of Manet, The Painter of Modern Life; it led to the revolt of the Impressionists against the salons and to the first conscious split between highbrow and king, middlebrow taste. The Insanity Essay! Modernism was in part a defense against the sentimentality of mass culture. And the first desire of the modernists was to re-connect themselves to the innocent, prelapsarian art of people uncorrupted by the modern media. Pound and Eliot in literature, Bartok, Copland, and Stravinsky in music, Picasso and Gauguin in painting—all were keen anthropologists, looking for those genuine and unforced expressions of sentiment against which to weigh the empty cliches of the post-romantic art industry. They were surely right that kitsch is a modern invention.

But pre-modern people are not proof against it. On the contrary, their immune systems seem helpless in the face of this new contagion; today the mere contact of a traditional culture with Western civilization is sufficient to ww2 transmit the Defense Essay, disease, rather as tribes were once rescued from their darkness by colonial adventurers and missionaries, only to die at once from smallpox or TB. A century ago, no African art was kitsch. Now kitsch is on sale in every African airport—antelopes, elephants, witch doctors, and hobgoblin deities, skillfully carved in ivory or tropical hardwood, imitating the enchanted figures that inspired Picasso but, in this or that barely perceptible detail, betraying their nature as fakes. Much of our present cultural situation can be seen as a response to this remarkable phenomenon—not, I think, encountered before the bones, Enlightenment but now ubiquitous and inescapable. In all spheres where human beings have attempted to ennoble themselves, to Defense make examples and icons of the heroic and the sublime, we encounter the mass-produced caricature, the how ethics to professional and societal, sugary pretense, the easy avenue to a dignity destroyed by the very ease of reaching it. Kitsch, wrote Greenberg, is the epitome of all that is spurious in the life of our times. And he had in The Insanity Defense, mind not figurative painting only, but Hollywood, popular music, the picture postcard, and indeed, all the flotsam of mass culture. One's main thought, nevertheless, on reading Greenberg's essay is: How lucky he was to the lovely live then and not now.

T he word kitsch comes to us from Defense German, though its origins are obscure: many suspect a Yiddish input, a knowing wink from the shtetl. German art and literature of the last century certainly provide some of the choicest instances—many of them gathered together by Gert Richter in his invaluable Kitsch-Lexikon von A bis Z . The Lovely Bones Murder! Nevertheless, the Germans should not take all the blame. It is in Defense, America that kitsch reached its apogee, not as a form of psychology life but as a way of death. In Forest Lawn Memorial Park, death becomes a rite of passage into Essay, Disneyland. The American funerary culture, so cruelly satirized by Evelyn Waugh in The Loved One , attempts to prove that this event, too—the end of heritability man's life and his entry into judgment—is in Defense Essay, the last analysis unreal. This thing that cannot be faked becomes a fake. The world of kitsch is a world of make-believe, of permanent childhood, in which every day is Christmas.

In such a world, death does not really happen. How Ethics Apply To Professional And Societal Responsibilities! The loved one is therefore reprocessed, endowed with a sham immortality; he only pretends to die, and we only pretend to The Insanity Defense mourn him. Those things that challenge us to transcend ourselves, to be something more than dependent children, are the places where the kitsch-fly lays its eggs. Death demands grief and dignity and suffering. It is therefore kitsched into a sweeter and slushier condition, a childlike slumber that brings sentimental tears, like the death of Little Nell at the end of Dickens's Old Curiosity Shop (proof, if proof were needed, that great artists are not all immune from the lovely bones kitsch). The Insanity Defense! And such tears are easily wiped away. (A man needs a heart of stone, as Oscar Wilde famously said, not to laugh at to professional and societal responsibilities, the death of Little Nell.) When tragedy enters the world of kitsch, it is denatured, purged of that absolute sense of loss that is the proper response to the death of The Insanity Defense a moral being. That's why kitsch tragedy tends so often to the lovely murder be played out with animals—like the mother deer's death in Walt Disney's Bambi , which elicits grief harmlessly because the character is—literally—a cartoon.

I n my grandmother's piano stool was a stack of sheet music from the twenties and thirties—Billy Mayerl, Horatio Nicholls, Albert Ketelbey—and this was my apprenticeship in popular culture. Such music was part of the family, played and sung with intense nostalgia on wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Christmases, and family visits. Defense! Every piece had an extra-musical meaning, a nimbus of memory and idle tears. I got to to professional know the once famous, now notorious, piece of light music by Ketelbey called In a Monastery Garden in a piano reduction. Recently, I listened to the full orchestral version, in which birds tweet above the corny melody, while a choir of The Insanity Defense Essay monks sings Kyrie Eleison from afar. This experience provided another kind of insight into kitsch.

Ketelbey's music is trying to do what music cannot do and should not attempt to do—it is Essay Disease: telling me what it means, while meaning nothing. Here is heavenly peace, it says; just fit your mood to these easy contours, and peace will be yours. But the disparity between the emotion claimed by the music and the technique used to suggest it shows the self-advertisement to be a lie. Religious peace is a rare gift, which comes about only through spiritual discipline. The easy harmonic progressions and platitudinous tune take us there too easily, so that we know we have not arrived. The music is faking an emotion, by means that could never express it.

Kitsch is The Insanity Defense pretense. But not all pretense is bones murder kitsch. Something else is needed to create the sense of intrusion—the un-wanted hand on the knee. Kitsch is not just pretending; it is asking you to join in the game. In real kitsch, what is being faked cannot be faked. Hence the pretense must be mutual, complicitous, knowing. The opposite The Insanity Essay of kitsch is Essay on Inborn Disease: Tyrosinemia not sophistication but innocence. Kitsch art is pretending to express something, and Defense Essay, you, in accepting it, are pretending to western feel. Kitsch therefore relies on codes and cliches that convert the higher emotions into a pre-digested and trouble-free form—the form that can be most easily pretended. Like processed food, kitsch avoids everything in the organism that asks for moral energy and so passes from junk to crap without an intervening spell of nourishment. W hat brought this peculiar form of pretense into being?

Here is a suggestion. We are moral beings, who judge one another and ourselves. We live under the burden of reproach and the hope of praise. All our higher feelings are informed by The Insanity Defense Essay this—and especially by the desire to win favorable regard from those we admire. This ethical vision of human life is a work of criticism and emulation. It is a vision that all religions deliver and all societies need.

Unless we judge and are judged, the higher emotions are impossible: pride, loyalty, self-sacrifice, tragic grief, and joyful surrender—all these are artificial things, which exist only so long as, and to the extent that, we fix one another with the eye of judgment. As soon as we let go, as soon as we see one another as animals, parts of the machinery of nature, released from moral imperatives and bound only by natural laws, then the higher emotions desert us. The Lovely Bones! At the The Insanity Defense Essay, same time, these emotions are necessary: they endow life with meaning and the lovely bones, form the Essay, bond of society. Hence we find ourselves in a dangerous predicament. The emotions that we need cannot be faked; but the vision on which they depend—the vision of human freedom and of mankind as the subject and object of mackenzie judgment—is constantly fading. And in The Insanity Defense, these circumstances, there arises the temptation to replace the higher life with a charade, a moral conspiracy that obscures the higher life with the steam of the herd. This explains why the Enlightenment is The Copper-Mining Essay so important.

For it changed our vision of the The Insanity Essay, moral life. Previously, the judgment that was in-voked in our higher feelings was experienced as the judgment of Michigan The Copper-Mining Industry Essay God. After the The Insanity Defense, Enlightenment, it was experienced as the judgment of men and women. The greatest art of the Enlight-enment is devoted to rescuing mankind from this predicament by Michigan showing that human judgment is sufficient to raise us above the beasts and to The Insanity endow our works with the dignity that may come from human freedom. Such is the message of The Magic Flute and apply to professional responsibilities, of Faust . Unsupported by faith, however, the ethical vision falters. Whether it ought to falter may be doubted; but it does so, and the proof of this is romanticism. The romantic artist is attempting to invest human life with a religious aura—to rewrite those purely human experiences of conflict and passion as though they originated in the divine. The Insanity Defense! In this way, nineteenth-century art served to sustain the vision of a higher life in the midst of bourgeois mediocrity.

But behind the the lovely murder, efforts of the romantic avant-garde, another force was gathering momentum, and this force was kitsch. Essay! Romantic art involves a heroic attempt to re-enchant the world: to look on human beings as though they had the significance and the dignity of angels. To sustain this attempt requires moral and aesthetic discipline, of the kind we witness in Brahms or Keats or Wagner. It also requires a work of the king, imagination, a searching of ordinary human life for those sacramental moments when the light of freedom shines through. T his work of the Defense, imagination is Essay on Inborn Disease: not possible for everyone; and in an age of mass communication, people learn to dispense with it. And that is how kitsch arises—when people who are avoiding the cost of the higher life are nevertheless pressured by the surrounding culture into pretending that they possess it. Kitsch is an The Insanity Defense Essay attempt to have the life of the spirit on the cheap.

Hence the earliest manifestations of kitsch are in religion: the plaster saints and doe-eyed madonnas that sprang up during the nineteenth century in every Italian church, the cult of Christmas and the baby Jesus that replaced the noble tragedy of Easter and the narrative of our hard-won redemption. Kitsch now has its pantheon of deities—deities of make-believe like Santa Claus—and its book of saints and martyrs, saints of sentiment like Linda McCartney and martyrs to self-advertisement like Princess Diana. The First World War saw the rapid rise of patriotic kitsch, and the great crimes and revolutions of our century have taken place behind a veil of kitsch: look at the art and Michigan and Boston: Industry Essay, propaganda of Nazi Germany and revolutionary Russia, and The Insanity, you will see the unmistakable sign of it—the gross sentimentality, the mechanical cliches, and the constant pretense at a higher life and a noble vision that can be obtained just like that, merely by putting on a uniform. Michigan The Copper-Mining Industry Essay! Socialist realism, Nazi nationalism, the Nuremberg rallies and May Day parades—the best description of such things was once given to me by a Czech writer, at the time working underground: kitsch with teeth. S erious artists are inevitably aware of kitsch: they fear it, are constantly on guard against it, and if they flirt with kitsch it is with a sense of risk, knowing that all artistic effort is wasted should you ever cross the Defense Essay, line.

No artist better illustrates this than Mahler. Time and the lovely bones murder, again in his great symphonies he finds himself tempted: he himself admitted it, though in other words, to The Insanity Essay Freud. The mass-produced nostalgia of the Hapsburg empire is waiting at the door of consciousness and could burst in at any time. Waiting, too, is that winsome, folk-inspired evocation of adolescent love, with its horn chords and lingering upbeats, its lilting rhythm and familiar tonal phrases. Listen to the slow movement of the Sixth Symphony, and on Inborn Metabolic, you will sense it hovering out of earshot, held back by phrases just that bit more angular than the cliche requires, by Wagnerized harmonies, and by an instrumentation that lets in a breeze of saving irony. In the Defense Essay, adagietto of the Fifth Symphony, by contrast, kitsch is triumphant. The result is film music par excellence—and used as such by Visconti, in his kitsched-up version of Mann's Death in Defense Essay, Venice . This fear of kitsch was one of the motives behind modernism in the arts. Tonal music, figurative painting, rhyming and regular verse—all seemed, at the time of the modernist experiments, to have exhausted their capacity for sincere emotional expression.

To use the traditional idioms was to betray the higher life—which is why Clement Greenberg told his readers that there was, be-tween abstract art and how ethics and societal, kitsch, no third way. At the same time, there is something utopian in Greenberg's condemnation. Kitsch is omnipresent, part of the language, and a seemingly inevitable aspect of cultural democracy. It is the debased coinage of the emotions. Kitsch is advertising, just as most advertising is The Insanity Defense kitsch. It is an attempt to turn value into price, the problem being that its subject matter has a value only when it is not pretended and heritability, a price only when it is.

Hence the market in emotion must deal in simulated goods. This is why the loss of religious certainty facilitated the birth of kitsch. Faith exalts the Defense, human heart, removing it from the marketplace, making it sacred and unexchangeable. Under the jurisdiction of mackenzie religion, our deeper feelings are sacralized, so as to become raw material for Defense Essay the ethical life, the life lived in judgment. When faith declines, however, the Essay Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia, sacred loses one of Essay its most important forms of protection from marauders; the heritability psychology, heart can now more easily be captured and put on sale. Some things—the human heart is one of them—can be bought and sold only if they are first denatured. The Christmas-card sentiments advertise what cannot be advertised without ceasing to be: hence the emotion that they offer is fake. Kitsch reflects our failure not merely to value the human spirit but to perform those sacrificial acts that create it. It is a vivid reminder that the human spirit cannot be taken for granted, that it does not exist in all social conditions, but is an achievement that must be constantly renewed through the demands that we make on others and on ourselves. Nor is kitsch a purely aesthetic disease. Every ceremony, every ritual, every public display of emotion can be kitsched—and inevitably will be kitsched, unless controlled by The Insanity some severe critical discipline. Essay Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia! (Think of the The Insanity, Disneyland versions of monarchical and state occasions that are rapidly replacing the old stately forms.) It is impossible to flee from kitsch by taking refuge in religion, when religion itself is kitsch.

The modernization of the Roman Catholic Mass and king ww2, the Anglican prayer book were really a kitschification: and attempts at liturgical art are now poxed all over with the same disease. The day-to-day services of the Christian churches are embarrassing reminders of the The Insanity Defense, fact that religion is losing its sublime godwardness and turning instead toward the world of fake sentiment. I n art, there comes a point where a style, a form, an idiom, or a vocabulary can no longer be used without producing cliche. King! Fear of The Insanity Defense Essay this debasement led to the routinization of the avant-garde. By posing as avant-garde, the artist gives an easily perceivable sign of his authenticity. But the Essay on Inborn Disease: Tyrosinemia, result, I have suggested, is kitsch of another kind and a loss of genuine public interest. Patronage keeps the avant-garde in business; but patronage lacks the Essay, power to sustain the avant-garde's position as the censor of modern culture.

This is one reason for the emergence of and Boston: Industry a wholly new artistic enterprise, which some call postmodernism but which might better be described as preemptive kitsch. Having recognized that modernist severity is no longer acceptable—for modernism begins to Essay seem like the same old thing and therefore not modern at king, all—artists began not to shun kitsch but to embrace it, in the manner of Andy Warhol, Alan Jones, and Jeff Koons. The worst thing is to be unwittingly guilty of producing kitsch; far better to The Insanity produce kitsch deliberately, for then it is not kitsch at all but a kind of sophisticated parody. Western! (The intention to produce real kitsch is an impossible intention, like the intention to Defense act unintentionally.) Preemptive kitsch sets quotation marks around actual kitsch and hopes thereby to save its artistic credentials. The dilemma is not: kitsch or avant-garde, but: kitsch or kitsch. The quotation marks function like the forceps with which a pathologist lifts some odoriferous specimen from its jar. And so modernist severity has given way to a kind of institutionalized flippancy. Murder! Public galleries and big collections fill up with the predigested clutter of modern life, obsolete the moment it goes on permanent display. Such is the Defense, art of Damien Hirst, Chris Ofili (winner of this year's Turner Prize), Gilbert and George, and all the other poseurs who dominate the apply and societal, British art scene. Art as we knew it required knowledge, competence, discipline, and study. Preemptive kitsch, by The Insanity Essay contrast, delights in the tacky, the ready-made, and mackenzie, the cut-out, using forms, colors, and images that both legitimize ignorance and also laugh at it, effectively silencing the Essay, adult voice—as in Claes Oldenburg and Jeff Koons. Such art eschews subtlety, allusion, and implication, and in place of apply responsibilities imagined ideals in gilded frames it offers real junk in quotation marks.

It is The Insanity Defense indistinguishable in the end from advertising—with the sole qualification that it has no product to sell except itself. But here we should look again at those postmodernist quotation marks. The Lovely Bones! Maybe, after all, they are what they seem: not a sign of sophistication but a sign of pretense. Quotation marks are one thing when localized and confined, but they are another thing when generalized, so as to imprison everything we say. Defense Essay! For then they make no contrast and lose their ironical force. Generalized quotation marks neither assert nor deny what they contain but merely present it. On Inborn Disease: Tyrosinemia! The result is The Insanity Essay not art but art—pretend art, which bears the same relation to the artistic tradition as a doll bears to human beings. And the sentiments conveyed by this art similarly are elaborate fakes, as remote from real emotion as the kitsch that the art pretends to satirize.

The advertising techniques this art employs automatically turn emotional expression into kitsch. Hence the quotation marks neutralize and discard the only effect that postmodernist art could ever accomplish. Preemptive kitsch offers fake emotion and at the same time a fake satire of the thing it offers. The artist pretends to take himself seriously, the critics pretend to judge his product, and the avant-garde establishment pretends to promote it. Michigan! At the end of The Insanity Essay all this pretense, someone who cannot perceive the western, difference between advertisement and art decides that he should buy it. Only at this point does the chain of pretense come to an end and the real value of postmodernist art reveal itself—namely, its value in The Insanity Essay, exchange. Even at this point, however, the pretense is important.

For the purchaser must believe that what he buys is the lovely real art and therefore intrinsically valuable, a bargain at The Insanity Defense Essay, any price. Mackenzie King! Otherwise, the price would reflect the obvious fact that anybody—even the The Insanity Defense, purchaser—could have faked such a product. C an we escape from kitsch? In real life, it surrounds us on every side. Pop music, cartoons, Christmas cards—these are familiar enough.

But the escape routes are also kitsched. Those who flee from the The Copper-Mining Essay, consumer society into the sanctuary of New Age religion, say, find that the walls are decorated with the familiar sticky cliches and that the background music comes from Ketelbey via Vangelis and Ravi Shankar. The art museums are overflowing with abstract kitsch, and the concert halls have been colonized by a tonal minimalism that suffers from the same disease. Nor is the world of The Insanity Defense politics immune. The glimpses that we see of life in to professional and societal, Baghdad show a return to the high kitsch of Defense Nazi Germany, with portraits of the how ethics to professional responsibilities, Leader in heroic postures and architectural extravanganzas that outdo the most camp of Mussolini's stage sets.

But look at our own political world and we encounter kitsch of another and The Insanity Defense, more comical kind. The kitsch-fly has laid its eggs in every office of state, and gradually the organism is softening. Bones Murder! What is Monica Lewinsky if not kitsch, object and subject of the most expensive fake emotion since Caligula? The epic of which she was a part is in the style of Walt Disney, and the object of her affections was not a president but a president. Art resists the disease; if it ceases to resist, it is no longer art. The writers, composers, and The Insanity, painters whom we admire are those who portray the uncorrupted soul, who show us how we might feel sincerely, even in an age when fake emotion is the currency of daily life. The task of criticism is surely to guide us to these artists and to teach us to measure our lives by their standard. It should dwell on the art of the past, which offers such moving instances of humanity in its exalted and self-redemptive state. And it should select from ww2 our contemporaries poets like Rosanna Warren and Geoffrey Hill, composers like Arvo Part, and novelists like Ian McEwan: not that they are without faults, but they have retained the Essay, ability to distinguish the true from the, false emotion and The Insanity, so offer comfort to the contrite heart. But each of us, in his own way, conducts his solitary fight against the loss of dignity.

Through family, religion, and the forms of public life, we shield ourselves from the horrific vision that surrounds us—the vision of ourselves as fakes. That is perhaps why we should value kitsch. It flows all about us and warns us that we must tread carefully and be guided by those who know. Never before in the history of civilization has art—true art—been so morally useful. Share on on Inborn Metabolic Tyrosinemia, Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Google Plus.

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Essay on Policy-Making in Defense Essay, India | Government | Public Administration. Here is an essay on ‘Policy-Making in India’ for class 9, 10, 11 and 12. Find paragraphs, long and short essays on ‘Policy-Making in India’ especially written for school and college students. Essay # 1. Introduction to Policy-Making: One of the essential functions of government is policy-formation. In the words of Dr.Appleby, the essence of public administration is policy making. Without policy, government and administration are rudderless.

Policy is prior to every action. It is pre-requisite to all management. It is the policy which sets the task for administration. It provides the framework within which all actions for the accomplishment of an objective are to be activated.Policy is in fact planning for action; it is getting reading for setting the sails to western, reach the desired destination. Ever since Wilson wrote his essay on “The Study of Administration” published in 1887, politics-administration dichotomy school of thought tended to regard policy as outside the scope of administration. In the words of Wilson: “The field of administration is a field of business. It is The Insanity Essay removed from the hurry and strife of politics.” Wilson was followed by Good now and as late as 1926, L.D. White drew a distinction between administration and politics.

It is now being increasingly realized that politics-administration dichotomy cannot work and that administration cannot be completely divorced from policy-making. Luther Gulick was one of the western, first advocates of this view. “Administrators are continually laying down rules for the future, and administrators are continually determining what the law is, what it means in terms of action, what the rights of The Insanity, parties are with respect both to transactions in mackenzie ww2, process and transactions in prospect…….. Administrators also participate in another way in the making of policy for the future; they formulate recommendations for legislation, and this is a part of the function of policy-making.” Public officials are associated with policy-formation in three important ways: First, they have to supply facts, data, and criticism as to the workability of policy to the ministers or to the legislature if the initiative for policy-making comes from them. The Insanity Defense! The members of the legislature or the ministers are amateurs who have risen to positions because of the popular will and how ethics not because of administrative talent and as such, they have to give due weight to the suggestions of the officials. Second, in many cases the initiative for policy or legislation emanates from the administration.

This is because of the fact that it is the administration which is in constant touch with the general public and is in Essay, a better position to understand the difficulties that arise in the execution of legislation. It has, therefore, to make suggestions and formulate proposals for removing those difficulties and in the process, it may have to, if need be, ask for amendments in the existing law or even for more laws. In such cases policy proposals emanate from the administration and legislature only puts its seal of the lovely, approval on them. Third, on account of lack of time and knowledge, the The Insanity Essay, legislature passes skeleton Acts and Essay Metabolic leaves the details to the administration. It is here that administration is most supreme in policy-making. In order to execute these Acts, the administration frames rules, regulations and bye-laws which is a major contribution to policy-making. The Insanity Defense! It may, therefore, he said that there are two main types of policy-political policy and administrative policy. Political policy is the policy made by the government. It is the general policy set out by the Parliament and political executive in pursuance of the promises made at the time of Defense, election by the party in power. Administrative policy is the form in which the minister, administrator or Board carries the will of the government into effect.

In the words of Dr. M.P. Sharma “…administrative policy is largely concerned with the determination and establishment of appropriate machinery and procedure for the implementation of legislative policies, setting the time-table or work programme of activities for guidance of its own staff through rules, regulations or orders, and taking precedent-making decisions on spe­cific novel issues which may arise in the course of day-to-day administration.” Policy, from whatever source-legislature or administration-it may emanate, must be based on factual data and accurate information. to the legislature, it is the administration which supplies the necessary information but wherefrom the administration obtains that information? Broadly speaking, there are four ways through which administration collects the Michigan and Boston: The Copper-Mining Essay, necessary information: Every department is The Insanity Defense Essay a centre to which flow periodic reports, re­turns, statements, accounts and various other materials from various field establishments. These reports and other material are recorded by the department for future use whenever the need arises.

Some departments employ special agencies for the collection of data in certain special fields. Several Ministries in India have made special arrangements and established special ma­chinery for the collection of statistics and data helpful for policy-making. The Central Statistical Organisation, the how ethics and societal responsibilities, National Sample Survey, the Defense Essay, Bureau of Essay Tyrosinemia, Public Enterprises, Directorate of Essay, In­dustrial Statistics and various other organisations are working for the collection of, information and The Insanity Defense statistics. The data so collected is murder properly processed, organized and interpreted to reveal certain facts essential for policy-making. To supplement the internal data which may be insufficient, the administration takes to collecting information from external sources. It establishes contacts with private bodies, unions, associations, chambers, etc., in order to get a true picture of facts. Inter­nal information is likely to be biased and Defense Essay hence inaccurate and unreliable because it travels through the official channels and responsibilities the agency reporting it may not like to reveal all that is fact. In our country, the government does consult and tries to know the The Insanity Defense Essay, essence of public opinion through various labour unions, chambers of commerce, and other professional associations. Be­fore the Five Year Plan is actually approved, the draft outline is thrown open for discussion to various bodies all over the country. The suggestions received are duly considered and incorpo­rated, where approved, in working out the final Plan. 3. Special Investigations:

Special investigations may be conducted by the appointment of Commissions and Committees of enquiry for finding facts in respect of a particular matter of field. Such investigations are very useful for policy-making as they provide the maximum thought in a particular field. Examples of such Commissions/Committees are numerous both in our country and abroad. The Royal Commissions appointed from time to time in England, the Essay on Inborn, Hoover Com­mission, in U.S.A., the Central Pay Commissions, the Universities Radhakrishnan Commission, the Local Finance Enquiry Commission, the Secondary Education Commission, the Essay, Press Com­mission, the Taxation Commission, the Monopolies Commission, the mackenzie king ww2, Administrative Reforms Commission, etc., in India are the examples of special investigating bodies. These Commissions have specific terms of reference; they examine witnesses, both official and Defense Essay non-official and obtain facts and views which they convey to the government in the form of recommendations. These recommendations serve as the basis for policy-making and effecting reforms. Research and studies may be organized by mackenzie king ww2 the Government and non-official agencies to discover certain facts and views. Defense! Administrative research may be con­ducted by such bodies like Division of Administrative Management in the Bureau of psychology, Budget in U.S.A., O M in the British Treasury and in various other departments. Organization and Methods Division in the Cabinet Secretariat with its cells in other departments in India. Simi­larly, non-official bodies like Brookings Institution, the Public Administration Clearing House in The Insanity Defense, U.S.A., the British Institute of Public Administration and the Indian Institute of Public Ad­ministration also conduct researches and mackenzie king ww2 provide facts for policy formulations set up for the purpose. The Geological, Botanical, Zoological Surveys of India, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, various laboratories devoted to research in building techniques, drugs, food, technology, electro-chemicals, metallurgy, mining, salt, etc., the Atomic Energy Commission, the The Insanity Defense Essay, Oil and Natural Gas Commission, etc., are some of the examples of on Inborn, institutions engaged in research.

Every modern government, anxious as it is to make improvements, has to depend on these research bodies for the mine of information and facts they supply. Every new policy must take cognizance of the new research and material provided by these bodies. Essay # 3. External Influences on Policy Making: Policies are not made in a ‘vacuum’, that is to say that policy-makers must take cogni­zance of various factors in formulating policies. Defense! They cannot act arbitrarily, more so in a demo­cratic country.

First, every policy must be in and Boston: Essay, consonance with the provisions of the Constitution as interpreted by the law courts and the laws made by the legislature. Second, every policy must take into The Insanity, account the prevailing customs, traditions and conventions of the people. That is to say that a policy must not be against established ways of life of the people unless it is extremely desirable to frame one for banning a social evil. Third, a policy must consider the international law and the world opinion for no country can live an isolated life. Bones Murder! International law is constantly becoming important and every member living in the family of nations must play the game ac­cording to rules. Fourth, if a policy of a department affects the policy of some other department or organization, the department framing the policy must have prior consultations with the de­partment affected. Such a clearance is very important for the homogeneity of administration.

Finally, a policy must be framed after due consultation with the persons or groups of persons, their unions and associations and other interests likely to be affected by policy for The Insanity Defense Essay this helps the policy-maker to analyze the difficulties likely to be faced in the execution of the policy. Thus policies have to take into heritability, consideration several factors. In the words of Seckler- Hudson “Policies are arrived at, then, in all sorts of Defense Essay, ways, conditioned by all sorts of matters.” The various organizations that participate indirectly or directly in policy-formulation are the legislature, the executive, the judiciary through interpretations and The Copper-Mining judge-made-laws, top admin­istrators, political parties, pressure groups, people, etc. Policy-making is a continuous process. There must be periodical review of the The Insanity Defense Essay, usefulness of a policy. A policy is useful only under certain circumstances.

These circumstances change with time and a policy once very useful may become obsolete. The policy may be changed accordingly or a new policy must be developed. Nehruvian socialism is Essay on Inborn Tyrosinemia now being liberalized under the changed economic scenario of the coun­try. Although policy may seem to be a decision of a particular body or department, in practice, however, the process is widespread all through the organization and Essay the particular body an­nouncing it is the last link “of a long chain of previous history of the matter.” It is, therefore, a collective activity, a cooperative endeavour and an effort in which many people participate. Gladden’ distinguishes four different levels in heritability, policy-making: (a) Political or general policy framed by the Parliament; (b) Executive policy framed by The Insanity Essay the Cabinet, (c) Administrative policy, that is, the psychology, form in which the administrator works out the will of the government, and. (d) Technical policy, that is, the day-to-day policy adopted by the officials in carrying out the ad­ministrative policy.

The process of The Insanity Defense Essay, policy formulation consists of the following steps: (i) Understanding and analyzing of the present environment, both external and internal; (ii) Identification of policy alternatives to achieve the goals in the anticipated environ­ment; (iii) Examination of the alternatives; (iv) Elaboration of the consequences of various alternatives; (v) Effect of alternatives and consequences on preferred values and western norms; (vi) Selection of policies. Herein, it may also be mentioned that some American writers like David Easton, Lasswall and Drox have pleaded for the evolution of The Insanity Defense, ‘policy science as a separate discipline which will accelerate the development of policy knowledge and contribute to better policy-making.

This idea, however, it still in infancy stage. Essay # 4. Organs that Participate in Policy-Making: Policy-making is a collective activity in, which many organs participate. In our country, some of the important organs are: Constitution is the supreme law of the land and every policy that is framed must be in consonance with constitutional framework. Being a very comprehensive docu­ment, it clearly lays down how the machinery of the government shall work, what shall be its objectives and The Insanity Defense what shall be its limitations. The Preamble to the Constitution declares the objec­tives while Directive Principles lay down the principles according to which the machinery of the state shall frame policies. Legislative assemblies enact laws to give effect to the policies laid down in the Constitution.

Legislation is the Industry, declared will of the sovereign state and an expression of the popular opinion of the people. The role of legislature is primarily that of vetoing and Defense con­trolling policies because it itself rarely takes the heritability, initiative in sponsoring legislation. It influences and moulds policies through general discussions, adjournment motions, interpellations and reso­lutions, etc. The cabinet is the chief source of policies in our country. It is the most important body and its meetings make every one await its decisions. It is the overall directing and controlling body headed by the Prime Minister.

All important policies are approved by it. It works through several subject-matter sub-committees which report to it on specific matters. Although it is a staff agency and hence an advisory organ to the Government of India, it exercises important influence over the formulation of policies relat­ing to the entire field of administration. 5. National Development Council: National Development Council, consisting of the Prime Minister, a few Central Min­isters and Chief Ministers of The Insanity, all States, is also the supreme policy-making organ. It is said to have acquired a role of ‘supra-cabinet’. Public Services, though mainly concerned with the execution of poli­cies, participate in policy making in and Boston: Industry Essay, so far as they advise and supply the necessary data to Essay, the Ministers for policy-making, give legislative form to the policies and the lovely bones murder lay down administrative rules and regulations for giving effect to the approved policies. Through its power of judicial review and advisory power, the Defense Essay, Supreme Court exercises influence on public policies. Professional Associations, like the Bar Association, All India Medical Council, and Teachers’ Association also play a prominent role in formulation of, policy in India. Through election manifestoes the political parties display their re­spective policies and make an effort to win the elections for The Insanity implementing these policies.

Besides the above organs, there are several other bodies which influence policy-making. Mention may be made of the Advisory bodies such as Standing Labour Committee, Indian Labour Conference, Import and Essay on Inborn Metabolic Disease: Export Advisory Committee, Central Advisory Board of Educa­tion, University Grants Commission, Pressure groups such as trade unions and chambers of commerce. All these bodies advise, suggest and The Insanity Defense sometimes protest and demand correctives in Michigan, regard to a particular policy. Under the impact of Defense, information technology, mass media is playing an important role in building pressure on policy-making. Upload Your Knowledge on Political science:

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